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      March 20, 2002:

-Woman Director Makes ABC History

03/20/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      With an historic vote looming on the horizon, the 1,036 delegates attending the 111th American Bowling Congress Convention in Billings, Mont., March 15, took care of an abbreviated slate of business in short order.

      Despite an absence of headline-making legislation, Billings will earn a footnote as the convention where ABC officially bridged the gender gap. Incoming President Jim Bevins Jr. of Knoxville, Tenn., who officially takes office May 1, appointed TEAM USA Assistant Coach Jeri Edwards of Akron, Ohio, to the ABC Board as a Director-at-Large. The Chicago area native and Penn State University graduate thus becomes the first woman to serve on the ABC Board.

      While the delegates spent a great deal of time discussing plans for the proposed United States Bowling Association the formal action is on the agenda for Knoxville in March 2003. Legislation that could lead to the merger of the ABC, Women's International Bowling Congress, Young American Bowling Alliance and USA Bowling into a single body will be the focal point of next year's annual business session. If adopted, the USBA should provide all bowlers with improved services, benefits and opportunities at the local, state/provincial and national levels.

      During the annual meeting, ABC delegates approved five amendments and two resolutions, rejected nine and extended a resolution allowing "remote" or "mail-o-graphic" competition for another year. Four amendments were withdrawn by their proposers.

      The amendment which generated the most discussion was jointly submitted by the Dallas and Spokane (Wash.) bowling associations, asking for the option to allow local associations to process their own membership cards rather than participate in the year-old ABC National Fulfillment program. Under National Fulfillment, membership data is electronically transmitted to Bowling Headquarters in Milwaukee where memberships are processed and membership cards, along with other information, are then mailed directly to ABC members.

      "Last season, approximately 1.4 million of ABC's 1.5 million-plus memberships were processed nationally using our WinLABS software package," ABC Executive Director Roger Dalkin said. "We surveyed our members and 85 percent of them said they preferred receiving their membership cards in the mail as opposed to having them hand delivered."

      While Dallas BA Executive Director Jerry Anderson and Spokane BA Executive Director Walter Utt pointed out that ABC's best local associations do a great job in processing memberships and communicating with their members, others said National Fulfillment provides a uniform delivery system for bowlers nationwide.

      "Unfortunately, not all associations are as good as Dallas and Spokane," said Canadian ABC Director Mike Ricker of Milton, Ontario. "It's unfortunate that some good associations might get hurt by National Fulfillment, but overall, it's best for all ABC members." By a standing vote, the optional local processing amendment was rejected.

      In his report to the delegation, Dalkin noted ABC has made significant strides in the past four years in "giving ABC back to the bowlers."

      "Prior to 1997, we were an inwardly-focused organization. We didn't take very good care of our members," he said. "Changing that direction has been a key part of our strategic plan. One of the things we've done is a much better job of telling the bulk of our members what we do for them through the National Fulfillment Program and American Bowler, our membership magazine which is mailed four times a year."

      The development of new awards for lower-average members and the national rollout of Sport Bowling, for those seeking more of a challenge from the game, also are key programs. A growing list of "shared strategic initiatives means all segments of the sport are working together to achieve common goals," Dalkin added.

      During the annual meeting, ABC delegates advanced eight vice presidents by one position each, including Alton R. Forbes of Chesapeake, Va., to the position of Executive Vice President. Forbes will automatically succeed Bevins as ABC President on May 1, 2003. Bevins will become ABC's 89th President on May 1 of this year when outgoing President Tom DeChalus of Deer Park, N.Y., becomes Past President-Life Member.

      ABC's other line officers are: First Vice President Paul Egbers, Chicago; Second Vice President Kevin Dornberger, Sioux Falls, S.D.; Third Vice President Tom Baxter, Indianapolis; Fourth Vice President Jim Wallace, Philadelphia; Fifth Vice President Jim Dar Woon, Burnaby, British Columbia; Sixth Vice President Michael Repas-Reed, Madison, Wis.; and Seventh Vice President Buddy Rousso, Montgomery, Ala.

      Three new Jurisdictional Directors were elected to one-year terms: Ford E. Mason, Norfolk, Va.; Robert DeBroeck, Beaufort, Mo., and Thomas J. Kelley, Blair, Neb. Lee Ingram of Thousand Oaks, Calif., retained his Southern California seat in a contested election over Glen Hizer of Los Angeles. All other incumbent Jurisdictional Directors were re-elected to one-year terms.

      Jerry Beltz, Anchorage, Alaska, and Marvin Townsend, Kansas City, Mo., were elected as Life Members. Thomas Mahaulu of Hilo, Hawaii, was elected Honorary Member.

      In addition to Edwards, Directors-at-Large appointed to one-year terms were: Barry Chapman, Conroe, Texas; Thomas Dale Jr., Stafford, Va.; Dr. Louis Floyd III, Montgomery, Ala.; and Kerm Helmer, Cheektowaga, N.Y.

      In special award ceremonies, Wichita (Kan.) State University junior Nathan Bohr, Austin, Texas, was presented as 2002 Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow while Missouri's Dick Vedder and New Jersey's Frank Torres shared Jurisdictional Associate Director of the Year honors.

      The Lexington (Ky.) BA was named the Bowling Proprietors Association of America Local Association Award recipient for its high level of cooperation with bowling center owners in its community.

Amendments and resolutions approved:
A-4) Introduces a "sectional format" as an option for state/provincial tournaments.
J-5) States how individual points are earned when bowling against an absentee or vacancy.
J-6) Deletes the rule on Intercollegiate Conferences.
J-10) Eliminates the requirement that all associations have a joint inspection committee.
J-11) Allows tournaments more flexibility regarding average limitations.
R-1) Deletes the resolution relating to the World Bowling Village proposal.
R-2) Allows scholastic leagues and tournaments to sanction despite differences and afford ABC/WIBC/YABA the opportunity to develop a program for scholastic competition.
Resolution ABC 2) Mail Tournament - Supplemental Fee Recognizes league and tournament competition in which scores bowled in different bowling establishments are compared to qualify for prizes in one common prize list. Effective through July 31, 2002. Extended to July 31, 2003.

Amendments rejected:
A-1) Would have allowed processing of membership cards by the local association or ABC Headquarters.
A-3) Would have placed the responsibility to appoint ABC members to other bowling organizations with the Executive Committee.
A-7) Would have limited the number of contracts ABC could enter into regarding the Championships Tournament.
J-1) Would have provided a new league format for members from different areas of the country to participate in a league.
J-2) Would have created a new Mail-O-Graphic league format.
J-3) Would have provided a new tournament format for members from different areas of the country to participate in a tournament.
J-4) Would have provided a new Mail-O-Graphic tournament format for bowlers to compete against each other worldwide.
J-8) Would have increased maximum fees for first lane inspection, including two re-inspections, from $5 to $10 and additional visits from $20 to $30.
J-9) Would have amended the lane dressing inspection procedures to require the first inspection to be done after a center has its first honor score of the current season.

Amendments withdrawn
A-2) Would have provided for an ABC membership card to be valid for one year from date of purchase.
A-5) Would have allowed board members to bowl in unsanctioned leagues as long as they also bowl in a sanctioned league.
A-6) Would have allowed board members in associations with 900 or less members to bowl in unsanctioned leagues as long as they also bowl in a sanctioned league.
J-7) Would have set 300 as the base average for computing individual and team handicaps. Also would have provided for a negative handicap for players whose average exceeds the adopted base average.

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-ABC Convention Delegates Concentrate On Ways To Improve SMO Plan

03/20/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      American Bowling Congress Convention delegates in Billings, Mont., moved from debating the single membership organization concept to talking about how to refine the latest plan during a special informational session March 14 and the ABC Workshop on March 16 at the Montana Convention Center.

      After listening to ABC Executive Director Roger Dalkin and Assistant Executive Director Jack Mordini give details on the latest report of the proposed United States Bowling Association, the delegates had time to ask questions. Answering the inquiries were Dalkin and Mordini and members of the USBA Transition and Structure Ad Hoc Committees.

      Nearly all the questions related to ways to improve what the committees recently presented. That differed greatly from a year ago in Reno where delegates mostly questioned the idea of a merger at all.

      The USBA proposal calls for the merger of ABC, WIBC, YABA and USA Bowling. If approved next year, the national organizations would begin merging immediately while local and state associations would have five years to complete the process at their levels.

      Many delegates commended the committees regarding how much they like the fact that more information was provided this year, as compared to last year. They believed the information presented truly addressed the concerns they raised last year.

      Their major question Thursday related to changing representation at the proposed annual meeting from a set number (a proposed three per local chapter and one per state chapter) to one based on number of members. Some speakers expressed concern about not having a recommendation on local and state dues while others wondered how to ensure fair representation at the local level and how to best combine conflicting groups.

      But for the most part, attendees heeded a call to think with their heads and not their hearts and consider what's best for bowling overall when thinking about this concept.

      During his part of the presentation, Mordini emphasized that assets currently held at the local and state levels will remain there under USBA and ultimately be their decision how to disperse such assets according to tax laws. He said volunteers will be an integral part of the new organization and these people need not be part of the local chapter boards.

      Dalkin outlined the structure of the proposed new organization. He mentioned the recommendation of no more than one chapter per county with a goal of at least 1,000 members per chapter. He also noted that under the proposed budget, the organization would recover its transition costs within three years and turn what is projected as a budget deficit for the current organizations into a surplus in the future.

      Attendees were urged to use a worksheet to calculate current costs and savings if associations in their areas merged. They were then asked to provide additional feedback to the committees by June 1 to be able to finalize the proposal for consideration by the organizations' boards of directors in November.

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-2002 USA Bowling Championships To Be Held Jan. 5-10, 2003 In Reno, Nev.

03/20/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      The 2002 USA Bowling Championships will be held Jan. 5-10, 2003 at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nev. The announcement was made March 14 during a USA Bowling reception for the Bowling Writers Association of America in Billings, Mont.

      The event was changed from mid-December to avoid conflicts with the holidays and college exams.

      Entrants can qualify through local events, through USA Bowling State Amateur Championships conducted from July 1 through Sept. 15 or national direct entries submitted by Nov. 18. For more information, visit the Web site or call Jeff Piroozshad at (719) 636-2695.

-ABC Tournaments To Visit Albuquerque, Las Vegas In 2008 And 2009

03/20/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      The American Bowling Congress has awarded its 2008 Championships Tournament to Albuquerque, N.M., and its 2009 event to Las Vegas. The cities were selected during ABC's Site Selection Committee meeting held prior to the ABC Convention in Billings, Mont.

      Both Albuquerque and Las Vegas are previous ABC Tournament host cities. The ABC Tournament was conducted in Albuquerque in 2000 and Las Vegas in 1986.

      Other cities making presentations at the meeting were Syracuse, N.Y., which hosted the Tournament in 1999, Mobile, Ala., the 1994 host city, and Lake County, Ind. Leading up to the 2008 and 2009 Tournaments will be ABC's 100th Tournament in Knoxville, Tenn. (2003); Reno, Nev. (2004); Baton Rouge, La. (2005); Corpus Christi, Texas (2006); and Reno (2007).

-USA Bowling Names Norwood-Steven As Associate Executive Director

03/20/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Diane Norwood-Steven has been selected as USA Bowling's associate executive director. She had previously served as the organization's managing director.

      Norwood-Steven brings to her position a 25-year career in the sports and law arenas including 15 years with the United States Olympic Committee. Her promotion comes in support of Jerry Koenig's increased responsibilities as Federation Internationale des Quilleurs president. Koenig remains as USA Bowling chief executive officer/executive director but his primary focus for 2002 will be in helping bowling become an Olympic sport.

      Joining Norwood-Steven will be Paul Egbers, Olympia Fields, Ill., the newest addition to the USA Bowling consultant staff. Egbers, a past member of the USA Bowling Board of Trustees and an American Bowling Congress vice president, brings more than 40 years of bowling experience to his new role of special projects consultant.

-Joining Adult Leagues Can Disqualify Youth Bowlers From All Competition

03/20/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      While the American Bowling Congress, Women's International Bowling Congress and Young American Bowling Alliance have specific rules governing participation by young bowlers in adult programs, a growing number of youth bowlers and/or their parents apparently are unaware of the rules and the consequences for violations.

      The key problem is occurring under ABC/WIBC Rule 13, which reads in part: "Unmarried grade and high school students under the age of 18 must have written consent of a parent or guardian before participating in any ABC/WIBC league or tournament where merchandise over $50, or any cash and/or bonds, are offered."

      The parental consent form states that participation in leagues offering cash or merchandise may affect the amateur status of students, making them ineligible for high school or college athletics. Regardless of whether they win or accept a prize, the determining factor is that they participated. Therefore, young bowlers are advised that their amateur status may be jeopardized if they participate in a league which awards cash or merchandise more than $50.

      The parental consent form must be on file with the league secretary at least one week before participation unless a parent or guardian accompanies the students on his or her first league session. In that case, the consent form may be filed prior to the start of bowling.

      Failure to file the consent form will cause the player to be ineligible and subject games bowled to forfeiture. The consent form can be found in Rule 13 of the ABC/WIBC Playing Rules book.

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-TEAM USA's Hoffman Spreading The Message Of Bowling Around The Globe

03/20/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Bill Hoffman decided early in his junior year of college that he did not want to work for a living. He wanted to bowl.

      Seven years later, he's living out that dream. And he plans to do so for a very long time.

      "In college they don't always teach you about chasing your dreams; college is so structured," said Hoffman after completing his competition March 14 in the 2002 American Bowling Congress Championships Tournament at the MetraPark Expo Center in Billings, Mont. "I was sitting in a political science class one day and I thought to myself 'I don't want to work.'

      "I decided I was going to make academics more of a social thing and I started concentrating on my bowling more and more."

      His concentration paid off. Hoffman was a four-time All-American as a member of Ohio State University bowling team, earning Bowling Writers Association of America player of the year honors as a freshman in 1995.

      Oh, by the way, he also earned degrees in political science and international relations.

      Since leaving OSU, Hoffman has turned himself into a bowling ambassador for hire, playing tournaments and conducting clinics all over the world.

      The 27-year-old Hoffman has won tournaments in eight different countries. Last year, he logged more than 200,000 air miles. "Bowling is what I do for a living," he said. "I haven't worked in 10 years."

      After bowling in Billings, Hoffman was headed to Las Vegas for a tournament. Then it's off to Sweden and Denmark for a week before returning to the U.S. for a tournament in Syracuse, N.Y., on April 5-7. In May, it's back to Sweden and Denmark. In June, a week in Spain, then back to Las Vegas for the High Roller Tournament.

      In all, Hoffman estimates that he makes eight to 10 trips to Europe, South America and the Middle East each year and plays 12-15 major overseas tournaments each year.

      Other than the money - "I'd have to go to law school to do better financially than I am right now," says Hoffman - he enjoys being an ambassador for bowling.

      "It's exciting for me to be able to teach the sport in countries where bowling is in its infancy stages," said Hoffman, who maintains a home in his native Columbus, Ohio. "Guys on the PBA Tour don't have time to travel and see the places that I'm seeing."

      Included in Hoffman's travels is playing for TEAM USA, of which he has been a member since 1999, the same year he won the U.S. Amateur National Championship.

      TEAM USA annually trains for a week in February at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., and competes in medal competitions such as the World Games, Pan Am Games and Federation Internationale des Quilleurs World Championships.

      This year, TEAM USA will take Hoffman to competitions in Austria, Latvia and Miami. "I have to bowl in the U.S. once in a while," joked Hoffman of the stop in Miami.

-Six Honor Scores Shot Besides Mccrackin's At 2002 ABC Championships Tournament

03/20/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      While Kyle McCrackin's two 300s in the same afternoon highlighted the past week's honor scores at the 2002 American Bowling Congress Championships Tournament, they weren't the only ones. Two other 300s, three 299s and one 298 also highlighted a busy week of action at the MetraPark Expo Center in Billings, Mont.

      Jeffrey Webber of Rye Brooke, N.Y., shot his fourth career 300 game during team competition March 15, making it the 13th perfect game this year. He started with 183, followed with his 300 and closed with 192 for 675.

      "I was playing too far inside," said the 41-year old parking enforcement officer. "I moved to the outside of the lane and threw 12 strikes. This is, or will be, my most memorable bowling achievement." The other 300 was by Tom Jordan of Wayne, N.J.

      The left-hander bowled his perfect game March 11 in Regular Team. He sandwiched his perfect game around 241 and 242 games for 783. Jordan knows something about rolling 300 games. He once held the ABC record for high three-game series with 899 (300-299-300), and still holds the ABC record for high four-game set with 1,198.

      "I've had a poor track record at the ABC Tournament. This time I didn't bother to look at the scoreboard. I would have been happy to shoot 680, but I'll take the 300 game and the 783 series," Jordan said. All three 299 games were shot the morning of March 17 by Ken Pierzchalski of Lubbock, Texas, Claude Neely Jr. of Elizabeth, Colo., and Marshall Himebauch of Santa Ana Heights, Calif.

      Pierzchalski left the 9-pin in his second singles game. Neely left a 7-pin in his final doubles game. Himebauch saw the 4-pin remain standing on his final shot in singles.

      Falling two pins short of perfection March 11 was former collegiate champion Derek Sapp of Macomb, Ill., in Regular Team. Sapp, a member of TEAM USA 2000, won the Intercollegiate Bowling Championships with Western Illinois University in 1999 and 2001.

-Glass, Deken Voted Top 2001 Senior Bowlers By BWAA

03/20/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      For the second consecutive year, the Bowling Writers Association of America has named Bob Glass, Lawrence, Kan., as the top senior male bowler while Fran Deken, Reno, Nev., earned the honor among women for the first time.

      Glass, who enjoyed a breakthrough season on the Professional Bowlers Association's Senior Tour in 2000, was just as impressive in 2001. He captured four of 13 events including the American Bowling Congress Senior Masters. The 54-year-old retired University of Kansas economics professor also finished among the top five in 10 events while leading the Senior Tour in earnings ($86,850) and average (221.19).

      Deken's 2001 season was highlighted by a victory in the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs Senior Doubles. She also finished second in the mixed team and third in the Masters. Perhaps even more distinguishing was her victories in singles and all-events and a second place in trios in the Maccabiah Games in Israel.

      Glass was a unanimous selection of members of the Senior Bowlers of the Year Committee and past BWAA presidents. His 26 first-place votes (five points for each) earned him 130 points. Runner-up Bob Chamberlain, Detroit, was next with 45 points.

      Deken was a landslide choice in the women's balloting receiving 20 votes and 110 points. Women's International Bowling Congress Senior Queens champion Fran Minton was next with four first-place votes and 54 points.

-University Of Kansas' D'Errico Awarded 2002 BWAA Scholarship

03/20/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Marc D'Errico, an outstanding bowler at the University of Kansas and an outstanding bowling writer in the Rochester, N.Y., area, has been awarded a $1,000 scholarship by the Bowling Writers Association of America.

      BWAA President Fran Deken announced the selection March 13 during the BWAA and American Bowling Congress Convention in Billings, Mont.

      "We started the BWAA Collegiate Scholarship program three years ago in an attempt to honor young writers who also enjoy bowling," Deken said. "Young Mr. D'Errico fits that mold perfectly and it's an honor to award him the 2002 BWAA Scholarship." D'Errico, contacted last week in Virginia at the Killer B's Youth Masters in connection with the Professional Bowling Association's Battle at Little Creek, was elated with his selection by a BWAA scholarship committee.

      "The cost of college is really putting quite a burden on my family and myself, and I can't tell you how much this scholarship means to all of us financially.

      "Although I have not written any stories this year, I have been one of the spokespersons for the team and Coach Mike Fine gives reporters my phone number to call and I'm on the other end of a bowling story," said the sophomore. "I feel that Marc is an excellent example of all that is good in our sport of bowling," Fine said. "He has been successful on the lanes and in the classroom and last semester received honor-roll distinction."

      Tom Murphy, sports editor for the Messenger Post Newspapers in New York, also thinks highly of this exceptional bowler/writer.

      "Marc wrote a weekly youth bowling column for our Greece Post newspaper for three years. The column was well received in the bowling community and we have been hard-pressed to replace him since he now bowls for Kansas."

      In 2000, the 220-averager was awarded the Al Thompson Junior Bowling Scholarship by the old PBA organization. D'Errico has been named to two all-tournament teams this year.

      "He's a great team leader who puts the success of the team above personal glory," added Fine. "He takes his role of team leader an additional step by coordinating team study sessions both at home and while on road trips."

-Berglund Named As BPAA's New Executive Director

03/20/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      John Berglund, Executive Director of the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians in Atlanta, has been named as the new Executive Director for the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America.

      Berglund brings an extensive background in trade association management. He is a licensed law attorney and certified association executive. He also was executive director of United Hospitality Associations of Minnesota, a statewide organization consisting of three non-profit trade associations with more than 2,400 members engaged in Minnesota's hospitality industry, from 1983-98. During this time, he worked as the Executive Director for the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association along with the Minnesota Bowling Proprietors' Association, which is affiliated with BPAA.

      "The BPAA staff is very pleased to welcome John Berglund into the BPAA family," Michele Byers, BPAA's Deputy Executive Director said. "His strong association management background including having worked with one of BPAA's affiliated state associations will be a great asset. It also will bring solidarity to BPAA as the board strives to advance the association's mission as well as continue to enhance BPAA's relationships with our state and local associations."

      Due to contractual commitments with his current position, Berglund is slated to officially join BPAA within approximately 90 days.

-Glus, Zikes Elected Executive Director, President Of Bowling Writers Association Of America

03/20/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Long-time bowling radio talk show host and writer Dan Glus, Pittsburgh, was voted as the new executive director of the Bowling Writers Association of America at the organization's annual meeting March 13 in Billings, Mont.

      Glus, 63, takes over for Mike Hennessy, Bluffton, S.C., who is retiring from his position.

      The host of the "Talks and Tips With Big D" radio show, Glus defeated Houston's Glenda Millar in a narrow vote. Glus had been serving as the organization's assistant executive director. He was honored later that day as the 2001 BWAA Mort Luby Jr. Distinguished Service Award winner for meritorious service to bowling journalism.

      Glus will first serve under Lyle Zikes, Arlington Heights, Ill., who was elected as the organization's president. Zikes had been first vice president under outgoing President Fran Deken, Reno, Nev.

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