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      November 10, 2001:

-Feldman Tops Money List At $25,000 Brunswick Shootout

11/10/2001 - PWBA
      LAS VEGAS, NV - Michelle Feldman, Skaneateles, N.Y. became $21,500 richer on Saturday. The eight-time titlest outlasted Anne Marie Duggan, Edmond, Oklahoma in the 12th frame of the $25,000 Brunswick Shootout to take home the top purse of the eight-bowler field.

      "Not bad for a days work," said Feldman, who earlier in the day earned a second place check for $7,500 at the Brunswick Women's World Open.

      Based on some of the same concept as a skins game, the Shootout hosted the top eight PWBA competition point finishers in a frame-by-frame money contest. This year's contestants included Feldman, Duggan, Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, N. Richland Hills, Texas, Cara Honeychurch, Australia, Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, N.Y. Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, Nevada and Leanne Barrette, Pleasanton, Calif.

      Following the title match of the $100,000 Brunswick Women's World Open, where Dorin-Ballard defeated Feldman 280-258, the eight PWBA'ers began the competition. After Duggan and Feldman split the first stanza ($1,000) and Kulick and Macpherson divided $3,000 in the fourth, the frame by frame event went into OT as eight consecutive frames would pass before Feldman threw back-to-back strikes to take home the big bucks.

      The Shootout rules are based on a "must strike to win" principle. Each frame of the match is assigned a dollar value such as: 1st through 6th - $1,000, 7th and 8th - $2,000, 9th - $5,000, 10th - $10,000. If three players recorded a strike in a frame, or if no players tallied a strike in a frame, the assigned money carried over to the next frame. When a three-strike or no-strike situation occurred, the next frame began with the next bowler in the line-up and continued under the same rules. When two players registered a strike in a given frame, the designated money was split. Only when one player chalked up a strike did that competitor win the frames' entire dollar value. The rules applied to frames one through ten. Following the 10th frame, the money carried over into a sudden death format where the bowlers must either strike to win the assigned dollars or strike to advance into the extra sessions.

      The Brunswick Shootout will air on ESPN2 on Monday November 26th and 29th at 9:00 p.m. and 1 a.m. In addition the event will broadcast on ESPN on November 29 at 2 p.m. (all times Eastern).

The Brunswick Shootout money breakdown was as follows;
      1. Michelle Feldman, 1st and 12th frames - $21,500.
      2. Kelly Kulick, 4th frame-$1,500
      3. Wendy Macpherson, 4th frame - $1,500
      4. Anne Marie Duggan, 1st frame - $1,500.

-Dorin-Ballard Wins $100,000 Brunswick Women's World Open

11/10/2001 - PWBA
      LAS VEGAS, N.V. - Saturday Carolyn Dorin-Ballard etched her name among the all-time PWBA greats. The N. Richland, Texas native took home her seventh title of the 2001 season after winning the $100,000 Brunswick Women's World Open. A four-time runner-up for the PWBA Player of the Year honors, Dorin-Ballard defeated Michelle Feldman, Skaneateles, N.Y. 280-258 in the title match. The victory tied Dorin-Ballard with Patty Costello's all-time professional women's bowling record of seven titles in one season.

      "I'm just on cloud nine right now," said Dorin-Ballard. "This has been a very special year for me. I can't imagine Hollywood writing a better script."

      The PWBA leader in titles (7), earnings ($125,670) and averages (214.44) this season, Dorin-Ballard made her 18th televised championship round appearance in 22 events. The championship match was the highest combined score of the 2001 campaign.

      "Michelle is extremely talented and is going to win a lot of titles. Hopefully those wins will come after I retire. I guess you could say this was one of those matches where the first person to not strike had to lose."

      The bout between Dorin-Ballard and Feldman resembled two heavyweight fighters trading knockout punches. Feldman took an early lead with a double to start the tilt while Dorin-Ballard went strike, spare. The third frame opened up the scoring floodgates as Dorin-Ballard registered a ten-bagger while Feldman recorded eight strikes in her next ten tosses.

      For her efforts, Dorin-Ballard took home a first place check for $15,000. Feldman earned $7,500 for second place.

      "Obviously I'm disappointed I didn't win, but I don't know too many people that are going to get beat after bowling a 258," said Feldman. "Carolyn was great today. She deserved to be the champ."

      Dorin-Ballard moved into the title match after defeating Lisa Bishop, Belleville, Michigan 217-210 in the semi-finals. Bishop, who was seeded third, won the opening shootout 268-209-164 over Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, N.Y. and Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J. Bishop's third place was good for $5,000 while Johnson and Kulick claimed $4,300 and $3,700 respectively.

      Today's event will be televised on ESPN2 Monday, November 12 at 9 p.m. and the 13th at 3:00 a.m. (all times are Eastern).

Championship-round results and their scores, earnings and playoff results:
      1. Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, N. Richland Hills, Texas, 497 -2 games- $15,000
      2. Michelle Feldman, Skaneateles, N.Y., 258 -1 game- $7,500
      3. Lisa Bishop, Belleville, Mich., 478 -2 games- $5,000
      4. Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, N.Y., 209 -1 game- $4,300
      5. Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J., 164 -1 game- $3,700

Playoff Results:
Shootout Match: Bishop def. L. Johnson & Kulick 268-209-164; Semi-Final Match: Dorin-Ballard def. Bishop 217-210; Championship Match: Dorin-Ballard def. Feldman 280-258.

-Nachimi Itakura And Kim Haugen Win 2001 AMF Bowling World Cup Titles

11/10/2001 - AMF Bowling
      PATTAYA, Thailand -- Nachimi Itakura of Japan and Kim Haugen of Norway won the women and men's titles Saturday afternoon at the 2001 AMF Bowling World Cup in Pattaya, Thailand.

      Itakura disposed of the Philippines Liza del Rosario in two games, 247-224 and 257-224, to become the first Japanese man or woman ever to capture the Bowling World Cup. Itakura, a 26-year-old resident of Wakayama City who would like to become a professional bowler, said two motivating factors that contributed to her victory.

      "My mother was in the crowd today, cheering me on, and I wanted to play well and give her a victory," Itakura said. "Also, my Japan Bowling Congress coach told me to come home a winner, so now I can fulfill his request and bring home Japan's first World Cup."

      Haugen, who went into the arena phase as the No. 8 seed, was nearly perfect as he scoured the 1999 AMF Bowling World Cup champion Ahmed Shaheen of Qatar, 238-216 and 290-186. Haugen, 22, follows in the steps of two other Norwegian World Cup champions, two-time winner Arne Stroem and the 1994 champion, Tore Torgersen, in capturing Norway's fourth Bowling World Cup championship.

      "What I've done hasn't really sunk in yet," Haugen said afterward. "I didn't allow myself to think of a victory even when Shaheen left the 4-6-7-9-10 split in the middle of the final game. I knew that something like that could happen just as easily to me, and I felt that I had to keep my mind on my next frame only.

      "All week long, I just wanted to do my best, and it's a wonderful feeling to know that my best was good enough to win."

      The 38th AMF Bowling World Cup will be held in Riga, Latvia, October 20-26, 2002. AMF Bowling is the world's largest owner and operator of bowling centers, and is based in Richmond, Va., USA.

Women's Championship Round -- best two of three games:
Nachini Itakura, Japan, def. Liza del Rosario, Philippines, 2 games to 0 (247-224, 257-224). Itakura wins the women's 2001 AMF Bowling World Cup.

Men's Championship Round -- best two of three games:
Kim Haugen, Norway, def. Ahmed Shaheen, Qatar, 2 games to 0 (238-216, 290-186). Haugen wins the men's 2001 AMF Bowling World Cup.

-1999 Bowling World Cup Champ Ahmed Shaheen Headlines Finalists For 2001 Title

11/10/2001 - AMF Bowling
      PATTAYA, Thailand -- Two women and two men are still in contention to win the 37th AMF Bowling World Cup titles following the semifinal round Saturday morning at P.S. Bowling Pattaya in Pattaya, Thailand.

      Japan guaranteed it would capture the tournament's annual Bent Petersen Trophy for best country performance by its two bowlers when Nachimi Itakura defeated Ross Greiner of the Netherlands in the first women's semifinal pairing, 2 games to 1 (258-224, 223-226, 227-205).

      "It makes me very happy to win the Bent Petersen Trophy for Japan, as it is the first time my country has won," said Itakura, who hopes to turn professional within the next year or two. "I am looking forward to bowling in the finals and would love to bowl [Kristal Scott from] USA, because they have such a strong program; but I am just so happy to make the finals at all."

      Her teammate, Hirofumi Morimoto, gave away his chance to join her in the final round when he missed a 10-pin in the 10th frame of the second game and lost to Norway's Kim Haugen, 2 games to 0 (259-232, 225-223). Morimoto picked up one of bowling's more difficult spares, the 4-6-7-10 "Big Four" split, earlier in the game but gave away the emotional edge with the missed spare in the 10th.

      "When he picked up the Big Four, it affected my concentration a little," Haugen admitted. "Then when he struck in the next frame, I thought, 'Here we go with a third game.' But it game work out that way."

      In the other men's semifinal round, the 1999 AMF Bowling World Cup champion Ahmed Shaheen of Qatar dropped Daniel Falconi of Mexico in three games, 235-244, 205-186 and 259-257.

      "It is important to me to win all my matches, because as the tournament's second seed, I think to myself, 'Oh, boy, if I lose, I'll kill myself,'" Shaheen laughed. "I really thought I was going to lose the match with Danny [Falconi]. I know him well and he is such a strong player. I wish we could have met each other in the finals, instead of the semifinals."

      The second women's semifinal match went to Liza del Rosario, a Philippines national team member who bested the U.S.'s Kristal Scott in two games, 214-207 and 216-206. Scott made two fatal errors in the first game, hitting her ankle with the ball in the fifth frame to send it to the gutter, and then leaving the 4-6-7-9-10 split two frames later.

      "I think Kristal might have won that first game if she hadn't hit her ankle; I cannot believe I am in the finals," del Rosario said. "I am so nervous right now, that if I think of all the things that might happen, I will get even more nervous. So I am just concentrating on positive thoughts and my next shot."

      Del Rosario takes on Itakura for the women's championship Saturday at 3 p.m. while Shaheen faces Haugen at 5 p.m. in the arena hall of P.S. Bowling Pattaya.

Women's Semifinal Round -- best two of three games; winner advances to championship match:
Nachini Itakura, Japan, def. Ross Greiner, Netherlands, 2 games to 1 (258-224, 223-226, 227-205; Liza del Rosario, Philippines, def. Kristal Scott, USA, 2 games to 0 (214-207, 216-206).

Men's Semifinal Round -- best two of three games; winner advances to championship match
Ahmed Shaheen, Qatar, def. Daniel Falconi, Mexico, 2 games to 1 (235-244, 205-186 and 259-257); Kim Haugen, Norway, def. Hirofumi Morimoto, Japan, 2 games to 0 (259-232, 225-223).

-Feldman Steals No. 1 Seed At The $100,000 Brunswick Women's World Open

11/10/2001 - PWBA
      LAS VEGAS, N.V. - After hovering among the top five for six rounds Michelle Feldman closed out the 56-game preliminaries of the $100,000 Brunswick Women's World Open as the tournament's top seed. The Skaneateles, New York native used a 1,926 (240.75 avg.) pin fall in the final round, including a perfect game to increase her final tournament total to 12,989 pins. Feldman also completed the week with a 14-9-1 match play record and a 224.17 average.

      "In any tournament it's important to finish strong," said Feldman. "My goal every week is to make the finals but even if I don't I always want to finish the week on a positive note."

      Tallying the fourth 300 of the tournament, Feldman's score was part of an unofficial 826 series. The eight-time titlest closed out the evening 49-pins ahead of Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, N. Richland Hills, Texas. In spite of ranking second for Saturday's telecast, Dorin-Ballard led the tournament in averages with a 224.64 clip.

      The PWBA leader in titles (6), earnings ($110,670), competition points (15,835), and averages (214.44) this season, Dorin-Ballard has now qualified for her 18th televised championship round in 22 events. A victory on Saturday would tie her with Patty Costello's all-time professional women's bowling record of seven titles in one season.

      Aiming to earn her first title of the 2001 season, Lisa Bishop, Bellville, Michigan, will enter the championship round as the No. 3 seed. The fifth-year pro led the Open's "200 Club" registering 48 of 56 games with a score of 200 or more.

      Bishop will be joined by fourth-seeded Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, New York and fifth-seeded Kelly Kulick, Union, New Jersey.

      Johnson leads all PWBA'ers in total money this year with $131,727. Included in her four titles this season is a major championship claimed last month at the $90,000 Hammer Players Championship.

      A three-time Team USA member, Kulick will be making her third consecutive championship round appearance and fourth in her last five tournaments. The first-year pro benchmarked the top five with a 12,667 tally.

      The top five bowlers will compete in Saturday's (Nov. 10) championships at 12 p.m. ESPN2 will tape the event and later broadcast them on Monday, November 12 at 9 p.m. and the 13th at 3:00 a.m. (all times are Eastern).

Match Play Standings After 56 Games:
                                             BLOCK TOTALS                        TOTAL
POS BOWLER - HOMETOWN                  QUAL   1    2    3   PINS   AVG    W-L-T   PINS  +OR-   PRIZE
  1 Michelle Feldman-Skaneateles, NY   6976 1826 1826 1926 12554 224.17 14- 9- 1 12989 +1789
  2 Carolyn Dorin-Ballard-N. Richland  7254 1755 1730 1841 12580 224.64 12-12- 0 12940 +1740
  3 Lisa Bishop-Belleville, MI         7172 1887 1652 1641 12352 220.57 15- 9- 0 12802 +1602
  4 Liz Johnson-Cheektowaga, NY        7008 1824 1729 1759 12320 220.00 13-11- 0 12710 +1510
  5 Kelly Kulick-Union, NJ             6923 1880 1697 1807 12307 219.76 12-12- 0 12667 +1467
  6 Tish Johnson-Northridge, CA        6719 1754 1900 1811 12184 217.57 15- 9- 0 12634 +1434  $3,200
  7 Anne Marie Duggan-Edmond, OK       6914 1672 1743 1906 12235 218.48 12-11- 1 12610 +1410  $2,900
  8 Marianne DiRupo-Succasunna, NJ     7003 1766 1752 1806 12327 220.12  8-16- 0 12567 +1367  $2,700
  9 Wendy Macpherson-Henderson, NV     6860 1760 1768 1830 12218 218.17 11-12- 1 12563 +1363  $2,600
 10 Dede Davidson-Las Vegas, NV        6819 1775 1798 1706 12098 216.03 15- 9- 0 12548 +1348  $2,500
 11 Kim Terrell-Daly City, CA          6646 1796 1772 1906 12120 216.42 13-10- 1 12525 +1325  $2,400
 12 Tiffany Stanbrough-Oklahoma City,  6756 1851 1669 1809 12085 215.80 14-10- 0 12505 +1305  $2,300
 13 Cara Honeychurch-Australia,        6975 1732 1683 1740 12130 216.60 11-13- 0 12460 +1260  $2,200
 14 Carol Norman-Ardmore, OK           6710 1736 1719 1901 12066 215.46 13-11- 0 12456 +1256  $2,150
 15 Jennifer Swanson-Shelton, CT       6969 1710 1609 1896 12184 217.57  8-15- 1 12439 +1239  $2,100
 16 Leanne Barrette-Pleasanton, CA     6831 1653 1700 1839 12023 214.69 12-12- 0 12383 +1183  $2,050
 17 Rachel Perez-San Marcos, TX        6864 1675 1657 1821 12017 214.58 11-13- 0 12347 +1147  $2,000
 18 Kim Adler-Cocoa, FL                6673 1786 1828 1711 11998 214.25 10-13- 1 12313 +1113  $1,950
 19 Carol Gianotti-Block-Australia,    6776 1751 1622 1765 11914 212.75 12-11- 1 12289 +1089  $1,925
 20 Laura Lee Daniel-Corona, CA        6823 1624 1754 1812 12013 214.51  9-15- 0 12283 +1083  $1,900
 21 Tennelle Grijalva-Yorba Linda, CA  6871 1545 1883 1628 11927 212.98 11-12- 1 12272 +1072  $1,862
 22 Shana Ray-Corpus Christi, TX       6686 1736 1711 1749 11882 212.17 13-11- 0 12272 +1072  $1,862
 23 Janette Piesczynski-Cheektowaga, N 6827 1663 1608 1682 11780 210.35 11-13- 0 12110  +910  $1,825
 24 Brenda Norman-Indianapolis, IN     6739 1664 1606 1829 11838 211.39  9-15- 0 12108  +908  $1,800

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