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      November 04, 2002:

-Dirupo Leads After Nine Games

11/04/2002 - PWBA
      LAS VEGAS, Nev. - Marianne DiRupo, Succasunna, NJ controlled the first round of the Storm Las Vegas Challenge tallying a 221.11 average and a 1,990 pinfall. The 11th year pro leads Kendra Gaines, Sebring, Fla. by 11 pins.

      "I was very satisfied with my scores today because the lanes played pretty tough," said DiRupo. "Every pair was playing so differently. I tried to take advantage when I hit a good pair and when I couldn't, I just tried to survive without shooting a low score."

      On a day when 17-of-52 averaged over 200, DiRupo got out of the gate with a 673 series (224-204-245) and finished with a 257.

      Gaines, who this season has appeared in seven televised finals, closed out day one with 219.88 and 1,979. The Maryland native had three scores of 191 or less and six scores above 222.

      "I hit a rough patch in my third and fourth game," said Gaines. "Once I changed my line of attack and started to be more patient I was able to get back on track."

      Rising star Tiffany Stanbrough, Oklahoma City, Okla trails Gaines by 24-pins. A winner of her first career title two weeks ago at the Wheelchair Awareness Classic, Stanbrough posted the top score of the round with a 279 in game four. The lefthander finished the nine-game block with 217.22 and 1,955, and had the highest series of field opening with a 731 (278-220-233).

      WIBC Queens champion Kim Terrell, Antioch, Calif. ranks fourth with 216.66 and 1,950. Terrell used a closing 259 and an early 270 to help her to a 43 -pin advantage over Anne Marie Duggan, who ended with 211.88 and 1,907.

      Defending champion Leanne Barrette, Pleasanton, Calif, is 28th with 191.77 and 1,726 while area favorites Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, (32nd, 188.44 and 1,696), Tammy Buchholz, Las Vegas (181.88 and 1,370), Karen Schott, Las Vegas (42nd, 177.22 and 1,595) all finished the day in contention to make the top 24 cut.

      Qualifying for the 52-women field resumes on Tuesday, Nov. 5, at 11 a.m. with another nine-game block. Following Tuesday morning's games the field will be cut to the top 24 for a 12-game match play block starting Wednesday, Nov. 6 at 11 a.m. A second 12-game session will take place on Thursday, Nov. 7, at 11 a.m. At the conclusion of match play, the top five bowlers compete on Friday, Nov. 8 at 3 p.m. in the championship rounds. ESPN2 will tape the championships for a Nov. 11 broadcast at 10 p.m. (ET). ESPN2 is scheduled to re-air the finals on Dec. 8 at 5 p.m. (ET). Following Friday's finals, the top eight PWBA competition point finishers will lock horns in the PWBA shootout at 3 p.m. The Shootout will make the ESPN2 airwaves on November 18 at 10 p.m. (ET) with a re-airing on Dec. 1 at 2:30 p.m. (ET).

SQ  POS BOWLER - HOMETOWN                          PINS   AVG   +OR- 
A     1 Marianne DiRupo - Succasunna, NJ           1990 221.11  +190 
A     2 Kendra Gaines - Sebring, FL                1979 219.88  +179 
A     3 Tiffany Stanbrough - Oklahoma City, OK     1955 217.22  +155 
A     4 Kim Terrell - Antioch, CA                  1950 216.66  +150 
A     5 Anne Marie Duggan - Edmond, OK             1907 211.88  +107 
A     6 Shana Ray - Corpus Christi, TX             1901 211.22  +101 
A     7 Carolyn Dorin-Ballard - N. Richland Hills, 1881 209.00   +81 
A     8 Brenda Norman - Indianapolis, IN           1878 208.66   +78 
A     9 Kelly Kulick - Union, NJ                   1850 205.55   +50 
A    10 Cheryl Daniels - West Bloomfield, MI       1833 203.66   +33 
A    11 Kelly Warren(am) - Australia,              1831 203.44   +31 
A T  12 Kim Adler - Cocoa, FL                      1826 202.88   +26 
A       Liz Johnson - Cheektowaga, NY              1826 202.88   +26 
A T  14 Michelle Feldman - Skaneateles, NY         1813 201.44   +13 
A       Tish Johnson - Northridge, CA              1813 201.44   +13 
A    16 Marcia Kamrowski - Boca Raton, FL          1808 200.88    +8 
A    17 Cathy Dorin-Lizzi - Sandusky, OH           1803 200.33    +3 
A    18 Leanna Harada(am) - Oxnard, CA             1796 199.55    -4 
A    19 Tammy Turner - Ogden, UT                   1793 199.22    -7 
A    20 Barbara McFadden - Los Angeles, CA         1791 199.00    -9 
A    21 Tori Carter - Tustin, CA                   1784 198.22   -16 
A    22 Char Hammel - Brea, CA                     1779 197.66   -21 
A    23 Jennifer Land(am) - San Pablo, CA          1761 195.66   -39 
A    24 Laura Lee Daniel - Corona, CA              1760 195.55   -40 
A    25 Carol Norman - Ardmore, OK                 1754 194.88   -46 
A    26 Carol Gianotti-Block - Australia,          1753 194.77   -47 
A    27 Dana Miller-Mackie - Albuquerque, NM       1740 193.33   -60 
A    28 Leanne Barrette - Pleasanton, CA           1726 191.77   -74 
A    29 Kranjana Rasmussen(am) - Cedar Park, TX    1724 191.55   -76 
A    30 Michelle Silver - West Los Angeles, CA     1713 190.33   -87 
A    31 Judy Vogel - New Orleans, LA               1707 189.66   -93 
A    32 Wendy Macpherson - Henderson, NV           1696 188.44  -104 
A    33 Maxine Nable - Australia,                  1692 188.00  -108 
A    34 Keli Rapp - Fayetteville, NY               1691 187.88  -109 
A    35 Karen Stroud - Victoria, TX                1660 184.44  -140 
A    36 Tammy Buchholz - Las Vegas, NV             1637 181.88  -163 
A    37 Cara Honeychurch - Australia,              1627 180.77  -173 
A    38 Sabrina Duncan - New Orleans, LA           1621 180.11  -179 
A    39 Nicole Herrmann - Chatsworth, CA           1608 178.66  -192 
A    40 Shannon Duplantis - New Orleans, LA        1606 178.44  -194 
A    41 JoAnna Judy - Wheatfield, IN               1604 178.22  -196 
A    42 Karen Schott - Las Vegas, NV               1595 177.22  -205 
A    43 Tennelle Grijalva - Yorba Linda, CA        1590 176.66  -210 
A    44 Rachel Perez - San Marcos, TX              1586 176.22  -214 
A    45 Sharon Aronson(am) - Chino Hills, CA       1579 175.44  -221 
A    46 Cyndee Sutherland - San Jose, CA           1576 175.11  -224 
A    47 Vickie Rae Sexton(am) - Phoenix, AZ        1555 172.77  -245 
A    48 Christina Wickey - Lemon Grove, CA         1543 171.44  -257 
A    49 Vicki Leigh(am) - Northridge, CA           1528 169.77  -272 
A    50 Debbie Langfeldt(am) - Las Vegas, NV       1506 167.33  -294 
A    51 Kim Bates-Tarkingto - Searcy, AR           1492 165.77  -308 
A    52 Jeanette Robinson - Las Vegas, NV          1491 165.66  -309 

-New Era Of Coaching Instruction Detailed For Bowling Inc. Board

11/04/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Members of the Bowling Inc. Board of Directors learned first hand about the newly-consolidated industry efforts on coaching during its quarterly business meeting Oct. 16-17 in Chicago.

      Coaching Program Director Bob Maki updated the board on the program's efforts. The YABA and USA Bowling coaching programs, and the Bowler Development Pipeline merged Aug. 1 as a shared strategic initiative funded jointly by the bowling industry. It was designed to eliminate confusion in the field, pool resources and talents, function as a recruitment and retention tool for coaches and require certification and continuing education.

      Maki's presentation highlighted three new instructional videos: Bowling: The Fun Sport to show youth groups visiting the center for the first time such as birthday parties, scout groups, etc.; Bowling: Learn the Curve, an instructional program targeting new bowlers or established bowlers with an average about 120 or below; and Bowling Rocks! geared towards youth programs with bowlers in the 6-12 year-old range.

      For more information or to order the videos/materials contact: Bob Maki at (800) 514-BOWL, Ext. 3382 or at [email protected].

      Participating as an integral part of the meeting were partnering industry executives from the American Bowling Congress, Bowling Proprietors' Association of America, Women's International Bowling Congress, Brunswick, USA Bowling, Young American Bowling Alliance, Strike Ten Entertainment, Professional Bowlers Association, Professional Women's Bowling Association and BI Shared Services.

      Other meeting highlights included:
  • Bowling Inc. of the Future:
          The board continued to prepare for the future of Bowling Inc. as an entity in light of the potential for a single membership organization. The board unanimously endorsed the future be shaped around the following:
    1. "Bowling Inc." goes away. As an operational entity it will cease to exist as it is committed to turning over its Shared Services employees at the time the SMO is potentially to begin on Jan. 1, 2004.
    2. It will transition into an "industry forum" focusing primarily on national industry marketing overseeing Strike Ten Entertainment. Its goal will be to drive more traffic to bowling centers and foster an increase in all forms of membership.
    3. Is the focal point, coordinator and catalyst for elements within the industry sharing their strategic direction through the shared strategic initiative process that currently exists today.
    4. The "industry forum" will exist as a lean and streamlined organization and not another hierarchical layering of governance and staff within the industry. It will be task force-oriented while only having minimal committees fulfilling those fiduciary and accountability responsibilities of good governance.

  • Single Membership Organization:
          The BI Board again was unanimous in its strong support and endorsement of the SMO and looks forward to potentially working in close partnership with the United States Bowling Congress.

  • Bowling's Olympic Quest:
          Jerry Koenig, USA Bowling chief executive officer/executive director and project leader on bowling's Olympic quest, briefed the board on his recent visit with IOC President Dr. Jacques Rogge. Koenig said that decisions on the 2008 Olympic Program Status will be made by the IOC membership at the November 2002 Extraordinary Session on the potential exclusion of sports but decisions on possible inclusion might be postponed until the next IOC Session in July 2003. The board was not optimistic in its resulting discussions about bowling's chances of being added to the Olympic program in the foreseeable future. However, the board recognized the importance of having a strong U.S. leadership presence at the international level.

  • Strike Ten Entertainment:
          The STE Management Committee briefed the board on "STE's Future Operating Plan Proposal." This business plan proposal is an outgrowth of STE's year-long effort to address the industry marketing fund and determine, as a united industry, if we can make the financial commitment to have true industry marketing backed by the resources to make it happen. Funding the plan would support the primary objectives to generate in-center traffic, increase repeat visits by creating a positive experience and foster an increase in all forms of membership. This is a work in progress as the committee is gathering input on this proposed business plan. Discussions will continue at the January 2003 board meeting.

  • Market Research:
          At its last meeting, board members and the industry participants enthusiastically endorsed the need for up-to-date market research to market and promote our industry effectively. Discussions pointed to the need to update the previous studies of the mid-1990s. In a move of unity, every group represented -- the professional tours, manufacturers, proprietors and membership organizations -- unanimously agreed to fund updating the current demographic information. STE reported that this project is well on its way. Proposals from three international market research firms have been requested and reviewed. All have provided research to the bowling industry in the past. In addition, an effort is underway to review and catalogue previous industry studies and presentations. The goals of the project are to: provide highly credible data about bowlers' lifestyles and buying patterns for sponsorship opportunities at both national and event levels; understand the profile of open play bowlers to focus and market programs; and measure bowlers' knowledge of and attitudes toward organized bowling competition.

      The BI Board continued its efforts to forge partnerships with its business partners and industry leaders while striving for unity for the good of the industry. BI is the only action forum in the industry bringing the leaders together to ensure bowling's growth in the sports/entertainment marketplace through unified leadership and strategic direction.

      The next BI Board meeting is scheduled Jan. 23-24 in Chandler, Ariz., following the BPAA Mid-Winter Meeting.

      For more information, contact Bowling Inc. Chairman of the Board Wally Hall at [email protected], (410) 742-9511 or Bowling Inc. Shared Services President/COO David Patrick at [email protected], at (800) 514-BOWL, Ext. 3250.

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