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      July 03, 2001:

-Gaines Retains Lead After One Round Of Match Play In Southern Virginia Open

07/03/2001 - PWBA
      DANVILLE, Va. - Kendra Gaines, Sebring, Fla., leads the 24-woman field remaining in the $50,000 Southern Virginia Open following the first round of match play Tuesday night.

      Gaines' eight-game block of 1,744 pins and 5-3-0 match play record elevated her total pinfall for 26 games to 5,773, giving her a 222.03 average and 82-pin edge over Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, N. Richland Hills, Texas. Dorin-Ballard improved her qualifying finish by two places as she manufactured an identical 5-3-0 record and downed 1,777 pins Tuesday night for a total pin count of 5,691.

      "The lanes played pretty much as I expected they would Tuesday night," Gaines said. "They started to break down very fast toward the end of the night, so I was glad I had drilled a ball in the afternoon that would get down the lane a lot farther before it started hooking. I used it almost all night."

      "After four years of professional bowling, I'm still finding the biggest adjustment to make is being away from home so much. Being on the road for so long takes a real toll on your brain and your body. It almost makes the adjustments you need to make in your game the easier of the two to take."

      Defending champion Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, Nev., stayed in the hunt for a top-five position as she also posted a 5-3-0 record for the first eight games of match play. Macpherson's 5,625 pins place her third, 66 pins behind Dorin-Ballard. Nineteen-time PWBA champion Nikki Gianulias, Vallejo, Calif., is in fourth place with a 4-3-1 match play record and 5,721 pins, while Cara Honeychurch of Australia, who won the Greater San Diego Open earlier this year, is one stick behind Gianulias after fashioning a 6-2-0 record for 5,720 pins.

      Match play continues Wednesday, July 4, at 11 a.m. with eight more games and concludes Thursday, July 5, with a final eight-game block beginning at 2 p.m. The top five following Thursday's action advance to the ESPN2-televised stepladder finals Friday, July 6, beginning at 5 p.m. ESPN2 will broadcast the championship round Monday, July 9, at 9 p.m. and Thursday, July 12, at 1 p.m. (all TV times are Eastern). The "Webscorer" feature on the PWBA home page (, click onto "Live Results") will transmit the frame-by-frame action as it happens, beginning at 5 p.m. Eastern time. Travelodge Hotels Inc. is offering a $50,000 bonus for any player who rolls a 300 game during the TV stepladder finals.

Match Play Standings After 26 Games:
                                             BLOCK TOTALS   TOTAL                     
POS BOWLER - HOMETOWN                  QUAL   1    2    3   PINS    AVG    W-L-T   PINS  +OR-   

  1 Kendra Gaines-Sebring, FL          4029 1744    0    0  5773 222.03  5- 3- 0  5923  +723
  2 Carolyn Dorin-Ballard-N.Richland TX 3914 1777    0    0  5691 218.88  5- 3- 0  5841  +641
  3 Wendy Macpherson-Henderson, NV     3951 1674    0    0  5625 216.34  5- 3- 0  5775  +575
  4 Nikki Gianulias-Vallejo, CA        3891 1695    0    0  5586 214.84  4- 3- 1  5721  +521
  5 Cara Honeychurch-Australia         3916 1624    0    0  5540 213.07  6- 2- 0  5720  +520
  6 Michelle Mullen-Dearborn, MI       3768 1676    0    0  5444 209.38  6- 2- 0  5624  +424
  7 Keli Rapp-Fayetteville, NY         3762 1692    0    0  5454 209.76  5- 3- 0  5604  +404
  8 Michelle Feldman-Skaneateles, NY   3679 1742    0    0  5421 208.50  6- 2- 0  5601  +401
  9 Aleta Sill-Dearborn, MI            3701 1688    0    0  5389 207.26  6- 2- 0  5569  +369
 10 Leanne Barrette-Pleasanton, CA     3746 1692    0    0  5438 209.15  4- 4- 0  5558  +358
 11 Kelly Kulick-Union, NJ             3836 1582    0    0  5418 208.38  3- 5- 0  5508  +308
 12 Brenda Norman-Indianapolis, IN     3752 1653    0    0  5405 207.88  2- 6- 0  5465  +265
 13 Carol Gianotti-Block-Australia     3643 1678    0    0  5321 204.65  4- 4- 0  5441  +241
 14 Anne Marie Duggan-Edmond, OK       3636 1622    0    0  5258 202.23  6- 2- 0  5438  +238
 15 Lynda Barnes-Flower Mound, TX      3718 1615    0    0  5333 205.11  3- 5- 0  5423  +223
 16 Robin Mossontte-Newhall, CA        3750 1603    0    0  5353 205.88  2- 6- 0  5413  +213
 17 Shana Ray-Corpus Christi, TX       3617 1626    0    0  5243 201.65  5- 3- 0  5393  +193
 18 Allyson Allmang-Boynton Beach, FL  3646 1640    0    0  5286 203.30  3- 4- 1  5391  +191
 19 Janette Piesczynski-Cheektowaga NY 3625 1595    0    0  5220 200.76  3- 4- 1  5325  +125
 20 Marianne DiRupo-Succasunna, NJ     3613 1648    0    0  5261 202.34  2- 6- 0  5321  +121
 21 Laura Lee Daniel-Corona, CA        3620 1563    0    0  5183 199.34  4- 3- 1  5318  +118
 22 Kim Terrell-Daly City, CA          3777 1497    0    0  5274 202.84  1- 7- 0  5304  +104
 23 Laura Moriarty-Daytona Beach, FL   3612 1544    0    0  5156 198.30  4- 4- 0  5276   +76
 24 Tiffany Stanbrough-Oklahoma City OK 3665 1552    0    0  5217 200.65  0- 8- 0  5217   +17

-AMF Bowling Worldwide Files Voluntary Chapter 11 Petition To Facilitate Major Financial Restructuring

07/03/2001 - AMF
      RICHMOND, Va. - AMF Bowling Worldwide and its U.S. subsidiaries today filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. The filings, in Richmond, Virginia, will enable AMF to maintain ordinary course operations while it finalizes and implements a reorganization plan to significantly reduce its long-term debt and interest expense.

      AMF announced in April that it would likely take this action in order to facilitate an orderly financial restructuring. The company has reached an agreement in principle with the steering committee of its senior lenders on a new capital structure and the terms of a plan of reorganization. AMF expects to submit this plan and a disclosure statement in early August after the approval of the agreement in principle by the requisite majority of its senior lenders. The plan of reorganization will reduce outstanding debt and provide improved financial flexibility for AMF.

Debtor-in-Possession Financing Arranged

      Members of AMF's current senior lending group have agreed to provide the company with a $75 million debtor-in-possession financing facility, subject to court approval that is expected later today. These funds will be available to supplement the company's operating cash flow for funding business operations, including payment under normal terms to suppliers and vendors for all goods and services that are provided to the company during Chapter 11.

AMF Conducting Business in the Ordinary Course

      Roland Smith, AMF's President and Chief Executive Officer, noted that the court filing is not expected to have any significant impact on AMF's day-to-day operations: "We will continue welcoming customers at our bowling centers, and we will continue to make and sell our bowling products. While the refinancing will be an important step towards a more successful future, our primary focus will continue to be our customers and their satisfaction with our products and services."

      All 518 of the company's bowling centers around the world remain open and will be conducting normal business operations. League play and all other activities at the bowling centers, such as corporate parties and special promotions, will continue as planned. All three of the company's manufacturing facilities are open and will operate on regular schedules.

Proposed Reorganization Plan

      Under the terms of the plan to which AMF and the steering committee of senior lenders have agreed in principle, the senior lenders will receive a combination of cash, debt and common stock of the reorganized company. Based on a hypothetical reorganization value of $700 million, these distributions will provide payment in full to the senior lenders for their secured claims of approximately $625 million. Unsecured creditors will receive the remainder of the reorganized company's common stock, as well as warrants to purchase additional shares. The reorganized company will implement a management stock option program tied to the company's future performance.

      AMF Bowling Worldwide will not make a distribution to AMF Bowling, Inc., the parent company. As a result, while AMF Bowling, Inc. has not yet filed for Chapter 11 protection, it is expected that the common stock and the zero coupon convertible debentures of AMF Bowling, Inc. will ultimately be cancelled.

      The details of AMF Bowling Worldwide's proposed capital structure will be contained in a plan of reorganization and a disclosure statement that the company expects to file with the court in early August. The plan and the disclosure statement are subject to the approval of the creditors and the bankruptcy court.

      "We have negotiated a plan of reorganization with the bank group steering committee that will position AMF for long-term success," said Smith. "We intend to use this court-supervised process to implement a plan of reorganization that reduces our long-term debt and interest expense and allows us to redirect our operating cash flow toward more productive uses. At the same time, we will continue to implement our strategic business plan, which is focused on improving operations in the future."

Strategic Changes Continue at AMF

      "Over the past year, we have implemented a number of actions to strengthen AMF's business operations and enhance financial performance," said Smith. "While AMF continues to generate positive cash flow from operations, today's court filing is a necessary step in the refinancing process to make AMF a stronger, financially sound company in the years to come."

      During the past year, AMF has made a number of strategic personnel and organizational changes in both its Centers and Products businesses. These changes included initiatives that streamlined the U.S. Bowling Centers' organization and instituted a new operating model focused on the bowling center manager. In conjunction with this model, the company created new training schools for center and facility managers and also established new performance-based compensation and benefits programs for center managers and staff. John Suddarth, the new Chief Operating Officer for Bowling Products, began implementation of organizational changes in May to reduce costs and improve both product quality and customer service. Upon completion of the operational turnaround currently underway, the company believes that its Products business will be positioned to deliver improved results.

      Mr. Smith emphasized that AMF remains committed to long-term growth of its business in the U.S. and its global markets: "Bowling is fundamentally a good business. With almost 54 million Americans bowling at least once last year, it is the largest participatory sport in the U.S. Around the world, we estimate that over 100 million people in 90 countries went bowling last year."

-Gaines Regains Pole Position At $50,000 Southern Virginia Open

07/03/2001 - PWBA
      DANVILLE, Va. - Sebring, Fla.'s Kendra Gaines averaged 243.50 Tuesday morning to move back into the lead at the $50,000 Southern Virginia Open, underway at Country Club Lanes.

      Gaines put breathing space between herself and defending champion Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, Nev., by rolling a six-game set of 1,461 pins, with a closing game of 266. The effort pushed her total pinfall to 4,029 pins, 78 pins better than the 3,951 pins accumulated thus far by Macpherson. The two are averaging 223.83 and 219.50, respectively, for the tournament thus far.

      "I'm seeing a lot more hook in my ball in the back end of the lane with this week's oil pattern; the ball is 'retaining' a lot more energy as it goes down the lane," Gaines analyzed. "During the past few weeks I've had to be slow and precise in my delivery, but the condition this week is playing more to my strengths. I feel I can be more aggressive in my shot choices and will have more room for recovery if I make a mistake.

      "I think that the players who made the cut will find they have to make their on-lane adjustments very quickly in match play, because the lanes will break down fast. I got caught Monday night not moving left on the approach fast enough, so I'll be very aware of that as we go into head-to-head competition. There won't be time to second-guess yourself; you'll have to move as soon as you see even a hint that the lane is changing."

      Macpherson, whose last PWBA tournament title came in the 2000 Southern Virginia Open, leads third-place Cara Honeychurch of Australia by 35 pins at the end of the qualifying rounds. Honeychurch has 3,916 pins and a 217.55 average, and is just two pins ahead of Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, N. Richland Hills, Texas. Dorin-Ballard, at 3,914 pins and a 217.44 average, is seeking her third consecutive pro title this year. Nikki Gianulias, Vallejo, Calif., rounds out the top five with 3,891 pins and a 216.16 average.

      The top 24 players begin match play competition Tuesday night at Country Club Lanes with an eight-game block, beginning at 6:30 p.m. They bowl eight more match play games Wednesday, July 4, beginning at 11 a.m., before taking a short holiday break and returning for the final eight games of match play Thursday, July 5, at 2 p.m. The top five following Thursday afternoon's action advance to the championship round Friday, which begins at 5 p.m. and will be televised by ESPN2 Monday, July 9 at 9 p.m. and re-aired Thursday, July 12, at 1 p.m. (all TV times are Eastern).

Qualifier Standings After 18 Games:
SQ  POS BOWLER - HOMETOWN                          PINS   AVG   +OR-
A     1 Kendra Gaines - Sebring, FL                4029 223.83  +429
A     2 Wendy Macpherson - Henderson, NV           3951 219.50  +351
A     3 Cara Honeychurch - Australia               3916 217.55  +316
A     4 Carolyn Dorin-Ballard - N. Richland Hls TX 3914 217.44  +314
A     5 Nikki Gianulias - Vallejo, CA              3891 216.16  +291
A     6 Kelly Kulick - Union, NJ                   3836 213.11  +236
A     7 Kim Terrell - Daly City, CA                3777 209.83  +177
A     8 Michelle Mullen - Dearborn, MI             3768 209.33  +168
A     9 Keli Rapp - Fayetteville, NY               3762 209.00  +162
A    10 Brenda Norman - Indianapolis, IN           3752 208.44  +152
A    11 Robin Mossontte - Newhall, CA              3750 208.33  +150
A    12 Leanne Barrette - Pleasanton, CA           3746 208.11  +146
A    13 Lynda Barnes - Flower Mound, TX            3718 206.55  +118
A    14 Aleta Sill - Dearborn, MI                  3701 205.61  +101
A    15 Michelle Feldman - Skaneateles, NY         3679 204.38   +79
A    16 Tiffany Stanbrough - Oklahoma City, OK     3665 203.61   +65
A    17 Allyson Allmang - Boynton Beach, FL        3646 202.55   +46
A    18 Carol Gianotti-Block - Australia           3643 202.38   +43
A    19 Anne Marie Duggan - Edmond, OK             3636 202.00   +36
A    20 Janette Piesczynski - Cheektowaga, NY      3625 201.38   +25
A    21 Laura Lee Daniel - Corona, CA              3620 201.11   +20
A    22 Shana Ray - Corpus Christi, TX             3617 200.94   +17
A    23 Marianne DiRupo - Succasunna, NJ           3613 200.72   +13
A    24 Laura Moriarty - Daytona Beach, FL         3612 200.66   +12

A    25 Tish Johnson - Northridge, CA              3610 200.55   +10
A    26 Jennifer Swanson - Shelton, CT             3586 199.22   -14
A    27 Kim Adler - Cocoa, FL                      3571 198.38   -29
A    28 Cathy Dorin-Lizzi - Linden, NJ             3568 198.22   -32
A    29 Audry Mullan - Glen Allen, VA              3567 198.16   -33
A T  30 Amy Dillon - Miami, FL                     3519 195.50   -81
A       Maxine Nable - Australia                   3519 195.50   -81
A    32 Rachel Perez - San Marcos, TX              3508 194.88   -92
A    33 Lisa Burrough - Wichita, KS                3490 193.88  -110
A T  34 Julie Jackson - Rural Hall, NC             3433 190.72  -167
A       Jennifer Russo - Fleminton, NJ             3433 190.72  -167
A    36 Tammy Horner - Cream Ridge, NJ             3409 189.38  -191
A    37 Lisa Wagner - Ft. Myers, FL                3375 187.50  -225
A    38 Gail Burski - Simi Valley, CA              3362 186.77  -238
A    39 Dede Davidson - Las Vegas, NV              3324 184.66  -276
A T  40 Michelle Arrington - Philadelphia, PA      3316 184.22  -284
A       Diana Kurrass - Bellport, NY               3316 184.22  -284
A    42 Paulette Disbrow - Garner, NC              3292 182.88  -308
A    43 Debbie Rubin - Raleigh, NC                 3258 181.00  -342
A    44 Nina Cline - Cary, NC                      3232 179.55  -368
A    45 Stephanie Collins - Lodi, NJ               3221 178.94  -379
A    46 Deanna Andrews - Pensacola, FL             3189 177.16  -411
A    47 Charlene Lockitski - North Olmsted, OH     3183 176.83  -417
A    48 Rachel Daniels - Chesapeake, VA            3178 176.55  -422
A    49 Lynne Dellis - Raleigh, NC                 3070 170.55  -530
A    50 Nicole Herrmann - Chatsworth, CA           3035 168.61  -565

-Second Largest ABC Tournament Ends

07/03/2001 - Bowling Newsline
      Former collegiate bowlers and TEAM USA members headlined the list of champions crowned as the 2001 American Bowling Congress Championships Tournament presented by the Eldorado, Silver Legacy and Circus Circus concluded its 141-day run at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nev. July 1.

      The 98th tournament drew 16,104 teams, second only to the record entry of 17,285 set in Reno in 1995. The more than 83,000 bowlers competed for more than $4.2 million in prize money.

      Team USA Support No. 2 won the team all events title with 9,807 for 45 games. Team USA Support No. 2 was led by two-time TEAM USA member and the first bowler to roll an ABC approved 900 series, Jeremy Sonnenfeld, with 2,039. Other scores shot by former TEAM USA members were Ron Mohr, Eagle River, Alaska, 2,008, Harry Mickelson, Yakima, Wash., 1,956 and Mark Lewis, Wichita, Kan., 1,863. It was the fourth ABC Tournament title and second team all events crown for Lewis. He won doubles and team all events in 1988 and team in 1989.

      The team was captained by ABC Vice President and USA Bowling President, Kevin Dornerberger of Sioux Falls, S.D. who contributed 1,941. There is no cash prize but the team does earn the Frank L. Pasdeloup Trophy, named after the late ABC Hall of Famer in the Pioneer category.

      "I don't think we could have put together a stronger team," Dornberger said. "These guys have all had outstanding careers and were all capable of shooting big scores."

      D.J. Archer of Amarillo, Texas, a member of the 2000 West Texas A & M University Intercollegiate Bowling Championships winning team, won individual all events with 2,219, picking up the $5,000 first place check. He rolled 837 in team -- the only 800 series bowled in the tournament -- 698 in doubles and 684 in singles.

      Nick Hoagland of Bloomington, Ind., won singles with 798 earning $4,500. The former Indiana University star had 243, 279 and 276 games.

      "No one expected that a score like that would hold up," the 230-average Hoagland said, "especially considering that it was so early in the tournament. It was nerve wracking waiting for the whole tournament to end just to see if anyone took over the lead. I wouldn't have been disappointed though, especially after missing a spare in the first game. Anyone who beat my score would have deserved to win."

      For only the second time in the 98-year history of the ABC Tournament there was a tie for the Regular Team division title. Joliet Town and Country Lanes #2 of Joliet, Ill., and K.J. Excavating of Toledo, Ohio, both posted 3,273 totals, each team earning $20,000. The only other tie for the Regular Team title was in 1990 when Brunswick Rhinos No. 1 of Buffalo and State Farm Lou Magic of Detroit tied with 3,201.

      Town and Country Lanes was led by George Kontos with 720 followed by Robert Jakel, 694; Tom Hinz, 681; Harry Banks, 593 and Joe Caldwell, 585.

      "It's pretty amazing for all of us," team sponsor Kontos said. "We've had a couple of close calls over the years. We shot 3,310 last year for second, but by the end of the tournament we had dropped to 11th place. It's always quite a thrill to walk out with the lead, but we never expected to be sitting in the position that we are in now. I also want to commend K.J. Excavating on their accomplishment and hopefully we will all get to meet some day."

      K.J. Excavating was led by Brian Dick with 697 followed by Chris Hayward, 686; former PBA Tour player Don Genalo, 659; 1992 ABC Tournament team all events champion Keith Nusbaum, 640, and Dave Patchen, 591. It was the second title for Nusbaum, who won the 1992 team all events championship.

      "Oh, it's super," said Genalo, a former touring pro from Perrysburg, Ohio. "It's been a long time since a score like that held up. Who would have guessed that we would still be on top after 134 days? We sure didn't. I've been checking the Internet everyday for the last couple of months."

      Bob Udseth of Rolling Meadows, Ill., and Greg Zicha of Glen Ellyn, Ill., combined for 1,449 to win the Regular doubles title and the $9,000 first prize. Udseth had a 785 series and Zicha added 664.

      "I was really worried about the week before and after Masters week," Zicha said. "Because there are a lot of really good bowlers during those weeks. I knew that if we were still in first place after that we would have a pretty good chance of staying on top."

Classified Division

      In the Classified Division, which is for team averages of 900 or less, doubles averages of 360 or less and individual averages of 180 or less, the doubles and all events champions overcame challenges of different sorts to win their respective divisions.

      The Classified doubles title was decided on the tournament's next to last day as Christina Singh, Rio Linda, Calif., and Darrell Moore, Pinole, Calif., combined for 1,266 to collect $2,500. Singh joins 1994 Booster team champion Rayetta Dominguez of Grove, Okla., as the only female ABC Tournament winners.

      Singh, a 55-year-old perinatal data center administrator, and Moore, a 40-year-old pharmacy technician, entered the tournament with 167 and 180 averages, respectively.

      "I'm ecstatic," Singh said. "This is a once in a lifetime event. What's so special about this event is that I had a total knee replacement only six months ago and I wasn't even supposed to be bowling.

      "We really wanted to come out here to bowl in our first ABC Tournament. We never expected to do this well. So just imagine what a complete state of shock we are in."

      After opening with a 177, Singh changed her line and began striking. She shot 267 and 213 for 657 while Moore was shooting 169, 206 and 234 for 609. They earned a $2,000 first prize.

      Born with cerebral palsy, 52-year-old Charles Perry of Wauwatosa, Wis., won all events with 1,895. He had 643 in team, 586 in doubles and 666 in singles. The victory was worth $1,500.

      "It feels wonderful," Perry said. "I am as stunned now as I was the day I shot it. This is just an honor. It's something really special."

      The Five T's of Wichita, Kan., won the Classified Team event with 2,889 to win the $6,000 first prize. The team was led by Chris Rhodes with 629, followed by Tim Scott 613, Scott's father Mike, 586, J.D. Shaffer, 547 and Dustin Rhodes, 514.

      "Oh, wow. This isn't happening," said Shaffer of Wichita Falls, Texas. "This is the biggest thing that has ever happened to us. It's unreal and exciting. We're all pumped."

      Kevin Noble of Elmwood Park, Ill., shot 691 on 228, 217 and 246 games to win Classified singles and $1,250. "This feels pretty good," Noble said. "I've been checking the Web site every day out of pure excitement. It's even more exciting, because of the fact that my teammates are more excited than I am."

      The tournament featured 21 300 games, including the first by a woman in ABC Tournament competition rolled by Kristine Kropf of Antioch, Calif. There were also 11 299s, six 298s and just one 800.

      The 99th ABC Championships Tournament will be held from Feb. 9 through June 22, 2002 in Billings, Mont. For entry information call (800) 514-2695, extension 3320 or visit

-International Bowl Expo Ignites Bowling Industry And Las Vegas For Second Straight Year

07/03/2001 - Bowling Newsline
      International Bowl Expo 2001 received rave reviews as nearly 5,000 total registrants gathered in Las Vegas. International Bowl Expo 2001 was held June 17-23 at both the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and the Las Vegas Convention Center.

      Along with more than 400 'first time' registrants and 85 'first time' exhibitors, large contingencies from the European Bowling Proprietors' Association, the Japanese Bowling Proprietors Association as well as numerous industry colleagues from China, Australia, Canada, South America, Mexico, Russia and the Middle East were in attendance.

      The 2001 Expo presented attendees with an exhibition of approximately 1,000 booths with nearly 300 exhibiting companies representing the range of new and standard products and services available to the bowling industry.

      Opening day also was very busy as the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America conducted its annual membership meeting. Several educational seminars also were held, including Educational Keynote Speaker Pamela Smith, RD, a nutritionist, culinary consultant and best-selling author, who spoke on releasing the power to living well, a seminar on personal development.

      During the general session the next day, the industry recognized a variety of honorees in several categories as well as V.A. (Chief) Wapensky, the 2001 recipient of the industry's most prestigious award, the Victor Lerner Memorial Medal.

      In addition, there were video presentations on the popularity of bowling, award presentations by the military branches and International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association as well as Bowlers Journal International's Proprietor of the Year award presentation to BPAA member Tom Shannon of Bowlmor Lanes in New York City.

      With more than 75 hours of education offered, educational workshops and seminars were the main focus, as thousands gathered to attend the newly formatted educational program.

      Kicking off the full day of education was an energetic keynote session presented by Lalia Rach, a highly sought-after speaker and futurist.

      The trade show presented attendees with a very special guest. Actor Michael Ian Black, who portrays Stuckey Bowl manager Phil Stubbs on NBC's hit show 'Ed', was on hand for an autograph session in the BPAA booth.

      The Grand Banquet that night had numerous highlights including entertainment by comedian, impressionist and singer Gordie Brown followed by a night of 'rock and roll' and dancing to the sounds of the classic group Sha Na Na.

      During the trade show, BPAA's Educational Foundation raised nearly $14,000 through the second annual silent auction which will enable the Foundation to generate scholarships and fund educational initiatives including consumer awareness campaigns, bowling center employee training programs, and to help fund the growth of high school bowling across the country. BPAA's Political Action Committee also raised approximately $35,000 in contributions for lobbying efforts in Washington, D. C.

      "This was a great week," BPAA Chief Executive Officer Jack Kelly said. "The success of this year's event is a tribute to the long hours and hard work by the Bowl Expo volunteers and staff, specifically including Bowl Expo chair Larry Moyes and BPAA Director of Meetings Lee Ann Norton. We look forward to an outstanding event next year as we grab our Mardi Gras beads and head to New Orleans."

      International Bowl Expo 2002 will journey to the French Quarter and New Orleans, June 16-22, with the Hilton New Orleans Riverside serving as the headquarter hotel. The Trade Show will be held at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. All other events and educational seminars will be conducted at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside.

-ABC/WIBC National Mixed Tournament Ready To Kick Off Month-long Run In Las Vegas

07/03/2001 - Bowling Newsline
      The first of an expected entry of more than 400 teams will compete July 6 when the American Bowling Congress/Women's International Bowling Congress National Mixed Championships begin at the Castaways Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

      Competition continues through Aug. 5 and will offer more than $200,000 in estimated prize funds and a variety of events

      The National Mixed Championships, which debuted in 1991 before being renamed the Festival of Bowling, returns to its original name this year. The National Mixed Championships will make its debut in Las Vegas after three years in Reno, Nev., at the National Bowling Stadium.

      Storm Bowling also will sponsor the event for the third consecutive year, providing bowling balls from its signature line and bowling bags at a discounted price.

      For more information on the ABC/WIBC National Mixed Championships, including entry forms and rules, visit or contact David Biber at (800) 876-2628 or [email protected].

-More Than 800 Youth Bowlers To Compete For Junior Team USA, Scholarships In Reno

07/03/2001 - Bowling Newsline
      The best youth bowlers in North America will compete in the fourth-annual USA Junior Gold National Bowling Championships July 8-14 at the National Bowling Stadium and the Reno Hilton Lanes in Reno, Nev. This tournament is the pinnacle event for members of the Junior Gold Program and is conducted by the Young American Bowling Alliance on behalf of USA Bowling.

      The athletes are competing for $40,000 in scholarships, individual national titles and berths on the 2001 Junior TEAM USA. Each participant advanced to the National Bowling Championships through local North American Gold Event qualifying tournaments.

      The Junior Gold Program is comprised of YABA's elite youth bowlers. Athletes must carry a minimum average of 165 for girls or 175 for boys to join the Junior Gold Program. The program's objective is to help youth bowlers maintain an interest in bowling through an emphasis on advanced training, coaching and team bowling so they may continue to progress and excel in the sport.

      The USA Junior Gold National Bowling Championships consists of qualifying rounds on multiple lane conditions (including Sport Bowling conditions) and head-to-head match play. The highest finishing six boys and six girls will become members of Junior TEAM USA, which will represent the United States in international youth competition in 2002. This team is designed to be part of a feeder system for the U.S. national amateur team.

-Ducat To Serve Second Term As BPAA President; Moran And BojÚ Also Re-elected To Officer Posts

07/03/2001 - Bowling Newsline
      Bowling Proprietors' Association of America member delegates re-elected Michael Ducat of Cypress Lanes in Winter Haven, Fla. to a second one-year term as the association's president June 18 during its annual meeting in Las Vegas.

      BPAA member delegates also participated in elections for Board of Directors officers and directors at large, as well as changes to the association's Constitution and Bylaws.

      Also re-elected to Officer posts for an additional one-year term were Jack Moran of Roseland Bowl in Canandaigua, N.Y. as Vice President; and Jeff BojÚ of Brandon Crossroads Lanes in Tampa, Fla. as Secretary/Treasurer.

      Three other industry leaders, Joe Schumacker of Schumacker and Co. in Sunrise, Fla., Ron Richard of Carl Richard's 4th St. Bowl in Joplin, Mo., and Wayne Garrison of Snow Bowl in Steamboat Springs, Colo. each were elected to two-year terms as At-large Directors. It was also announced that Ruth Macklin of Bowl America, New York City, has been selected for an additional three-year term as a BPAA director on the Bowling, Inc. Board of Directors.

      Other changes to the Board occurred on the Regional Director level. Dave Osborn of Fountain Bowl in Fountain Valley, Calif. was elected to the Pacific Coast Region seat; John Holden of Oakbrook Lanes in Summerville, SC took over the Southeast Region seat; Jim Smith of Park Lanes in Loves Park, Ill., took over the Illinois Region spot; John Snyder of Thunder Bowl in Alpena, Mich. Assumes the Michigan seat, while Bob Johannes of Park Lanes in Kansas City, Kan. was elected to the Midwest Region position.

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