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-Getting Back Into Swing

03/27/2001 - By Jeff Piroozshad
     This week was a great event for Kegler's Connection.  One of the founders of this newsletter, Angel Zobel-Rodriguez, gave birth to her second child, Zoe Gabrielle, on Thursday night.  First, we all want to wish Angel and her family our congratulations.  Second, this leads up to the tip of the week.

     It's been a while since Angel has thrown a bowling ball, and she's very eager to get back on the lanes, as anyone who has not bowled in a while knows.  Be it pregnancy in this case, or injury, sometimes you get some time off and when you throw that first ball after a few months, or years, you have to keep some things in mind.

     First, don't try to throw ten games your first time back.  Your body will not like you for it and it will tell you the next morning.  Remember, your bowling muscles haven't been used in a while and you need to take it easy on them the first few times out.  Start off with a game or two, and slowly build yourself up.

     Second, make sure you do some stretching exercises both before you take that first shot, and AFTER you are done with those first few sessions.  Not only is stretching the best way to warm your muscles up, but it's a great way to cool them down as well so you don't cramp up.

     Third, don't worry if your timing is off or if you miss a lot of spares you don't normally miss.  In fact, don't even keep score.  Remember, you're just trying to build your game back up to where it was and it's not going to happen in one session.

     Fourth, HAVE FUN!

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