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-Contemplating An Arsenal

11/20/2000 - By Jeff Piroozshad
     Okay. You've reached the point in your game where you know you want to carry around more than one or two balls with you. You've always used either the "hooking" ball or the "not-hooking" ball. You think you've reached the point in your game where you know enough about adjusting and lane changes that you feel ready to add another ball or two. But where do you start?

     When looking at adding some new stuff, the first thing to do is think about what equipment you already have and how it reacts. Add to the equation the two factors you need to think about when choosing a new ball. The first factor you probably already know: how much does the ball hook? The second factor is sometimes not as obvious: WHEN does the ball hook? Sometimes a ball that hooks more will also do so later down the lane, which means it will cover more boards in a shorter period of time and could give a greater angle of entry into the pocket. This could come in handy when you find yourself leaving too many 10-pins because the ball is not hooking enough in the back of the lane. On the flipside, a ball that hooks earlier will give you a better chance of covering a couple of boards when there is a good amount of oil on the lane.

     There is a third factor, but it is only a combination of the previous two. Based on a ball, you can magnify its intended characteristics by changing its surface and using a specific drilling pattern to change what and how much the ball does, and when the ball does it. A good pro shop operator can help you find a good combination of all three to match your game.

     More advanced arsenals of 6 or 8 balls or more are nothing more than combinations of these same factors. The bowler is just looking for a ball to do something more specific for a certain lane condition that he or she expects to see on a given occasion and is willing to dedicate a spot in the arsenal to hit only that condition. Carrying more ball allows a player to use a ball that is more specifically designed for that particular condition, however, the bowler needs to have the skill and knowledge to recognize the condition. The bowler also needs to have a better idea of which ball does what because the more bowling balls you have, the greater chance there is of picking the wrong one on any given day.

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