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Fall 2010 Week 2 results

by on Sep.20, 2010, under League News

I had been working on a draft post with Steve about getting the standings into an HTML table in posts, and, while not perfect-looking, it allows me to easily edit everyone’s names and get it looking more or less the way we want, so this is the first official post with the standings in an HTML table. We can’t do this with the results at this time, however, so those will continue to be uploaded as PNG images with “jury-rigged” names (for now).

And now, the standings (pay attention to the bulletin board, everyone):

Results for Week No. 2 of 16 09/19/2010
Bowling Community Mixed Virtual –

PosTm# TeamWonLostPct TotPinsAveGmSer
12Furious Five12.02.085.7570795110102865
254 + sk8 = #
48Five Fingers of Death9.05.064.3555992610302866
615 Blind Squirrels5.09.035.7562493710372884

———- Year To Date High Scores ———-

High Scr Game-TeamScore  High Scr Series-TeamScore
4 + sk8 = #1 1118  4 + sk8 = #1 3158
Cell 6 1047  Cell 6 3025
5 Blind Squirrels 1037  Team 7 2889

High Hcp Game-TeamScore  High Hcp Series-TeamScore
4 + sk8 = #1 1118  4 + sk8 = #1 3158
5 Blind Squirrels 1076  Cell 6 3025
Cell 6 1047  5 Blind Squirrels 3001

High Scr GameScore  High Scr SeriesScore
sk8shorty01298  sk8shorty01802
VampyreBowler280  Joe Bowler741
Joe Bowler278  Dennis Michael729

High Hcp GameScoreHigh Hcp SeriesScore

—- Last Week’s High Scores (Week of 09/19/2010) —-

High Scr Game-TeamScore  High Scr Series-TeamScore
4 + sk8 = #1 1118  4 + sk8 = #1 3158
5 Blind Squirrels 1037  5 Blind Squirrels 2884
Furious Five 1010  Furious Five 2865

High Hcp Game-TeamScore  High Hcp Series-TeamScore
4 + sk8 = #1 1118  4 + sk8 = #1 3158
5 Blind Squirrels 1076  5 Blind Squirrels 3001
Five Fingers of Death 1014  Furious Five 2865

High Scr GameScore  High Scr SeriesScore
VampyreBowler280  sk8shorty01802
sk8shorty01278  Dennis Michael729
Dennis Michael257  VampyreBowler686

Tm 1 5 Blind Squirrels
  Total   -YTD-Scr-
NamePinsGmsAve GamSer
VampyreBowler*13906231 280704
PBAprince8426140 186468
Dennis Michael13196219 257729
10PinGaloot10686178 230565
Richie V.10056167 247530
Tm 2 Furious Five
  Total   -YTD-Scr-
NamePins GmsAve GamSer
Joe Bowler*13596226 278741
aoiten9096151 178465
Smooth Stroker11606193 225610
fredboost11076184 219562
Domokun11726195 235627
Tm 3 AAA
  Total   -YTD-Scr-
NamePins GmsAve GamSer
Vic44*12976216 248657
dagin10146169 193539
wklstoy12516208 246647
jwill9696161 217522
browngl0611856197 256618
Tm 4 Team 4
  Total   -YTD-Scr-
NamePins GmsAve GamSer
leftykev*11776196 234589
beefers18746145 180478
lakredrai11036183 226615
JackZ10026167 211559
Don_Ebarb10276171 192519
Tm 5 4 + sk8 = #1
  Total   -YTD-Scr-
NamePins GmsAve GamSer
sk8shorty01*15416256 298802
MikeHL11496191 231629
trekguy10766179 212543
TAR3112326205 239635
cgeorg5493183 198549
Tm 6 Cell 6
  Total   -YTD-Scr-
NamePins GmsAve GamSer
Russ I.*11486191 225585
B-Hammer9026150 199480
demos11616193 259657
Calvin Pistorio12706211 253636
Taylor S.12416206 254667
Tm 7 Team 7
  Total   -YTD-Scr-
NamePins GmsAve GamSer
General Pounder*11856197 253635
TheKid10896181 193556
lebowski12066910646177 219578
Upriser11376189 202583
Tim Gerard10556175 223566
Tm 8 Five Fingers of Death
  Total   -YTD-Scr-
NamePins GmsAve GamSer
Matrix900*5523184 223552
Rocket10386173 201554
Norm3v12506208 237641
Gemfire11406190 212582
ijohn8310576176 199537

Bulletin Board

First, sk8shorty01 has done it again, as he submitted the first 800 series in
the history of this league, which is, of course, a new individual series
record. His team, 4 + sk8 = #1, also set new team game and series records,
and all of these will be recognized on the “Honor Roll” page. Congrats!

Also, congratulations to MikeHL, who submitted new personal bests for game
and series. I know you’re working hard in practice, Mike, and it’s finally
starting to show in results.

Finally, I took demos’ scores from his team’s thread because I think he did
not realize the problem with the submission form had been fixed. He has
been alerted in PM that he must submit via the form next week or it won’t count.

And the results:

Good luck this week, everyone. 😀

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by on Sep.15, 2010, under

Below are the rules used by the BowlingCommunity Mixed Virtual League. This page will be updated as warranted.

Team composition and league schedule: The Fall 2016 virtual league is an unsanctioned mail-o-graphic league (as defined in the USBC rulebook under Rule 100l) consisting of seven (7) five-man teams. The first week of competition will be the week of Sept. 5-11 and will end with the week of Dec. 12-18. Each team will face each other team twice, including a vacant, with a single position round in the last week.

Acceptable scores and submission rules

  1. All bowlers must use scores from either one of their actual leagues (must be the same league each week, with exceptions noted below) or from open bowling.
  2. Scores will be submitted via the “Submit Your Scores” form page on the league site (, which should be edited to reflect this league’s schedule by the time competition starts. Exceptions to this rule may be made on a case-by-case basis, particularly if the scores can be verified on a third-party website (,, bowling center and league websites).
  3. The league week runs from the opening of business on Monday to the close of business on Sunday (including early Monday morning). For centers that are open 24 hours a day, the league week will end at 11:59 PM local time on Sunday. All bowling must be started during the league week (for 24-hour centers, that means the first game must start by the end of the league week).
  4. The deadline for submitting scores will be 5:00 PM Eastern time (GMT -4 during US Daylight Savings Time, GMT -5 during US Standard Time) on the Monday following each league week.
  5. The secretary cannot be responsible for scores never received, including those that may have had errors in transmission. If you doubt your scores got through, please contact the secretary either by email to the league account (virtualbcleague_at_gmail_dot_com) or on the forums before the deadline time. If there seems to be a problem with transmission of scores, an extension to the deadline may be granted. The secretary, however, will make every effort to confirm scores received.
  6. Because some bowlers won’t be bowling leagues during major national holidays, those bowlers whose leagues aren’t meeting because of holidays in a given week may either submit other league scores or pre- or post-bowl with open bowling, as long as it’s on the same general lane condition (house shot for house shot, and sport condition for sport condition). The other league or open bowling used should be in the same bowling center (however, this is flexible, particularly for those posting scores bowled on sport conditions). A bowler who has or will miss his regular league night may attempt to make the week up in the same fashion. Pre-bowling on the week before a scheduled league week will count for the scheduled week to be missed. If a bowler will be away for an extended period and wants to pre-bowl further in advance than one week, please clear the pre-bowling with the secretary first. Pre-bowling will be applied to a bowler’s average record as scores are submitted and received.
  7. If a bowler’s league from which he is submitting scores ends before the virtual league ends, the remaining weeks of the virtual league schedule should be treated as holidays.
  8. In all cases where other scores are used, scores must still be in by the deadline for that week. You can specify the week scores are being submitted for with a drop-down list on the form.
  9. Bowlers who need to correct their scores during the week (before the deadline) may simply resubmit with the correction, noting said correction in the message field provided on the submission form.
  10. Bowlers noticing an error in a submitted set of scores may submit corrections following the deadline by bringing them to the secretary’s attention, but must be able to have the scores verified by the secretary, otherwise, the originally-submitted set will stand uncorrected.
  11. Bowlers whose leagues bowl more than three games per series must submit only the first three games of the series.

Absentees, dropped bowlers, and vacancies:

  1. A bowler will be considered absent for the week if he/she fails to submit scores by the deadline for that week, and that bowler’s score for each game will be his/her average minus 10 pins.
  2. Any bowler who is absent for two consecutive weeks will be deemed to have quit and will be dropped from the league, unless the secretary is notified by the bowler that he was absent with reasonable cause. Absent for this purpose will be defined as failure to submit a score for at least one game in a given week. Such bowlers will be given the opportunity to submit for the third consecutive week, but a vacant or replacement bowler’s score will be used if there is no submission, as outlined below.
  3. Bowlers missing 2 or more consecutive weeks due to unusual circumstances (long illness, natural disaster, etc.) may appeal to the league secretary.
  4. Bowlers missing three total weeks without reasonable cause may be considered dropped from the league without notice.
  5. Bowlers missing Week 1 of the schedule without reasonable cause may also be dropped.
  6. If there is a waiting list available for the league, a dropped bowler will be replaced from the waiting list, with the entry average of the new bowler matching that of the dropped bowler as closely as possible, with sign-up order being the tiebreaker.
  7. If two or more teams need replacement bowlers in the same week, and two or more bowlers with the same entering average can fill those spots, the bowlers will be assigned in their order of sign-up, first to the team that needs a bowler closest in average to the entering average in question, then, if the average spread for the spots is the same, to the team lowest in the current league standings.
  8. If there is no one available on the waiting list, a dropped bowler will be replaced with a vacant score of 200 until there is a sign-up. A vacant score will also be used in the event a bowler is dropped in Week 1.
  9. Any bowler who needs to quit for any reason should give the secretary proper notice, in which case the bowler’s blind score will be used for the week the bowler gives his notice (unless he is also submitting scores for his last week), and replaced the following week using the substitution rules stated previously; if such notice is given on a Monday by the submission deadline for the week previous, then the substitution can take effect that week.
  10. If an eligible replacement fails to submit a set of scores in his first week, he will be ruled ineligible for the remaining weeks of the league schedule. The team such replacement was assigned to will receive the vacant score for the week, and the next eligible bowler on the replacement list will be assigned to that team. The league secretary, however, will make every reasonable effort to contact replacement bowlers for their first week in an attempt to make sure this rule doesn’t have to be used.
  11. A regular bowler can request a substitute for a given week of bowling, provided he does so in writing to the secretary by the score submission deadline for the week previous to the week being missed. Such substitute will be drawn from the available pool of replacement bowlers and be subject to the above rules governing replacement bowlers, with an additional first tiebreaker of fewer games bowled in the league. If there is no substitute available, the bowler must either make the week up with another score by the deadline or take his absentee score. Temporary subs will only be eligible for the position round if they have at least 6 games in the league prior to the position round.
  12. In all cases where a sub or a permanent replacement is needed, current average will be used whenever possible.

Eligibility for league champion status: A bowler on a championship team will be eligible for league champion status (meaning the custom forum rank; all bowlers participating on a championship team other than temporary subs will be listed on the “Honor Roll” page) if he/she participated (was not absent) for at least half of the league schedule (8 weeks, or 24 games). Replacement bowlers are eligible for the forum rank if they replaced a regular bowler for enough weeks to be eligible.

Scoring system and handicap: A bowler’s entering average will be used only during his/her first week, and league (“real”) average thereafter. Handicap will be 90% using the team difference method (only the lower-average team receives handicap). Teams will compete for 7 points per week, 2 for each game based on team score, and 1 for series total. Teams bowling against the vacant must bowl within 50 pins of the team’s average each game to win points. Ties for position for position rounds will be broken by total scratch pins.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask on the forums.

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Fall 2010 Week 1 results

by on Sep.13, 2010, under League News

A couple of notes…

First, I had hoped to make HTML tables of everything and edit those names that needed it, but the table as generated would’ve been too big for the blog, and having little experience with HTML tables, I didn’t want to muck with the coding. As a compromise, I put everything up as PNG images, and the standings report is 32 KB file size, so this shouldn’t suck up too much bandwidth. The drawback is that I had to leave the names of everyone as I have them in Perfect Secretary. I think everyone can figure out who is who, though. 🙂

Second, I think everyone will like the new recap sheets, as they bear a good resemblance to the paper recaps we’ve all seen.

Without further ado, here are the standings after Week 1:

And the recaps:

Congratulations to sk8shorty01, who submitted an 11-in-a-row 298, which will be recognized on the “Honor Roll” page. For now, Cell 6 (record 5-man scratch series) and Team 5 (record 5-man scratch game) will also be recognized on the “Honor Roll” page. It should be noted that Team 5 had the high game this week despite an absent member (cgeorg, whose sport league starts tonight and was absent because he couldn’t find a sport shot to “practice” on).

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