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-Some Thoughts For The New Season

7/24/2000 - By Jeff Piroozshad
     As the summer season begins to wind down, bowlers tend to use this time to get ready for the winter league season. Some bowlers will buy new equipment: balls, shoes, bags. Bowlers will take a lesson or two, hoping to learn a bit extra to tack onto the practice he or she has been doing diligently throughout the summer. And of course, some bowlers will pick up their bowling balls for the first time since May, hoping to shake off the rust one gets from not bowling all summer.

     One thing that many bowlers will neglect to do is care for the equipment they already have. This can mean lots of things. Some bowlers take all the tape out of the holes, clean the hole out with rubbing alcohol to get all the glue out and put brand new tape in the holes. Other bowlers will replace all the finger grips in their equipment, looking for that "new ball feel" that only inserts that aren't worn out can provide. Still other bowlers will take all their balls and give them a good cleaning and/or resurfacing. They will either sand them down or shine them up in trying to get that new ball reaction back.

     Any way you cut it, the important thing is that the bowler is putting him or herself in a fresh state of mind for the new season. There is a clean slate to work from and the past season is long forgotten. This is an important part of the mental game that is overlooked by many. If you commonly have a slow start to the new season, you might want to pay attention to your preseason routine and see if there's anything you can do now that will help you down the road. In some cases, just starting to get ready 4 weeks in advance can help the body already be in a rhythm by the time September rolls around, and any head start may prove to be the difference between first place and fifth place.

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