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      July 23, 2002:

-Barrette Rips Thru Round Four At Miller High Life National Players Championship

07/23/2002 - PWBA
      COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. - Leanne Barrette, Pleasanton, Calif. continued her blistering pace after the four rounds of the Miller High Life National Players Championship. The former Professional Women's Bowling Association Player of the Year went 8-0 in match play (Ed. note - players earn 30 bonus pins for each match won during match play rounds) helping boost her tournament average to 226.78 with a 7,497 pinfall.

      "I definitely happy about the way I bowled tonight, but I've seen big leads disappear so by no means am I comfortable," said Barrette. "I had great ball reaction tonight and hopefully it will continue tomorrow."

      Nicknamed "Boomer", Barrette got out of the gates quickly with a 760 series (259-268-233). Thru the eight-game block's first six matches she averaged 253.5 including three scores of 259 or higher.

      Barrette entered the players championship red-hot having made the championship round the last four weeks. The 25-time titlest has won two of the last three tournaments. Currently she ranks fourth in the PWBA in earnings ($33,690), fifth in competition points (5,484) and first in averages (217.71).

      Tammy Turner, Ogden, Utah maintained her spot in second place with 219.34 and 7,139. Turner went 4-4 on the evening with a high series of 734 (242-246-246).

      Michelle Feldman, Skaneateles, NY charged up the standings to third with the help of a 7-1 mark. The native New Yorker posted victories over six of the tournaments top ten including Karen Stroud, Victoria, Texas (256-200), Turner (258-242), Marianne DiRupo, Succasunna, NJ (278-203), Rachel Perez, San Marcos, Texas (214-179) and Kelly Kulick, Union, NJ (223-192). Feldman finished the evening with 214.75 and 7,082).

      "The biggest difference for me tonight was I used a Vortex II Particle which I hadn't used all week," said Feldman. "The ball change definitely helped."

      Kulick trails Feldman by 25-pins with 215.84 and 7,057. Seeking her first career title, the PWBA Rookie of the Year went 5-3 on the night.

      Stroud, who has been quietly moving up the ladder all week, rounds out the top five with 214.53 and 7,045. The two-time collegiate All-American went 6-2 finishing the session with a 704 series (202-268-234).

      Marcia Kamrowski, Boca Raton, Fla., who was serving as the event's alternate entering the match play rounds, replaced Australian Cara Honeychurch who had to withdraw from the tournament due to illness.

      The top 24 will continue the tournament on Wednesday, July 24 two more match play rounds at 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. At the conclusion of match play, the top five bowlers compete in the ESPN2 stepladder finals on Thursday, July 24 at 7 p.m.

                                            BLOCK TOTALS                        TOTAL 
POS BOWLER - HOMETOWN                  QUAL   1    2    3   PINS   AVG    W-L-T   PINS  +OR-   PRIZE  

 1 Leanne Barrette-Pleasanton, CA     5322 1935    0    0  7257 226.78  8- 0- 0  7497 +1097 
 2 Tammy Turner-Ogden, UT             5267 1752    0    0  7019 219.34  4- 4- 0  7139  +739 
 3 Michelle Feldman-Skaneateles, NY   4969 1903    0    0  6872 214.75  7- 1- 0  7082  +682 
 4 Kelly Kulick-Union, NJ             5116 1791    0    0  6907 215.84  5- 3- 0  7057  +657 
 5 Karen Stroud-Victoria, TX          5055 1810    0    0  6865 214.53  6- 2- 0  7045  +645 
 6 Kendra Gaines-Sebring, FL          5091 1784    0    0  6875 214.84  4- 4- 0  6995  +595 
 7 Rachel Perez-San Marcos, TX        5159 1690    0    0  6849 214.03  4- 4- 0  6969  +569 
 8 Carolyn Dorin-Ballard-N. Richland  5077 1793    0    0  6870 214.68  3- 5- 0  6960  +560 
 9 Marianne DiRupo-Succasunna, NJ     5094 1747    0    0  6841 213.78  2- 6- 0  6901  +501 
10 Maxine Nable-Australia,            5166 1639    0    0  6805 212.65  3- 5- 0  6895  +495 
11 Pauliina Aalto-Finland,            4930 1766    0    0  6696 209.25  5- 3- 0  6846  +446 
12 Lisa Bishop-Belleville, MI         4915 1772    0    0  6687 208.96  5- 3- 0  6837  +437 
13 Jennifer Swanson-Shelton, CT       5032 1666    0    0  6698 209.31  3- 5- 0  6788  +388 
14 Anne Marie Duggan-Edmond, OK       5058 1677    0    0  6735 210.46  1- 7- 0  6765  +365 
15 Tiffany Stanbrough-Oklahoma City,  4907 1734    0    0  6641 207.53  4- 4- 0  6761  +361 
16 Wendy Macpherson-Henderson, NV     4902 1662    0    0  6564 205.12  6- 2- 0  6744  +344 
17 Kim Terrell-Antioch, CA            4960 1653    0    0  6613 206.65  3- 5- 0  6703  +303 
18 Liz Johnson-Cheektowaga, NY        4841 1707    0    0  6548 204.62  4- 4- 0  6668  +268 
19 Dede Davidson-Las Vegas, NV        4975 1514    0    0  6489 202.78  4- 4- 0  6609  +209 
20 Tennelle Grijalva-Yorba Linda, CA  4805 1682    0    0  6487 202.71  4- 4- 0  6607  +207 
21 Tish Johnson-Northridge, CA        4883 1590    0    0  6473 202.28  3- 5- 0  6563  +163 
22 Laura Lee Daniel-Corona, CA        4745 1613    0    0  6358 198.68  3- 5- 0  6448   +48 
23 Cathy Dorin-Lizzi-Linden, NJ       4814 1491    0    0  6305 197.03  2- 6- 0  6365   -35 
24 Marcia Kamrowski-Boca Raton, FL (A 4710 1523    0    0  6233 194.78  3- 5- 0  6323   -77 

-Barrette Attempting To Go Wire To Wire At Miller High Life National Players Championship

07/23/2002 - PWBA
      COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. - For the third consecutive round Leanne Barrette, Pleasanton, Calif. ended the eight-game session as the tournament leader. The 16-year pro is averaging 221.75 with a 5,322 pinfall after 24 games.

      "Going wire to wire is very tough in an event like this," said Barrette. "With match play coming up anything can still happen."

      Tied for third all-time in titles in the Professional Women's Bowling Association annals with 25, Barrette is attempting to win her third championship in the last four weeks. The five-time Women's International Bowling Congress All-American entered the players championship red-hot having made the TV finals the last four weeks.

      Moving up from seventh to second was Tammy Turner, Ogden, Utah. Turner's 237 round three average helped her register the best eight-game block of the tournament with a 1,896 pinfall. The former TEAM USA member has tournament totals of 219.45 and 5,267.

      Turner started the morning with a 157 but bounced back with six of seven games above 235 including two of the highest scores of the round (272 and 279).

      Australian Maxine Nable (215.25 and 5,166) and Rachel Perez, San Marcos, Texas (214.95 and 5,159) stayed at the top of the leaderboard in third and fourth while Rookie of the Year Kelly Kulick, Union, NJ moved into fifth with 213.16 and 5,116.

      Marianne DiRupo, Succasunna, NJ made the biggest move of the morning going from 20th to sixth with 212.25 and 5,094. DiRupo completed her block with the top series of 768 (235-267-266).

      Laura Lee Daniel, Corona, Calif. was the last player to make the top 24 with 197.70 and 4,745. Jackie Snyder, Cooksville, Ill. was the last to cash in 36th with 177.70 and 4,265.

      The top 24 will begin the first of three eight-game match play rounds Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 24 two more match play rounds will take place at 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. At the conclusion of match play, the top five bowlers compete in the ESPN2 stepladder finals on Thursday, July 24 at 7 p.m.

SQ  POS BOWLER - HOMETOWN                          PINS   AVG   +OR- 
A     1 Leanne Barrette - Pleasanton, CA           5322 221.75  +522 
A     2 Tammy Turner - Ogden, UT                   5267 219.45  +467 
A     3 Maxine Nable - Australia,                  5166 215.25  +366 
A     4 Rachel Perez - San Marcos, TX              5159 214.95  +359 
A     5 Kelly Kulick - Union, NJ                   5116 213.16  +316 
A     6 Marianne DiRupo - Succasunna, NJ           5094 212.25  +294 
A     7 Kendra Gaines - Sebring, FL                5091 212.12  +291 
A     8 Carolyn Dorin-Ballard - N. Richland Hills, 5077 211.54  +277 
A     9 Anne Marie Duggan - Edmond, OK             5058 210.75  +258 
A    10 Karen Stroud - Victoria, TX                5055 210.62  +255 
A    11 Jennifer Swanson - Shelton, CT             5032 209.66  +232 
A    12 Dede Davidson - Las Vegas, NV              4975 207.29  +175 
A    13 Michelle Feldman - Skaneateles, NY         4969 207.04  +169 
A    14 Kim Terrell - Antioch, CA                  4960 206.66  +160 
A    15 Pauliina Aalto - Finland,                  4930 205.41  +130 
A    16 Lisa Bishop - Belleville, MI               4915 204.79  +115 
A    17 Tiffany Stanbrough - Oklahoma City, OK     4907 204.45  +107 
A    18 Wendy Macpherson - Henderson, NV           4902 204.25  +102 
A    19 Tish Johnson - Northridge, CA              4883 203.45   +83 
A    20 Liz Johnson - Cheektowaga, NY              4841 201.70   +41 
A    21 Cathy Dorin-Lizzi - Linden, NJ             4814 200.58   +14 
A    22 Tennelle Grijalva - Yorba Linda, CA        4805 200.20    +5 
A    23 Cara Honeychurch - Australia,              4788 199.50   -12 
A    24 Laura Lee Daniel - Corona, CA              4745 197.70   -55 
A    25 Marcia Kamrowski - Boca Raton, FL          4710 196.25   -90 
A    26 Jackie Mitskavich - Dubois, PA             4677 194.87  -123 
A    27 Kim Adler - Cocoa, FL                      4648 193.66  -152 
A    28 Amy Dillon - Miami, FL                     4628 192.83  -172 
A    29 Cindy Coburn-Carroll - Williamsville, NY   4587 191.12  -213 
A    30 Shana Ray - Corpus Christi, TX             4586 191.08  -214 
A    31 Brenda Norman - Indianapolis, IN           4558 189.91  -242 
A    32 Cecilia Loscalzo - Harrison, TN            4433 184.70  -367 
A    33 Char Hammel - Brea, CA                     4415 183.95  -385 
A    34 Sabrina Duncan - New Orleans, LA           4354 181.41  -446 
A    35 Pam Marciniszyn - Canada,                  4336 180.66  -464 
A    36 Jackie Snyder - Cooksville, IL             4265 177.70  -535 
A    37 JoAnna Judy - Wheatfield, IN               4249 177.04  -551 

-YABA's Bob Maki Named New Director Of Coaching For Unified Program

07/23/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Bob Maki has been named the Director of Coaching for the industry's new unified bowling coaching certification program. Maki, the current Chief Operating Officer for the Young American Bowling Alliance, will be responsible for the administration and consolidation of the YABA and USA Bowling coaching certification programs, which officially merge Aug. 1. The single, unified program will retain the name "USA Bowling Coaching Certification Program."

      Maki, 44, brings an extensive coaching and administrative background to the position. As USA Bowling Manager of Coaching Certification from 1996-98, Maki managed the day-to-day operational leadership, program development, budgeting and event coordination for all coaching conferences and task forces. The USA Bowling Silver Level certified coach also is a 200-plus average bowler.

      Joining Maki will be a group of experienced staff members. Cary Pon, currently the YABA coaching program's certification manager, will be the manager of coaching development; Rich Grogan, currently the Bowler's Development Pipeline manager, will become the manager of coaching business development; and Janet Huss, now the YABA coaching program administrator, will be the program operations administrator.

      The foundation of the unified program will be a step-by-step, core curriculum. Coaches working through this curriculum will have programs and tools available allowing them to branch out and learn about the business and sport elements of coaching bowling. From a business perspective, the program will center on creating ways to manage instructional programs and clinics in bowling centers. It also will benefit bowling center proprietors, providing assistance from a coaching perspective, help them recruit and retain bowlers and generate additional revenue for their businesses.

      The sport element will center on developing coaches and programs concentrating on team coaching for the rapidly growing high school and collegiate bowling divisions and TEAM USA. Another element will be training coaches to help bowlers succeed on American Bowling Congress/Women's International Bowling Congress Sport Bowling lane conditions.

      "I see the new program becoming, in time, a supermarket for coaches, proprietors and bowlers," Maki said. "There will be something for everyone."

      The purpose of a unified program is to provide one training and certification program to produce more quality bowling coaches who can coach bowlers of all ages and abilities.

      "I am lucky to be working with experienced and dedicated staff members passionate about developing a cohesive coaching program for the sport of bowling. I'm excited about leading this new program, which demonstrates how well the bowling industry can work together for the betterment of the sport."

      The new program is a collaborative effort by several bowling industry groups, jointly funded by ABC, the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America, USA Bowling, WIBC and YABA.

      Representatives from ABC, BPAA, USA Bowling, WIBC, YABA, the Professional Bowlers Association and the Professional Women's Bowling Association made the decision to combine the programs May 15 at the Joint Industry Planning Meeting in Milwaukee.

-Andrew Cain To Carry U.S. Colors Into 2002 AMF Bowling World Cup

07/23/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      The reigning U.S. men's national amateur champion, 20-year-old Andrew Cain of Tempe, Ariz., will represent his country in the 38th AMF Bowling World Cup in Riga, Latvia, Oct. 19-26.

      The U.S. women's representative will be announced at a later date.

      Cain, a powerful left-hander who turns 21 on the opening day of the tournament, is a graduate of Junior TEAM USA and, by virtue of winning the national amateur championship, the nominal leader of the 2002 TEAM USA adult squad.

      He will be a senior this fall at Arizona State University, where he bowls for the Sun Devils and majors in aerospace engineering. He already owns 24 perfect games, and 11 three-game series of 800 or better, the highest being 837.

      Like Scott Norton, who represented the U.S. at last year's Bowling World Cup in Thailand, Cain is an American Bowling Congress Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow award winner. His achievements to date include All-American and Scholastic All-American status at Arizona State and a five-gold-medal performance as a youth bowler at the 2001 Lee Evans Tournament of the Americas.

      Cain will be trying to bring the U.S. its first Bowling World Cup title since Patrick Healey Jr. won in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1995.

      "It would be a great thrill to win the Bowling World Cup for the U.S. for the first time in seven years," Cain said. "It's going to be hard to fill Pat's shoes, but I'll give it my best shot.

      "I've dreamed of competing in this tournament since I was 6, when I learned how to bowl. In fact, when the World Cup came to Las Vegas in 1999, I seriously considered cutting classes to drive to Las Vegas, just to see what the World Cup was all about.

      "Now I'll get a chance to wear the Red, White and Blue myself, and I can hardly believe it. I feel very patriotic about this. Although I don't have a great deal of international experience, the bowler who won the tournament in 1981 --- Bob Worrell - lives in the Phoenix area, too, and I know he's going to give me some great advice on what I can expect."

      More than 90 countries are expected to send their men and women's national champions to the 2002 AMF Bowling World Cup, which will be staged at the 24-lane Toss Boulinga Halle in Riga.

-International Bowl Expo 2002 "Lets The Good Times Roll" in New Orleans

07/23/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      International Bowl Expo 2002 received high marks from bowling industry leaders and attendees as thousands gathered in New Orleans June 16-20 at the Hilton Riverside New Orleans and the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

      Along with more than 150 first time registrants and more than 80 first time exhibitors, large groups from the European Bowling Proprietors' Association, the Japanese Bowling Proprietors' Association as well as numerous industry colleagues from China, Australia, Canada, South America, Mexico, Russia and the Middle East also attended. Nearly 4,000 registered for the event, a decline of approximately 14 percent from 2001. However, more than 590 bowling centers were represented this year, a 25 percent increase in the number of bowling centers represented in 2001.

      The 2002 Expo presented attendees with an exhibition of approximately 800 booths with nearly 300 exhibiting companies representing the range of new and standard products and services available to the bowling industry. Thousands of bowling center, military, pro shop and other related bowling operators spread throughout the convention center exhibit floor in search of the industry's most current and innovative products and services.

      At the June 17 Bowling Proprietors' Association of America annual membership meeting, member delegates elected Jack Moran of Roseland Bowl in Canandaigua, N. Y., as BPAA's new President.

      Several educational seminars were held June 17, including a powerful educational keynote session presented by international facilitator and speaker, Scott Rogers, who spent years guiding people and businesses worldwide toward success.

      The June 18 general session featured an entertaining interactive presentation by NBC-TV's Bob Costas. During this session, the industry recognized a variety of honorees in several categories as well as John LaSpina, the 2002 recipient of BPAA's most prestigious award, the Victor Lerner Memorial Medal and 2002 BPAA Hall of Fame inductee. In addition, there were video presentations on the popularity of bowling, award presentations by the military branches and IBPSIA as well as Bowlers Journal International's Proprietor of the Year award presentation to BPAA member Neil Hupfauer of the Main Event Entertainment Centers located in the Dallas area.

      Highlights from June 19 included the first Small Bowling Center Forum facilitated by Frank Matthews from DecisionMaker in Fort Worth, Texas. The forum had great attendance and created a foundation for future forums centered on smaller bowling center needs. The Bowl Expo Trade Show and continued through June 20.

      The Grand Banquet on June 20 included numerous highlights including a tribute to outgoing BPAA President Michael Ducat and the ceremonial passing of the gavel to BPAA President-Elect Jack Moran. Grammy-Award winning entertainer Kenny Rogers entertained the guests. Anheuser-Busch and Qubica Worldwide sponsored the Grand Banquet.

      During the trade show, BPAA's Educational Foundation raised more than $10,500 through the third annual silent auction which will enable the foundation to generate scholarships and fund educational initiatives including consumer awareness campaigns and bowling center employee training programs. The auction also will help fund the growth of high school bowling across the country.

      "By all indications International Bowl Expo 2002 was a resounding success, despite higher than desired room rates and leftover travel concerns relating to last September," said new BPAA Executive Director John Berglund. "Bowl Expo has really become larger than BPAA and has transformed into 'the' industry event."

      International Bowl Expo 2003 will return to the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas June 15-20. The trade show will be held in the Mandalay Bay's new convention center on Wednesday and Thursday of that week.

-Mid-America Bowling Writers Select Bowlers Of The Year And Award Winners

07/23/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Pete Weber, St. Ann, Mo., and Diandra Hyman, Dyer, Ind., have been selected 2001 Bowlers of the Year by the Mid-America Bowling Writers. They were honored June 9 at the 18th MABW Awards Banquet in Carmel, Ind.

      Also honored were John Sommer Jr., Rockford, Ill., and Bruce Pluckhahn, Milwaukee. Sommer was selected as recipient of the Sam Weinstein Distinguished Service Award and Pluckhahn was chosen as the Golden Quill Award winner.

      The Weinstein Award is presented to the person who has distinguished himself or herself by extraordinary devotion to bowling. The Golden Quill is presented to a journalist who has distinguished himself or her self in reporting the sport of bowling.

      Weber earned two Professional Bowlers Association national titles in 2001 and cashed in 15 of the 18 events he entered. He finished the year 10th in average (214.95) and fifth in earnings ($110,175).

      Hyman, who earned her third straight MABW honor, earned three gold medals plus one silver and one bronze in the 2001 Federation Internationale des Quilleurs American Zone Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She earned first-team Collegiate All-America honors as a member of the University of Nebraska bowling team. Her fifth-place finish in the 2001 USA Bowling Championships earned her a fourth consecutive spot on TEAM USA.

      Sommer, along with John Falzone, is credited with founding the Ladies Pro Bowlers Tour, now called the Professional Women's Bowling Association. Sommer played an instrumental role in developing one of the most successful youth scholarship programs in the country and spearheaded a drive to make high school bowling a letter sport in Northern Illinois in 1994. He continues to promote high school bowling throughout the country. He is proprietor of five bowling centers in Illinois and two in Ohio.

      Pluckhahn is best known for his work as the American Bowling Congress' long-time public relations manager and curator of the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame. Upon his retirement from the IBMHF, he resumed writing regular columns for St. Louis-area bowling newspapers as well as freelance work for a number of other bowling publications. He currently is working on a historical book on the sport.

-U.S. Bowlers Shine In FIQ Youth Zone

07/23/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Fresh off winning individual U.S. national youth titles, Olivia Sandham and Sean Rash led their American teammates to a stellar showing in the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs American Zone Youth Championships July 13-20 in San Jose, Costa Rica.

      Sandham, who won the girls' title July 12 at the USA Junior Gold National Bowling Championships in Winter Haven, Fla., won four gold medals and one silver in the girls' FIQ competition. Rash, who captured the boys' U.S. title, had four golds and a bronze. They were part of a U.S. team that won gold medals in nine of 10 events.

      The 18-year-old Sandham, Boulder, Colo., won singles with 1,294 for six games and all-events with 3,809 for 18 games and was second in Masters after dropping a 395-363 two-game title match to teammate Shannon Pluhowsky, Phoenix. Sandham and Pluhowsky combined to win doubles with 2,420 and joined Jennifer Petrick, Canton, Ohio, and Leigh McPherson, Old Hickory, Tenn., in capturing the girls' team title with 4,885.

      Rash, 19, Anchorage, Alaska, won boys' singles with 1,308 and all-events with 3,848 and was third in Masters, losing to eventual gold medalist Chris Fernandez of Canada 236-209 in the semifinal. Rash also joined Matthew Gilman, Davie, Fla., in capturing doubles with 2,449 and joined Gilman, Ryan Page, San Diego, and Jeffrey Mersch, Tampa, Fla., in taking boys' team gold with 4,739.

      Pluhowsky, the defending U.S. Amateur Champion, shared the silver medal in singles with Canada's Melissa Legault at 1,189. She also earned silver in all-events with 3,676 in addition to her golds in doubles, team and Masters.

      Petrick and McPherson collected silver in doubles with 2,296 while Petrick added silver in all-events with 3,523 and in Masters after losing to Sandham 245-227 in the semifinal. Gilman added a bronze medal in singles with 1,265 and silvers in all-events with 3,658 and in Masters when Fernandez beat him 403-399 in the title match.

      Canada's other medals were bronzes by Fernandez and Vincent Pellerin in boys' doubles with 2,371 and in boys' team where Fernandez, Pellerin, Doug Bull and Chris Clerke combined for 4,681.

      Fernandez is from Toronto; Pellerin from Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec; Legault from Sarnia, Ontario; Bull from Victoria, British, Columbia; and Clerke from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

      The ninth FIQ American Zone Youth Championships featured youth bowlers from North America, South America and Central America. Many of the same competitors will be in Thailand for the FIQ World Youth Championships Aug. 4-11. The next FIQ American Zone Youth Championships will be held in Guatemala in 2004.

-Kentucky, Maryland, Montana, North Dakota Bowlers Win In Coca Cola® Youth Championships

07/23/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Four champions were crowned July 17 at the 2002 Coca-Cola Youth Bowling Championships at Cypress Lanes in Winter Haven, Fla.

      Robert Dickson, Princeton, Ky.; Amanda Farmer, Casselton, N.D.; Jeremy Rodkey, Taneytown, Md.; and Katie Turrin, Great Falls, Mont., all earned the title of 2002 Coca-Cola Youth champion in their respective divisions.

      In Boys' Division I, Dickson defeated Brandon Williams, Lufkin, Texas, 245-180 with handicap. In Girls' Division I, Farmer defeated Crystal McCarthy, Pentiction, British Columbia, 244-194 with handicap added.

      In Boys' Division II, Rodkey advanced with straight wins to defeat Keith Wagner, Tucson, Ariz., 279-261 with handicap. In Girls' Division II, Turrin moved through double-elimination match play without a loss and defeated Allyse Hickman, Cross Lanes, W. Va., 221-189 with handicap.

      The final day of competition featured the top 64 athletes (the top 16 boys and top 16 girls from each division) advancing to a single game, double-elimination match play round. The top four finishers received $2,000, $1,500, $1,000 and $500 scholarships, respectively, and a Storm Trauma Response bowling ball.

      The nearly 200 athletes from all 50 United States, U.S. military zones around the world, Puerto Rico and each of the Canadian provinces competed for $20,000 in scholarships. The Coca-Cola Youth Bowling Championships is conducted by YABA and is sponsored by Coca-Cola® USA and presented by Storm Bowling Products, Inc. For more information, visit the YABA section of

Championship Match - Robert Dickson, Princeton, Ky., def. Brandon Williams, Lufkin, Texas, 245-180 (including handicap).
Match Play Results: Robert Dickson, Princeton, Ky., 7-1; Brandon Williams, 5-1; Bryson Endrina, Far East, 3-2; Jerran Marshall, Fort Madison, Iowa, 3-2; Kenneth Pawlowski, Orem, Utah, 3-2; Thomas Bilan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 2-2; Michael Heath, Newark, Del., 2-2; Jesse Allen Horsley, Kissimmee, Fla., 2-2; Ryan Choyeski, Carpentersville, Ill., 1-2; Jonathon Kalinowski, Wichita, Kan., 1-2; Julian McKnight, Jackson, Miss., 1-2; Robert Rund, Medway, Mass., 1-2; Levi Echer, Grand, Colo., 0-2; Derek Ferguson, Silver Lake, Kan., 0-2; Brandon Naraski, Wailuku, Hawaii, 0-2; Jeremy Pelchar, Yorktown, Va., 0-2.

Championship Match - Amanda Farmer, Casselton, N.D., def. Crystal McCarthy, Pentiction, British Columbia, 244-194 (including handicap).
Match Play Results: Andrea Farmer, Casselton, N.D., 5-1; Crystal McCarthy, 7-2; Heather Bland, Franklin, Ind., 3-2; Amanda Falk, Tucson, Ariz., 3-2; Amelia Hill, Mineola, N.Y., 3-2; Kara Adan, San Diego, 2-2; Alicia Baird, Six Lakes, Mich., 2-2; Alyson Bridwell, Louisville, Ky., 2-2; Carla Maki, Virginia, Minn., 1-2; Kate Peck, Arlington, Ill., 1-2; Jovanna Piedra, New, N.J., 1-2; Jaymi Ross, Joplin, Mo., 1-2; Brooke Habberfield, Penn Yan, N.Y., 0-2; Jacqueline Kromka, Leechburg, Pa., 0-2; Christine Potter, Temple Hills, Md., 0-2; Eliza Schefus, Waukesha, Wis., 0-2.

Championship Match - Jeremy Rodkey, Taneytown, Md., def. Keith Wagner, Tucson, Ariz., 279-261 (including handicap).
Match Play Results: Jeremy Rodkey, Taneytown, Md., 5-0; Keith Wagner, Tucson, Ariz., 4-2; Preston Peterson, Salmon, Idaho, 5-2; Wes Byerly, Lake City, Pa., 3-2; Drew Rosenwinkle, Glen Ellyn, Ill., 3-2; James McNalley, Hemlock, Mich., 2-2; Russell Peterson, Ester, Ark., 2-2; Nicholas Shepherd, Cheboygan, Mich., 2-2; Adam Crew, Blaine, Maine, 1-2; Shavar Gilchrist, Del City, Okla., 1-2; Andrew Reynolds, New Milford, Conn., 1-2; Ryan Rowe, Coal Valley, Ill., 1-2; Matt McCreary, Denver, 0-2; Michael Olson, Ham Lake, Minn., 0-2; James Phillips, Crosby, Minn., 0-2; Kenny Pierson, Hillsboro, Ore., 0-2.

Championship Match - Katie Turrin, Great Falls, Mont. def. Allyse Hickman, Cross Lanes, W.Va., 221-189 (including handicap).
Match Play Results: Katie Turrin, Great Falls, Mont., 5-0; Allyse Hickman, Cross Lanes, W.Va., 4-2; Jenny Baron, Brooklyn, Conn., 4-2; Mindy Cunningham, Hiawatha, Kan., 4-2; Meggen Shafer, McHenry, Ill., 3-2; Nicole Kubiczki, Pittsburgh, 2-2; Kelli Maus, Hagerstown, Md., 2-2; Stephanie Rodas, Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, 2-2; Danielle Bigler, Pomona, Kan., 1-2; Annie Garver, Midwest, Wyo., 1-2; Lynelle Higa, Kahului, Hawaii, 1-2; Andrea Kendall, Deadwood, S.D., 1-2; Grace Bushee, Buskirk, N.Y., 0-2; Heather French, Seaford, Del., 0-2; Nikki Lambert, Baker, La., 0-2; Sarah Novotny, Ridge, N.Y., 0-2.

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Plugging balance holes
by 82Boat69 - 07/24/22 02:28 PM
This is a damned shame
by BOSStull - 07/24/22 09:00 AM
We encountered a problem.
by BOSStull - 07/24/22 08:20 AM

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