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   September 19, 1999

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Telecast Schedule Update
     ~ Tip of the Week
     ~ Rick's Report--Life of a Tour Rep/Part II
     ~ PWBA Continues Give Away
     ~ Japan Cup Top Six
     ~ Tiered Membership Tests Enter Phase II
  * YABA
     ~ Future Champions Nominees Sought
     ~ Brunswick Debuts New Site for Kids
  * Team USA
     ~ FIQ/WTBA Members Announced
     ~ Jr Team USA Heads to Equador
     ~ Bill Hoffman Wins Inaugural Swedish Event
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Telecast Schedule Update *****
The fall swings on the Pro Tours are gearing up. Set your VCRs because there are weeks where there are *three* telecasts to choose from. The PBA Tour, the PBA Senior Tour, and the PWBA all have television agreements with ESPN and ESPN2 (The Duece). The Bowling Forum offers a very simple telecast schedule by air date for your viewing pleasure at PBA/PWBA Telecast Schedule (Available to AOL Members Only).

***** Tip of the Week *****
This week's tip of the week is brought to you by GSTDRage, Forum Leader and squad coordinating genius of the Bowling Forum.

The quickest way to make improvements in your game, of course, is PRACTICE. But what do you practice? How do you know you're making improvements, or are you just ingraining the same mistakes? There are times when an extra pair of eyes can be a huge help, and taking lessons from a qualified professional could be just the right tool for the job. I personally take lessons during the summer to help take the guesswork out of improving, and it is a nice feeling to be whipped into competition shape for when fall leagues start. From classroom-style discussions to videotaping bowling sessions at the beginning and end of the summer, it really helps to make bowling FUN and competitive again.

People balk at lessons and say "I can't afford lessons." How can you not? Why not invest in yourself? Sure, a new ball is a great ego boost, but remember, it's not the arrow, it's the Indian. For the price of a new ball, you could have half a dozen or more lessons, and you may find out you don't need that new ball after all.

***** Rick's Report--Life of a Tour Rep/Part II *****
By Rick Benoit
After the practice session, bowlers participate in the Pro-Ams, usually an hour after practice ends until 10:00 PM that evening. Most bowlers will bowl one Pro-Am session. We use the time between the practice session and the Pro-Ams to prepare the equipment the individual bowler will use that week.

The bowler will then work out the equipment and, if given the opportunity, will try and use it during the Pro-Am to get comfortable with the fit and reaction. While the Pro-Ams are going on, it is not uncommon to find bowlers on the empty pairs practicing for the next day of competition.

It is never known how busy practice day will be for a tour rep. It can be over a couple hours after practice....or you may not leave until the end of the last Pro-Am. That night while back in my room, I find my mind occupied with ball reaction and lane strategy until I drift off to sleep.

The first day of the qualifying: This will be another long day for us. Qualifying starts anywhere from 8:00 to 10:00 AM, depending on the number of bowlers and the size of the house where we are competing.

Bowlers compete all day long with breaks between squads. We get no breaks. I go from 7:30 in the morning to 10:30 at night pacing up and down the bowling center looking for the advantage, figuring out what it is going to take to compete with the leaders this week.

It's not an easy job, because every week--and every bowler--is different. That is the challenge. They not only bowl differently, they read lanes differently, they communicate differently, and they have different tools that they use to follow the transitions.

The second day of qualifying is very similar to the first except that the excitement and tension is at a higher level and the challenges are amplified. Each squad has six more games of qualifying before the field is cut to the top 24. Approaching the bowlers and communicating with them can be touchy.

Imagine a bowler close to the number making a change at your advice only to fall on his face. It's not a job for the timid. Some players are more aggressive, while some bowlers tend to play a little more defensively. A tour rep has to be able to communicate with both.

Most of us are fairly opinionated, but I try to understand that I only give advice, it's up to the player to make the choice. I hate to admit it, but my way is not the only way.

When the cut is only a couple of games away, you will generally find most of the bowlers who are close in the bowl watching the numbers. The PBA will post the last cut spot after each game so the bowlers have an idea where they stand.

None of the numbers are official until after qualifying is complete, the scores are checked and each player's equipment is rechecked. IT makes for an exciting, but nerve-wracking time. Once the cut is made, the top 24 return for matchplay that evening.

There is a three-to-four-hour break before matchplay, about the first break the reps have had. But we still have business to take care of. After the cut, things start to narrow down. The difference between first and 24th can sometimes be nothing more than carry percentage. This can mean drilling more equipment or rethinking lane strategy.

At the same time, those bowlers who did not make the cut will begin to practice so they are more comfortable with their choices the next time they see a similar condition. This can mean spending time on the lane with them or preparing equipment.

(to be concluded next week)

*** PBA/PWBA ***
***** PWBA Continues Give Away *****
The PWBA continues to award lucky winners $100 a day, and $200 on Fridays pulling the winning names from members of its PWBA Fan Club. Members pay $29.95 for the membership which includes a PWBA portfolio (notepad) with solar calculator and pen, a semiannual newsletter, and chances for the daily prizes, concluding with a $50,000 grand prize on Christmas Day. For information and an application check out Page Title.

For a list of all the winners in the contest so far, check out Page Title.

***** Japan Cup Top Six *****
Saturday the Oronamin C Japan Cup top-six stepladder was contested. Although the show won't air until December 11 (on ESPN, thankfully with English voice-overs), it will air on September 25 in Japan. The Oronamin C Japan Cup marks the 11th consecutive victory for the 16-man PBA contingent, which has won 13 times versus twice for the JPBA team (1985 and '88). The PBA Tour also retained the Nakano Cup by easily winning the combined teams' 32-game qualifying pinfall totals, 111,488 to JPBA's aggregate of 106,324.

Vying for the $50,000 first place pay check were:

1 Parker Bohn III
2 Norm Duke
3 Jason Couch
4 Walter Ray Williams
5 Danny Wiseman
6 Pete Weber

And if you absolutely, positively need to know who won before it airs, please visit PBA Tour.

*** ABC/WIBC ***
****** Tiered Membership Test Continues *****
Over 100 ABC and WIBC associations nationwide are rolling out the second phase in the tiered membership test program. The second phase offers two levels, Platinum and Silver, with the Platinum level offering discounts on everything from entry to PBA and PWBA events to discounts at El Dorado Hotel and Casino in Reno and discounts to Dick Ritger's Camps. The Silver level is a more basic membership, but still contains some membership exclusives. Bowlers can now charge their memberships with Master Card or Visa as well. For more information on tiered membership and the associations participating in the test markets, please visit Bowl ABC.

*** YABA ***
***** Future Champions Nominees Sought *****
If you're a junior bowler between the grades of 7th through 12th, or you know of one, listen up. Bowling This Month magazine features a Future Champions Award, a $100 scholarship. Nominees are judged on bowling achievement, scholastic achievement, and service to the community. For more information, make sure to visit Home Page.

While at the site, make sure to visit the most comprehensive glossary of bowling terms on the Web.

***** Brunswick Debuts New Site for Kids *****
Brunswick Recreation Centers have created a web site just for kids. For kids who bowl in Brunswick centers, they will be able to access private areas of the site, as well. The biggest hit seems to be "Zone Pilot" a very interesting bowling-type game that seems to be a big hit with kids and frustrates most adults. The site can be accessed at Welcome to!

*** Team USA ***
***** FIQ/WTBA Members Announced *****
Bowl USA has announced the 12 members that will compete in the 14th Annual FIQ/WTBA World Championships in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in November 1999. Read all about it, and cheer them on!

The six men include the three most recent National Amateur Champions: defending champion Michael Mullin, John Gaines, Vernon Peterson, John Eiss, Tony Manna Jr., Bill Hoffman. The six women on the team are defending Women's National Amateur Champion Debbie Kuhn, immediate past National Amateur Champion Janette Piesczynski, Tennelle Grijalva, Kelly Kulick, Diandra Hyman and Robin Marshall.

***** Junior Team USA Heads to Ecuador *****
Junior Team USA members are competing in Ecuador in a series of friendship matches that will be held September 16-20. Competing in team, doubles and singles events, the youth bowlers representing the US will be bowling against youth from Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, and Brazil.

Representing the US will be Jackie Edwards, Rory Kalanquin, Missy Bellinder, Brian Hatcher, Essence Harris, Chris Jones, Kristal Scott, Brian Flugel, Amy Rocco, Robert Young, Gwen Douglas, and Derek Eoff. Read more about it at Bowl USA.

***** Bill Hoffman Wins Inaugural Swedish Event *****
TEAM USA 1999 member Bill Hoffman won his second European title within three months by defeating local favorite Anders Hermansson 234-215 en route to his win in the inaugural event of the Swedish Super Sixxxxxx Tour in August in Norrtaelje, Sweden. The 25 year old from Columbus, OH, walked away with $8,000, a trophy and the FIQ gold medal. The entire article can be found at Bowl USA.

*** Miscellaneous ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 4 7/16
Brunswick (BC) 25 5/8

*** And Finally ***
That's our story for this week, and we're sticking to it. If you like what you see each week in Kegler's Connection, great, we love the mail. If there are other areas we should be covering, let us know that too. With a small staff (you can count us on one hand), we depend on our readers for press releases, updates, and late-breaking news. Write us at Bowling GSTDs.

*** Help us reach more bowlers. If you're on AOL, tell your friends, teammates, and extended bowling family about Kegler's Connection and sent them this link Subscribe to the Newsletter (Available to AOL Members Only). But folks who don't have AOL can still receive KC every week in their e-mail box by e-mailing HOSTGSTDSteveM. Remember it's free, and they'll thank you for it, and so will we. Thank you!

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