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Kegler's Connection

   September 5, 1999

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Abbreviated Kegler's Connection
     ~ Tip of the Week
     ~ GSTDSteveM Takes a Bye
     ~ Rick's Report from Rockford
  * PWBA/PBA News
     ~ Kim Adler Named Bowler of the Month
     ~ Tom Baker to Hall of Fame
     ~ Rules Interpretations via E-mail
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Abbreviated Kegler's Connection *****
Happy Labor Day weekend from the folks at the Bowling Forum. We're offering an abbreviated issue this week so you can get back to the barbecues and other end-of-summer fun. We'll be back full steam ahead next week.

***** GSTDSteveM Takes a Bye *****
Due to the Labor Day holiday weekend, GSTDSteveM will be taking a bye from his Scrambler and chat Monday evening. Please join him again next week! Of course, the room will be open, so if you're home relaxing on Monday evening, feel free to drop by.

***** Tip of the Week *****
This week's tip comes from GSTDMaul, better known as George Freeman, our card-carrying PBA Southern Region member.

The old saying goes, "You play like you practice." Same for bowling. When you practice, work on things you need to improve on. If you feel your game is pretty sound, go out for a 4, 5, or 6 game block, and play pretend. Imagine you are at a tournament, and put yourself in different situations. Maybe you're close to the window, and you need a good game to put you over the top. Push yourself. The more often you practice, the easier the job will be when you have to get it done for real.

***** Rick's Report from Rockford *****
By Rick Benoit
The PWBA Players Championship was held in Rockford, Ill. The tournament was held at Cherry Bowl, home of the PWBA. What a week it was! The field was thrown a curve ball on the first day of qualifying. It is my understanding that the reputation for the tournament here in Rockford is plenty of hook. We saw that during the practice session, but when the first morning of qualifying came around, the reputation was shot down. The only hook you could find was in the front part of the lane. It has been a long time since I have seen a pattern that benefits an armswing that yanks the ball over the left toe. Most bowlers are not comfortable doing this and prefer to try something else before they resort to such extremes. It was possible to find a way to get close to the pocket, but the bowler was going to lose ground to the field.

The left side did not have the same problems down lane. The had an oil line to help them inside of their target line but when they made a mistake left they were able to find more recovery and their carry was much better as a whole. There was an oil line around 10 and as the oil built up down lane, the wall just got bigger and bigger. If a bowler had the ability to eliminate the front part of the lane with their physical game, they could use strong enough equipment to help their down lane reaction and carry. The girls that were forced to use weaker equipment to get through the front or were forced to move left into the oil and project right were at a severe disadvantage.

To show this, I will mention some names that did not fair too well this week and you will find it is a Who's Who list of Top PWBA players.

A 43 Adler, Kim - Las Vegas, Nev. -45
A 44 Gardner, Julie - Huntington Beach, Calif -48
A 45 Moriarty, Laura - Daytona Beach, Fla. -51
A 46 Schmidt, Jan - Rochelle, Ill. -54
A 47 Ray, Shana - Corpus Christi, Texas -83
A 48 Sill, Aleta - Dearborn, Mich. -98
A 49 Ellis, Jody - Durban, S. Africa -103
A 50 Smith, Theresa - Indianapolis, Ind. -126
A 51 Navarro, Esther - Killeen, Texas -132
A 52 Barrette, Leanne - Pleasanton, Calif. -148
A 53 Canady, Kim - Oakland, Calif. -169
A 54 Larson, Jennifer - Ontario, NY -174
A 55 Blomenberg, Alayne - Cranston, R.I. -195
A 56 Shiery, Sandra Jo - Coldwater, Mich. -198
A 57 Burski, Gail - Simi Valley, Calif. -206
A 58 Hall, Julie - Frankenmuth, MI -214
A 59 Mullan, Audry - Glen Allen, V.A. -229
A 60 Pryson, Buffy - Kalamazoo, Mich. -237
A 61 Hainsworth, Willie - Idaho Falls, Idaho -247
A 62 Norman, Brenda - Indianapolis, Ind. -249
A 63 Lockitski, Charlene - N Olmsted, OH -263
A 64 Gianotti-Block, Carol - Perth, W. Austral -286
A 65 Nichols, Lorrie - Algonquin, Ill. -359
A 66 Snyder, Jacki - Cooksville, Ill. -468
A 67 Gianulias, Nikki - Vallejo, Calif. -46 WD

This was not a case of these bowlers physically bowling bad. It was a case of not physically matching up to the conditions they were competing on. Looking at the girls that made matchplay and comments about each.

1 Bishop, Lisa - Belleville, Mich.
Lisa plays an oil line very well. She generally played inside of most of the field and used the hold to the left extremely well. Lisa is one of the girls that has pro shop experience and feels comfortable using a variety of equipment. This week she used mostly a Faball Tour Offset, she also used a Brunswick Control Zone and the last night block she bowled well with a Brunswick Parker Bohn MVP series. She was able to blend out the wet/dry left to right because of the traction the Bohn ball has in on the show. This is a ball she did not use during the week. We have all heard about bowlers using different balls on the show than they used during the week. Well, this is a week that I saw a lot of that. It looks like Lisa made all the right choices this week. She is a wonderful talent.

2 Johnson, Tish - Northridge, Calif.
Tish Johnson looked like the force we all know she is. Watching her compete is a cross between intimidation and entertainment. She is as fierce as they come but I saw her having a lot of fun out on the lanes. Tish is on Visionary staff and I am not too familiar with their line of equipment so I do not want to guess what she was using. It was a blue ball if you know which one that was. I just went to their web site and I think it was the Blue Warlock that she was using.

3 Stanbrough, Tiffany - Oklahoma City, Okla
Tiffany had a great reaction all week. She was using a lot of ball speed and recognized both hold and swing. She is able to create an advantage over the field because of the energy her ball has at the pins. Tiffany's ball is rarely effected by the front part of the lane and when she sees both hold and swing she is going to be tough. Tiffany is on Storm staff and used an El Nino Wrath and a Meteor Storm.

4 Rider, Stacy - La Habra, Calif.
Stacy had a great week and she got better and better as the week went along. Stacy was using a Storm Skybolt almost the entire week. Stacy matched up to the pattern well because of her ability to get the ball through the front and keep the ball on line without loosing energy in the ball.

5 Davidson, Dede - Woodland Hills, Calif.
Great bowling and the only thing that kept her from winning this tournament was Lisa Bishop. I think she had the right look on the show and when she likes what she sees she can get real loose. No TV fright with her. Dede was using Faball equipment this week. She was using the Violet Offset most of the time. The ball choices on TV were effected by incentives more this week then I usually see and many times it does not work out when the bowler chooses a ball because of incentives but I have to say that the balls the Dede and Lisa chose to use on the show actually looked good. I felt the front of the lane was a little tighter allowing the balls they were using to retain more energy than they had all week, while the girls that tried to use the balls they used all week recognized less friction, creating speed sensitivity and loss of carry.

6 Swanson, Jennifer - Shelton, Conn.
7 Miller-Mackie, Dana - Albuquerque, N.M.
Dana was the lone left hander in the finals that did not make the show and I thought all along that she would. I did not stay close enough to Dana to say what happened but when I did watch her it looked like she was a couple boards left of the other left handers, so she may not have seen the hold that the other girls had. Seemed like every time I watched her she had a good reaction, and the next thing you know she had a 170 game. So my guess is that she was playing a part of the lane that had a greater difference from pair to pair. Dana was using a combination of equipment this week. She used a Navy Quantum, Imperial Quantum, an AMF Night Hawk, and she tried a Violet Offset Hammer for a couple games.

8 Johnson, Liz - Niagara Falls, N.Y.
It was nice to see Liz back competing again. She has had some back problems and even though she was back and bowling well, I think she is not over the problems yet. She said she is doing a lot of stretching exercises and they seem to help. All bowlers should learn a lesson from all the back pain that is so obvious in our sport. I think all bowlers should include a regular stretching program into their schedule. Once you hurt your back, it takes a long time to get back to where you once were. Liz is on Hammer staff and I saw her using a Blue Maxxx for the most part. You should have seen Liz, I swear she was playing fallback from 3rd arrow at times.

9 McMullen, Debbie - Denver, Colo.
Debbie McMullen, known as Froggy by some--I guess she has a strong feeling for slimy green things that hop. Well, she got to see some slimy conditions this week. She made a little green and she had the fans hopping as she used her ability to play up the boards to strike with the rest of the field. She was playing a little too far right to go from lane to lane with the type of consistency in reaction the leaders had. The problem was the front part of the lane from where she was at. She had hold down the lane on every pair but on some pairs the early hook created confusion. If she was using equipment that would have allowed her to move left of the hook in the heads I think she could have avoided the 170 games that slowed her charge especially at night. When it was good, it was good and when it was bad Froggy needed to jump left and set on the lily wall that was on the other side of the early hook.

10 Stewart, Krissy - Cape Coral, Fla.
11 Norman, Carol - Ardmore, Okla.
Carol is Storm staff and used storm equipment, but I am not sure what she used most.

12 Coburn-Carroll, Cindy - Tonawanda, N.Y.
I was very proud of Cindy because we had worked on a new hand position that would allow her to play closer to the oil line and she was terrific. She was using a lot softer hand and less tilt. I had her closing down the lane more than she was comfortable with and I told her to make it feel like she was yanking it over her left toe. I laughed later when she told me that she actually hit her left toe a couple times. I don't call that bad bowling I call that playing the lanes properly. You have to do what the lanes tell you to do, even if it means repolishing your shoes.

13 Kelly, Linda - Dayton, Ohio
Linda Kelly, fresh off a regional victory, in Las Vegas bowled very well this week. She used a combination of Brunswick equipment including an Impact Zone and Control Zone. Linda was attempting to open the lane to the right a little and that is a testament to her bowling because that was a disadvantage this week, and she still did well.

14 Chicase, Marla - Poland, Ohio
Marla managed to work her way up from 24th to 14th. Good bowling, Marla. Marla used and Brunswick Impact Zone most of the time.

15 Mitskavich, Jackie - DuBois, Pa.
Jackie MOMskavich made the trip to Rockford along with her newborn daughter. She was obviously a happy mom. Making matchplay was a bonus because I am sure she came to Rockford to show off her daughter. Just teasing, Jackie.

16 Barnes, Lynda - Wichita, Ks
Lynda has had a wonderful summer swing and continued by using a lot of physical tools to match up to the patterns they are competing on. Lynda is on Brunswick Staff and used a combination of Brunswick balls--Attitude III, Mike Aulby, Control Zone, Walter Ray Williams MVP and Parker Bohn MVP.

17 Macpherson, Wendy - Henderson, Nev.
Wendy used Track and Columbia equipment. I saw her use an Extreme Chaos and a Track Contender.

18 Wagner, Lisa - Bradenton, Fla.
Lisa used a variety of Brunswick equipment. She made quite a few ball changes looking for something that would give her what the other girls have. The problem she had was too much hand. We all remember Lisa as a straight player, but the new Lisa has more revs off her hand than she use to. That usually is an advantage but not this week. Her tilt combined with the additional revs off her hand created early reaction as she moved closer to the dry, but the conditions were not meant to be played from left to right and Lisa had a tough time getting away from the over/under reaction.

19 Mullen, Michelle - Chicago, Ill.
Michelle found herself using most of matchplay trying out how she could match up to this type of pattern better. She really looked good at times but you could tell she was not enjoying what the lane wanted her to do. A bowler has to feel good about making the finals when they have to use their "D" game and leaving Rockford with another matchplay appearance is about as much as could be expected for Michelle with the conditions that were out there.

20 Cameron, Kendra - Gambrills, Md.
Storm staff, when I saw her bowling well it was with a Fire Power.

21 Rondeau, Shannon - Milwaukee, Ore.
Shannon looked like she was going to tear the field up at times. She has a unique game that combines an extreme amount of tilt with a lot of speed and when it works, it is a tank and when it doesn't it is a top. Shannon is a bundle of excitement and provided some exciting moments for the fans as she was able to string some strikes.

22 Arrington, Michelle - Philadelphia, Pa.
I found out a couple things about Michelle this week. One is she can play up and oil line pretty well and even more impressive is her singing voice. She had the place rocking during Karaoke. Michelle use a combination of Brunswick and Ebonite equipment.

23 Feldman, Michelle - Skaneateles, N.Y.
Michelle what are you doing in these finals? You were my pick to be the trophy girl when I saw you made the finals. And the trophy I was talking about was not the one that was given out on the show. You had too many revs and too much angle through the front to beat many of these girls on this condition. Congratulations on making matchplay and thanks for the entertainment.

24 Johnson, Lilia - Lawton, Okla.
Lil made a big charge during qualifying to get into matchplay. She was not so fortunate during matchplay but it was great to see her rewarded for her efforts. Lil used a combination of Brunswick balls including an Impact Zone and Control Zone

Well, that was the week as it was, and now I am off to Muskegon to get ready for the fall swing. I will be with the Seniors down in Florida at the end of September for two tournaments, the second one being the Senior Tournament of Champions. And check this out--the winner will not only win the prize fund, they will win a fully furnished town home in the wonderful community called the Villages in Lady Lake Florida. Maybe I can help one of the guys win this home and they will be kind enough to let me borrow it for a week off.

See ya then!

*** PWBA/PBA News ***
*****Kim Adler Named BPAA Bowler of the Month*****

Kim Adler, after winning both the U.S. Open and the Lady Ebonite Classic in a five-day period and nearly won a third consecutive title a week later, has another honor to her credit--BPAA Bowler of the Month for the month of August. The Bowling Writers Association of America voted Adler in for the honor; Bob Learn, Jr., was runner up in the balloting.

***** Tom Baker to Hall of Fame *****
Congratulations go out to Tom Baker for being nominated to the PBA Hall of Fame. Baker enters the Hall of Fame in the Veterans/Senior class in November where ceremonies coincide with the Brunswick World Tournament in Kansas. For more information, visit PBA Tour.

*** ABC/WIBC ***
***** Rules Interpretations via E-mail *****
As leagues begin so do the disputes. So keep this e-mail address handy: [email protected] When trouble arises, just supply them with as much information as you can regarding the dispute, and the folks at Bowling, Inc., will provide you with answers to your league rules questions.

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 4 7/16
Brunswick (BC) 26 9/16

*** And Finally ***
The Bowling Forum hopes you enjoyed this abbreviated look at this week's bowling news. Have a safe holiday weekend, and we'll see you all next week. Please send your comments, questions, and suggestions to Bowling GSTDs.

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