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top news - the top bowling news of the day.April of 2000

    -Feldman as Top Seed for the TV Finals

    4/27/2000 - PWBA Tour
          MESA, Ariz.-Michelle Feldman, Skaneateles, N.Y., will be the top seed during Friday's TV finals at Country Club Bowl in Mesa, Ariz., for the PWBA Bowl For Blindness Classic. Feldman powered her way into the lead averaging 221.02.

          Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, Nev., made a dramatic move today, starting the final round in 12th place, 105 pins from 5th place. Macpherson bowled a 299, 235, and a 241 her last three games, helping her to climb into 5th.

          Rounding out the top five are Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, N.Richland Hills, Tex., in second place; Dana Miller Mackie, Albuquerque, N.M. in third and rookie Tennelle Grijalva, Orange, Calif., making her first TV appearance as a professional.

    -Duggan Overtakes Feldman Last Game of Round to Regain Lead in Mesa

    4/27/2000 - PWBA Tour
          MESA, Ariz.- Michelle Feldman, Skaneateles, N.Y. overtook Anne Marie Duggan, Edmond, Okla., early in the day to temporarily gain control of first place for most of the round until Duggan managed to grab it back at the end of the fifth round at Country Club Bowl in Mesa, Ariz., during the PWBA Bowl For Blindness Classic Thursday morning.

          Duggan is averaging 218.64 thus far and compiled a 12-6 won-lost record. The 24 match play finalists compose a stellar field with 235 titles among them and the race for the top five is close. The thirteenth place bowler after this round is merely 117 pins away from fifth place, making this afternoon's sixth and final round before the cut to the top five promising to be an extra exciting round.

    -Duggan Maintains her Lead after Four Rounds in Mesa

    4/26/2000 - PWBA Tour
          MESA, Ariz.- Anne Marie Duggan, Edmond, Okla., held on to her lead after four rounds of competition at Country Club Bowl in the Bowl For Blindness Classic in Mesa, Ariz Wednesday afternoon. Duggan has an 8-4 won-lost record overall and is averaging a 218.8

          Making a move up the standings this afternoon was Kim Terrell, Oakland, Calif., who climbed up from third into second with a 9-3 won-lost record overall. Also making a big move up the standings was Dede Davidson, Las Vegas, Nev., who powered her way from 21st up to 7th, averaging a 231 and winning all six of her afternoon matches.

          Debbie McMullen thrilled the crowds at Country Club Lanes with a 299 game this afternoon, her last game of the day. Along with McMullen's 299 there were nine other scores over a 250 with more than a dozen scores in the 240's.

          The ladies return tomorrow morning for another two blocks of six-games each to determine the top five who advance to Friday's televised finals. Fans can watch the frame by frame scoring live on the Internet on the PWBA's Webscorer, found at the PWBA web site, The telecast is scheduled to be taped at approximately 2 PM pacific time, 5 PM eastern.

    -Duggan Overtakes Feldman for the Third Round

    4/26/2000 - PWBA Tour
          MESA, Ariz.- Anne Marie Duggan, Edmond, Okla., persistently climbed into the lead during the first six-game block of match play-third round overall- at Country Club Lanes in Mesa, Ariz., during the Bowl For Blindness Classic Wednesday morning.

          Although the outside temperatures in Mesa have been over a hundred degrees, the scoring inside Country Club Lanes has been even hotter. Nine ladies had scores over 250 today during match play with two players over 270 and Cheryl Daniels having the high score of the block with a 279.

          "If I make good shots, I feel like I have a lot of area," said Duggan, "We're professionals, so we don't compete on a regular house shot, but the conditions here are very good and very playable."

          "The hosts here at Country Club Lanes have been one of the most gracious hosts we've ever encountered," added Duggan, "They literally treated us like queens all week."

          The athletes return this afternoon for the second six-game block of match play and continue tomorrow-Thursday- with two more six-game blocks, leading up to the top five players being seeded for Fridays' televised ESPN2 coverage.

    -Feldman Powers Her Way Into the Lead in Mesa

    4/25/2000 - PWBA Tour
          MESA, Ariz.- Michelle Feldman, Skaneateles, N.Y. averaged 232 this afternoon to take a dominating 139-pin lead over second place Anne Marie Duggan, Edmond, Okla., in the PWBA Bowl For Blindness Classic at Country Club Bowl in Mesa, Ariz.

          Tour rookie Tennelle Grijalva, Orange, Calif., in just her second tournament as a pro, begins the next round of competition in third place. Grijalva- the 'j' sounds like an 'h'- was one of the top amateurs in the country before turning pro this year. The former 1999 Team USA member has already won a PWBA regional title in the short four months as a pro.

          Making a big move today was Kim Terrell, Oakland, Calif., who jumped from 22nd place to fourth by averaging a 228 to propel her. Rounding out the top five is Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, N. Richland Hills, Tex., who also made a nice move up the standings from fifteenth place to fifth.

          The top 24 ladies return on Wednesday to begin twelve games of match play in two more rounds.

    -Brunswick Web Ball Un-approved

    4/25/2000 - By Steve Mermelstein
          For months now rumors were rampant that the plastic Brunswick Web Ball was being disallowed for use at national tournaments as the ABC/WIBC ruled the ball does not meet ABC/WIBC specifications. After receiving several inquires's staff attempted to reach the ABC/WIBC for comment several times over the past few months, however, our requests have gone unanswered.

          The balls were sold with the ABC/WIBC approval logo on the box. No statement was made to pro shops by Brunswick or its distributors that the ball's approval was in question until now.

          In a letter dated April 21, 2000 to Brunswick Dealers, J.T. McDonald, General Manager Consumer Products of Brunswick Indoor Recreation Group announced that Brunswick has "...been unable to secure ABC approval for the Web Ball." He further stated that Brunswick would replace any pro shop inventory of Web balls with a new ball "...up to the value of an Attack Zone M.R."

          The letter did not state if Brunswick would replace Web Balls already sold to consumers. Several attempts were made to speak with Mr. McDonald but he was unavailable.

's staff was able to speak with Ron Addison, Director of Marketing at Brunswick, today. He acknowledged that Brunswick has been involved with discussions with the ABC Equipment Specification Departments for several months on its ruling that the "ridges" between the two colors on the ball surface fails the specification.

          The specification states, "The surface of the ball shall be free of all depressions or grooves, of specific pattern, except for holes or indentations used for gripping the ball, identification lettering and numbers, and incidental chipping or marking caused by wear. Engraved pictures are not considered grooved of specific pattern."

          Brunswick disputed the ruling based on its belief that the ball's design did not violate the intent of the ABC rule. However, Brunswick officials noted that they would abide by the ABC's decision and offer comparative replacement product for those wishing to make an exchange.

          Mr. Anderson also stated, "…since Brunswick cares about its customers and wishes to make right on the error…" Brunswick will cover all shipping and freight costs. Consumers in possession of a Web Ball that wish to make an exchange should contact the Brunswick Warranty Department at 1-800-967-2695.

    -Swanson Leads After First Round of Action

    4/25/2000 - PWBA Tour
          MESA, Ariz.- Jennifer Swanson, Shelton, Conn., is the first round leader of the Bowl For Blindness Classic at Country Club Lanes in Mesa, Arizona, Monday afternoon. Swanson, in just her third year on tour, already has one national tour title and three appearances on the televised finals in her just starting career.

          Rounding out the top five are Anne Marie Duggan, Edmond, Okla., who was also in second place after last weeks first round; Michelle Feldman, Skaneateles, N.Y.; first year professional Tennelle Grijalva, Orange, Calif.; and in fifth is Hall of Famer Lisa Wagner, Bradenton, Fla., the all time career title leader with 32 titles.

          The professionals are done for today and will return tomorrow for the second nine-game round of qualifying.

    -Collegiate Bowlers of the Year Named

    4/22/2000 - By Steve Mermelstein
 Contributor and University of Miami Bowling Team Coach, Jeff Piroozshad and Jessica DeCrescente of Morehead State University have been named the 2000 Collegiate Bowlers of the Year by the Bowling Writers Association of America. The Collegiate Bowlers of the year will receive a $1000 scholarship compliments of Columbia 300 and Ebonite International.

          Robin Crawford and Joy Esterson from Morehead State, Amy Rocco and Mike Bronsart from Arizona State, Jackie Edwards from Fresno State, Ian Lan of St. Johns, Don Pyle of Delaware, and Brian Hatcher of Wichita State will be awarded Honorable Mention and each will receive a $500 scholarship.

          The awards will be presented at the Intercollegiate Bowling Championships at Northrock Lanes in Wichita, Kansas on April 26 thru April 29. The National Collegiate Bowling Coaches Association All-America Teams are also expected to be announced during the tournament.

    -Adler Takes the Las Cruces Title

    4/21/2000 - PWBA Tour
          Las Cruces, N.M.- Kim Adler, Cocoa, Fla., who spent the week fighting off a couple of trials and tribulations, had to fight off the hard charging Paulliina Aalto, Lahti, Finland in the championship match of the Professional Women's Bowling Association's Las Cruces New Mexico Open at Sun Lanes in Las Cruces, N.M. Thursday evening.

          Adler, the top seed who controlled or hovered near the lead all week, was behind most of the final match until pulling sliding ahead in the eighth frame and claiming her thirteenth title, 216-211. On Tuesday night, during the first squad of match play, just as Adler was building a commanding lead, the entire city of Las Cruces went dark with a power outage, stopping the action for twenty minutes. The next morning, Adler struggled with her game, watching her nearly 400 pin lead dwindle to a mere 76 pins.

          In the first match, a three way shoot out, Liz Johnson, Niagara Falls, N.Y. defeated Marianne DiRupo, Succasunna, N.J and Bowler of the Decade Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, Nev., 224-210-181. The semi final match paired Johnson and Aallto with Aalto taking the match 233-211.

    -Adler Leads into Championship Round

    4/20/2000 - PWBA Tour
          Las Cruces, N.M.- Kim Adler rebuilt her cushion of lead Wednesday evening to lead the top five finalists into the televised championship round at the Professional Women's Bowling Association Las Cruces New Mexico Open at Sun Lanes in Las Cruces, N.M.

          The final game of match play gave the Las Cruces fans plenty of excitement as the show line up changed dramatically from game 41 to game 42. Pauliina Aalto, Lahti, Finland, is making her first TV debut as a professional and jumped up from sixth to second. Wendy Macpherson slipped from second to third, Liz Johnson stayed the same in fourth and Marianne DiRupo moved from seventh to fifth.

          Fans can catch all of the championship round action Thursday evening, April 20th at the PWBA nth. at approximately 7 PM Mountain Time to watch the frame by frame live coverage on the Webscorer.

    -Adler Shoots the Lights Out

    4/19/2000 - PWBA Tour
          Las Cruces, N.M.- Maybe it was the other twenty-three finalists conspiring or maybe it was Kim Adler herself, of Cocoa, Fla., whose hot hand created a power outage in the bowling center Tuesday evening. Near the end of the seventh game, while Adler was in the night-long process of developing a lead of 387 pins, the area of Las Cruces and Sun Lanes went completely dark for approximately twenty minutes.

          "I joked with the crowd after the lights went out," said Adler, I told them 'too bad' just when I was about to make my charge."

          Adler put together games of 232, 235, 237, 276, 227,191, 212, and 257 to claim a 7-1 won-lost record and pull away from the field.

          "While the tour was on break, I spent my time spending money," joked Adler, "We bought a house, a car, so I'm pretty motivated to make money this week."

          Making a nice move up the standings was Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, Nev., the current Player of the Year and recently voted Bowler of the Decade, who moved from eleventh place to second.

    -30 Day Bowling Blitz Starts Today

    4/11/2000 - AMF/
          Thomas Becker, holder of Guinness World Record for marathon bowling, launches a 30 day blitz today to recruit companies to help sponsor a cross-country tour to raise awareness and funding for Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA.) Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) kills more babies than any other inherited disease.

          "League bowlers are the most generous people in America," said Becker. "They love to give. And they love to win. This fight against SMA is a fight that can be won. If I can reach enough of America's bowlers between now and May 10, we will win."

          AMF Bowling has lent its name and support to the AMF/ Tour. AmeriSuites, Wrangler, and Ethyl and a lot of smaller companies are also sponsoring the Tour. Becker's won the endorsements of the major bowling organizations, including the American Bowling Congress, the Women's International Bowling Congress, and the Young American Bowling Alliance, all of whom are starting to spread the word among their members in the field.

          For more information, please visit Fight SMA

    -7 PBA Fall Tour stops on ESPN, 6 to Air Live

    4/4/2000 - PBA Tour
          The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Fall Tour schedule for 2000 features seven events all to be televised by ESPN. Six of those events are scheduled to be televised live on consecutive Tuesday evenings beginning October 10. The final Fall Tour event is set for Saturday, Nov. 25, and will be taped earlier that week.

          The first five events are scheduled to air from 8-9:30PM ET. The sixth event (Nov. 14) is scheduled to be broadcast from 9:30-11PM ET and the final event (Nov. 25) is set to be televised from 4-5:30 PM ET. Each tournament is expected to feature the eight-man championship round format.

          For more information, please visit

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