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Rulebook for Fall 2010 league

by on Aug.31, 2010, under League News

Welcome everyone to the Fall 2010 edition of the BowlingCommunity Mixed Virtual League. These are the rules we will be working with; any changes made to these rules due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. limitations of the Perfect Secretary software) will be noted in a comment to this post, so keep checking back just in case.

Team composition and league schedule: The Fall 2010 league will consist of eight (8) five-man teams. The first week of competition will be the week of Sept. 6-12 and will end with the week of Dec. 20-26. Each team will face each other team twice, with a position round after each run through the round-robin.

Score submission: Scores will once again be submitted via the “Submit Your Scores” form page on the league site ( ), which should be edited to reflect this league’s schedule by the time competition starts. Deadline for submitting scores will be 5:00 PM Eastern time (GMT -4 during US Daylight Savings Time, GMT -5 during US Standard Time) on the Monday following each league week. Note: Because some bowlers won’t be bowling leagues during major national holidays, those bowlers whose leagues aren’t meeting because of holidays in a given week are urged to either submit other scores or pre-bowl (you can specify the week scores are being submitted for with a drop-down list on the form).

Absentees, dropped bowlers, and vacancies: A bowler will be considered absent for the week if he/she fails to submit scores by the deadline for that week, and that bowler’s score for each game will be his/her average minus 10 pins. New rule: Because we had a few bowlers quit during the last league and their absentee scores were used the rest of the way, from now on, any bowler who is absent for two consecutive weeks will be deemed to have quit and will be dropped from the league. Bowlers missing 2 or more consecutive weeks due to unusual circumstances (long illness, natural disaster, etc.) may appeal to the league secretary (me). If there is a waiting list available for the league, a dropped bowler will be replaced from the waiting list, with the entry average of the new bowler matching that of the dropped bowler as closely as possible. If there is no one available on the waiting list, a dropped bowler will be replaced with a vacant score (183, the last average used in team selection) until there is a sign-up.

Eligibility for league champion status: A bowler on a championship team will be eligible for league champion status if he/she participated (was not absent) for at least half of the league schedule (8 weeks).

Scoring system and handicap: A bowler’s entering average will be used only during his/her first week, and league (“real”) average thereafter. Handicap will be 90% of the difference between the team averages added to the score of the lower average team. Teams will compete for 7 points per week, 2 for each game based on team score, and 1 for series total. Ties for position for position rounds will be broken by total pinfall with handicap.

If there are any questions, feel free to comment to this post.

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  • Richie

    Because the league software allows it, and because only half of the teams will get handicap every week, ties for position will be broken by total scratch pins instead of total pins with handicap.

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