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      March 06, 2002:

-Uniformity Key To USBA Concept

03/06/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Providing services people want in a more efficient, timely manner at membership fees that would be the same everywhere are essential to a proposed single membership organization. The best way to achieve this is through one national organization with help from approximately 950 local and 50 state chapters.

      That and much more detail on an SMO concept is included in the latest United States Bowling Association Status Report recently sent to ABC Convention and WIBC Annual Meeting delegates and posted on the Web site. The report was developed by the USBA Structure and Transition Ad Hoc Committees. The name, United States Bowling Association, is a working title referenced throughout the report.

      Under the latest USBA proposal, membership dues would be the same whether the member joined in Idaho or New York. The proposed national portion would be $8 for adults and $8 for youth. State and local portions will be determined after feedback received by June 1. Dues would continue to be collected locally.

Local/State Chapters
      Current local and state associations would become chapters under USBA. There would be a maximum of one chapter for each U.S. county. Chapters would have a minimum goal of 1,000 members and contain at least one bowling center.

      The approximately 1,000 proposed local and state chapters compare with the current 6,400 ABC, WIBC and YABA associations in the United States. That's more associations than bowling centers (6,000). And current associations have more than 63,000 board members and 85,000 committees and conduct 15,000 meetings annually.

      Ironically, while ABC, WIBC and YABA membership has declined dramatically in the last 20 years, the number of local and state associations serving that lower number of members has increased.

What Else Changes With USBA?
  • Streamlined governance. A single, consolidated governance at the national, state and local levels greatly increases the ability to make quick decisions. The 25-member national board of directors would take the place of four separate boards consisting of more than 175 directors. This new board would have a cross-section of bowling representation. This would allow for quicker decision-making and an annual savings of more than $900,000.
  • One national executive staff. Combining and reducing the various executive staffs will have an approximate annual savings of more than $900,000.
  • Streamlined local and state structure. One local entity would do what multiple groups previously did in a similar locale. Combining resources will afford more opportunities for adding or improving programs and services.
  • One united voice. It would speak for all bowlers inside and outside the bowling industry.
  • Stronger member relations. USBA would offer programs and services for youth through senior participants. Its mission would be to assure a healthy future for the sport for today's and tomorrow's bowlers, and through its clearly defined organization, ensure a primary focus on its members. USBA would mean delivery of the same message to industry, media, corporate entities and the public. It would provide strength in total numbers, assure a focus on the member, and enable efficient and prudent allocation of resources for the support of programs and services rather than to support an infrastructure of separate organizations.

What Stays With USBA?
  • Basic services. Current programs like awards, national tournaments, bonding and rules will be administered more effectively by one organization than multiple organizations.
  • Volunteers. They will remain as the central part of the USBA. What will change are their roles and numbers. By consolidating into one organization, volunteer positions will be easier to fill because there will be more volunteers from which to draw.
  • Everyone will continue to work together. ABC, WIBC and YABA always have been about local, state and national associations working together for the betterment of members. That concept continues with USBA.
  • Existing assets. Each association would decide how its existing assets would be disposed. Under USBA, the local and/or state chapters will not be required to forward its assets to the national organization.
  • Annual meetings. Instead of holding separate annual meetings such as the current ABC Convention, WIBC Annual Meeting and YABA International Workshop, the proposed USBA would hold one annual meeting with a delegate structure and be open to all members. This would increase representation.

When Would Everything Happen?
      If the USBA concept is approved in 2003, ABC, WIBC, YABA, USA Bowling and Bowling Inc. Shared Services national offices and staffs would become USBA on Jan. 1, 2004 with total national consolidation by Aug. 1, 2004.

      State and local associations would merge between then and 2008.

Why Is a USBA Needed?
      Today's consumer has more leisure time choices than at any time in history. He or she wants to spend his or her leisure time in enjoyable activities having value and receiving services in a timely manner.

      Through the USBA, there's an opportunity to better meet the desires of today's members and potential members.

      As in other organizations today, many current ABC, WIBC or YABA members do not have the same allegiance to the organizations that others have. They just want to bowl and aren't concerned who collects their dues or provides their service.

      An important and unique opportunity is that the formation of a USBA gives everyone the chance to be involved in the process of its creation. In attempting to consolidate the existing organizations, the goal is to bring together the very best of each to make bowling, and being a member, better for all.

      The complete status report also includes: a proposed budget; sample merger resolution; sample plan of merger; guidebook outline to merging local and state associations; results of membership awareness and jamboree surveys; and the latest frequently asked questions. You can either visit or ask one of your Convention/Annual Meeting delegates for the complete report.

      While the latest status report is the next step in the proposed process, it isn't the final one. Before a vote is reached by ABC and WIBC delegates next year in Knoxville, Tenn., and Reno, Nev., more feedback, on top of the nearly 4,000 responses received so far, is needed. That's why proposed legislation was delayed a year to make sure all input and information has been received.

      Feedback must be received by June 1. It can be done through, e-mail [email protected], call (561) 689-6411, fax (801) 751-1561 or write to P.O. Box 221304, West Palm Beach, FL 33422.

-New Sport Bowling Rules To Be Proposed; Data From PBA, PWBA Used To Evaluate Revisions

03/06/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Slight revisions to lane dressing specifications will be proposed for the American Bowling Congress/Women's International Bowling Congress Sport Bowling program. The ABC/WIBC Equipment Specifications Committee will consider the proposed changes at its May 10 meeting at Bowling Headquarters in Greendale, Wis.

      Proposed revisions to rules will include the allowance for more oil to be applied on the outside of the lane and to allow for a smoother distribution of oil across the lane. The updates, if approved, would go into effect Aug. 1.

      The minor modifications were discussed as part of a Feb. 5-6 industry meeting in Greendale. Attendees included: Roger Dalkin, ABC executive director; Sheila Nyren, WIBC director of services; Ann Hermann, ABC/WIBC Equipment Specifications Committee technical advisor; Neil Stremmel, ABC/WIBC director of research; Jeff Henry, Sport Bowling project manager; Nichole DePaul, ABC/WIBC research engineer; Jim Jaryzak, Sport Bowling senior technician; Len Nicholson, John Davis and John Janawicz, Kegel; and Tom Lehmkuhl, Brunswick.

      "The proposed revisions would not change the intent of Sport Bowling as originally defined," Stremmel said. "Sport Bowling is entering its second season and is a continually evolving program. Soon we will have one full season's worth of data to learn from and employ to improve the program. That constant learning and improving process will continue."

      Data from Professional Bowlers Association and Professional Women's Bowling Association events, as well as ABC and WIBC Sport Bowling leagues, was used to determine and evaluate the proposed adjustments.

      Seven PBA national events in 2001-02 used lane conditions compliant with Sport Bowling requirements: PBA Peoria Open, Peoria, Ill. (Sept. 20-25, 2001); PBA Greater Nashville Open, Nashville, Tenn. (Sept. 27-Oct. 2); PBA Miller High Life Open, Indianapolis (Oct. 4-9); U.S. Open, Fountain Valley, Calif. (Dec. 2-9); PBA Earl Anthony Memorial Classic, Kirkland, Wash. (Jan. 1-6, 2002); PBA Medford Open, Medford, Ore. (Jan. 8-13); and the American Bowling Congress Masters, Reno, Nev. (Jan. 15-20).

      The other PBA stops served as an opportunity to evaluate and learn about potential changes to the program. The remaining two tour stops of the 2001-02 PBA season are serving as a research opportunity for the Sport Bowling program.

-Major Ball Manufacturers Join Forces To Renew Support Of YABA, Junior Gold Championships

03/06/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      In a unique display of sportsmanship and competitive spirit among bowling ball manufacturers, AMF, Brunswick, Columbia 300 and Storm have renewed their mutual sponsorship of the Young American Bowling Alliance and the 2002 USA Junior Gold National Bowling Championships.

      "It is fantastic that these four bowling ball manufacturers have agreed once again to show their support of youth bowling, the YABA, and the USA Junior Gold National Bowling Championships," said YABA Executive Director Jim Zebehazy. "Their continued sponsorship is proof of their commitment to the future of our sport."

      With this agreement, AMF, Brunswick, Columbia 300 and Storm each will have representatives at the 2002 USA Junior Gold National Bowling Championships, which take place July 6-12 in Lakeland and Winter Haven, Fla. All four of the manufacturers will have opportunities to share their insights and tips on bowling equipment with the 1,000 or more youth athletes expected to participate. Representatives from the four companies also will take part in the tournament's opening ceremonies.

-Bowling Blastoff Promotion Set For May 2002 Launch

03/06/2002 - Bowling Newsline
      Member centers will host the event beginning May 4. The event will provide centers the opportunity to showcase their centers to a new generation of bowlers. Utilizing the Bowling Blastoff kit, available through BPAA, centers can provide an exciting event for their communities and introduce bowling to school-age youth. By partnering with other local business, civic groups, radio stations and local fire and police departments, BPAA members and non-members can participate in creating a festival-style environment for youth participants.

      Since this popular promotion was introduced in 1999, previous Bowling Blastoff events held annually, and in some instances twice a year, have produced thousands of participants across the United States for participating bowling centers. The May 2001 Bowling Blastoff promotion was an additional success through the unprecedented interest shown by YMCAs across the United States in the Bowling Blastoff event, as well as bowling in general.

      Past Bowling Blastoff promotions generated the formation of new youth leagues and "learn to bowl" classes. While May 2002 has been set aside for this special targeted promotion, BPAA recognizes that many member centers may be unable to conduct the event during that time. For that reason, BPAA member centers are encouraged to run this exciting event during any part of the year.

      Bowling Blastoff kits are available for BPAA members for $75 and $100 for non-members. Each Bowling Blastoff kit includes marketing instructions/suggestions, professionally produced 30-second radio spots, video from test markets, four-color fliers, registration forms and post cards, balloons, as well as ordering information for custom banners. If additional materials are needed or to purchase a new Bowling Blastoff kit, contact BPAA at (800) 343-1329, Ext. 206.

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