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      August 15, 2002:

-BPAA Endorses Single Membership

08/15/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      New Bowling Proprietors' Association of America President Jack Moran has expressed his organization's full support of the single membership organization concept being proposed by bowling's membership organizations.

      Moran expressed his thoughts in a July 30 letter sent to American Bowling Congress Executive Director Roger Dalkin, Women's International Bowling Congress Executive Director Roseann Kuhn and Young American Bowling Alliance Executive Director Jim Zebehazy.

      ABC, WIBC and YABA, along with USA Bowling, would merge if the concept is approved.

The text of Moran's letter follows:

      "As the ABC, WIBC and YABA move closer to a final vote, I want to express BPAA's strong support for the formation of a Single Membership Organization.

      "Because your members are our customers, we have a mutual concern in seeing that their best interests are served. The BPAA believes that the SMO can generate significant economies of scale that can result in better and thus more highly valued services for its members. We think that this is important for promoting and building league bowling and convincing bowlers at all levels that sanctioned leagues provide added value. We also believe that a strong Single Membership Organization will be better able to help the entire industry promote and grow the sport of bowling.

      "At this point, the more we can promote unity in our sport, the better off we'll all be*We see it in the marketing outreach Strike Ten is making to corporate America where potential partners and sponsors are most interested in the sum total of what we can offer. And we see it in the need for building consensus and agreement on the many issues that confront us inside the industry.

      "It is also BPAA's intention to recognize the SMO as the official governing body for the rules and standards of the sport of bowling.

      "In short, we believe that the creation of the Single Membership Organization will be to the benefit of everyone involved in bowling. The BPAA has been impressed with and encouraged by the efforts of the WIBC, ABC and YABA leadership, and we hope that your members will do what's best for the sport by giving their overwhelming support to the SMO."

-Newly-Elected Board Officers Will See Changes For Bowling Inc. With Single Membership

08/15/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Walter Hall, Pasadena, Md., was elected chairman of the board, Alton Forbes, Chesapeake, Va., vice chairman and Hazel McLeary, Victoria, British Columbia, secretary-treasurer at the board's quarterly business and annual meetings Aug. 7-9 in Milwaukee. The board bid farewell to the retiring Joyce Deitch, Las Vegas, who served on the board since its inception in 1995 and welcomed back Sylvia Broyles, Spring Branch, Texas, a previous BI Board member and now WIBC president.

      As part of its meetings, attendees heard about the future of Bowling Inc. under a single membership organization. The board was unanimous in its endorsement that the future would be shaped around the following:
  • "Bowling Inc." goes away and transitions into an "industry forum" focusing primarily on national industry marketing overseeing Strike Ten Entertainment.
  • Shared Services employees will be transferred to the SMO. Bowing Inc.'s Governance and Board Development Committee chaired by Broyles will be working closely with the BI board and other elements of the industry to continue to shape the future BI. The board agreed to delay a previous initiative to include more representatives of the industry in its meetings as non-voting participants until BI's future structure becomes more definitive.

      Participating as an integral part of the meeting were partnering industry executives from the American Bowling Congress, Bowling Proprietors' Association of America, Women's International Bowling Congress, AMF, Brunswick, USA Bowling, Young American Bowling Alliance, Multi-Unit Bowling Information Group, Strike Ten Entertainment, Professional Bowlers Association, Professional Women's Bowling Association and BI Shared Services.

      During its education/development time, representatives of ABC, WIBC, YABA and USAB updated the board on the ongoing single membership organization initiative.

      WIBC reiterated that its board is united behind this concept. ABC reemphasized its No. 1 focus is getting the SMO proposal passed. YABA reported all its preliminary concerns regarding the SMO have been addressed and they are confident that youth will be a very important part of the new organization.

      USAB echoed the sentiments of all the organizations and is also confident that the athletes will also be an important element in the governance structure of the new organization. The BI Board again was unanimous in its strong support and endorsement of the SMO.

Other major highlights from the meetings:
  • Strike Ten Entertainment: The STE Management Committee reported plans to develop short and long-term business plans to present to the board at its next meeting in October. The plans will include detailed programs and the associated costs that need to be developed for industry marketing. These plans are an outgrowth of STE's year-long efforts to address the industry marketing fund (IMF) and determine, as a united industry, if we can make the financial commitment to have true industry marketing backed by the resources to make it happen. The ultimate goal is to put more bowlers into centers and increase membership.
  • Industry Demographic/Statistical Study: In their "state of our industry" discussions, the board members and the industry participants -- led by an idea from ABC -- enthusiastically discussed the need for up-to-date market research in order to market and promote our industry effectively. Discussions pointed to the need to update the previous study of the mid-1990s done by the firm of Roper-Starch. In a move of unity, every group represented -- the professional tours, manufacturers, proprietors and membership organizations -- unanimously agreed to fund updating the current demographic information. STE will head the project. "This is a perfect example of the value of an organization like BI," said outgoing chairman McLeary. "Current demographics are critical to the success of all of us and if there wasn't a forum like this in the industry to cut through the bureaucracy and get immediate support and funding I doubt whether an initiative like this would ever become a reality."

      The BI Board continued its efforts to forge partnerships with its business partners and industry leaders while striving for unity for the good of the industry. BI is the only action forum in the industry bringing the leaders together to ensure bowling's growth in the sports/entertainment marketplace through unified leadership and strategic direction.

      The next BI Board meeting will be Oct. 16-17 in Chicago. For more information, contact Hall at [email protected], (410) 742-9511 or Bowling Inc. Shared Services President and COO David Patrick at [email protected], (800) 514-BOWL, Ext. 3250.

-ABC/WIBC Launch To Host New Lane Inspection Training

08/15/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      ABC and WIBC have developed a new training program for lane certification and inspection. It's called the Computerized Lane Inspector Program, or CLIP for short. It's an Internet-based training program that is part of a new Web site - - which ABC and WIBC created as a new tool for existing and potential lane inspectors.

      CLIP capitalizes on technology to upgrade the old Certified Lane Inspectors Workshops. It provides individuals with proof they are trained in certification and lane dressing inspection, and gives current inspectors who did not complete the old training a way to obtain a certificate and card. It is ABC's and WIBC's hope that CLIP and will attract new and younger individuals to the lane inspection discipline, creating a larger pool of inspectors.

Here's how it works:
  • Those with Internet access can visit Access is also available through Once at, users can access the CLIP Manual and take the lane inspector exam. Additional services such as lane inspection news, a background on CLIP, a lane inspector discussion forum and contact information are also available.
  • For those without Internet access, or who want an offline version, there is also a CD version of The CD version includes the same material as the Web site at the time it was ordered, except for live links to the News and Discussion Forum. Orders can be placed through the Customer Service Center at Bowling Headquarters by calling (800) 514-BOWL. The cost of the CD is $10.
  • Those who participate in the CLIP training program can complete it by taking a 25-question exam. Upon passing the exam, the inspector will be notified by email and mailed a special certificate and card. The cost to take the exam and process it is $10. Those taking the exam on pay by credit card. Those taking the exam provided on the CD submit a check or money order for $10 along with their exam (this cost is in addition to the $10 to order the CD).
  • The content of the CLIP Manual is the same as the original Certified Lane Inspectors Workshop program since inspection procedures for certification and lane dressing have not changed. Photographs have been updated to reflect the latest inspection equipment, and video and audio will be added in the future.
  • The Web site also features frequently-updated lane inspection information and a place to network with other inspectors.

      For more information, contact Judy Rauth at (800) 514-BOWL, Ext. 3386.

-Pluhowsky Wins World Youth Masters

08/15/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Reigning United States Amateur champion and collegiate All-American Shannon Pluhowsky capped the 7th Federation Internationale des Quilleurs World Youth Tenpin Championships by taking the girls' masters title Aug. 11 in Pattaya, Thailand.

      The Phoenix left-hander defeated Koreans Hong Soo-Yeon and Kim Ho-Jung to earn the gold medal. The three-time U.S. Junior Amateur champion defeated Ho-Jung, 210-193, in the one-game semifinal playoff before knocking off top qualifier Soo-Yeon, 213-212, and 216-178 in the two-game championship round.

      Overall, Junior TEAM USA members returned home with four medals from the week long event. Members of the 2002 Junior TEAM USA were among 29 FIQ member nations competing at P.S. Bowl. Pluhowsky also garnered Junior TEAM USA's first medal by picking up the bronze in girls' singles. The University of Nebraska standout totaled 1,227 to average 204.5 over six games. Angkana Netruiseth, a 12-year-old from Thailand, earned the gold with 1,330.

      The foursome of Pluhowsky; Holly Hoopii, Honolulu; Heather Hoffman, West Lawn, Pa.; and Jennifer Petrick, Massillon, Ohio; combined for the silver medal in girls' four-player team with 4,657, a 194.04 per-player average over 24 games. England took home the gold with 4,728.

      Chris Klerk, Henderson, Nev., and Matt Gilman, Davie, Fla., combined for a silver medal in boys' doubles by averaging 208.75 over 12 combined games for a 2,505 total. The Korean duo of Son Won Lak and Kim Ho-Yoon won the gold by 27 pins with a 2,532 total and 211 average.

      Also representing Junior TEAM USA in the boys' division were Mike Remaklus, Florissant, Mo., and Rhino Page, San Diego.

      Korea led all countries with nine total medals, while Junior TEAM USA's four tied with Sweden for the second-highest medal count. Tournament host Thailand, England and Australia each won three medals, with Hong Kong earning two and Finland and Chinese Taipei earning one apiece. Canada was unable to earn a medal.

      For complete results from the FIQ World Youth Tenpin Bowling Championships, visit

Final Medal Results
Girls' Singles:
Gold -- Angkana Netruiseth, Thailand, 1,330, 221.67;
Silver -- Yu-Fen Pan, Chinese Taipei, 1,277, 212.83;
Bronze -- Shannon Pluhowsky, USA, 1,227, 204.50.

Girls' Doubles:
Gold -- Donna Adams (1,203)/Ann Smith (1,243), England, 2,446, 203.83;
Silver -- Bae Yoo-Ra (1,172)/ Kim Ho-Jung (1,265), Korea, 2,437, 203.08;
Bronze -- Anna Mattsson-Baard (1,139)/Malin Glendert (1,290), Sweden, 2,429, 202.42.

Girls' Team:
Gold -- England (Ann Smith 1,185/Donna Adams 1,186/Zara Glover 1,177/Lisa John 1,180), 4,728, 197.00;
Silver -- United States (Holly Hoopii 1,053/Heather Hoffman 1,168/Jennifer Petrick 1,194/Shannon Pluhowsky 1,242), 4,657, 194.04;
Bronze -- Korea (Hong Soo-Yeon 1,170/Kim So-Youn 1,203/Bae Yoo-Ra 1,086/Kim Ho-Jung 1,156), 4,615, 192.29.

Girls' All Events:
Gold -- Malin Glendert, Sweden, 3,628 (1,225-1,290-1,113), 201.56;
Silver -- Kim Ho-Jung, Korea, 3,579 (1,158-1,265-1,156), 198.83;
Bronze -- Donna Adams, England, 3,576 (1,187-1,203-1,186), 198.67.

Girls' Masters:
Gold -- Shannon Pluhowsky, USA;
Silver -- Hong Soo-Yeon, Korea;
Bronze -- Kim Ho-Jung, Korea.

Playoff Results:
Pluhowsky def. Ho-Jung, 210-193; Championship match: Pluhowsky (213-216) def. Soo-Yeon (212-178), 429-390.

Boys' Singles:
Gold -- Yannaphon Larpapharat, Thailand, 1,369, 228.17;
Silver -- Jarrod Lean, Australia, 1,305, 217.50;
Bronze -- Wu Siu Hong, Hong Kong, 1,301, 216.83.

Boys' Doubles:
Gold -- Son Won Lak 1,248/Kim Ho-Yoon 1,284, Korea, 2,532, 211.00;
Silver -- Chris Klerk 1,209/Matt Gilman 1,296, USA, 2,505, 208.75;
Bronze -- Kim Young-Hun 1,281/Kim Ko-Woon 1,219, Korea, 2,500, 208.33.

Boys' Team:
Gold -- Sweden (Robert Anderson 1,257/Mats Olsson 1,179/Jonni Kemppainen 1,274/Martin Larsen 1,364), 5,074, 211.42;
Silver -- Australia (Jason Walsh 1,315/Jarrod Lean 1,271/Cameron Jenkins 1,162/Jason Belmonte 1,274), 5,022, 209.25;
Bronze -- Korea (Kim Young-Hun 1,217/Son Won-Lak 1,193/Kim Ho-Yoon 1,202/Kim Ko-Woon 1,295), 4,907, 204.46.

Boys' All Events:
Gold -- Yannaphon Larpapharat, Thailand (1,369-1,216-1,278), 3,863, 214.61;
Silver -- Osku Palermaa, Finland (1,264-1,300-1,258), 3,822, 212.33;
Bronze -- Jason Walsh, Australia (1,272-1,220-1,315), 3,807, 211.50.

Boys' Masters:
Gold -- Wu Siu Hong, Hong Kong;
Silver -- Kim Ko-Woon, Korea;
Bronze -- Martin Larsen, Sweden.

Playoff results:
Wu def. Larsen, 261-191; Championship match: Wu (194-237) def. Ko-Woon (178-222), 431-400.

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