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      October 10, 2000: Allegedly Violates COPPA, Posts Private Information On WIBC/ABC Bowlers And YABA Youth Members

10/10/2000 - By Steve Mermelstein
      In Angel Zobel-Rodriguez's Right Approach column published today on she reports that's "Find-A-Member" feature allegedly violates the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) by publishing personal and private information about YABA sanctioned members. The Find-A-Member feature also displays the same information on its WIBC/ABC members.

      The Find-A-Member feature violates each WIBC, ABC, and/or YABA member's privacy by displaying what centers each member bowls in, what dates and times they bowl, as well as their home's city, state, and zip code without each member's expressed consent. Furthermore, under COPPA, parents must give expressed written consent before any information on children may be collected, let alone posted for everyone to see.

      "As a junior coach and the secretary of two leagues, the dangers of posting such information without bowlers' consent didn't sit right with me," Angel said. "I feel after having sanctioned my leagues, I'm guilty if I don't let people know what information is available to virtually anyone." does not display a privacy statement nor does it provide any information on how members can opt out of having their private information released on the site or to other parties.

      Before writing this story Angel contacted each WIBC, ABC, and YABA Executive Director and's Webmaster to inform them about the possible violation of COPPA and the dangers of posting this information. Jim Zebehazy, stated that, "This feature is being modified to only allow, membership and average verification....ASAP." Despite these reassuring words and after waiting four weeks since our first query we only seen more bowlers' information being posted as membership cards have been processed.

      Another effort was made to find out what was being done this past week. Eric Rehl,'s Webmaster, stated Friday, "Please be assured that we are working toward a level of information display that both satisfies the informational and operational needs of the bowling organizations, and at the same time protects the privacy of our member bowlers. We have as much an interest in accomplishing this as you do."

      Since no progress has been made since's initial inquiries we decided we could not idly sit on such an important issue and had to warn bowlers of the release of this personal information.

-Gianotti-Block Takes Third Round Lead In The Columbia 300 Open

10/10/2000 - PWBA
      LANCASTER, OH - Carol Gianotti-Block, Perth, W. Australia, averaged 227.5 to take over the third round lead in the Columbia 300 Open at Tiki Lanes in Lancaster, Ohio Tuesday afternoon. Gianotti-Block had high games of 248, 242, 233, 227 and 211 to take over the lead by 23 pins over first round leader Michelle Feldman, Skaneateles, NY. Feldman averaged 212.33 to hold the second spot.

      "I felt really good today," said Gianotti-Block. "I am throwing the ball more consistently than last week. I want to stay focused physically and mentally going into match play."

      Kim Terrell, Daly City, Calif., averaged 212.33 to hold the third position while Marianne DiRupo, Succasunna, NJ, moved from the seventh spot to the fourth position.

      Moving her way back into the top five is Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, Nev. Macpherson averaged 222.66 and had high games of 248, 237, 235, 233 to move four spots into fifth.

      The top 24 return Tuesday evening at 6:30 to bowl the first round of match play. The last two rounds of match play will be bowled on Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. The top five will advance to the televised finals to be taped at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday and will air on ESPN2.

-Barnes Takes Over Second Round Lead In The Columbia 300 Open

10/10/2000 - PWBA
      LANCASTER, OH - Lynda Barnes, Wichita, Ks., averaged 243.16 for six games to take over the second round lead in the Columbia 300 Open at Tiki Lanes in Lancaster, Ohio, Monday evening. Barnes had high games of 290, 278, 255, 231, and 223 to take the lead by 29 pins over first round leader, Michelle Feldman, Skaneateles, NY.

      "It's great, I feel very grateful I bowled so well, said Barnes. "I don't want to think about leading right now because it's so early in the tournament."

      Kim Terrell, Daly City, Calif., averaged 225.5 for six games to move two spots into the third position while Carol Gianotti of Perth, W. Australia kept pace moving one spot into the fourth position.

      Making the biggest move into the top five is Cathy Dorin, Sandusky, Oh. Dorin averaged 234.33, had high games of 258, 250, 247, 226, 221, and a low game of 204 to move from the 27th spot to the fifth position.

      The lady professionals return Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. to bowl the last round of qualifying. The top 24 return Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. to bowl the first round of match play.

-Feldman Takes First Round Lead In The Columbia 300 Open

10/10/2000 - PWBA
      LANCASTER, OH - Michelle Feldman, Skaneateles, NY, averaged 227.16 for six games to take over the first round lead in the Columbia 300 Open at Tiki Lanes in Lancaster, Oh, Monday afternoon. Feldman had high games of 255, 248, 245, and 221 to take the lead by 27 pins over Debbie McMullen of Denver, Colo.

      "I'm happy with my scores today," said Feldman. "The scores were low today and the lanes were not easy. It seems the harder the lanes are for everyone else, I score better. To score I had to use a weaker ball and move to the right. I like to stay where I am playing, for tonight I'm going to drill another weak ball that goes longer down the lane."

      Debbie McMullen averaged 222.66 and had high games of 248, 244, 236, and 223 to move into second while Ohio native, Linda Kelly, of Dayton averaged 220.16 to put her in the third position.

      Wendy Macpherson of Henderson, Nev., is on her way of becoming the second woman bowler in PWBA history to reach the million-dollar mark. Macpherson averaged 217.83 to move into the fourth position.

      Tied for the fifth and sixth positions are Kim Terrell of Daly City, Calif., and Carol Gianotti-Block of Perth, W. Australia.

      The lady professionals return Monday evening at 6:30 p.m. for the second round of qualifying.

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