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      October 23, 2001:

-Feldman Keeps Lead At $90,000 Hammer Players Championship

10/23/2001 - PWBA
      ROCKFORD, IL - After 40 games of competition, Michelle Feldman, Skaneateles, N.Y., holds a 39-pin margin over fellow New Yorker Liz Johnson (Cheektowaga) at the $90,000 Hammer Players Championship. With one match play round remaining before the field is cut to the top five, Feldman has a 9,282 total pin fall, a 224.55 average and a 10-6 match play record (Editor's note - players earn 30 bonus pins for each match won during match play rounds).

      "Today was a huge dose of reality for me," said Feldman. "I went 2-6 in the round and saw my lead dwindle down to 39-pins. It just goes to show you that anything can happen in match play and if you have a bad game, a bad round or even a bad frame, everything can change."

      Seeking her second consecutive title and eighth of her career, Feldman is attempting to become just the second player this season to win a tournament "wire-to-wire." Hot on her heels, Johnson went 7-0-1 in today's block en route to a 1,927 pin fall for the round. The fifth-year pro chalked up two of the highest games of the session with a 279 and 276.

      Trailing Johnson in third place is Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, N. Richland Hills,Texas, who went 7-1 in match play and has a 8,931 total. Dorin-Ballard is attempting to qualify for her 16th TV appearance in 20 tournaments this season. Ranking fourth is Tish Johnson, Northridge, Calif. with 8,877. Earlier this season Johnson set the tour record for consecutive tournaments played. She is currently competing in her 216th event. Rounding out the top five is four-time PWBA Player of the Year Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, Nevada with 8,857 and a 214.80 average. In spite of winning 19 pro titles in her career, Macpherson has never won the Hammer Players Championship but has finished second four times.

      The Players Championship resumes at the Cherry Bowl on tonight as the top 24 qualifiers continue the tournament with the last round of match play blocks at 6:30 p.m. At the conclusion of match play, the top five bowlers compete on Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the championship rounds. ESPN2 will tape the championships and later broadcast them on Monday, October 29 at 8 p.m. (EST) and Tuesday, October 30 at 7 a.m.

Match Play Standings After 40 Games:
                                             BLOCK TOTALS                        TOTAL
POS BOWLER - HOMETOWN                  QUAL   1    2    3   PINS   AVG    W-L-T   PINS  +OR-   PRIZE
  1 Michelle Feldman-Skaneateles, NY   5471 1812 1699    0  8982 224.55 10- 6- 0  9282 +1282
  2 Liz Johnson-Cheektowaga, NY        5241 1730 1927    0  8898 222.45 11- 4- 1  9243 +1243
  3 Carolyn Dorin-Ballard-N. Richland  5116 1695 1820    0  8631 215.77 10- 6- 0  8931  +931
  4 Tish Johnson-Northridge, CA        5248 1733 1611    0  8592 214.80  9- 6- 1  8877  +877
  5 Wendy Macpherson-Henderson, NV     5202 1592 1793    0  8587 214.67  9- 7- 0  8857  +857
  6 Jennifer Swanson-Shelton, CT       5095 1717 1712    0  8524 213.10  9- 6- 1  8809  +809
  7 Kim Adler-Cocoa, FL                5121 1801 1618    0  8540 213.50  7- 8- 1  8765  +765
  8 Tammy Turner-Ogden, UT             5078 1625 1731    0  8434 210.85 10- 6- 0  8734  +734
  9 Lisa Bishop-Belleville, MI         5234 1721 1544    0  8499 212.47  7- 9- 0  8709  +709
 10 Kelly Kulick-Union, NJ             5173 1589 1628    0  8390 209.75 10- 6- 0  8690  +690
 11 Cathy Dorin-Lizzi-Linden, NJ       4950 1668 1670    0  8288 207.20 12- 3- 1  8663  +663
 12 Leanne Barrette-Pleasanton, CA     5057 1634 1694    0  8385 209.62  9- 7- 0  8655  +655
 13 Cheryl Daniels-West Bloomfield, MI 4983 1645 1781    0  8409 210.22  8- 8- 0  8649  +649
 14 Cara Honeychurch-Australia,        5050 1752 1620    0  8422 210.55  6- 9- 1  8617  +617
 15 Maxine Nable-Australia,            4906 1578 1697    0  8181 204.52 12- 4- 0  8541  +541
 16 Kim Terrell-Daly City, CA          5136 1691 1553    0  8380 209.50  5-11- 0  8530  +530
 17 Shana Ray-Corpus Christi, TX       5119 1675 1553    0  8347 208.67  6-10- 0  8527  +527
 18 Marianne DiRupo-Succasunna, NJ     5124 1646 1558    0  8328 208.20  5-11- 0  8478  +478
 19 Dede Davidson-Las Vegas, NV        5018 1667 1541    0  8226 205.65  6- 9- 1  8421  +421
 20 Karen Stroud-Victoria, TX          4884 1555 1658    0  8097 202.42  6-10- 0  8277  +277
 21 Tiffany Stanbrough-Oklahoma City,  4953 1584 1582    0  8119 202.97  5-11- 0  8269  +269
 22 Janette Piesczynski-Cheektowaga, N 4880 1596 1554    0  8030 200.75  6- 9- 1  8225  +225
 23 Rachel Perez-San Marcos, TX        4932 1501 1554    0  7987 199.67  4-12- 0  8107  +107
 24 Karen Bowlby-Logan, OH             4941 1463 1473    0  7877 196.92  6-10- 0  8057   +57

-Bowling Inc. Board Of Directors Holds Quarterly Meeting In Chicago

10/23/2001 - Bowling Newsline
      The quarterly business meeting of the Bowling Inc. board of directors was held Oct. 10-11 in Chicago. Participating as an integral part of the meeting were executives from the American Bowling Congress, Bowling Proprietors' Association of America, Women's International Bowling Congress, AMF, USA Bowling, Young American Bowling Alliance, the Multi-Unit Bowling Information Group, Professional Bowlers Association and Professional Women's Bowling Association.

      The BI board continued its efforts to forge partnerships with its business partners and industry leaders while striving for unanimity of purpose for the good of the industry. This is the only action forum bringing the industry leaders together to ensure bowling's growth in the sports/entertainment marketplace through unified leadership and strategic direction. Preceding the meeting were one-and-a-half days of intensive strategic planning by the Strike Ten Entertainment management committee.

Following are the major highlights from this meeting:

  • Industry Public Relations: During the education and development portion of the meeting, the board received an update on "Public Relations --- Adding Value to the Future" by the Bowling Inc. Shared Services Director of Public Relations, Darryl Nitsch. The efforts of Strike Ten's PR firm, Alan Taylor Communications, also were included. The Board unanimously endorsed the idea of conducting an Industry PR Summit of BI founding members and industry participants to craft an industry message with a unanimity of theme and purpose to be used by all organizations. Shared Services PR and Alan Taylor Communications will spearhead the meeting to be hosted at BPAA Headquarters in Arlington, Texas, in Spring 2002.

  • Roundtable Discussions/Industry Updates: In the spirit of striving to live the BI mission of "providing the leadership and strategic direction..." for the industry, the board received updates from each of its industry partners. Senior executives from AMF, ABC, BPAA, MUBIG, PBA, PWBA, USA Bowling, WIBC and YABA each discussed the "state of their business" - both current highlights and future focus.

    Again, it was evident that despite the fact that the industry information presented in this forum proved beneficial it was generally agreed that the industry has much room for improvement in fulfilling one of BI's organizing principles which is "an industry -- on common ground -- that thinks and acts in unison." The industry remains challenged with communicating effectively with each other and taking advantage of the wealth of expertise currently available within the BI board forum and the entire industry.

    During its idea generation time, the board particularly noted the industry efforts related to the high school bowling movement. It endorsed how important it is for all to better understand the complexities and challenges in each state en route to recognizing bowling as a varsity lettered sport. High school bowling will be a subject for presentation at a future board meeting.

  • #1 Priority -- Increasing Organized Competition: The board, at its last meeting, unanimously committed that its No. 1 priority for 2001-02 and beyond is to strongly embrace increasing organized competition in light of decreasing participation in such play over the past several years. It further committed to this effort by directing staff to develop short and long-range action plans that will: convince industry planning groups and other industry partners to also embrace and fund this priority as an industry shared strategic initiative; support those league lineage and other initiatives already in place; and direct applicable STE programs and promotions to focus on organized competition with the ultimate goal to include sanctioning. Additionally, new and exciting alternative/modified formats should be cataloged, published and promoted through the execution of tests in selected markets to commence no later than January 2002.

    The board was briefed by the staff on its game plan. The board members gave their unanimous support for short range funding in order to commence the testing in January 2002. Also endorsed was the long-range plan going forward to fund this No. 1 priority as an industry shared strategic initiative under the direction of the joint industry planning group which is chaired by BI with the involvement of major industry participants.

  • Funding for Industry Marketing: Also during the previous BI board meeting the long-standing subject of an industry fund for marketing once again surfaced. The board tasked staff under the direction of the Shared Services business development manager to make this a priority. Staff was to report back with the beginning of a well thought out strategy, plan and proposal based on unanimity of purpose and where funds would be best sourced and spent.

    The board was briefed by staff and consensus was reached on next steps. First, Strike Ten's management committee will take immediate action to appoint and oversee an industry marketing planning task force to develop a marketing plan with definitive goals, actions, desired outcomes and metrics to gauge success. This plan will then serve as the foundation to address the sources and uses of funding as identified by the staff study and presentation. Staff was directed to expand its efforts to identify industry sources for potential funding and continue its work with other sports organizations on their best practices. The initial plan and report from the task force is to be ready for the next BI board meeting, Jan. 24-25, 2002.

  • Olympic Update: Preliminary plans were discussed for a strong bowling industry presence at the winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City from Feb. 8-24, 2002. Jack Kelly, BPAA CEO, in conjunction with Jerry Koenig, FIQ President, and USA Bowling officials will be putting the final touches on the plan.

  • Single Membership Organization: The board re-emphasized its strong support and endorsement of the Single Membership Organization/U.S. Bowling Association efforts and awaits the next report and update to the full BI board.

  • Strike Ten Entertainment: Alton Forbes, newly elected chairman of the STE management committee, led the group through an intensive strategic planning session to arrive at a new mission, vision and business priorities.

    Strike Ten Entertainment...we bring bowling to people and people to bowling.

    Strike Ten Entertainment -- the source for bowling marketing.
    Strike Ten's strategic priorities will focus on issues dealing with financial resources, shareholder support/trust, delivery systems and organization focus/structure.

  • Next BI Board Meeting: The BI board will meet next following the BPAA mid-winter meeting, Jan. 24-25, 2002 at the Palacio del Rio Hilton Hotel in San Antonio, Texas.

      For more information, contact Hazel McLeary, Chairman, [email protected], (250) 382-6506 or David Patrick, President & COO, [email protected], (800) 514-BOWL, Ext. 3250.

-ABC's Dalkin Tops Power Poll

10/23/2001 - Bowling Newsline
      American Bowling Congress Executive Director Roger Dalkin is the most powerful person in bowling according to the 2001 Bowlers Journal Power Poll.

      Dalkin returned to the No. 1 spot in the publication's October issue after a year at No. 2. The publication cited his role in helping launch the ABC/Women's International Bowling Congress Sport Bowling program and his leadership in moving ABC toward the concept of a single membership organization as major reasons for the ranking.

      "I believe my return to the No. 1 position in the power poll is more about the ABC's, and for that matter WIBC's, direction to improve the sport through initiatives such as Sport Bowling, the development of a national fulfillment program and the addition of a membership magazine," Dalkin said.

      "While the new PBA owners have made major strides, the ultimate impact on the industry is the bowler in the settee, and that is what ABC is all about."

      Behind Dalkin was the Professional Bowlers Association management trio of Chris Peters, Ian Hamilton and Steve Miller who voters viewed together. Peters alone rated No. 1 in the 2000 poll.

      Bowling Proprietors' Association of America Chief Executive Officer Jack Kelly ranked No. 3 followed by WIBC President Joyce Deitch and Federation Internationale des Quilleurs President and USA Bowling Executive Director Jerry Koenig.

      The magazine said "the fact Joyce Deitch has announced that she will not run for another term as WIBC president may have prevented her from joining Roger Dalkin at the top of this year's ballot."

      Among others in the top 24 were BPAA President Mike Ducat (7), Strike Ten Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Frank DeSocio (12), WIBC 1st Vice President Elaine Hagin (16), WIBC Executive Director Roseann Kuhn (20), Bowling Inc. President and Chief Operating Officer David Patrick (22) and ABC Assistant Executive Director Jack Mordini (23).

-Nine Cities Express Interest In Bidding For 2008 ABC Championships Tournament

10/23/2001 - Bowling Newsline
      Nine cities have expressed their intentions to bid for the 2008 American Bowling Congress Championships Tournament, one of the most popular annual events in America. The event attracts more than 50,000 participants with a local economic impact of more than $60 million.

      Cities submitting letters stating they intend to bid for the 105th ABC Championships Tournament were: Albuquerque, N.M.; Hartford, Conn.; Lake County, Ind.; Las Vegas; Mobile, Ala.; Omaha, Neb.; Portland, Ore.; Syracuse, N.Y.; and Wichita, Kan.

      The ABC Tournament site inspection committee will travel to each bidding city over the next several months to visit each proposed tournament venue or review blue prints if currently under construction. In March, the ABC Tournament site selection committee will hear formal presentations from city representatives and make the selection.

      An ABC Tournament installation requires a minimum area of 90,000 square feet with a ceiling height of 30 feet. This space must accommodate 48 specially installed lanes and peripherals areas. Other hosting requirements include adequate hotel rooms to house an anticipated 100,000 visitors and a large auditorium or convention hall with a minimum 2,000 seating capacity. The facility must also be available for a minimum of 168 consecutive days from mid-January through June.

      Bidders hosting previous ABC Tournaments were: Syracuse (1999, 1973, 1958 and 1935); Las Vegas (1986); Wichita (1989); Mobile (1994), and Albuquerque (2000).

      The ABC Tournament predates most historic sporting events such as the Indianapolis 500 and Rose Bowl. Since its start in 1901, the showcase of bowling has become America's largest annual sporting event. Like football's Super Bowl and golf's U.S. Open, the event has traditionally moved to a new location every year with multiple appearances in certain key cities. Through the years cities big and small have hosted the event, however, all have had two things in common-a spacious facility and a strong civic commitment.

      The 2002 ABC Tournament will be held in Billings, Mont., followed by Knoxville, Tenn. (2003), Reno, Nev. (2004), Baton Rouge, La. (2005), Corpus Christi, Texas (2006) and Reno (2007).

-FIQ American Zone Championships To Test Multiple Lane Conditions, Number Of Bowling Balls

10/23/2001 - Bowling Newsline
      The XIII Federation Internationale des Quilleurs American Zone Championships, slated Nov. 1-10 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, will be the first zone championships to test a multiple lane condition designed to give all styles of play equal opportunity.

      Delegates at the World Tenpin Bowling Association congress Aalborg, Denmark last June, approved the use of the multiple lane condition concept in official WTBA competitions to further the research and development by the WTBA Technical Committee. Players will play the first three games of six games in each event on one condition and the last three games on another condition. Players at the championships will compete in singles, doubles, trios, team and a masters match play event.

      In addition, each player will be limited to the use of four bowling balls during the tournament. Sid Allen, former Malaysian national coach and chairman of the WTBA technical committee, told the delegates "the development of new bowling balls is here to stay and they are part of the arsenal of learning and understanding the game. This knowledge should not be eliminated, but should not be allowed to dominate over versatility, repeatability, accuracy and power.

      "The ability of a player to adjust to different lane conditions should determine who is the best bowler. Therefore the committee is working on a concept aiming to limit the number of bowling balls a player can register for use in competition."

      The committee has not decided what that number should be and the Buenos Aires championships will further this study. Bowlers from 22 countries are expected to compete.

      The United States will be represented by TEAM USA members: Shannon Buchan, Waterloo, Iowa; Dino Castillo, Irving, Texas; Bill Hoffman, Columbus, Ohio; Derwin Pitre, Brigham City, Utah; Tony Manna Jr., Omaha, Neb.; Michael Mullin, New City, N.Y.; Missy Bellinder, Fullerton, Calif.; Jackie Edwards, Simi Valley, Calif.; Diandra Hyman, Dyer, Ind.; Jeanette Menacho, Sacramento, Calif.; Shannon Pluhowsky, Phoenix; Lucy Sandelin, Tampa, Fla.; and Lisa Stack, South Elgin, Ill. Fred Borden and Jeri Edwards coach the United States group.

      Representing Canada will be: Jennifer Willis, Nanaimo, British Columbia; Robin Crawford, a Canadian citizen living in Milwaukee; Julie Johnson-Loyer, Lasalle, Quebec; Kerry Ryan, Mississauga, Ontario; Sandy Lowe, Bowmanville, Ontario; Erin McMaster, St. Catharines, Ontario; George Lambert IV, Stoney Creek, Ontario; Danyck Briere, Lachine, Quebec; Joe Ciach, Mississuaga, Ontario; Fred Phillips, London, Ontario; Chris Fernandez, Toronto; and Howard Schulnick, Mississauga, Ontario. Craig Woodhouse and Lucien Casagrande will coach the Canadian team.

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