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Using Angles

      There is nothing better than a week at Tucson National Golf and Resort unless you can top it off with a condition that lets you play the gutter or hook the lane. They continued to use the shorter pattern and let the gutter hook more. How long that will last I have no idea but "What ever will be, will be" I would have said it like Doris Day sang it, but I couldn't spell it.

      The opportunity to bowl on a different condition has excited some and stressed out others. It brings to mind all the talk on the message boards about who is better. Well, the best this week was someone who can go up the gutter or hook the lane. Professional bowling is all about matching up, execution is a must. Some of the bowlers fall into it, while others do what ever is necessary to adapt.

      There were many angles to get to the pocket but the bowlers that could go from pair to pair and have a higher percentage of carry fell into two categories, and there was one thing in common for both of them: The common denominator was the distance down the lane that their ball started to transition from skid to roll. If this transition was too far down the lane, the bowler was going to be complaining about carry and if they made a mistake, they better be on the top of their spare game because the 2-10 and the 4-9 are harder to pick up than the corner pins.

      Trying to play the different parts of the lane required different game specific qualities.

      Those that wanted to play outside benefited if they used a lower rev rate off their hand and had an arm swing that stayed on line. If you used too high a rev rate, it forced you to throw the ball harder and then you would suffer with the risk of having your breakpoint too far down lane. Whenever the high rev players tried to play out they were forced to use firm speed and they found over hook when they missed right but when the moved left to deal with it their firm speed created hang down lane. If they tried to slow down, the ball picked up in the front. There were quite a few bowlers who continued to get trapped in between. They would find a ball that would allow them to stay in their comfort zone and bang away, only to become frustrated with carry. It was my belief that the lower rev players should stay right and use a ball that rolled off the midlane instead of trying to create a skid-snap reaction. The other zone was meant for the high rev players.

      The high rev players had a great shot if they were looking for the right thing. As soon as the bowler tried to move their break point further down lane, they suffered with lane amnesia--the lane would forget what it did with the ball reaction the last time it went down the lane. The secret was to move your breakpoint towards the foul line and open the lane by using increased angle through the front part of the lane. To do this you had to match your ball speed to allow you to do this. The amount of angle was directly related to the amount of hand the bowler was using. The high speed/high rev player was an example of the type of bowlers that got trapped. Usually the high speed/high rev player is looking for a later break point and does not like to slow down. That combination was death this week.

      The show was a good example of what we saw all week. Their were multiple angles to the pocket. Speaking of multiple angles, I will be using them on my way up to Reno next week. I am tired of taking the desert route. I think I will stand right, throw left up interstate 10, try and read the midlane along interstate 15, and hook back right on highway 395. I hear that there is beautiful mountain drive along the way.

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