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      September 19, 2002:

-Barrette Wins Three Rivers Open

09/19/2002 - PWBA
      PITTSBURGH, Pa. - Leanne Barrette, Pleasanton, Calif further entrenched her name among the greatest of all time Thursday evening. The northern Californian defeated Marianne DiRupo, Succasunna, NJ 225-166 in the title match of the Three Rivers Open at Princess Lanes to take home her third championship of the 2002 PWBA season. Barrette's victory gave her 26 career titles - the third most in PWBA history.

      "I feels great to be bowling this well after 16 years on tour," said Barrette. "So many athletes start to struggle late in their careers. It's very satisfying to still be able to compete among some of the best bowlers in the world."

      Barrette entered the finals as the tournament's No. 1 seed after finishing the 42-game preliminaries of the with a 18-6-0 match play record, a 9,617 pinfall and a 216.11 average. Her win earned her a first place check for $9,000 and gives her a career total of $993,318.

      With seven events still on the PWBA schedule, Barrette should become the fourth PWBA'er ever to surpass a million dollars in earnings this year.

      "Aleta Sill, Wendy Macpherson and Tish Johnson are three of the best bowlers in the history of our sport. To be mentioned in the same conversation as them is very flattering."

      In the title bout Barrette recorded seven strikes and four spares. DiRupo, who earlier in the evening dispatched defending champion Michelle Feldman, Skaneateles, NY 202-186 in semis, never managed to get her game going in the finals. After failing to pick up the 6-10 spare in the third frame, DiRupo couldn't convert on a 3-6-10 split in the fourth. Although she would mark in all of the ensuing frames, she never threatened Barrette's lead.

      After winning the Louisville Open to end the summer/spring swing, Feldman kicked started the fall off by winning the Sport Bowling Champions Challenge last week. Earlier in the evening it looked as though the native New Yorker was going to take home another trophy after she defeated Kendra Gaines, Sebring, Fla. and Rachel Perez, San Marcos, Texas 212-200-179 in the opening shootout.

      For her efforts DiRupo, who was making her third championship round appearance, earned $4,800. Feldman took home $3,000 while Gaines and Perez made $2,500 and $2,200 respectively.

      The Three Rivers Open will air on ESPN2 on September 23 at 10 p.m. (ET). The next stop on the PWBA tour will be the Burlington Open from September 21-26.

      Championship-round results and their scores, earnings and playoff results in the Professional Women's Bowling Association's $50,000 Three Rivers Open;

1. Leanne Barrette, Pleasanton, Calif., 225 -1 game- $9,000
2. Marianne DiRupo, Succasunna, N.J., 368 -2 games- $4,800
3. Michelle Feldman, Skaneateles, N.Y., 398 -2 games- $3,000
4. Kendra Gaines, Sebring, Fla., 200 -1 game- $2,500
5. Rachel Perez, San Marcos, Texas, 179 -1 game- $2,200

Playoff Results:
      Feldman def. Gaines and Perez 212-200-179; Semi-finals: DiRupo def. Feldman 202-186; Championship: Barrette def. DiRupo 225-166.

-Membership Is Nearly 3.4 Million

09/19/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Membership in the American Bowling Congress, Women's International Bowling Congress and Young American Bowling Alliance was a combined 3,382,507 for the 2001-02 season according to figures released by the organizations.

      Numbers for the season starting Aug. 1, 2001 and ending July 31, 2002 were down 4.8 percent from the combined 3,553,409 in the 2000-01 season.

      ABC led the way with 1,694,248 members. WIBC was next at 1,291,199 with YABA having 397,060. In the previous season, ABC had 1,767,096 members, WIBC 1,373,249 and YABA 413,064.

      ABC members competed in 65,962 leagues, WIBC members in 65,011 and YABA in 17,315. Nearly three quarters of ABC and WIBC leagues were sanctioned by both organizations as mixed leagues.

      In 2000-01, ABC members competed in 68,244 leagues, WIBC members in 67,932 and YABA in 17,821.

      Michigan again had the most combined members with 303,233 (149,442 ABC, 124,444 WIBC and 29,347 YABA). New York was next with 239,951 (122,808, 83,510, 33,633). Ohio was third with 239,010 (121,500, 88,764, 28,746).

      Detroit continued to lead local areas with a combined 107,064 members (57,471 ABC, 38,245 WIBC, 11,348 YABA). Chicago was second with 43,791 (26,245, 15,647, 1,899) and the Washington, D.C., area third with 38,017 (20,873, 13,362, 3,782).

-FIQ's Koenig Will Try To Discover Why IOC Recommends Bowling Not Be In 2008 Olympics

09/19/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Federation Internationale des Quilleurs President Jerry Koenig will seek more answers as to why bowling was recommended not to be admitted to the 2008 Olympics by the International Olympic Committee Board of Directors Olympic Program Review Commission in late August.

      Bowling was one of 15 sports the commission determined should not be added to the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing, China. The others were: air sports; billiards; boules; bridge; dance sport; polo; racquetball; roller sports; water skiing; squash; surfing; underwater sports; chess; and wushu.

      Roller sports, polo and surfing were ruled ineligible to be admitted because they were not practiced by men in at least 75 countries and on four continents and by women in at least 40 countries and on three continents. Bridge and chess were ruled ineligible because they were considered "mind sports" rather than physical sports.

      For bowling and the others, the commission stated "that any new sports to be added must bring additional value to the Olympic Program. Statistics reviewed on federation affiliation, nations competing in major events and broadcast and press coverage of major events for bowling and the other nine sports did not indicate a higher level of participation and interest than sports currently in the program and therefore could not be considered to bring additional value."

      About 10 days later, Koenig received a letter from IOC President Jacque Rogge further stating "_this decision was taken also because the Olympic Games cannot grow anymore and their size must be controlled if we want them to succeed in the future."

      In his FIQ President's report posted on the Web site, Koenig challenged the decision.

      "My dear friends, we do not know WHY we were rejected. However, we are ENTITLED to know, and I promise I will do my UTMOST to get the answers," Koenig said.

      "In that regard, IOC President Rogge has agreed to discuss this with me on Oct. 4, 2002 at IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

      "By any fair standard, bowling belongs in the Olympic Games. I am sure we would all like to see the IOC start from scratch and draw up a list of the world's most popular sports, the sports most likely to generate medal winners from all parts of the world, sports that are gender equal and cost-efficient in terms of capital expense, sports that are not subject to judging or doping controversy, sports that are safe and sports that appeal to youth. If they did, we know bowling would be close to the top of that list."

      To view the complete IOC report, visit For the full text of Koenig's report, visit

-ABC, WIBC Certify 6,246 Centers, 126,854 Lanes During The 2001-02 Season

09/19/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      The American Bowling Congress and Women's International Bowling Congress jointly certified 6,246 centers and 126,854 lanes during the recently-completed 2001-02 season.

      The numbers represent slight drops from the 6,309 centers and 128,440 lanes of the 2000-01 season.

      Overall totals included 5,973 centers and 121,594 lanes in the United States.

      The remaining 273 centers and 5,260 lanes were in Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S. military bases worldwide.

      In the 2000-01 season, there were 6,022 centers and 123,444 lanes in the U.S.

      Centers in the United States averaged 20.4 lanes while overall centers averaged 20.3.

      Pennsylvania again led states with 422 centers. New York remained No. 2 with 412 while Ohio and Wisconsin tied for third with 392.

      New York remained on top with 8,992 lanes. Michigan was next with 8,605 and Ohio third with 8,601.

-Honor Scores Rise Slightly For ABC, WIBC, YABA Members In 2001-02

09/19/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Members of the American Bowling Congress, Women's International Bowling Congress and Young American Bowling Alliance again earned awards in record numbers in the 2001-02 season.

      During the period from Aug. 1, 2001 through July 31, 2002, they collected 44,331 awards for 300 games, 18,934 for 299s, 7,289 for 298s and 12,447 for 800 series. Those numbers were slightly better than the 43,431 for 300s, 18,750 for 299s and 11,928 for 800s and down from 7,303 for 298s during the 2000-01 season.

      ABC members again had the most honor scores. They rolled 42,163 of the 300s, 18,083 of the 299s, 6,919 of the 298s and 12,028 of the 800s. Numbers for WIBC members were 924, 437, 186 and 163, respectively. For YABA members, they were 1,244, 414, 184 and 256, respectively.

      The following chart shows breakdowns by organization for these and selected other awards:

2001-02 Awards
300 games42,1639241,244
299 games18,083437414
298 games6,919186184
800 series12,028163 256
700 series215,3137,707*550
Big Four Splits5,925372364
7-10 Splits4,064633353
All-Spare Games8,2487,650625
Dutch 200 Games4.593973511
100 Over Games68,39711,3837,143
11 Strikes in a Row29,681703NA
*Honor score recognition for girls only

-WIBC, PWBA Renew Their Partnership For 2002-03 Season

09/19/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      The Women's International Bowling Congress and the Professional Women's Bowling Association have jointly announced that the WIBC will continue their presenting sponsorship of the PWBA through the 2002-03 bowling season. This year will mark the fifth consecutive season of the partnership between the two organizations.

      "We have developed a solid relationship with the PWBA," said WIBC President Sylvia Broyles, "and I am delighted that we were able to maintain this enduring partnership for another season."

      The WIBC will assist the tour by promoting the PWBA on, in press releases, newsletters and in other relevant materials. The WIBC, the largest female sports membership organization in the world, also will have a representative at all tour stops along with local association participation at each event.

      As part of the latest agreement, the PWBA will continue to air WIBC commercials during televised tournaments, provide open and close billboards in all telecasts, acknowledge the presenting sponsorship on air and promote sanctioned league bowling. PWBA players also will show support of the sponsorship by wearing WIBC identification during all telecasts as well as through their participation at the WIBC Annual Meeting. The PWBA players also support the WIBC Queens tournament and have agreed that all touring players will enter the tournament as they have in the past unless there are extenuating circumstances that prevent them from participating.

      "Our tour has always worked very closely with the WIBC," said PWBA President John Falzone. "We are thankful of their support and anticipate that this renewed partnership will continue to heighten the awareness and promotion of professional women's bowling around the globe."

-WIBC Single Membership Vote Will Not Conflict With Delegate Tournament Participation

09/19/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Women's International Bowling Congress President Sylvia Broyles has announced that the Single Membership Organization issue is on the 2003 WIBC Annual Meeting agenda beginning the morning of Tuesday, April 29. In order to have all delegates available to attend and vote at the meeting, special doubles and singles squad times will be available for delegates who would normally be scheduled to bowl on Tuesday morning.

      WIBC encourages all delegates who wish to discuss and vote on the Single Membership Organization issue (if approved by the WIBC Board at the November Board meeting) to be present at the 2003 WIBC Annual Meeting on April 29.

      A special doubles and singles squad has been reserved for delegates who want to attend the Tuesday Annual Meeting session and also bowl doubles and singles. Doubles teams with delegates have the option to bowl their doubles and singles events on a 1:30 a.m. squad on May 1.

      "It is extremely important to have as many delegates as possible attending the meeting when this very important issue is being discussed and acted on," President Broyles said. "While a 1:30 a.m. squad is not the most ideal time to bowl, it is the only option we can provide, without affecting the entire tournament schedule, to accommodate our delegates so they do not have to decide whether to bowl or attend the meeting."

      "When the reservation phone lines open on Sept. 19-20 for delegate teams, the callers requesting to bowl team event on April 28 will be apprised of their doubles and singles options," WIBC Executive Director Roseann Kuhn said. "It will be their decision whether to bowl those events on April 29 or to bowl on the special May 1, 1:30 a.m. squad. We hope they will choose to attend the Annual Meeting and bowl their doubles and singles events on the special squad."

-Odense, Denmark, To Host FIQ World Tenpin Team Cup In February

09/19/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      The fifth Federation Internationale des Quilleurs World Tenpin Team Cup will be held Feb. 15-24, 2003 at Odense Bowling Center in Odense, Denmark.

      The event will feature 16 women's and 16 men teams five from each of the three zones and in addition the host country. It originally was to be conducted late in 2002, but was postponed until a host could be determined.

      Team USA will be among the squads as it seeks to defend its men's and women's gold medals won in 2000 in Puerto Rico. That was the first time the U.S. had won both events.

-Response To E-mails Overwhelmingly Positive On SMO/USBA

09/19/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      For some, it was a simple "Great Idea" or "Go For It!"

      Others said: "It's long overdue," "It makes sense to me," or "This will make bowling stronger."

      Those were among the overwhelmingly positive responses Bowling Headquarters has received since sending e-mails about the proposed single membership organization to American Bowling Congress and Women's International Bowling Congress members this summer. Of the 344 ABC members who replied specifically relating to SMO, 309 were for merging the membership organizations, 16 were against the concept and 19 were undecided. Of the 644 WIBC members who responded, 574 were in favor of the merger, 44 were against it and 26 were undecided.

      Below is a sample of some of the positive comments sent to ABC and WIBC by their members.

  • Hey guys I'm all for smaller government whether it be in bowling or Washington D.C.! And spending less money is always going to be a by-product of smaller more efficient government. When this all gets done you might want to forward this plan to the White House seems they could use a little help with over spending! - Steve

  • Great idea! As a bowler in several leagues, at different bowling establishments, I am tired of the "cross-over" payment I am required to make. It is so difficult to figure out what "association" you fall into sometimes and which averages you should be using. One book for the Detroit area would be great! - Name not included

  • I really think that the one membership organization is an idea whose time has come. It is really a needed reform, especially for the women in bowling. The need for a statewide organization is passe, not only is this an unnecessary thing, but the women bowlers pay a state association fee which the men do not. And what for? I really don't think the state association does anything significant for us. I really hope that this plan becomes a reality. It would also be nice to have ONE membership number assigned to you for life. It would really make things much easier and you wouldn't have to have a new card every year, just pay your dues. I am all for this new plan and I hope everyone else realizes the benefits and streamlining that this new plan represents. - Linda J. Menke

  • I think your idea is great. I have often wondered why ABC and WIBC dues and rules were different. I brought this up to our captains in the league and all agreed. - Dave Hvinden, Secretary/Treasurer, Flintstone Bowling League, Mandan, N.D.

  • I think it is the way to go. Having all these different organizations has made it very difficult for us league secretaries. One set of rules and one dues to pay would be wonderful. Always trying to avoid conflicts between the WIBC and ABC has been a problem. Also the local women's association hasn't helped much. Always behind and always hating the ABC doesn't help much. I will write more later on this subject as I receive more information on it. I am in favor of it for sure.- Vivian Malcomb

  • It makes 110% sense to me. The league that I am president of is a mixed league and we find it crazy to mess with two different types of dues. Amen to a merger and the sooner the better, please. I also like the idea of email communication for those of us most interested in bowling. Keep the emails coming welcome bowling to the 21st Century. - Christopher Gill, President, Hornets Bowling League, Goshen, Ind.

  • As a mother of five and an organizer, I agree with the proposed merger of all bowling associations! It makes perfect sense to me. Why have four groups duplicating each other's efforts? That's insane!! And if it saves $$$, well, why didn't someone propose this years ago? I hope the proposal gets unanimous approval! You've got my vote! - Anna Lingley

  • I think that you have hit the nail on the head. It would be great to see all of the groups combined into one organization. Too many rules and regulations to go by now as it is. As is such the case in a mixed league. You have two sets of rules to go by in that respect. I can hardly wait to see one set of rules and then everyone will be happy (maybe). - Ronald Walker

  • I think it is about time that we all united. Strength comes in numbers. Once the joining is completed there may be many benefits that you can offer members that will only get our organization to grow. Discount cards for bowling and equipment would be very helpful. Discounted family bowling so that we can encourage our children to bowl, I do encourage it but I cannot afford to bring my four daughters out for bowling often enough for them to improve and gain interest. - Andy Astarita

  • I believe that the United States Bowling Association is a great idea. I know at first that a lot of people feel that they will be losing a job, but new and different jobs will help them grow as people. Our company just consolidated into one of our bigger divisions, and at first everyone was unsure what would become of them or their jobs, I can honestly say that everyone seems happy with the consolidation. - Betty J. Burbank, Bethel, Vt.

  • I have read your proposal to merge the organizations with some interest. I am in favor of it, because I agree that in time it will save money for all bowlers, and also because I feel that there should only be one bowling organization in the country. - Jim Heisey

  • Sounds like a good idea. One agenda item for me is to get bowling accepted as a high school varsity sport (not just a club) and to start getting universities to offer more scholarships. A larger organization could get more done on this subject. - Jim

  • It makes a lot of sense to me to consolidate all into one organization; if it would mean one membership card, one set of playing rules, one payment to make to join and one place to call with questions. I am all for it! - Brigitte

  • It's incredible to me that this proposed merger was not undertaken years ago. It's long overdue. I've been bowling for four years now and I continue to be confused by the whole organization. I don't know how the organization works, how the board is elected, or if there is a local chapter. My wife and I each receive publications but they don't shed much light on how the organization works. The league officers seem to be there only because the secretary wants to earn his fee and the other officers want the 30 free games a month Brunswick gives them. I'm not sure they even know anything beyond our small league. - Name not included.

  • As of now, we have two members of our household in bowling. One in ABC, one in both ABC and WIBC and in just a couple of years, one will be joining YABA. This would be an INCREDIBLE event for us, to merge. It would save our household a good bit of money. Since, on top of the sanction fees, we have an average of five league dues to pay as well! You have 100% of our support in this matter! - Robert and Brooke Melvin, Decatur, Ala.

  • I feel that you are taking appropriate steps to facilitate and enhance bowling league membership. However, five years seems to be too long a timetable. Standardization of rules, stricter guidelines for -lane conditions and increasing the frequency of monitoring lane conditions, and increasing the award base are areas that I think are needed to help bowling thrive in this country. - Name not included

  • I am in favor of the single membership and will be glad when it is all in place. I spend most of my time bowling scratch with the men and bowl tournaments with the women. One set of rules would be nice; one organization would be nice; one membership dues and card would be great. Bowling is bowling. Your age and gender should not matter to the rules of the game. You have awards that acknowledge your achievements based on age and gender. Now that there is Sport Bowling, we will have to develop some skills and bring them back to the game and not rely on the equipment for high games and inflated averages. - Amanda Baker

-ABC Commissions Artist For Commemorative 100th Championships Artwork

09/19/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      GREENDALE, Wis. - Increasing the celebratory spirit of the 100th American Bowling Congress Championships Tournament, ABC has commissioned artist Robert B. Neiman to create a collection of ABC Tournament moments.

      The artwork created by Neiman will capture the spirit of 100 years of ABC Tournament competition. Since its start in 1901, the ABC Tournament has grown to America's largest annual participatory sporting event. Nearly 60,000 bowlers from all 50 states and several foreign countries are expected to compete at the 135-day event in the new Knoxville (Tenn.) Convention Center.

      Neiman has created lithographs and posters for such events and companies as the Volvo World Cup Equestrian Events, United States Soccer Federation, Ford Motorcraft, Orange Bowl, Aloha Bowl, and the Nike Golf Tour. Neiman, president of Neiman Posters in Delray Beach, Fla., studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, the Art Students League and Pratt Institute in New York.

      Each competitor in the 2003 Championships will be presented with a commemorative poster of Neiman's artwork. The original 30" x 40" acrylic painting will be on display in the Knoxville Convention Center throughout the event. After the tournament's completion, the painting will move to the International Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum in St. Louis.

      The Neiman poster will be one of several souvenirs given to tournament bowlers at the 2003 Championships Tournament. Along with the 18" x 24" poster, bowlers will receive an ABC Tournament commemorative coin and a souvenir tournament program book.

      The 100th American Bowling Congress Championships Tournament runs from Feb. 8 through June 22, at the Knoxville Convention Center. Presenting sponsors for the 2003 ABC Tournament are the Knoxville Convention and Visitor's Bureau, and the Eldorado, Silver Legacy and Circus Circus. Pilot Travel Centers, Dollywood, Calhoun's Taste of Tennessee and Steve Ellis Tours also have signed on as product sponsors.

      For more information, visit on the World Wide Web.

-Barrette Takes No. 1 Seed

09/19/2002 - PWBA
      PITTSBURGH, Pa. - Leanne Barrette, Pleasanton, Calif finished the 42-game preliminaries of the Three Rivers Open at Princess Lanes with a 18-6-0 match play record (Ed. note - players earn 30 bonus pins for each match won during match play rounds), a 9,617 pinfall and a 216.11 average. Her efforts earned her the No. 1 seed entering Thursday night's ESPN stepladder finals.

      "This is a great way to start off the fall swing," said the 25-time champion. "I had good ball reaction from my Pearl Vortex II tonight and hopefully I can get the same kind of results tomorrow."

      Barrette, who ranks first in averages on the Professional Women's Bowling Association tour with a 217.26 clip is making her sixth championship round appearance. The two-time PWBA Player of the Year is tied for third all-time in career titles with Patty Costello.

      Taking the No. 2 seed was Marianne DiRupo, Succasunna, NJ. A winner this year at the Miller High Life National Players Championship, DiRupo ended the prelims with a 16-8-0 record, a 9,523 pinfall and a 215.30 average. The New Jersey native is making her third TV finals appearance in the last four tournaments.

      Kendra Gaines, Sebring, Fla. was the third qualifier with 17-7-0, 9,415 and 212.02. Gaines also has one title this year (PWBA Women's Collegiate Doubles Challenge) and has finished no lower than 15th in 12 events.

      Defending champion Michelle Feldman, Skaneateles, NY claimed the fourth seed with 14-10-0, a 9,413 pinfall and 214.11. Like Barrette, Feldman has two national titles this season. Thursday's TV finals will be her PWBA-leading seventh time in 2002. Feldman is coming off a victory at the Sport Bowling Champions Challenge.

      Claiming the final spot and the No. 5 seed was Rachel Perez, San Marcos with tallies of 17-7-0, 9,339 and 210.21. Perez has finished in the top ten in her last two events. Her TV appearance will be the second of her eight-year career. The last time she completed before a nationally televised audience was at the Southern Texas Open in 1995 where she finished second.

      The Three Rivers Open will air on ESPN2 on September 23 at 10 p.m. (ET).

                                            BLOCK TOTALS                        TOTAL 
POS BOWLER - HOMETOWN                  QUAL   1    2    3   PINS   AVG    W-L-T   PINS  +OR-   PRIZE 
 1 Leanne Barrette-Pleasanton, CA     3888 1821 1608 1760  9077 216.11 18- 6- 0  9617 +1217 
 2 Marianne DiRupo-Succasunna, NJ     3935 1764 1548 1796  9043 215.30 16- 8- 0  9523 +1123 
 3 Kendra Gaines-Sebring, FL          3799 1694 1709 1703  8905 212.02 17- 7- 0  9415 +1015 
 4 Michelle Feldman-Skaneateles, NY   3770 1793 1658 1772  8993 214.11 14-10- 0  9413 +1013 
 5 Rachel Perez-San Marcos, TX        3788 1681 1719 1641  8829 210.21 17- 7- 0  9339  +939 
 6 Kelly Kulick-Union, NJ             3663 1706 1739 1693  8801 209.54 15- 9- 0  9251  +851  $1,900 
 7 Anne Marie Duggan-Edmond, OK       4030 1632 1654 1521  8837 210.40 12-10- 2  9227  +827  $1,600 
 8 Carolyn Dorin-Ballard-N. Richland  3856 1617 1607 1697  8777 208.97 13-10- 1  9182  +782  $1,400 
 9 Tammy Turner-Ogden, UT             3771 1709 1710 1528  8718 207.57 13-11- 0  9108  +708  $1,300 
10 Brenda Norman-Indianapolis, IN     3680 1611 1720 1677  8688 206.85 12-12- 0  9048  +648  $1,250 
11 Carol Gianotti-Block-Australia,    3815 1603 1732 1627  8777 208.97  8-15- 1  9032  +632  $1,200 
12 Lisa Bishop-Belleville, MI         3732 1635 1689 1580  8636 205.61 11-12- 1  8981  +581  $1,150 
13 Cheryl Daniels-West Bloomfield, MI 3812 1614 1589 1629  8644 205.80 10-14- 0  8944  +544  $1,125 
14 Wendy Macpherson-Henderson, NV     3664 1567 1607 1618  8456 201.33 15- 9- 0  8906  +506  $1,100 
15 Kim Adler-Cocoa, FL                3682 1656 1609 1641  8588 204.47 10-13- 1  8903  +503  $1,090 
16 Shana Ray-Corpus Christi, TX       3809 1601 1524 1646  8580 204.28  9-14- 1  8865  +465  $1,080 
17 Jennifer Swanson-Shelton, CT       3734 1613 1573 1600  8520 202.85 10-13- 1  8835  +435  $1,070 
18 Maxine Nable-Australia,            3619 1680 1520 1620  8439 200.92 12-11- 1  8814  +414  $1,060 
19 Liz Johnson-Cheektowaga, NY        3697 1625 1575 1625  8522 202.90  9-14- 1  8807  +407  $1,050 
20 Kim Terrell-Antioch, CA            3760 1623 1599 1537  8519 202.83  8-16- 0  8759  +359  $1,040 
21 Marcia Kamrowski-Boca Raton, FL    3613 1567 1555 1558  8293 197.45 10-13- 1  8608  +208  $1,030 
22 Karen Stroud-Victoria, TX          3833 1555 1558 1444  8390 199.76  7-17- 0  8600  +200  $1,020 
23 Jackie Snyder-Cooksville, IL       3564 1441 1578 1633  8216 195.61  9-14- 1  8501  +101  $1,010 
24 Jackie Mitskavich-Dubois, PA       3648 1561 1553 1389  8151 194.07  7-17- 0  8361   -39  $1,000 

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