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-Bowling Towels

4/3/2000 - By Jeff Piroozshad
     This week's tip will be more simple, but it is something that is very often overlooked. Most bowlers have their favorite bowling towel. They either leave it on a chair, the scorer, or the ball return while they bowl. They just throw it down and pick it up, and the thing is a mess. It's dirty all over from shot after shot of wiping the oil off the ball.

     But think about it for a second: with all that oil on the towel and the bowler picking it up with no regard for that oil, some of the stuff on the towel will undoubtedly end up on the bowler's hand. It might be very subtle, but it can affect the way the ball is delivered just enough to make the shot less than perfect. My suggestion is to keep the towel folded. Fold it on half, then half again, then one more time. Use one side ONLY for the ball and one side ONLY for your hand. This keeps any oil off of your hand. Pick up the ball with your nonbowling hand and wipe it off using the towel in your right hand, but make sure the towel is right side up so you don't accidentally pick it up on the oil side.

     One positive side effect: the towel will last 16 times longer without having to be cleaned. Once your "oil side" is all black and so dirty that you don't want to use it anymore, simply refold the towel giving the ball a new clean spot. Just make sure that the side from your hand is ALWAYS a clean spot. You get eight divisions on one side of the towel, then you can use the other side for 8 more. Follow this suggestion and not only will you see a pinch greater accuracy in your releases, but you will also help build yourself a positive mental routine, which is so important in any athletic activity.

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