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-The How's And Whys Of Your Inner Workings-The Brain (part 1)

01/22/2007 - By Tom Blasco

      Bowling is a reflex game and since reflexes emanate from the subconscious (your ROBOT), or mental side of your being. So what in fact are we doing--conditioning our reflexes, to respond to our pre-programming. The more successful bowler will use his conscious mind -- rather, he concentrate on four keys: (1) Visualization, (2) No negatives, (3) Laser Eye Targeting, and (4) Ignition-Proper Breathing; allowing your pre-training and pre-programmed subconscious to reflex your game. It's the same pre-shot preparation for every shot and frame. These sound pre-programmed fundamentals allow you to forget that part of your game and concentrate only on the task at hand, the present, the here and now--which is winning.

      Our sport requires well-tuned motor skills and a highly developed sense of spatial orientation, or exactly where our body is in space from moment to moment. Both of these functions are primarily the concern of the right brain, and they learn by imitation and repetition. So what is necessary to create your potential in your sport; three words - practice, practice, practice.

      Bowling is an acquired sport in that the skills needed to excel must be developed through learning and practice. Even though you may be a super star athlete with great physical skills such as jumping, running, strength or endurance, you have no immediate advantage when it comes to displaying your bowling ability. The skill assets of bowling - accuracy coupled with ball power - are the only areas in which a bowler can improve. All your learning (mentally, emotionally and physically), practice, refinement, honing and adjustments you do in your delivery is directed toward improving one or both of these two skills assets. The challenge to throw accurately and with power becomes an external balancing act for a player.

      Everything you learn physically, mentally, emotionally, verbally, visually, hearing, smell, touching, is stored in your brain; than summoned up, issues orders to duplicate and patterns (imprints) in long-term memory by repeating the correct movements over and over.

      When you first started this game, you often got frustrated because you were thinking about the mechanics of the game. This is normal because the left brain is active in the learning process. But as your movements are repeated and corrected and repeated again, they become indelibly etched on your long term memory until conscious effort is no longer required to perform them. When your skill is so well learned, almost instinctive, it will seldom be lost, such as riding a bike.

      Genetic inheritance is the single most factor in determining your sports potential. Your genes set certain limits on your athletic ability. Qualities as the shape and size of bones and muscles are genetically determined and strongly influence what sport suites best and how good you can get at any of them. No two people equally trained will have the same athletic ability, one will clearly be more athletic than the other. An explanation for this seems to be that the brain and nervous system of the better athlete have some how been genetically programmed for faster reaction times, smoother, coordination, and other traits that are important for athletic achievement, such as agility, running, speed, manual dexterity, and various kinds of strengths.

      People blessed with many natural motor skills and a knack on learning quickly. Usually very rare. However, the question must be as to why, one bowler exceeds over 100 others in the same tournament, with all others being exposed to the same conditions, the same training, the same equipment? Some believe it is strictly the "Winning Attitude." Others believe it deals with early childhood patterns of success and failures that carry over into adulthood - a youngster who is use to winning and use to being a success as a child carry this into their adult years. These people enter every contest with the idea of winning - not being second, but being first.

      Usually, this is the same individual who practices his skills at every opportunity, who studied, trained and forced himself to work harder than his peers. Pro bowling has shown us that level of excellence, competence and ability are about the same but one group of players constantly and consistently - WIN.

      The reason could be in two areas: First, mental attitude - the unconscious drive to succeed at any cost, irrespective of what it takes physically to succeed. Second, the ability through professional training and instruction; hard practice to develop an extremely well-disciplined game and to program and store this knowledge in the subconscious mind with conscious practice. Then, when your vast storehouse of knowledge is needed, the conscious mind need only trigger the subconscious and the end result, SUCCESS.

      So how is a super bowler developed? One answer is that trained bowlers finally understand the process and allow themselves with their ability to believe that their subconscious actually dictates the physical reflexes necessary to bowl. They understand the theory and relationship of the teachings; visualize the mechanics and accept everything you learn in whole. They also believe this is a mental game; not mechanical. This is part of a winners arsenal. Winners will always find a way to win and losers will always find another excuse and another way to lose.

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