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      September 26, 2001:

-Barrette Ranks No. 1 Entering Finals At $50,000 Jacksonville Open

09/26/2001 - PWBA
      JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - For the fifth consecutive round of the $50,000 Jacksonville Open, a new No. 1 seed emerged. Today, it was Leanne Barrette, Pleasanton, Calif., who needed a 246-237 win over Carol Gianotti-Block, Australia, in the final match of the day to take control of the top position heading into Thursday night's championships.

      Barrette, who last week won the Storm Challenge, completed the tournament's 42-game preliminaries with a 9,999 pin-fall and a 225.21 average. Her match play record of 18-6 also led the tournament and helped her account for 540 bonus pins (Editor note - players earn 30 bonus pins for each match won during match play rounds).

      "Finishing as the top seed is a nice feeling," Barrette said. "I still have to play a strong final to get a championship. All four of my opponents are more than capable of putting up high scores."

      Entering the fifth round Gianotti-Block held a 77-pin lead over Barrette, however, a 3-5 record in today's matches by Gianotti-Block put the 1998 PWBA Player of the Year in position to steal the No. 1 seed.

      Tammy Turner, Ogden, Utah, who started the day in the eighth slot, used a fifth round average of 235 to move up to the third seed. For Turner, the TV appearance will be her first since August 9, 2000.

      "It's nice to be in a TV finals again," she said. "I took about eight months off the tour to get my game back in order and this week I felt like I really bowled well."

      Seeded fourth will be two-time Team USA member Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J. A rookie on the PWBA tour this year, Kullick is making her third TV finals appearance of 2001. Kullick finished the 42-game preliminaries tied with Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, with 9,705 pins each. Following a one-game tiebreaker, Kullick earned the No. 4 spot after defeating Dorin-Ballard 277-221.

      In spite of completing the qualifying rounds as the No. 5 seed, Dorin-Ballard will be making her 14 TV appearance in 16 tournaments. Last season Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, Nevada set the PWBA record with 15 TV appearances.

      Thursday's championship round will begin at 7 p.m. ESPN2 will televise the event on Monday, October 1 at 8:00 p.m. (EST) and October 7, at 2 p.m. (EST).

Match Play Standings After 42 Games:
                                             BLOCK TOTALS                        TOTAL
POS BOWLER - HOMETOWN                  QUAL   1    2    3   PINS   AVG    W-L-T   PINS  +OR-   PRIZE
  1 Leanne Barrette-Pleasanton, CA     4066 1721 1872 1800  9459 225.21 18- 6- 0  9999 +1599
  2 Carol Gianotti-Block-Australia,    4036 1862 1838 1731  9467 225.40 15- 9- 0  9917 +1517
  3 Tammy Turner-Ogden, UT             3828 1805 1721 1882  9236 219.90 17- 7- 0  9746 +1346
  4 Kelly Kulick-Union, NJ             3774 1992 1805 1655  9226 219.66 16- 8- 0  9706 +1306
  5 Carolyn Dorin-Ballard-N. Richland  4194 1645 1717 1729  9285 221.07 14-10- 0  9705 +1305
  6 Wendy Macpherson-Henderson, NV     4037 1900 1663 1679  9279 220.92 14-10- 0  9699 +1299  $1,900
  7 Anne Marie Duggan-Edmond, OK       4037 1739 1811 1700  9287 221.11 13-11- 0  9677 +1277  $1,600
  8 Michelle Feldman-Skaneateles, NY   4053 1664 1865 1680  9262 220.52 12-11- 1  9637 +1237  $1,400
  9 Karen Stroud-Victoria, TX          3898 1743 1695 1688  9024 214.85 16- 8- 0  9504 +1104  $1,300
 10 Kim Adler-Cocoa, FL                4105 1636 1662 1706  9109 216.88 13-11- 0  9499 +1099  $1,250
 11 Tiffany Stanbrough-Oklahoma City,  3929 1724 1644 1760  9057 215.64 14- 9- 1  9492 +1092  $1,200
 12 Janette Piesczynski-Cheektowaga, N 4077 1678 1673 1629  9057 215.64 12-12- 0  9417 +1017  $1,150
 13 Dede Davidson-Las Vegas, NV        3959 1769 1709 1662  9099 216.64  9-15- 0  9369  +969  $1,125
 14 Brenda Norman-Indianapolis, IN     4086 1621 1689 1628  9024 214.85 11-13- 0  9354  +954  $1,100
 15 Kendra Gaines-Sebring, FL          4056 1614 1685 1604  8959 213.30 10-14- 0  9259  +859  $1,090
 16 Liz Johnson-Cheektowaga, NY        3863 1650 1684 1618  8815 209.88 12-12- 0  9175  +775  $1,080
 17 Aleta Sill-Dearborn, MI            3855 1666 1681 1645  8847 210.64  9-15- 0  9117  +717  $1,070
 18 Kim Terrell-Daly City, CA          4161 1588 1514 1547  8810 209.76  9-15- 0  9080  +680  $1,060
 19 Jennifer Swanson-Shelton, CT       3947 1594 1609 1682  8832 210.28  8-16- 0  9072  +672  $1,050
 20 Marianne DiRupo-Succasunna, NJ     3862 1610 1559 1606  8637 205.64 14-10- 0  9057  +657  $1,040
 21 Lisa Bishop-Belleville, MI         3784 1634 1571 1767  8756 208.47  8-16- 0  8996  +596  $1,030
 22 Shana Ray-Corpus Christi, TX       3718 1655 1529 1689  8591 204.54 11-12- 1  8936  +536  $1,020
 23 Carol Norman-Ardmore, OK           3726 1407 1608 1489  8230 195.95  8-16- 0  8470   +70  $1,010
 24 Tennelle Grijalva-Orange, CA       3765 1481 1584 1454  8284 197.23  3-20- 1  8389   -11  $1,000

-Ad Hoc Structure, Transition Committee Work On Single Membership Proposal Continues

09/26/2001 - Bowling Newsline
      The United States Bowling Association Structure and Transition Ad Hoc Committees met in August continuing to deliberate issues surrounding the development of the single membership organization proposal to be presented to the Boards of the Women's International Bowling Congress, American Bowling Congress and Young American Bowling Alliance at their fall meetings. Presentations also will be made to Bowling Inc. and USA Bowling.

      The structure of a national board and the committees needed to support it were discussed. It was agreed that criteria should be established for the nominating committee which will ensure reasonable representation, and that the board be especially sensitive to equality. For elected positions, criteria discussed included proven leadership ability and a working knowledge of bowling either as a sport or as an industry.

      According to Structure Ad Hoc Committee Co-Chair Joan Feinblum, the committee reviewed feedback from the field on various ways to configure jurisdictional boundaries and worked hard to find ways to assure a national/state/local structure which will be both practical and fair. This work will be further developed at the committee's next meeting.

      Programs and services are being designed to enable consistent delivery from national and increase the local organization's ability to deliver them.

      "Because it has been made clear from much of the feedback we have received that 'accountability at all levels' is important to membership," Feinblum said, "the spirit of our discussion was focused on producing a set of 'deliverables' that will benefit the bowler in the settee -- accurate and timely handling of membership, consistent lane certification, expanded teaching and training, and membership development, among others."

      According to Co-Chair Lowell Rothschild, the Transition Ad Hoc Committee is in the process of conducting "due diligence" with a sampling of local and state associations to determine if there are any legal or financial reasons that would preclude consolidation. The committee is obtaining feedback from a number of local and state associations and has guaranteed confidentiality of the material collected in order to increase participation.

      Both the Structure and Transition Ad Hoc Committees are scheduled to meet again in late September to finalize their presentations to the boards.

      The single member organization feasibility study was started jointly in January 2000 to consolidate the ABC, WIBC, YABA, USA Bowling and Bowling Inc. Recommendations regarding the single-organization concept should be directed to Therese Abair, Project Manager, Single Membership Organization, P.O. Box 221304, West Palm Beach, FL 33422, Fax: (801) 751-1561; E-mail [email protected].

-Trio Elected To ABC Hall Of Fame

09/26/2001 - Bowling Newsline
      TEAM USA Head Coach Fred Borden of Akron, Ohio; American Bowling Congress and USA Bowling Past President Max Skelton of Stonewall, Okla.; and three-time ABC Tournament champion Mark Jensen of Wichita, Kan., were elected to the ABC Hall of Fame during the ABC Hall of Fame Board's annual meeting Sept. 22 in Milwaukee.

      Borden and Skelton, recognized in the meritorious service category, and veterans' category honoree Jensen, will be inducted into the ABC Hall of Fame during ceremonies March 14, 2002 on the ABC Tournament lanes at MetraPark Expo Center in Billings, Mont. They will join any others elected from the regular and non-pro ballots later this fall.

      Five additional candidates were added to the regular ballot in addition to holdover candidates: John Handegard, Nacogdoches, Texas; Butch Soper, Lake Havasu City, Ariz.; Gene Stus, Allen Park, Mich.; and Pete Weber, St. Louis. Those added in the outstanding performance category were: Pete McCordic, Houston; Harry Sullins, Chesterfield Township, Mich.; Norm Duke, Clermont, Fla.; John Hricsina, Franklin, Pa.; and Mickey Higham, Battle Creek, Mich.

      Holdover candidates in the non-pro performance category were: Dave Callery, Cincinnati; John Eiss, Minneapolis; Mark Lewis, Wichita; Ron Pollard, Versailles, Ind.; and Gordon Vadakin, Wichita. Added were: Mitch Jabczenski, Detroit; Rick Pollard, Versailles, Ind.; and Ed (Butch) Luther, Racine, Wis.

      To become eligible for ABC Hall of Fame consideration in performance, candidates must have participated in a minimum of 20 ABC Championships Tournaments and/or ABC Masters Tournaments.

      The ABC Hall of Fame's national panel of electors will have the opportunity to vote for a maximum of three candidates on the regular ballot and two candidates on the non-pro ballot. A candidate must be named on at least 70 percent of ballots cast to be elected. The meritorious service and veterans candidates are elected by an ABC Hall of Fame Board composed of six ABC Hall of Famers, six members of the Bowling Writers' Association of America and six ABC representatives.

      Borden, 60, is a long-time bowling center owner whose passion for the importance of coaching in the sport led to creation of the USA Bowling Coaches Certification Program. The veteran TEAM USA head coach also has written nine books and produced a number of instructional videos. In addition to his international leadership in building programs to teach others how to coach bowling, Borden has helped a number of professional stars excel.

      Skelton, 68, began his lifetime of service to bowling as a local association volunteer in Oklahoma City in 1958. One of his first acts helped foster integration in his home state tournament. When other teams refused to bowl with a team of black bowlers in the wake of ABC's elimination of its Caucasians only membership restriction, Skelton volunteered his team alongside the new ABC members. Skelton rose through the ranks to serve as ABC president in 1990, but it was his extraordinary leadership as USA Bowling president and seven years of service as ABC Convention legislative chairman that set him apart. An avid rancher in retirement after a lengthy career as a school administrator, Skelton played a pioneering role in the creation of the United States Tenpin Bowling Federation (now USA Bowling) and in representing the best interests of American tenpins in the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs arena.

      Also on the meritorious service ballot was long-time bowling journalist, promoter and marketing specialist Mike Hennessy of Bluffton, S.C.

      Jensen, 53, won in a tightly-contested election against Gary Mage of Vancouver, Wash., and Glen Olson of Boulder City, Nev. The Wichita native won the 1988 ABC Tournament doubles title with Mark Lewis, and helped Wichita's Chilton Vending claim the ABC Regular Team title in 1989 and team all-events title in 1988. He has four other top 10 finishes in ABC Tournament competition, compiling a 203 Tournament average over 28 years. Jensen also won the inaugural FIQ World Senior Open Masters title in Reno earlier and three senior division titles in the Tournament of the Americas in Miami in 2001.

      In other actions, the ABC Hall of Fame Board will consider elimination of the non-pro category in August 2002 because of the dramatic changes in amateur bowling since the first non-pro election in 1987. If eliminated, non-pro candidates would be considered in the regular and veterans categories in the future.

-Rules And Lane Condition Changes Announced For WIBC Queens And Senior Queens

09/26/2001 - Bowling Newsline
      The Women's International Bowling Congress announced two new rules have been added for the WIBC Queens and Senior Queens Tournaments.

      WIBC also announced the use of Sport Bowling lane conditions in both tournaments. The additions will take effect starting with the 2002 tournaments scheduled May 6-10 in Milwaukee.

      First among the rule changes is a new entry deadline of 6 p.m. (CDT) May 5 for both tournaments. Previously, bowlers had been allowed to submit entries until approximately one hour before the start of each tournament.

      The second new rule states that during competition players may not accept coaching by representatives of bowling ball manufacturers. Competition begins with practice during qualifying, match play and the finals.

      In light of the Aug. 1 rollout of the WIBC/American Bowling Congress Sport Bowling program, the WIBC Queens and Senior Queens tournaments will now be bowled on Sport lane conditions. The Sport Bowling program provides participants with an increased challenge by placing more emphasis on accuracy, solid technique and spare shooting. As in previous years, practice conditions and tournament conditions will be the same. WIBC will mail information on Sport Bowling conditions to all participants. Graphs and additional information also will be available onsite at AMF Bowlero, the 2002 Queens and Senior Queens Tournament center.

      "The Queens and Senior Queens have been growing and developing each year," WIBC Executive Director Roseann Kuhn explained. "These new regulations will elevate the level of play and enhance competition during the tournaments for all participants.

      "The lane condition used during the Queens and Senior Queens has been very near the Sport Bowling condition in the past. So this change should not be significant to those who have competed in the past. These two tournaments are the most prestigious for women's bowling and should be bowled on these challenging conditions."

      The WIBC Queens Tournament, open to all amateur and professional WIBC members, is recognized as the most prestigious event in women's bowling. The WIBC Senior Queens Tournament is open to all WIBC members age 55 and older.

-Ebonite Quasar Ball Not Approved By ABC, WIBC

09/26/2001 - Bowling Newsline
      The American Bowling Congress and Women's International Bowling Congress have not approved the Ebonite Quasar bowling ball. That decision means the ball cannot legally be used in ABC, WIBC or YABA sanctioned competition.

      The ball failed to satisfy approval specifications because it contains metal and a moveable object. The Quasar contains batteries which enable the ball to blink when it hits the lane.

      Contrary to some reports, the ball never was considered approved by ABC and WIBC. Ebonite was allowed to appeal to the ABC/WIBC Equipment Specifications Committee, which agreed with the initial decision to reject the ball.

-Charity Bowling Foundation To Donate Proceeds To YABA And BVL

09/26/2001 - NABSO
      On September 17, 2001 Charity Bowling Foundation (CBF) officially launched its services. CBF is a non-profit organization designed to provide the Bowling Industry with some of the largest Tournament prize funds while creating a revenue stream for other non-profit Bowling organizations such as the YABA Endowment Fund and the Bowlers to Veterans Link.

      An annual membership fee of only $25.00 will entitle each and every member with $5.00 off any current and/or future Tournament entries on CBF Virtual Tournaments, during the membership year. Of the $25.00, $10.00 will go to the YABA Endowment Fund, $10.00 will go to the Bowlers to Veterans Link and the remaining $5.00 will be utilized in the development of future services on the Charity Bowling website. Checks will be disbursed to these organizations quarterly beginning January 1, 2002.

      With the onset and growth of the Internet, CBF is destined to create the largest Tournament organization in the United States with the largest weekly prize fund. With direct contact to over 200,000 Bowlers currently in the database, CBF anticipates a large interest over time in Virtual Tournaments as the weekly prize fund increases.

      Charity Bowling Foundation is offering up to a $1,000 award to the League that refers the most bowlers to the Virtual Tournament services. For every paid Virtual Tournament entry for your League, your League will receive one point. If the entrant is also a CBF Member, the one additional point will be added. $500.00 will be awarded to the top League on December 1, 2001. On that day, all Leagues will have their points reset to zero. Points will again accumulate for another $500.00 to be awarded to the top League on April 1, 2002, for a total of $1,000. For more information, or to enter one of the weekly tournaments, visit

      For more information on the Charity Bowling Foundation, visit them online at or contact them via email at [email protected].

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