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Letters To The Editors welcomes letters from its readers.

-In Response To WTC/Pentagon Attacks
      "We express our sympathy. We wish you the strength of spirit."

Osvaldas Kupstas 
Lithuania Bowling Federation

-Women: Are we really worth 50 cents on the dollar to the BPAA?
(An open letter to the BPAA.)
      "It is the vision of BPAA to drive a growing, prosperous and united bowling industry."

      Too bad your marketing group did not read your mission statement when they made the decision to enter into the current licensing agreement with the PBA. By almost doubling the prize fund for the PBA and giving away all the television time to the men, you with one discriminatory decision have united division in the bowling industry. Your decision has united women bowlers against the BPAA.

      Too bad your marketing group did not read the demographics of our great country because women represent about fifty percent of our population. I guess your marketing group did not realize mothers book your memberships' highly profitable children birthday's parties. I wonder just how many on the human resource directors that your membership target for corporate parties are women. I watch the PWBA telecasts each week and seen the sorry excuses of televisions spots that are placed during the women telecasts. The production quality might be non-existent but Jan Schmidt message is clear visit -- your BPAA center today. Wow -- talk about a knife in the back.

      Too bad your marketing group did not realize that the fall season is just around the corner. Fifty percent of all bowlers are women. What if we sat out the season in BPAA centers? I am a woman and I plan to bowl in three leagues this season. I will not bowl in BPAA member center. I will not support a center that supports the discriminatory practices of the BPAA. If a million moms could march on Washington DC -- what made you think a million women could not drive an extra ten minutes to a non BPAA center.

      Too bad your marketing group did not realize the very proverbial knife in the PWBA back could be used to destroy the BPAA. After all, if all women boycotted bowling would you met your vision statement to make members more prosperous?

      Too bad your marketing group did not realize that not only will I give a dollar to the cause but I will give two. And I will urge all supports to give two. It will show that women are not worth fifty cents to every dollar spent on the men.

Marci Gordon 

-US Open and PWBA Boycott
      I applaud the PWBA's decision to boycott the US Open, but where do the men weigh in on this? Have they issued a statement informing us of their position on this issue? Will they boycott this event, or will they perpetuate the inequality? I will reserve judgement until I hear from them, and I hope I can still respect them and the players when the dust settles. I enjoy watching professional bowling, men and women. However I can boycott also. If the men don't come around, I won't be watching them on television or at the lanes.

      Come on fellas! Make the right decision on this one.
Pat Bean 
-Thanks George!
      I've been visiting your site now for months. I have say I admire George Freeman for both the quality and quantity of his tips for the grass roots bowler like myself.

      Of the experts that are on staff, he's the only one that offers advice on a consistent basis even in the summer! He takes the time to what he's been asked, or volunteered, to do.

      I'd like to thank him for being so interested in the nameless, faceless bowler looking for that slight bit of improvement. You have a wonderful asset with his presence.

J Airhart 

-"I Love Your Site!!!"
      I just discovered your website this morning, and I am impressed. I love your message boards community, of which I have already become a member of. There are so many topics covered, I could spend all day reading everything. Thank you so much for having the insight and wisdom to see that a site like this is just what we, the general bowling public, needs. It's helpful without being overbearing and too technical. I will be visiting daily (I can see that right now!)
Cookie Crossley 

-A Special Thanks!!
      I want to thank you for the "Kegler's Connection", especially "Tip of the Week" By George Freeman. I have been working on improving my game for the past three years. Lately, there always seems to be a tip that has been a tremendous help to me that would have taken weeks, if at all, to get on my own. is a must read for all bowlers who are serious about their game. Again, thanks to all for your endless effort!
Georgia Goins 

-Thank You George
      I'm the mother of a young bowler in Jacksonville, FL. We were in Satellite Beach, Florida last weekend for a Loschetter Scholarship tournament, and had the pleasure of meeting George Freeman. My son has only been bowling for 3 years, and is averaging 161 in his league, so he was in the lower division of the tournament. George was talking to some of the kids in the upper division who are friends of my son David. The kids explained that George was a professional bowler and wrote for your web site.

      George was very kind and made sure he was included in the conversation, and even slapped David's hand when he got a spare or strike, just like the other kids. That made David feel pretty good that a pro bowler took the time to notice him. I've been reading through your web site and I have to say that it is very impressive, I love the stories and the tips from everyone, David has read all of George's tips.

      Please tell him that he made David's day. Thanks again, I'll be visiting your site often.
Kathy Travers 


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