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      May 21, 2002:

-Adler Regains Lead At St. Clair Classic

05/21/2002 - PWBA
      ST. CLAIR SHORES, Ill. - Kim Adler kept up the sizzling scoring pace during the fourth round at the St. Clair Classic at the St. Clair Bowl. The Cocoa, Fla. native went 7-0-1 during the evening's match play block (Ed. note - players earn 30 bonus pins for each match won during match play rounds) to register a 2,006 pinfall and a 250.75 average. Adler's eight-game block increased her tournament total to 6,566 and 243.88. She has a 258-pin lead over Tiffany Stanbrough, who finished the evening with 6,308 and 236.84.

      "I think tonight's round was a personal best," Adler said. "The lanes were hooking a lot more during the day so tonight my game plan was to throw a straighter ball. That, and making sure I was lined up correctly helped compensate for some of my off-shots."

      Adler's round included back-to-back 700-plus series (258-269-244-224-259-246) with finishing games of 247 and 259. Three of her of her seven victories came versus opponents who are currently in the top six. The 14-time titlest has a tournament streak of 26 games over par (Ed. note - "par" in PWBA competition is a score of 200).

      "I learned a lesson during the WIBC Queens, which is to respect my opponents. It's nice to bowl well but on this tour anybody is capable of beating you."

      Left-hander Tiffany Stanbrough, Oklahoma City, Okla. went 5-3 with a 1,941 pinfall. Her 6,308 total places her 60-pins ahead of Carol Gianotti-Block, Morley, Perth, Australia. During the final qualifying round Stanbrough rolled the one of the two 300-games tossed this week. The perfect score was her 17th of her career.

      Gianotti-Block, who started the night as the tournament leader, also went 5-3 and has totals of 6,248 and 234.53. She leads Kendra Gaines, Sebring, Fla. by 99-pins (6,149, 231.88) and fifth place Cathy Dorin-Lizzi, Linden, NJ by 125 (6,123, 229.73).

      The top 24 will complete the tournament preliminaries with two more eight-game blocks on Wednesday, May 22 at 11 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. At the conclusion of match play, the top five bowlers compete on Thursday, May 23 at 7 p.m. in the championship rounds. ESPN2 will tape the championships and later broadcast them on Thursday, May 30 at 7 p.m. (eastern).

                                             BLOCK TOTALS                        TOTAL
POS BOWLER - HOMETOWN                  QUAL   1    2    3   PINS   AVG    W-L-T   PINS  +OR-   PRIZE
  1 Kim Adler-Cocoa, FL                4335 2006    0    0  6341 243.88  7- 0- 1  6566 +1366
  2 Tiffany Stanbrough-Oklahoma City,  4207 1951    0    0  6158 236.84  5- 3- 0  6308 +1108
  3 Carol Gianotti-Block-Australia,    4345 1753    0    0  6098 234.53  5- 3- 0  6248 +1048
  4 Kendra Gaines-Sebring, FL          4223 1806    0    0  6029 231.88  4- 4- 0  6149  +949
  5 Cathy Dorin-Lizzi-Linden, NJ       4089 1884    0    0  5973 229.73  5- 3- 0  6123  +923
  6 Tish Johnson-Northridge, CA        4227 1775    0    0  6002 230.84  3- 5- 0  6092  +892
  7 Wendy Macpherson-Henderson, NV     4179 1782    0    0  5961 229.26  2- 5- 1  6036  +836
  8 Maxine Nable-Australia,            4186 1731    0    0  5917 227.57  3- 5- 0  6007  +807
  9 Amy Dillon-Miami, FL               4089 1762    0    0  5851 225.03  5- 3- 0  6001  +801
 10 Michelle Feldman-Skaneateles, NY   4080 1760    0    0  5840 224.61  5- 3- 0  5990  +790
 11 Tennelle Grijalva-Yorba Linda, CA  4034 1832    0    0  5866 225.61  4- 4- 0  5986  +786
 12 Shana Ray-Corpus Christi, TX       4003 1835    0    0  5838 224.53  4- 4- 0  5958  +758
 13 Cara Honeychurch-Australia,        3958 1864    0    0  5822 223.92  4- 4- 0  5942  +742
 14 Tammy Turner-Ogden, UT             3898 1817    0    0  5715 219.80  7- 1- 0  5925  +725
 15 Jennifer Swanson-Shelton, CT       4035 1761    0    0  5796 222.92  4- 4- 0  5916  +716
 16 Anne Marie Duggan-Edmond, OK       4030 1751    0    0  5781 222.34  4- 4- 0  5901  +701
 17 Liz Johnson-Cheektowaga, NY        4031 1738    0    0  5769 221.88  4- 4- 0  5889  +689
 18 Laura Lee Daniel-Corona, CA        3994 1764    0    0  5758 221.46  4- 4- 0  5878  +678
 19 Carolyn Dorin-Ballard-N. Richland  4014 1757    0    0  5771 221.96  3- 5- 0  5861  +661
 20 Leanne Barrette-Pleasanton, CA     3969 1769    0    0  5738 220.69  1- 7- 0  5768  +568
 21 Kim Terrell-Daly City, CA          3931 1700    0    0  5631 216.57  4- 4- 0  5751  +551
 22 Susan Jeziorski-Cheektowaga, NY    3951 1709    0    0  5660 217.69  3- 5- 0  5750  +550
 23 Karen Stroud-Victoria, TX          3897 1666    0    0  5563 213.96  4- 4- 0  5683  +483
 24 Jen Winklepleck-Gladstone, OR      3926 1444    0    0  5370 206.53  1- 7- 0  5400  +200

-Mega Strike Jackpot Promotion Offers Ray Prior A Shot At $25,000

05/21/2002 - PWBA
      ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS - Ray Pryor will get one chance to win $25,000. Selected from over 100,000 entries as a part of a national Professional Women's Bowling Association's promotion, Pryor will participate in the inaugural Mega Strike Jackpot final rolloff on Sunday, June 2.

      The Tracy, Calif. resident will throw one ball approximately 30 minutes before the televised finals (about 3:30 p.m. central) of the PWBA Women's Collegiate/Pro Doubles Challenge. A strike wins Pryor the Mega Strike Jackpot of $25,000. If Pryor does not strike he will receive $2,000 a pin for everyone he knocks down with a minimum earning of $10,000.

      A league bowler at the Granada Bowl in Livermore, Calif., Pryor boasts a 177 average. He entered the Mega Strike promo for $1 and was among 77 other finalists that had a chance to be transported to the Cherry Bowl in Rockford for the opportunity to win.

      The Mega Strike Jackpot rolloff precedes the first of five live 90-minute ESPN telecasts that are part of the PWBA 2002 broadcast schedule. The PWBA's live shows will air during every Sunday in June. Last season PWBA telecasts reached approximately 300,000 homes and was highlighted by the 2001 U.S. Open where the live show generated a .58 rating and reached nearly half a million households.

      The Professional Women's Bowling Association, founded in 1981 as the Ladies Professional Bowlers Tour, provides a professional tournament program for the most skilled women bowlers in the world. The PWBA's key sponsors include the Women's International Bowling Congress (WIBC), Travelodge Hotels Inc., and more than a dozen other bowling industry sponsors. For the latest information on the PWBA go to

-Gianotti-Block Moves Back To The Top At St. Clair Classic

05/21/2002 - PWBA
      ST. CLAIR SHORES, Ill. - High scoring seems to be a theme at the St. Clair Classic. Carol Gianotti-Block, Morley, Perth, Australia posted consecutive 700-plus series (279-258-254-235-223-268) this morning on her way to a 1,517 six-game pinfall and a 252.83 average. The Aussie's tournament total leads the field at 4,345 and 214.38.

      "The scores are really shooting up the charts," said Gianotti-Block. "It feels like if you don't shoot 220 or 230 every game you're going to loose ground."

      A 15-year professional, Gianotti-Block is a four-time Women's International Bowling Congress All-American and a former Professional Women's Bowling Association Player of the Year. The right-hander leads second place Kim Adler, Cocoa, Fla. by 10 pins heading into tonight's match play round.

      "Match play is a whole new ballgame. With the potential for 30 bonus pins in every game anything can happen," she said.

      Entering the day as the tournament leader, Adler fell back one spot after registering a 1,477 pinfall. The Florida native finished the morning session with a 774-series (279-216-279) and increased her 18-game total to 4,335 and 240.83. In the last two weeks the 14-time titlest has finished second at the WIBC Queens and the St. Clair Shores Classic in Detroit.

      WIBC Hall of Famer Tish Johnson, Northridge, Calif. stayed in the third position just eight pins behind Adler. Johnson, who is competing in her 220th consecutive PWBA event, ended her round with a 723 series (227-257-239). Her series was just one of 14 in round three that exceeded 700.

      Former TEAM USA member Kendra Gaines, Sebring, Fla. sits in fourth place with 4,223 and 234.61. In the last three weeks Gaines has been among the top five in six-of-nine qualifying rounds averaging an impressive 221.37.

      Fifth place belongs to Tiffany Stanbrough, Oklahoma City, Okla. Stanbrough tossed the tournament's second 300-game today. It was the 17th of her career. The left-hander trails Gaines by 16-pins with 4,207 and 233.72.

      Sixth place Maxine Nable (4,186, 232.55) posted the event's first perfect game during round two. Nable nearly accomplished the feat a second time today when she bowled a 299.

      The top 24 continue the tournament tonight in the first session of match play at 6:30 p.m. The competitors will continue with two more eight-game blocks on Wednesday, May 22 at 11 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. At the conclusion of match play, the top five bowlers compete on Thursday, May 23 at 7 p.m. in the championship rounds. ESPN2 will tape the championships and later broadcast them on Thursday, May 30 at 7 p.m. (eastern).

SQ  POS BOWLER - HOMETOWN                          PINS   AVG   +OR-
A     1 Carol Gianotti-Block - Australia,          4345 241.38  +745
A     2 Kim Adler - Cocoa, FL                      4335 240.83  +735
A     3 Tish Johnson - Northridge, CA              4227 234.83  +627
A     4 Kendra Gaines - Sebring, FL                4223 234.61  +623
A     5 Tiffany Stanbrough - Oklahoma City, OK     4207 233.72  +607
A     6 Maxine Nable - Australia,                  4186 232.55  +586
A     7 Wendy Macpherson - Henderson, NV           4179 232.16  +579
A T   8 Amy Dillon - Miami, FL                     4089 227.16  +489
A       Cathy Dorin-Lizzi - Linden, NJ             4089 227.16  +489
A    10 Michelle Feldman - Skaneateles, NY         4080 226.66  +480
A    11 Jennifer Swanson - Shelton, CT             4035 224.16  +435
A    12 Tennelle Grijalva - Yorba Linda, CA        4034 224.11  +434
A    13 Liz Johnson - Cheektowaga, NY              4031 223.94  +431
A    14 Anne Marie Duggan - Edmond, OK             4030 223.88  +430
A    15 Carolyn Dorin-Ballard - N. Richland Hills, 4014 223.00  +414
A    16 Shana Ray - Corpus Christi, TX             4003 222.38  +403
A    17 Laura Lee Daniel - Corona, CA              3994 221.88  +394
A    18 Leanne Barrette - Pleasanton, CA           3969 220.50  +369
A    19 Cara Honeychurch - Australia,              3958 219.88  +358
A    20 Susan Jeziorski - Cheektowaga, NY          3951 219.50  +351
A    21 Kim Terrell - Daly City, CA                3931 218.38  +331
A    22 Jen Winklepleck - Gladstone, OR            3926 218.11  +326
A    23 Tammy Turner - Ogden, UT                   3898 216.55  +298
A    24 Karen Stroud - Victoria, TX                3897 216.50  +297
A    25 Lori Zobrist - Highland, IL                3819 212.16  +219
A    26 Marianne DiRupo - Succasunna, NJ           3776 209.77  +176
A    27 Kelly Kulick - Union, NJ                   3758 208.77  +158
A    28 Paula Mikkelson(am) - Appleton, WI         3755 208.61  +155
A    29 Marcia Kamrowski - Boca Raton, FL          3740 207.77  +140
A    30 Char Hammel - Brea, CA                     3721 206.72  +121
A    31 Becky Walker(am) - Park Hill, MO           3667 203.72   +67
A    32 Brenda Norman - Indianapolis, IN           3658 203.22   +58
A    33 Pauliina Aalto - Finland,                  3641 202.27   +41
A    34 Michelle Silver - West Los Angeles, CA     3625 201.38   +25
A    35 Sabrina Duncan - New Orleans, LA           3620 201.11   +20
A    36 JoAnna Judy - Wheatfield, IN               3591 199.50    -9
A    37 Jill Zaccagnini - Brookfield, IL           3457 192.05  -143
A    38 Pam Marciniszyn - Sarnia, Ontario CA       3449 191.61  -151
A    39 Anita Lott - Orlando, FL                   3187 177.05  -413
A    40 Nicole Herrmann - Chatsworth, CA (WD-12 Gm 2284 190.33  -116

-Boards Make SMO Changes

05/21/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Requiring the American Bowling Congress or Women's International Bowling Congress to be one of the approving organizations, delegate annual meeting representation based on membership size, more delegate voting privileges and calling local and state groups associations were among changes to a single membership organization proposal made by representatives of the ABC, WIBC, YABA and USA Bowling Boards of Directors.

      The group, appointed by and with authority to act on behalf of the boards, reached its agreements May 13-14 after listening to feedback from ABC Convention and WIBC Annual Meeting delegates and others.

      Members of the SMO Negotiation Team were:
ABC - President Jim Bevins and Vice Presidents Alton Forbes and Paul Egbers; WIBC - President Joyce Deitch, Sergeant-At-Arms Betty Barnes and Director Darlene Baker; YABA - President Cathy Cooper and Vice President Kerm Helmer; USA Bowling - Vice Presidents Linda Scott and Kevin Dornberger.

      Adding a clause that ABC or WIBC must be one of the approving organizations changes what originally was required for a single membership organization to be approved. Previously, any two organizations voting to approve a merger could form an SMO. In that case, YABA and USA Bowling could have formed such a group without ABC or WIBC.

      Basing delegate representation on association membership size is in direct response to delegate concerns. That ratio will be determined this summer when the United States Bowling Association Structure Ad Hoc Committee prepares its final report for the organizations' boards of directors. The committee's original proposal had each local "chapter" being able to send a maximum of three delegates and each state "chapter" sending one to a proposed single annual meeting.

      Under the revised plan, annual meeting delegates will vote on adult league and tournament rules and be able to make resolutions for adult playing, league and tournament rules. This is in addition to the previously proposed general playing rules and election of 15 non-athlete board positions. The changing of references to local and state groups as associations differs from the original proposal that called for these organizations to be named "chapters."

      Other changes agreed to by the board representatives included:
  • Maximum dues will be established by the USBA board for the national and state levels. Local dues will be determined by the local house of delegates/representatives but may not exceed the national dues maximum. Maximum national dues would not exceed 50 percent of the total maximum of dues collected. This change eliminates uniform nationwide dues.
  • As part of the merger plan to be brought to the 2003 conventions, delegates would approve the maximum dues for men and women at each level with no changes allowed to occur until Aug. 1, 2007. The USBA Board of Directors, as current organization boards do today, would determine all other dues amounts such as youth, collegiate, lifetime, permanent and Sport Bowling. State dues will be optional as determined by state delegates and may not exceed the state maximum.
  • With the approval of USBA, one association per local area will be recognized and must provide services to men, women and youth. This eliminates the proposed requirement of one "chapter" per county with the minimum goal of 1,000 members per "chapter." In addition, special consideration may be given for local areas with membership size and proximity challenges. Such areas could function under management teams rather than associations per guidelines established by the USBA.
  • The length of a term of office for state and local association officers would be determined at those levels, however, they may not exceed three years. State and local officers (association chair, vice-chair and secretary-treasurer) will be elected by their respective boards of directors and would be limited to two terms per position. Officers can sit out one term per position, then become eligible again.
  • Term limits for state and local directors will be recommended rather than required. These and other changes will be brought to the USBA Structure and Transition Ad Hoc Committees to be included in their final reports to be presented to the boards in November.

-Illinois Man Tops Sport Bowling High Series List For 2001-02 Season

05/21/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Davey Rosen, 42, of Chicago, rolled an 824 series with a perfect game to lead the high series category in an American Bowling Congress/Women's International Bowling Congress Sport Bowling league.

      Rosen, who has a 206 Sport Bowling average, shot 300, 290 and 234 on March 19 at Hawthorn Lanes in Vernon Hills, Ill., to become the first ABC/WIBC Sport Bowling league competitor to have a perfect game with an 800 series.

      It is one of 11 perfect games and three 800 series rolled by league competitors on ABC/WIBC sanctioned Sport Bowling conditions.

      Jim Prescott became the third league competitor to roll an 800 series on Sport Bowling conditions when he crafted an 805 on 278, 290 and 237 games May 7, also at Hawthorn Lanes.

      Rosen, with seven career 800s and 13 perfect games, said his Sport Bowling 800 is his greatest bowling accomplishment.

      "Compared to other bowling titles and awards I have earned, the 800 series on Sport Bowling conditions is higher on the totem pole," Rosen said.

      "It is a completely different world and I consider this my greatest accomplishment."

      Scott Weber, Green Bay, Wis., rolled the first 800 series by a league bowler in ABC/WIBC Sport Bowling competition when he rolled an 807 in the Manhattan Masters League at Manhattan Lanes in DePere, Wis., on Dec. 17, 2001.

      Top 5 Male Sport Bowling Series -- 1, Davey Rosen, Vernon Hills, Ill., 824; 2, Scott Weber, De Pere, Wis., 807; 3. Erik Canavan, Sanford, Mich., 795; 4., Chip Aki, Lexington, Ky., 785; 5, Darin Deselm, Tulsa, Okla., 771.

      Top 5 Female Sport Bowling Series -- 1. Robin Crawford, Milwaukee, 741; 2. Val Rebhorn, DeKalb, Ill., 693; 3. Teresa Fletcher, Pacifica, Calif., 688; 4. Jamie Stancil, Greenville, S.C., 683; 5. Deb Sinek, Fort Meade, Md., 671.

      For more information on the Sport Bowling program, visit

- Share your opinions on SportBowling at

-BPAA/YABA Fall Bowling Blastoff Promotion Set For Launch In August

05/21/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      The Bowling Proprietors' Association of America and the Young American Bowling Alliance have announced the return of Bowling Blastoff for August 2002.

      BPAA member centers will host the event beginning Aug. 3 and continuing throughout the month. The event will provide centers the opportunity to showcase their businesses to a new generation of bowlers and prepare for the fall league season as well as other youth-oriented programs.

      Utilizing the Bowling Blastoff kit, available through BPAA, centers can provide an exciting event for their communities and introduce bowling to school age youth. By partnering with other local business, civic groups, radio stations and local fire and police departments, BPAA members and non-members can participate in creating a festival-style environment for youth participants.

      Since this popular promotion was introduced in 1999, previous Bowling Blastoff events held annually, and in some instances twice a year, have produced thousands of participants across the country for participating bowling centers.

      The May 2002 Bowling Blastoff promotion was an additional success through the unprecedented interest shown by YMCA's across the country in the Bowling Blastoff event, as well as bowling in general.

      Past Bowling Blastoff promotions generated the formation of new youth leagues and "learn to bowl" classes. While August has been set aside for this special targeted promotion, BPAA recognizes that many member centers may be unable to conduct the event during that time.

      For that reason, BPAA member centers are encouraged to run this exciting event during any part of the year.

      Bowling Blastoff kits are available for BPAA members for $75 and $100 for non-members. For additional information contact BPAA at (800) 343-1329, Ext. 206.

-Unveiling Of New Flag Among Highlights Of NWBW Annual Meeting

05/21/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      The National Women Bowling Writers labeled its 54th Annual Meeting in Milwaukee in April a success and the organization flew its first flag in honor of retiring Women's International Bowling Congress president Joyce Deitch.

      Elected were: 1st Vice President Nancy Chapman, Oneida, Wis.; Treasurer Barbara Spencer, Greenwood, Ind.; Sargeant-at-Arms Fran Buettner, Punta Gorda, Fla.; and Director #2 Jackie Wyckoff, Redwood City, Calif. Following the meeting, NWBW Webmaster Kathy Watson, Richmond, Calif., was appointed Director #5.

      Two new Member Emeritae were added to the honored list: Virg Van Dierendonck, De Witt,Iowa; and Dee Dee Grant of Sand Point, Idaho.

      Honored with top writing and publication awards at the NWBW luncheon were: Story, Professional Class -- Mary Jane Sporar, Joliet, Ill., (Feature); Vicki Prevost, New Bedford, Mass., (News Story, Column and TEAM USA/Collegiate).

      Story, Non-Professional Class -- Linda Nelson, St. Charles, Mo., (Feature) Nanette Todd, Stone Mountain, Ga., (News Story and TEAM USA/Collegiate); Dottie Konrad, Jacksonville, Ill. (Column)

      Unclassified Awards -- Bonnie Decker, Janesville, Wis. (YABA Story); Sporar (Senior Story); Pam Brunnworth, St. Charles, Mo., (First Published Article).

      State Publications -- Ohio Highlights, Elsie DeJonghe, Westerville, Ohio. Newsletters -- Pin Dust, Nance Barnard, Havre De Grace, Md. (Division I); Spare Notes, Sally Reighard, Washington, Iowa (Division II); Wibbers, Judy A. Piper, Wichita, Kan. (First Venture).

      Dudley Peebles Photography Contest -- Donna Lonon, Waxahachie, Texas.

      Herta Kissel Memorial Brunswick Awards: Prevost (Professional Class); Nelson (Non-Professional Class). Also honored were special award winners: Margie Bishop, St. Louis, Jo Ettien Lieber Award; Sue McCormick, Oscoda, Mich., Alberta E. Crowe Award; Lynn Angle, St. Louis, Mary Jannetto Award; and Helen Karlovich, Yuma, Ariz., Helen Duval AMF Award.

      In other NWBW Annual Meeting developments:
  • The Mail-A-Graphic tournament was opened to non-members this year and received 270 entries. Sue McCormick won Division I and Robert Todd won Division II. There will be two divisions next year, 155 averages and below and 156 and up for women. A separate men's division will be added.
  • The NWBW Hall of Fame effort netted more $2,100 from bidding on teddy bears from across the United States.
  • Due to problems with the mailing of the Knows for News, Editor Syleta Halbert announced that recognizing the importance of timeliness, the publication will now be mailed first class.
  • A new "Paula Carter Spirit Award" will be created. Stories submitted in existing NWBW categories and deemed to be inspirational" accounts of how bowling changed or enhanced a person's life, will be judged separately for this honor. There will be a professional and non-professional winner. If there is a winner in each category, a monetary award will be split among the two. If there is only one winner, the entire amount will go to that winner. The award may not necessarily be given each year and all entries that meet the criteria will be considered.

-Ex-Collegians Lead New York Team To World Team Challenge Title In Georgia

05/21/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Former collegiate bowlers Brett Wolfe, Michael Mullin, Bill O'Neill and Michael Fagan, along with 17-year-old high school student Alex Cavagnaro, captured the American Bowling Congress/Brunswick World Team Challenge qualifying event title May 20 at Brunswick Gwinnett Lanes in Lawrenceville, Ga.

      The Norms Pro Shop team from East Meadow, N.Y., escaped with a 430-423 two-game Baker System victory over a veteran MoRich Products team from Davie, Fla., for a berth in the November BWTC Grand Championship at the Gold Coast in Las Vegas.

      The win means the first Grand Championship trip for three Norms Pro Shop team members: O'Neill, a two-time Collegiate All-American at Saginaw (Mich.) Valley State University, Fagan and Cavagnaro. Wolfe, the 2002 ABC Masters champion and a former Arizona State University collegiate star, qualified in 1997. Mullin, a former St. John's University star and four-time TEAM USA member, was on Grand Championship teams in 1996, '97, '98 and '99.

      Norms Pro Shop pulled off a rare wire-to-wire victory, holding the tournament lead at the end of qualifying and also earning the top stepladder rung after qualifying pinfall was dropped, creating a fresh start for the 14 match play finalists.

      "We had to make a pretty big comeback to get the lead spot on Sunday," said team captain Fagan, a former St. John's University bowler. "And I was shocked when we actually won. I opened the door for our opponents in the 10th frame of the last game, but Chris (Collins) didn't get his second strike. We were fortunate."

      MoRich (Storm DeVincent, Rob Comito, Mike Roberts, Chris Loschetter and Collins) took the lead with a 257-230 win in the first game, but Norms Pro Shop roared back with six strikes in the first seven frames of Game 2 to take the lead. A split by O'Neill in the eighth and Fagan's failure to convert a spare in the 10th frame gave Collins a chance to double in his 10th frame for the win. Collins got the first, but left two pins standing on his second shot.

      The victory netted Norms Pro Shop $4,500 in prize money ($1,650 as top qualifier, $1,650 as Sunday leader and a $1,200 champion's bonus) plus a BWTC Grand Championship package (airfare, lodging and Keepsake championship rings). MoRich won $2,250 ($1,050 for qualifying third and $1,200 for second place).

      MoRich advanced to the title match with a 411-401 victory over Roto Grips of Hollywood, Fla. Roto Grips (Ryan Boyd, David Pavilack, Peter Hernandez, Danny Saunders and Mike Azcarate) took home $1,950 ($900 for qualifying fourth and $1,050 for third place).

      The eighth qualifying tournament in a 14-event series drew a field of 54 teams from nine states. Other match play finalists were: 4, AP's Pro Shop, Pensacola, Fla., $1,275 (10th-$375 + $900); 5, Cherokee Lanes, Canton, Ga., $1,950 (2nd-$1,200 + $750); 6, Brian Brazeau's Pro Shop, Ocala, Fla., $1,050 (9th-$400 + $650); 7, Storm's Troopers, Taylorsville, N.C., $1,025 (8th-$475) + $550; 8, Holiday Bowl, Chattanooga, Tenn., $800 (12th-$325 + $475); 9, System Link Broadband, Pensacola, Fla., $680 (14th-$280 + $400); 10, McCorvey's Pro Shop II, Florence, Ala., $925 (7th-$550 + $375); 11, McCorvey's Pro Shop, Madison, Ala., $1,100 (5th-$750 + $350); 12, Randy and Rich's Pro Shop, Trafford, Ala., $625 (13th-$300 + $325); 13, David Driscoll and Associates, Mount Dora, Fla., $650 (11th-$350 + $300); 14, Team Work-Visa, Chicago, $930 (6th-$650 + $280).

      Brad Ceralo, Clarence Best and Paul Inrie from Hickory, N.C., won the three-player Second Chance tournament, splitting $420.

      The next qualifier is June 8-9 in Appleton, Wis. For entry information, call Tom Boedecker at (800) 514-BOWL, Ext. 3415.

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