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This page answers some common questions people may have about the BowlingCommunity Mixed Virtual League.

Q: Who may join the BowlingCommunity Mixed Virtual League?
A: Any user of the forums who is in good standing (not banned), or who “Likes” the page on Facebook, may join.

Q: How much does it cost to participate in the league?
A: Being that only runs the league for fun, pride, and bragging rights on the forums, the league is free to participate in (aside from what you pay your regular league or to your bowling center for open bowling).

Q: I’m not a very good bowler. Is this league for me?
A: The league, because it’s run similar to a league in your “brick and mortar” bowling centers, with teams and handicaps, welcomes bowlers of every skill level.

Q: How does the league work?
A: Most members submit their scores each week from one of their real leagues, but you can use open bowling scores, as well. The league has teams like most “real” leagues. On a related note, the lane condition you’re on should be consistent. Mostly, this affects sport conditions: if you submit from a Sport Bowling league or open bowling on sport conditions, make sure you’re always on a sport condition and not a “house shot.”

Q: Do I need a team to join?
A: No, and we actually discourage whole teams from signing up. What happens is that teams are formed based on a draft system that uses each bowler’s entering average in a certain order (for the most part) to form up the teams. We do this to get the teams’ starting averages as close as possible, and the league usually ends up being very competitive this way. Also, because each team will have its own thread in the “Virtual League” forum, this is actually a good way to get to know different members of the forums better.

Q: I’m interested in being in the league. How do I join?
A: A sign-up form is provided. The form also contains information on what averages we’ll accept, among other things, so please read it.

Q: Can I join in mid-season?
A: Sign-ups for the next league usually open in April for the fall league, and November for the winter league. If you want to join a league currently running, that will mostly depend on whether teams have vacancies. If there are no vacancies, you will be placed on a replacement list instead, and you will be eligible to join if a bowler quits or drops out of the league. Recently, we also started having floating subs available for bowlers who know they can’t submit in a given week. We also allow the subs who don’t make it on a team as a regular team member to join the next league without having to sign up again. In short, feel free to sign up anytime. 😀

Q: Where can I find the league rules?
A: The league’s “rulebook” can be found here. It contains, among other things, the league’s score submission rules (including a link to the form we use for the purpose), substitution procedure, and scoring (handicap and how many points per week teams are competing for) system. It may be changed to reflect stuff like league schedules.

Q: Is the week-to-week schedule (where teams can see who they’re bowling against) posted somewhere?
A: No. The reason for this is to minimize the advantage the bowlers who bowl later in the week have of knowing what they need to score to win points for their teams.

Q: Where can I see each week’s results?
A:: There will be a post to the league’s blog each week, which will have the week’s “recaps” and an updated standings sheet. To assist users in finding the posts, each post will be linked in a thread on the forums, in which “league business” is sometimes conducted. Note: Since the recaps and standings are posted in the form of PNG images and we’ve had problems in the past with the main league page loading too many images, a post on the page will have a sort of introduction with a couple of “see more” type links that will take you to the full post, which will have the images. The league’s blog can be subscribed to by RSS or email, and you may also follow @bowlingfans on Twitter to be alerted to the posting of results.

Q: Does the league give out awards?
A: Being mostly that the league is unsanctioned, the league does not give out physical awards. However, the league will recognize champions and high scores (records and honor scores) on the league site and the forums. Also, things like personal best scores and other “unusual” achievements (clean series, triplicates, etc.) will be noted on the standings sheet in the “bulletin board” section, so make sure you use the optional message field on the score submission form to bring them to the secretary’s attention. The standings sheet will also note the overall and weekly team scratch, individual scratch, and individual over average high scores (game and series). Also, since we recognize that many forum users join the league out of curiosity about how their bowling matches up with other forum members, we also publish the average of the league at-large for the week and for the season on the standings sheet, and post a report on the distribution of games and series in various score ranges at the end of the season.

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