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Kegler's Connection

   August 9, 1999

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Scrambler Winners
     ~ Rick's Report from the US Open
     ~ League Tune Up Next Week
  * PBA/PWBA News
     ~ PBA Race
     ~ PWBA Lady Ebonite Kentucky Classic
     ~ Eagle Named Bowler of the Month
  * ABC/WIBC News
     ~ Test Leagues Wanted
     ~ WIBC's Zodiacs Featured on Today Show
  * USA Bowling
     ~ Team USA Gets the Gold in Winnipeg
  * YABA News
     ~ Youth Masters & Coca Cola Winners
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
     ~ Mystery Men Opens
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Scrambler Winners *****
Congrats to our Scrambler winners:

1ST - Bowlman23 - 376
2ND - DEBOLOBO - 299
3RD - Alucar8946 - 94
4TH - EyeShot300 - 81
5TH - Tazypooh - 42

What exactly *is* Scrambler you ask? Scrambler is a chat game that tests your bowling know-how. GSTDSteveM scrambles the letters in bowling-related words, like the names of pro bowlers and the names of bowling balls (past and present). The players unscramble the words for points. At the end of the hour, the top five players will be recorded and printed in the next Kegler's Connection. Join GSTDSteveM Monday nights at 10 PM ET for Scrambler!

***** Rick's Report from the U.S. Open *****
By Rick Benoit
After several weeks of no PBA activity it was back to work at one of the most prestigious tournaments of the year, the U.S. Open. There were 360 bowlers and quite the mixture it was. The event had both men and women competition with participants from both the professional ranks and amateur ranks and several international competitors as well. It was quite the challenge from my stand point. With the additional players, many of whom I was unfamiliar with, and the men and women competing at the same time, both my mind and body were punished this week. I always appreciate the challenge of such events, but I sure am glad when they are over.

It was a wonderful week for those who wanted to see some of the best bowlers in the world. The PBA was not represented as strong as usual due to the timing of the event. The competition was very competitive and I was impressed with several bowlers that I had not seen before. As far as the conditions, we saw a typical pattern that Kegel likes to use and the transitions were very similar. The surface was good, the pair to pair comparisons were similar, with a few pairs that were seemingly tricky. The most obvious characteristic of the conditions was DON'T MISS LEFT unless you had the speed-to-rev ratio to create enough recovery that you could use more angle through the front. I will try and describe both the men's and women's conditions as they were applied the same, but because of the different styles of games they did not transition the same. I will start with the men.

There was basically two ways to play them and not much in between. Success could be had playing further outside with a couple boards of projection, to do this you wanted to reduce the rev rate and control your mistakes to the outside. The first board hooked a lot, you were better off if you could use a ball that would smooth out the reaction off of one and line up to use 2-3 as your target. If you combined a miss left with a bad armswing, you were sure to go through the face and using too many revs out meant for constant transition, so the high-rev players were forced away from this area.

The high-rev players were forced to use projection through the front part of the lane, and early on felt they could pretty much throw it right and get it back from anywhere. This changed as the week went along and because of this they were forced to move there breakpoint in to avoid the inconsistency closer to the gutter. There was nothing in the middle of the lane to use as hold so you needed projection through the front. There were several players that were confused with the day to day differences that the PBA players are used to seeing. The day-to-day differences were not as extreme as many we see on the PBA, but they certainly had an effect on many competitors. I felt that the recovery was obvious enough early in the week that many of the bowlers could stand left and throw right, and as the week went along the recovery was not as obvious and simply slowing it down was not effective because the amount of oil in the heads and pines was not enough to let the ball push through the front part of the lane. Those that chose to use firmer speed and increased revs had the challenge of finding consistency in reaction and the pair to pair became more difficult as the week went along. This was due to the slight build up of oil down lane and the lack of enough oil in the front. I felt the best way to deal with the situation was to use a weaker hand and a stronger coverstock. Since there was oil down the lane, the stronger coverstock was not as sensitive to the light build up of oil down lane and the reduced rev rate allowed the bowler to get the ball through the front part of the lane. This was not an option for some bowlers and those that chose to use weaker equipment to get the ball through the front found the back ends to be unpredictable. This was similar to what we see on the PBA tour but not quite as extreme.

On the women's side the lanes transitioned totally differently and that is a result of the reduced rev rate of the competitors. When I looked at the lane graph after a full day of competition, it was quite obvious how the players effect the conditions. I have seen this many times on both Senior and Ladies tour. The lower-rev rate does not need as much oil in the front part of the lane or near as much projection through the front part of the lane so the front and middle of the lane break down much slower and when it does the moves are usually parallel to the initial target lines. This will create a nice little groove in the worn area of the lane that allows the ladies to find help both left and right and once they match up their roll and equipment, all they have to do is follow it left. This was how the ladies' lanes broke down.

The lay down area was also a factor for the ladies. The ladies that needed more oil in the front part of the lane found the lanes to break down much quicker, were forced to use more projection or play a part of the lane that did not allow their carry percentage to stay up with the leaders. This became more apparent as the week progressed. As the oil built up down lane and the recovery became less obvious the bowlers with early roll characteristics became less a factor.

I will be joining the ladies tour in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Terre Haute, Indiana, and Rockford, Ill. I will be sure to let you know what is happening out there. Until then take it easy and don't forget to work on your spare game.


***** League Tune Up Next Week *****
Due to the length of this week's Kegler's Connection, we're dedicating next week's KC as the League Tune-up Edition, including a comparison of three leading league secretarial software programs, where to find the ABC/WIBC/YABA rule book online, how to get a rules interpretation, and other league oriented information.

*** PBA/PWBA News ***
***** PBA Tour News *****
The PBA Tour is taking their summer hiatus, but to see how the Player of the Year race is shaping up, click PBA Tour.

***** The Lady Ebonite Kentucky Classic *****
The Lady Ebonite Kentucky Classic will be aired on ESPN2 on August 10th at 4:30pm EDT. The top 5 are:

1. Leanne Barrette
2. Michelle Fieldman
3. Kim Adler
4. Anne Marie Dudgeon
5. Marianne DiRupo

To find out the final results, click PWBA.

***** Eagle Named BWAA Bowler of the Month *****
The Bowling Writer's Association of America has named Dale Eagle Bowler of the Month for July--his third time this year.

Eagle, a 53-year-old right-hander from Lewisville, Tex., set a PBA Senior Tour championship round record July 8 when he averaged 273 for four games, winning the Brentwood (Calif.) Senior Open. Eagle regularly competes on the regular PBA Tour as well.

*** ABC/WIBC News ***
***** Test Leagues Wanted *****
Ever complain that things are going wrong with the sport of bowling? Here's a chance for your league to be a guinea pig for change. Read about it at Bowl ABC.

***** WIBC Team Makes The Today Show *****
If you've ever wondered what to wear for team event, or thought you were being original only to get to Nationals and see 7 other teams with your shirts on, visit Bowl WIBC to read what team togs can really be.

Learn more about the Zodiacs by visiting their web site at Zodiacs of New Orleans.

*** Team USA ***
Congratulations for the men and women of Team USA for their performance at the Pan Am Games. The women's team of Tennelle Grijalva, Janette Piescynski, Kelly Kulick, and Debbie Kuhn won by 300 sticks over silver-medal team, Colombia. The men's team with bowlers John Eiss, John Gaines, Mike Mullin, and Tony Manna, Jr., didn't disappoint, and will return home with gold medals as well, never being up less than 190 pins.

Special congratulations to Janette Piesczynski and Michael Mullin for winning the gold and silver, respectively, in the Masters competition. Read all about Team USA and their triumphant performance at Bowl USA: News.

*** YABA News ***
Youth Master's 1999 Results are now official. Congrats to the participants and the scholarship winners.

Other juniors have been competing for scholarships in the Coca Cola Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Coca Cola Tournament starts with in-league qualifying by many juniors across the country, and moves to regional and state divisions. The children competing in Salt Lake have truly earned the respect of bowlers everywhere as they compete in several divisions for thousands of dollars in scholarships. The results are available at Bowl YABA: News.

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 4 3/4
BC (BC) 27 5/8

***** Mystery Men Opens Nationwide *****
Bowling has taken it on the chin at the box office in the last few years. Movies that were talked up as bowling movies weren't really about bowling, and then the ones that were about bowlers and bowling, well, they didn't cast the subject in the best possible light. Along comes Mystery Men which isn't a bowling movie, but mainstream critics are pointing out the performance of Janeane Garafalo as "The Bowler." The wonderful irony of a group of wannabe superheroes won't be lost on bowlers, either. For more info on Mystery Men, visit Bowl BOWLDOTCOM.

*** And Finally ***
Another week, another edition of Kegler's Connection. We hope as your summer winds down and your league season gears up we can keep you on top of all the latest bowling happenings. If there's something we're missing that you'd like to see, e-mail us at Bowling GSTDs and we'll see what we can do. If you know someone else who might enjoy a subscription, send them to Subscription on AOL and email HOSTGSTDSteveM if they're not.

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