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      August 15, 2001:

-USBA Ad Hoc Committee Meets

08/15/2001 - Bowling Newsline
      The Structure Ad Hoc Committee representing the amateur membership bowling organizations recently met in Milwaukee to discuss alternative structures for a single, unified organization for the sport, tentatively called the United States Bowling Association.

      The Structure Ad Hoc Committee was one of two formed following the American Bowling Congress and Women's International Bowling Congress conventions last spring as part of a two-year process exploring the single membership organization concept.

      "We have had a great deal of input from a wide spectrum of members about what kind of organization they'd like to see, and we are making every effort to remain in full compliance with what we've learned," Co-Chair Mitch Mitchell said. "We have received a great deal of feedback and we are listening and taking it under sincere consideration.

      "Our organization needs a structure that will hold the leaders at the national level accountable to the membership. To meet this need the current structure must change."

      Mitchell also said that some local and state associations have formed their own single-membership organization task forces and have submitted their ideas and recommendations to the committee for consideration.

      The Structure Ad Hoc Committee is paying particular attention to developing an organization that encourages and nurtures volunteers.

      "We've heard it from the field, and we know it from our own experience," Co-Chair Joan Feinblum said. "Volunteers are the lifeblood of an organization. We're seeking to develop an organization that will have plenty of opportunity for involvement, but one that will be accountable."

      Feinblum also said the committee was focused on designing a streamlined structure that would allow the national organization to obtain information quickly from the field and make prompt decisions.

      The committee is scheduled to meet again Aug. 24-26 to discuss the inclusion of state and local structure in its formation.

      Members of the ad hoc committee represent a broad cross-section of members. They include: Co-Chairs Feinblum, WIBC Vice President; and Mitchell, ABC Director; Tamoria Adams, WIBC Vice President; Dave Perry, ABC Director; Jack Thomas, Young American Bowling Alliance Board Member; and representatives from the field, Margie Bishop, St. Louis (Mo.) WBA; Marvin Dooley, Greater Detroit (Mich.) BA; Len Jagoda, Columbus, (Ga.) BA; Karen Jost, Tacoma (Wash.) WBA; Nancy Walczyk, Erie County (N.Y.) YABA; and Robin Marshall, athlete representative.

      The single membership organization feasibility study was started jointly in January 2000 to consolidate ABC, WIBC, YABA, USA Bowling and Bowling Inc. Recommendations regarding the single membership organization concept should be directed to: Therese Abair, Project Manager, Single Membership Organization/USBA, P.O. Box 221304, West Palm Beach, FL 33422, Fax: (801) 751-1561; E-mail [email protected].

-ABC/WIBC Sport Bowling Makes Its Official Debut

08/15/2001 - Bowling Newsline
      Bowlers of all abilities officially may step up to the challenge of Sport Bowling, which made its worldwide debut Aug. 1 as a membership option for American Bowling Congress and Women's International Bowling Congress members.

      Developed by ABC and WIBC, the governing bodies of bowling, Sport Bowling is a new level of sanctioned league and tournament competition designed to emphasize bowlers' skill and re-establish credibility of the sport.

      Sport Bowlers will compete on challenging lane conditions and rely on their accuracy, ability to read lanes and make adjustments to succeed.

      "Think of it as playing the championship tees on a golf course," said ABC/WIBC Director of Research Neil Stremmel. "Sport Bowling will increase the challenge of a typical house condition just as championship tees make your normal golf course more difficult."

      The cost of Sport Bowling membership will be $9 in addition to the ABC or WIBC local, state/provincial and national dues.

      Sport Bowling will have exclusive awards separate from those given in Standard bowling. Sport awards will feature the new Sport Bowling logo and be available for honor scores (300, 299, 298 games and 800 and 900 series), 11 strikes in a row and special achievements such as 700 series and average-based accomplishments.

      Each season the ABC and WIBC bowler with the highest national Sport Bowling average will receive an attractive crystal bowling pin. The pin also is an award option for Sport Bowling honor scores.

      Participation will be voluntary in Sport Bowling, which consists of several components including new enforcement policies and procedures, rules, recognition and awards programs and a membership fee structure.

      "Bowlers will have the choice of participating in Sport Bowling," said ABC Executive Director Roger Dalkin. "Standard league bowling will continue as always. Sport Bowling will be an option for our members who want a new challenge."

      An Internet site,, will provide a base for a new national average listing service for Sport Bowling members as well as a wide range of information related to the program. Sport Bowling also includes introduction of an "average adjustment scale" to be used to adjust Sport versus Standard Bowling averages when a bowler competing in a Standard event only has a Sport Bowling average. Two years of testing has indicated Sport averages are measurably lower than Standard averages. Bowlers at the high end of the Standard bowling average scale will likely realize a more dramatic reduction in the Sport arena than Standard bowlers with lower averages.

      Lane inspection requirements will be in place to ensure Sport Bowling events are conducted on compliant conditions. Verification of compliance with the lane dressing requirements must be submitted prior to the first week of competition and prior to implementing any change in patterns. Inspections must be performed prior to each week's league competition and tournaments prior to each squad where the lanes were dressed.

      "There is a misconception that women have not been involved in the test phases of this program," WIBC President Joyce Deitch said. "That's not true. Women bowlers have been involved from the beginning, but not in the same numbers as men. "This will be a program for all bowlers. I believe ultimately it will be much more attractive for lower average bowlers, particularly women, who haven't been able to convert a 10 pin in years because they can't generate the same ball speed as men," she added.

      Research into a "sport level" of bowling started in 1997, six years after the System of Bowling was formally established. Technological advancement, including more aggressive bowling balls, lane machines and lane conditioners, resulted in an ever-increasing number of honor scores and an imbalance in the "system."

      Sport Bowling is designed to re-establish the credibility of bowling due to that continuing trend. For example, the number of ABC-approved 300 games increased from 5,373 in the 1979-80 season to 39,470 in 1999-2000.

      For more information about Sport Bowling, please visit, call (800) 514-BOWL, Ext. 3400 or e-mail [email protected].

-U.S. Contigent Strong Again In Miami

08/15/2001 - Bowling Newsline
      United States bowlers continued a trend with another strong overall performance in the 39th annual Lee Evans Tournament of the Americas Aug. 4-11 at Cloverleaf Lanes in Miami.

      American competitors captured 58 medals overall, 40 of them gold. Leading the way were Kevin Dornberger, Sioux Falls, S.D., and Shannon Pluhowsky, Phoenix, with golds in all six of their events. Another four U.S. players - Eula Ivy, Bellwood, Ill.; Mark Jensen, Wichita, Kan.; Missy Bellinder, Fullerton, Calif., and Andrew Cain, Glendale, Ariz., earned medals in all six events.

      Dornberger, who is USA Bowling's president and an American Bowling Congress vice president, won senior men's singles with 2,519 for 12 games. Jensen, an ABC Director, was next with 2,431 to earn a silver medal. The two later combined with 2,558 for six games to capture gold in doubles.

      Ivy joined Dornberger to capture senior mixed doubles with 2,392. The two, along with Jensen and Linda Goodling, Willow Street, Pa., combined to take senior team gold with 9,382 and senior national all events with 28,148. Dornberger's final gold came in all events with 7,664 for 36 games.

      Pluhowsky won junior women's singles with 2,435, joined Bellinder to take doubles with 2,226, combined with Cain in mixed doubles for 2,525 and had 7,253 to capture all events. Pluhowsky also competed with Bellinder, Cain and Chris Jones, Bloomington, Ind., to take junior team (10,111) and national all events (28,915).

      In addition to her mixed doubles, team and national all events golds, Ivy won senior women's singles (2,284) and earned silver in all events (6,706) and doubles with Goodling (2,182).

      Jensen added silver in senior men's all events (7,247) and bronze in mixed doubles with Goodling (2,233) to his other four medals.

      Bellinder collected bronze in junior women's singles (2,225), mixed doubles with Jones (2,376) and all events (6,993) in addition to her three gold medals.

      Cain added gold in junior men's doubles with Jones (2,406), gold in all events (7,549) and silver in singles (2,355).

      The other U.S. gold medals were won in the adult division. Diandra Hyman, Dyer, Ind.; Kristal Scott, Painesville, Ohio; Tony Manna Jr., Omaha, Neb.; and Bill Hoffman, Columbus, Ohio, rolled 9,444 to win team and 27,744 to take national all events.

      Hyman and Scott added bronze medals in women's doubles with 2,324 while Manna earned bronze in men's singles (2,367) and Hyman had bronze in women's all events (6,815).

      Other American medals were silver by Jones in junior men's all events (7,120) and bronze by Goodling in senior women's singles (2,247).

      Canadian bowlers captured 21 overall medals, six of them gold.

      The seniors had the best showing with 14 medals. Candace Marshall and Barbara Hastings combined to win senior women's doubles with 2,274 while Marshall also had gold in all events with 6,781.

      Hastings and Ross Hargrave earned silver in mixed doubles (2,271) with Marshall, Hastings, Hargrave and Chuck Faas taking bronze in team (8,772) and national all events (26,012).

      Marshall had the high senior women's game (288) and series (697). Dornberger had the best senior men's series (728).

      In the adult division, Manon Deserranno won singles (2,541) and earned silver in all events (7,102). Kellie Hildebrandt and Ryan Reid captured mixed doubles (2,366). Deserranno had the highest adult women's three-game series overall with 680.

      Chris Clerke and Daniel Bull earned bronze in junior men's doubles (2,285) while Clarke added bronze in all events (7,085).

      American Bowling Congress/Women's International Bowling Congress members from Puerto Rico were unable to win any medals.

      Ivy captured the senior friendship award while Cain earned the junior and Dornberger the senior sportsmanship awards. Cain had the high junior men's series with 721 while Pluhowsky had the women's high game with 258.

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