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      October 16, 2002:

-Team Competition Begins At Rollers And Pro Bowlers

10/16/2002 - PWBA
      MESA, Ariz. - Team competition at the Rollers and Pro Bowlers tournament at Brunswick Mesa Lanes got underway on Wednesday with the trio of Ziggy Traczenko, Hobo Boothe and Wendy Macpherson chalking up the top pinfall of the day with a 6,080 mark (Ed. Note - pinfall includes handicaps for some AWBA participants and all players receive bonus pins for each win). The threesome posted a 7-1 record in head-to-head matches and registered the second highest average of the field with a 207.52.

      "This is a fantastic event," said Macpherson. "It offers a completely different perspective to bowling. Last year was the first time I had a chance to participate and I couldn't wait to do it again this year."

      Divided into four divisions of eight teams, Traczenko, Boothe and Macpherson hold the top spot in the Air Force Division.

      Leading the Navy Division and tallying the second highest total was Earle Annis Jr., Chuck Pierce and Tiffany Stanbrough with sums of 5,927, 7-1 and 205.14. Stanbrough, who ranks 15th in competition points on the Professional Women's Bowling Association tour, led the PWBA qualifying period over the last two days with a 234.22 average.

      A 20-year veteran of the American Wheelchair Bowling Association, Annis stated, "I had some great partners today. I love watching these ladies on TV every week. It's terrific to be out here with them. They are very friendly and helpful."

      Mike Deloach, Dick Baker and Dede Davidson led the charge in the Army Division. The triad notched a 6-2 record and a 203.33 balance en route to a 5,789 tally.

      "This is the ultimate in bowling," said Baker, who competes on the Professional Bowling Association Senior Tour. "You have three different facets of the game out here with the PWBA, AWBA and the PBA Seniors. Everyone really has to contribute because the scores are all going to be close."

      Ranking fourth best on the day and on top of the Marianne Division was John Suardini, Mel Wolfe and Cara Honeychurch with 7-1, 192.81 and 5,777.

      The top individual score belonged to Bob Chamberlain when he tossed a 300 in his second to last effort of the round. Davidson led all PWBA'ers with a 286 while Martin Frost led the AWBA with a 253.

      The three-member teams return Thursday for eight more division games starting at 9 a.m. Friday the field will be broken into a bracket with the division winners getting a bye in the first three rounds while the second place teams get a pass into the round of 16. By 3 p.m. two surviving teams will face off in the championships. ESPN2 will tape the final round for an October 21 broadcast at 10 p.m. (ET). ESPN2 is scheduled to re-air the finals on October 26 at 4:00 p.m. (ET)

Navy Division W/L Avg. Pinfall
Earle Annis Jr. - Chuck Pierce - Tiffany Stanbrough 7-1 205.14 5,927
Ron Johnson - Teata Semiz - Carol Gianotti-Block 4-4 196.71 5,503
Bob Murdock - Jim Lewis - Anne Marie Duggan 4-4 204.10 5,496
Bob Willis - Gene Stus - Shana Ray 4-3-1 196.67 5,432
Kathy Wright - John Cocchi - Nicole Herman 3-4-1 173.29 5,411
Merv Kaya - Dave Soutar - Brenda Norman 3-5 198.95 5,337
Walt Roy - Dennis Swayda - Maxine Nable 3-5 193.00 5,074
David Meiklejohn - Kirk Tupper - Michelle Silver 2-7 174.57 5,043

Army Division
Mike Deloach - Dick Baker - Dede Davidson 6-2 203.33 5,789
Tom Hein - John Handegard - Kim Terrell 5-3 190.29 5,707
Jeanne Wharton - Pete Couture - Karen Stroud 7-1 190.19 5,630
Les Middleton - Dave Bernhardt - Amy Dillon 6-2 183.90 5,561
Larry Everett - Gary Hiday - Kim Adler 4-4 189.48 5,459
Vern Pierce - Dave Davis - Marianne DiRupo 3-5 185.67 5,400
Smiley Wallace - Rich Moores - Liz Johnson 2-6 183.33 5,180
Don Porpora - Bruce Forsland - Linda Wallace 2-6 185.12 5,125

Marine Division
John Suardini - Mel Wolfe - Cara Honeychurch 7-1 192.81 5,777
Wayne Webber - Barry Asher - Michelle Feldman 5-3 201.76 5,742
Clarence Steele - Vaughn Doody - Tammy Turner 7-1 193.52 5,695
Dave Roberts - Al Markle - Char Hammel 2-6 192.00 5,398
Jim Lane - Bobby Knipple - Vickie Rae Sexton 4-4 198.81 5,332
Cal Marvin - Steve Neff - Rachel Perez 3-5 189.43 5,293
Peter Arballo - Ray Randall - Leanne Barrette 1-7 195.33 5,082
Tony Alagna - Norm Marasti - Laura Lee Daniel 1-7 181.00 4,915

Air Force Division
Ziggy Traczenko - Hobo Boothe - Wendy Macpherson 7-1 207.52 6,080
Martin Frost - Henry Gonzalez - Kelly Kulick 5-3 213.52 5,779
Jim Sullivan - Larry Laub - Marcia Kamrowski 5-3 191.76 5,704
Al Uttecht - Ron Winger - Carolyn Dorin-Ballard 6-2 208.33 5,663
Van Schnieder - John Petraglia - Kendra Gaines 4-4 196.62 5,627
Bruce Henderson - Bob Chamberlain - Tennelle Grijalva 4-4 192.29 5,398
Tom Zachrich - Glen Allison - Tish Johnson 1-7 188.62 5,343
Dave Perling - Dale Eagle - Cathy Dorin-Lizzi 0-8 168.95 4,811

      ED NOTE: Players (AWBA - PBA Sr - PWBA)-(pinfall includes handicaps for AWBA participants and bonus pts for each win)

-ABC Legends Weber, Varipapa To Be Featured In History Channel's 'Stories From The (Bowling) Hall Of Fame'

10/16/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      GREENDALE, Wis. - American Bowling Congress Hall of Fame legends Andy Varipapa and Dick Weber, along with Weber's son Pete and Professional Bowlers Association superstar Mark Roth, will be featured in a special one-hour program, "Stories from the Hall of Fame," which airs Wednesday, Nov. 6, at 9 p.m. (EST) on the History Channel.

      The bowling edition of the weekly program also will include a segment called "Mystique of the 300 Game" featuring PBA stars Johnny Petraglia and Bob Learn Jr. Reigning PBA Player of the Year Parker Bohn III will emcee the program. Varipapa starred in the 1930s and `40s. Dick Weber, the only bowler who has won professional titles in six different decades, was joined in the ABC Hall of Fame by his son Pete in 2002. Pete Weber, with 28 career PBA titles, and Dick, with 26 titles, are only the second father-and-son elected to the ABC Hall of Fame for superior performance.

      "This is the fifth show we've done in our series featuring sports halls of fame," said producer Jack Raybin, "and I will tell you that the bowling people were by far the nicest, most cooperative people we have worked with. It was a real pleasure to do this show."

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