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Kegler's Connection

   August 30, 1999

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand New/Exclusives
     ~ Chat with the Pros Chat Log Available
     ~ New Chats Debut
     ~ 16 Letter Screen Names Now in Chat
     ~ Tip of the Week
     ~ Rick's Report from Terre Haute
  * PWBA/PBA News
     ~ Time Change for Hammer Player's Championship
     ~ Great spots still available
     ~ Attendance for Reno Y2K is in the Top 10
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
     ~ IBPSIA to Join Bowl Expo
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Chat with the Pros Chat Log Available *****
The Bowling Forum wants to thank the Ladies Pro Staff of Brunswick: Lynda Barnes, Kim Canady, Cindy Coburn-Carroll, and Tammy Turner for joining fans in a very informative chat on Sunday. The fans asked great questions, and the ladies offered great insight into the women's tour. We'd like to especially thank GSTDBigBee for his help securing the chat and taking the pictures. If you weren't able to make the live chat, you can read the entire chat log at Bowling Library (Available to AOL Members Only).

***** New Chats Debut *****
Tuesday night chatters are in for a change. Join PBA Southern Region bowler, George Freeman as he transforms into GSTDMaul and hosts Chat from the Dark Side. Join Maul as he offers advice, pointers, and explains some of the darkest mysteries of bowling.

And to kick off the weekends, GSTDMaroon is throwing a TGIF chat party each week. Chatters can talk about the bowling week in review, and share tournament information while they celebrate the beginning of the weekend. To check out the new chat schedule, visit Bowling Chat (Available to AOL Members Only).

***** 16 Letter Screen Names Now in Chat *****
It's not often the Bowling Forum comments on things taking place in AOL at large, but this is good news. Have you thought of the perfect bowling screen name, but it was too long to fit in 10 letters? Screen names can now be 16 letters long, so if you always wanted to be "Down n In Bowler" or "No Resin For Me" or "Bracket Racket" or you want to name yourself after your favorite ball of all time ("Yellow Dot Dude"), do it! Have fun and be creative. The chat hosts have seen some great names already, but they're looking forward to even more. Go to AOL Screen Names (Available to AOL Members Only) for more information.

***** Tip of the Week *****
This week's tip comes from Jeff Piroozshad, a Ritger-certified bowling instructor and coach of the University of Miami bowling team.

In any sport, developing and maintaining one's balance is crucial to success. In tennis, getting ready to return your opponent's serve is a key moment when balance is needed. Similarly, baseball infielders need to keep their weight balanced between their left and right sides while they anticipate the arrival of a sharp line drive. One could go on, rattling off every sport, but we are bowlers. We are athletes. We require balance throughout the delivery of the ball. This tip will focus on one of the common problems bowlers have in maintaining balance at the foul line, and there are several. Some bowlers straighten up, not keeping their knee bent. Some lean over either too far or not enough with their upper bodies. There are also a great many who open their body excessively after the ball is released.

"What?" you're probably thinking. "But I already let go. What harm could happen if I turn my body after the ball is already gone?" It is not what happens after release that is the problem. The red flag goes up when the bowler realizes that something is happening during release that is causing the turned body. The open body is caused by a bowler who has too much momentum and force at the point of release. Generally, this translates into a bowler who pushes, or throws, the ball down the lane rather than let it roll freely off the bowler's hand. The result is usually a bowling ball that is not very accurate from shot to shot, either in speed, revolutions, line or angle, who knows? If at the foul line one's body generates this excess force, then the body has to compensate somehow. The body wants to go forward with the ball. It can't stop. But it does. That black line between the approach and the lane makes the body stop. The body doesn't want to go over the line, so it sends the "All engines, full stop!" command to the legs. The body does stop, but all that excess force has to go somewhere. That is what makes the body turn. The body won't go forward, but it will open up very easily, and the bowler finds him or herself pointing about 10-15 lanes to the right (right-handed bowler) often.

In conclusion, the turned body is a sure sign that the bowler does not have a free armswing, and that a loss of accuracy is the result. Repetition is the name of the game. High-skilled bowlers repeat shot after shot after shot with little or no variance. This is not possible until the armswing is as free as can be. One of the results: Body turning. The objective should not be to keep the body square at the line, rather it should be to free up the swing more and more until the body fixes itself.

***** Rick's Report from Terre Haute *****
By Rick Benoit, a Kegler's Connection exclusive
Just to let you know, I was able to find a basketball court during my week in Terre Haute, right outside the motel. What did you expect? It was Indiana, right? It was great stress relief to shoot baskets just to wind down.

The week in Terre Haute was a week of constant surprises. I cannot describe the conditions that were competed on this week because I would have to describe something different every day. What a challenge it was.

The pattern showed to be flatter than the week before, and it played that way, so creating recovery was a good thing early in the week, then somebody must have spilled the oil bucket, because there was a mess down lane. No seriousness meant.

Ball reaction would not allow the players to open up the lane with any consistency. It was a wood surface, and there was a definite reaction difference between the middle lanes of the house and the ends of the house. This is normal because of the lane activity through the years of operation of a bowling center. The lanes in the middle of the house generally have more lineage than the lanes on the end, so a ball reaction difference is expected. The fresher surfaces that you find on the end of the house provide less friction through the front part of the lane and the equates into more energy down lane. This can be a difference in carry for some bowlers or more hook for others relative to their style of bowling. The important factor was the oil, and how it transitioned down the lane.

When oil goes down the lane there are two basic ways to deal with it: square up to it or slow down. How much you square up to it is relative to how big of an oil line there is and the amount of hand the bowler has. Slowing down is a common option, but if the front part of the lane provides inconsistency in the amount of friction from lane to lane, it can become very confusing and require constant changes.

I felt the best way to deal with the oil down lane was to eliminate the importance of the front part of the lane. Some women were able to do it with their style of game, while others were forced to do it with equipment choices. I was impressed with the ability of certain bowlers who did not match up with their natural games, yet were still able to compete at such a high level. Two that come to mind both made the show, Tammy Turner (Turnershine to some) and Cheryl Daniels. Both of these women like to use plenty of hand and open up the lane left to right. They had a great look early in the week and instead of falling off the pace when the oil went down the lane they were able to alter their game plan dramatically and continue to compete.

Having enough hand was an advantage, if it did not force you to throw it from left to right. In Tammy's case she went from using a sanded proactive ball (Navy Quantum) to the totally opposite extreme (Shiny Speed Zone TE4) so she would not be forced too far off the track area. For those of you who do not know, the Speed Zone TE4 is a reactive ball, Speed Demon Cover with a Zone Defense core the ball reaction is length and roll not snap.

Other noticeable characteristics that are worth noting are the performances of Jennifer Swanson, Robin Mossontte, and Wendy Macpherson. Jennifer is impressing many of us as she continues to match up better and better each week. We all saw her on the show the week before in Chattanooga and looked like she had a great shot during practice only to struggle when the lights came on, so who didn't expect the same when she made the show here in Terre Haute. I, for one, did. Well, she made a believer out of me. She has a great game and is showing the adaptability that will make her a force for quite some time.

One of Robin Mossontte's (who many will know as Robin Romeo) greatest attributes is her mental game. She really can get in a zone, and stay there once she sees the picture. I understand that she received a little help from Del Ballard this week about the type of hand position she should use and that must have been all she needed, she was able to go from lane to lane with very little difference and she struck a bunch.

Wendy Macpherson, what a talent she is! She has more than enough hand to make the ball hit, but she isn't affected by the front part of the lane as many of the "handy" players are. This is because of her ability to project the ball forward and still catch it. This enables her to use stronger equipment which is an advantage down lane, yet not be overly concerned about the front part of the lane. It is my opinion that the bowlers that are afraid of the front part of the lane and tend to use equipment that help them get through the front are at a serious disadvantage when the oil gets down the lane, especially considering the slick types of conditioners that are being used today. This sounds simple but it is all relative. There is no substitute for a good armswing.

Well, I better get and next week I will be in Rockford, Illinois for the PWBA Players Championship.

Take care,

*** PWBA/PBA News ***
***** Time Change for Hammer Player's Championship *****
Please note the television time for the PWBA telecast has been changed to Monday, August 30, at 8 PM ET. Making the show are Stacy Rider, Dede Davidson, Lisa Bishop, Tiffany Stanbrough, and Tish Johnson. If you can't wait til Monday, the final results can be found at Webscorer.

*** ABC/WIBC ***
***** Great spots still available *****
The 2000 ABC Sandia Casino Championship Tournament is slated for February 12 through June 10, 2000, with Masters week slated for mid-June. By moving Masters week to June, numerous great team spots have opened up in May. For the first time in ABC history, the tournament has an outside sponsor. Could this be the way to larger prize funds? Read more at Bowl ABC.

***** Attendance for Reno Y2K is in the Top 10 *****
"20,000 (Teams) in 2000" is the theme for the WIBC Championship Tournament in Reno, Nevada. The Women of Grandstand Bowling are going during Delegates Week, and hope to unlock the mysteries of convention (between turns on the Monopoly and Wheel of Fortune slots). Bowl WIBC

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
Stock prices as of Friday afternoon's close:
AMF (PIN) 4 5/16
Brunswick (BC) 26 7/8

***** IBPSIA to Join Bowl Expo *****
The International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association, Inc. (IBPSIA) has entered into an agreement with Bowling Proprietors' Association of America, Inc. (BPAA) to merge the IBPSIA national convention and trade show with the International Bowl Expo. Read more on the merger of these two giants at Bowl BPAA.

*** And Finally ***
As we move towards Labor Day and leagues are beginning everywhere, let us know what you need help with. We're moving forward with Tips, Rick's Report from out on tour, as well as keeping you up to date on what's happening inside the Bowling Forum and beyond our cyber walls into the bowling world. Drop us an e-mail at Bowling GSTDs, and let us know what else you'd like to see. Tell your friends and teammates to Subscribe to the Newsletter (Available to AOL Members Only) or e-mail HOSTGSTDSteveM for subscription outside AOL. Have a great week!

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