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Kegler's Connection

   August 21, 1999

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Chat with the Pros THIS Sunday
     ~ Look for a Brand New Chat Schedule
     ~ Rick's Report from Chattanooga
     ~ Clabber Girl Terre Haute Open
     ~ Regional Players Championship
     ~ Seniors To Take It Outside
     ~ Century's Best Bowler's Named
     ~ Get Ready for Reno
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
     ~ Strike Ten Entertainment Dissolved
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Chat with the Pros THIS Sunday *****
The PWBA Brunswick staff of Lynda Barnes, Kim Canady, Cindy Coburn-Carroll, and Tammy Turner will be join us for a special guest chat this Sunday at 8 PM ET. The forms are set up, so you can Ask Our Guests A Question! (Available to AOL Members Only) anytime between now and Sunday's chat. Look for the link to the chat from the Bowling Forum (Available to AOL Members Only) main page.

***** Look for a Brand New Chat Schedule *****
With all the new GSTDs lurking about, it's time to put them to work. And what's a better time than the new league season? So get ready to see some new faces and styles hosting chats at the same and at new times as well. In the meantime, visit with your favorite hosts by clicking Bowling Chat (Available to AOL Members Only).

***** Rick's Report *****
By Rick Benoit, a Kegler's Connection exclusive

Not much difference between what the ladies competed on this week and what many league bowlers see across the country. There was an obvious oil line between 10 and 12. Getting to the pocket was never a problem--carry, on the other hand, seemed to be roll specific. Certain types of ball roll allowed certain bowlers to gain an advantage on the field because of their carry percentage. The cleaner the ball was through the front the better the reaction and carry. It was quite obvious where to play and the transition was rather simple as well.

I am sure we all have fallen into the category of trying to create a heavier roll, more revs, more hit. Chattanooga could be viewed as evidence that heavier roll, revs, and more hit are a big disadvantage at times. Anything that did not go through the front part of the lane clean forced the bowler to move left trying to find oil to lay the ball down in, doing so created a lower percentage of carry. Girls with forward energy at their release point could use a littler heavier roll, a la Kim Adler. This could be created by the beautiful arm swings of both Kim and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard. Other ways to get the ball through the front and save energy for hitting power were to use both ball inclination through the front part of the lane.

Imagine a piece of tape on your positive axis point and as the ball rolls down the lane you will see the tape pointing in a certain direction. A ball roll with more inclination will have the tape pointing higher. Examples of this type of roll are Jody Ellis and Michelle Frank. This is created with a relaxed wrist and wrist rotation. Lisa Wagner uses a combination of inclination and arm swing and not to forget the Wagner trademark of speed and loft if necessary. This proved to be a big advantage on the show.

During the week it was not a necessary tool; the girls that matched up physically were able to slowly follow the transition to the left. On the show, it was not as easy a transition for a couple of reasons, the lights and the way the ladies broke the lanes down. There was an hour of practice before the show and most of the girls stayed right trying to get a read for their strike ball. There were not very many balls thrown in the middle part of the lane as there normally would have been. When bowlers throw at 10 pins and other cross-lane spares on the right they actually create a little friction in the front towards the middle of the lane this was not the case during the practice time before the show. Combine this with the fact that the oil was going down the lane at a faster rate than during the week, because of the lighting, and the right lane had more direct lighting which creates more heat and livelier oil. Livelier oil being oil that moves around quicker. With the oil going down the lane and the middle of the lane being heavier oil, it was an advantage to stay closer to the track area then to try and follow it too far left.

Because of Lisa's ability to go over the front part of the lane without yanking on the ball she could stay closer to the track and use less angle through the front. This was something we were able to pick up on in practice and proved beneficial on the show.

I would like to add that working with the ladies is a real pleasure. A little advice for those of you who want to become a technically sound bowler that can repeat shots without trying to overpower the lanes. Find one of these ladies to help you out. They are very impressive in this area and it is a pleasure to see such pure shot making. Next week we will be in Terre Haute Indiana, I think I will take my basketball with me and see if I can't find a game up there.

*** PWBA/PBA ***
***** Clabber Girl Terre Haute Open *****
Be sure to tune in Tuesday, August 24 at 4 PM ET to ESPN2 to see the Clabber Girl Greater Terre Haute Open. Appearing on the telecast will be

Wendy Macpherson
Robin Mossontte
Jennifer Swanson
Tammy Turner
Cheryl Daniels

To find out the final results before the telecast, visit Webscorer.

***** Regional Players Championship *****
Congratulations to Linda Kelly of Dayton, Ohio for winning the $5,000 first prize in the Second Annual PWBA Regional Players Championship held at Sam's Town in Las Vegas. Rounding out the top five were
2. Kathy Tribbey
3. Shelly Goleanor
4. Donna Stewart
5. Tennelle Grijalva (amateur)

For complete results, visit RPC.

***** Seniors Take It Outside *****
The winner of The Villages Tournament of Champions this year won't have too far to go to celebrate his PBA victory. Along with the first-place check, the winner of the PBA Senior's first outdoor event will get the keys to a brand new home in the Villages in the Florida retirement village. The outdoor finals will be contested from the community's Town Square. Actually two tournaments will be contested simultaneously, both the ToC and the Villages Senior Invitational. The shows *will* be aired on back-to-back Thursday afternoons in October on ESPN2.For more information, PBA Tour

*** ABC/WIBC ***
***** Century's Best Bowlers Listed *****
Bowling Magazine's panel of journalists has named the Top 20 Bowlers of the Century. Included in the list are greats Don Carter, Dick Weber, and Earl Anthony, as well as current players such as Walter Ray Williams and Mark Roth. The Top 20 bowlers and their credentials are now listed at Bowl ABC.

***** Get Ready for Reno *****
Entries are still being accepted for the Festival of Bowling this Fall. Look for updates and a live chat from Reno when the GSTDs bring a posse up to test their skills and renew friendships in November. For more information on the Festival of Bowling, go to Bowl ABC: News.

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 4 1/2
Brunswick (BC) 27 5/8

***** *****
It's a small thing, I'll admit, but I can't tell you how happy I was to click on to the home page for and finally see links for both the PWBA and the PBA. Not sure how long it would last, but for now, truly is vying for portal site of bowling. can be found at Bowl BOWLDOTCOM.

***** Strike Ten Entertainment Dissolved *****
As of August 15, 1999, Strike Ten Entertainment, the marketing arm for bowling was dissolved and its responsibilities are in the process of being transferred to Bowling, Inc., and the BPAA--the Bowling Proprietors Association of America.

The dissolution of Strike Ten came on the heels of the departure of CEO Steve Ryan July 31, 1999. For more information please visit Bowl STRIKE10.

*** And Finally ***
So ends another issue of Kegler's Connection, your totally free source of weekly information from the bowling world. Keep those comments and suggestions coming--it's the only way we know if we're doing it right. If we're doing ok, we love to hear it, and if we're not, we need to know what you want to read about here. Drop us an e-mail at Bowling GSTDs.

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