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Meet Rick Benoit

Rick gets serious.       Yes another Benoit! Yes I am Bob's brother! No I don't have a relative that runs Marathons or one that wrestles (professionally anyway.)

      Ok now that all of that is cleared up you might want to know my background. I work for Brunswick as their Tour Consultant....Ball Rep..... Coach, whatever you want to call us. I have worked for Brunswick for two years, and the two years before that I worked for Larry Lichstein on the Players Services Truck, drilling balls.

      My background before I went to work for Larry was as a Pro Shop owner/operator, and bowler. Bowling is in the Benoit blood, back to our father, who is probably to blame for all this. I can remember sleeping on the concourse while he and all the big shots in Dallas where pot bowling at Big Town Bowl. There is an art to putting the chairs together and using a coat as a pillow.

      I never wanted to make bowling a profession but couldn't get it out of my blood. I tried Softball and a lot of it. I tried Quarter Horses and it was great time but never got comfortable with the boots and hat.

      There was always bowling and it seemed to me that if I was ever going to make a living at something I enjoyed I might as go with something I knew. I found out that all the things I had learned growing up and all the things I learned watching were valuable. During the time I was playing softball and playing cowboy. I never got away from bowling I just did not participate. And to be truthful those years might be the reason I have been so fortunate as a ball rep.

      During that time I would spend a lot of time watching and one of the things I liked to do was figure out why one guy was doing so well while others struggled. I had great bowlers to watch, this was at the time that the Southwest Region was so strong. With names like Del Ballard, David Ozio, Robert Lawrence, Mark Williams, Bill Oakes, Gary Dickinson, Norm Duke, Mike Edwards, Bo Bowden, Bobby Meadows, Joel Gardner, Phillip Ringener, The Richey brothers, The McCordic brothers, Chuck Lande, Billy Yinger, Phil Prieto, Henry Gonzalez, Steve Anderson, Steve Ray, and the list goes on and on. I think it was during this time that I developed an eye for the game and a better understanding of the complete picture.

      While on the lane you do not have the ability to see the big picture and I firmly believe that softball and horses are the reason I have been as fortunate as I have been.

      Many hours of pro shop work and many hours of watching are only the beginning to what it takes to help these guys. The rest is all about relationships and people. And I think I had one of the best teachers in the world in my late mother who past away this past year. Thanks Mom!

Rick's Expert Tips

  -Bowler Evolution
  -Desirable Reaction
  -The Mental Side
  -Speed Control
  -Using Angles
  -Difficult Lanes
  -Playing on Guardian

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