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   August 16, 1999

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Chat with the Pros--Women of Brunswick
     ~ Scrambler Update
     ~ Rick's Report Returns Next Week
  * League Start-Up--Special Section
     ~ Secretarial Software Review
     ~ Online Rulebook
     ~ PBA Tour Challenge Leagues to Start
     ~ PWBA in Chattanooga
     ~ PBA Ready for Japan
  * Team USA
     ~ Lee Evans Tournament of the Americas
     ~ WIBC Reno 2000 National Entries Accepted
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Chat with the Pros--Women of Brunswick *****
Join the PWBA bowlers Kim Canady, Lynda Barnes, Cindy Coburn-Carroll, and Tammy Turner for a special Chat with the Pros from Rockford, Illinois. Mark your calendars for Sunday, August 22nd, at 8 PM ET for this special event. Look for the special link at Bowling Forum (Available to AOL Members Only).

***** Scrambler Update *****
Like so many families, Scrambler is taking its summer vacation. Seriously, there's a bit of a glitch with the program, and as soon as it's fixed, GSTDSteveM will be testing your bowling know how and your typing skills against other fans in the fast-paced challenge.

In the meantime join us for Bowling Chat (Available to AOL Members Only).

***** Rick's Report Returns Next Week *****
Rick's Report will return next week with information on the PWBA Storm Challenge tournament from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

*** League Start-Up Special Section ***
***** Secretarial Software Review *****
With fall leagues approaching, we thought it was time to review some of the bowling secretarial software makers. We've asked three manufacturers what makes their products different from the others.

All can process and handle most league set ups, but, some offer more features and bang for the buck. Each of these companies have some type of free demo you can download from their web site and try before you buy. We encourage users to try the demos before making a purchase. Note to Mac users, none of these software packages comes in a Mac version at this time, and we are unaware of any Mac secretarial package so find someone else to be secretary. :)

~CDE Software/BLS X32 and BLS2000
1. BLS-X32 and BLSX2000 is Y2K ready. CDE has for over a year published a Y2K readiness guarantee.
2. BLS is endorsed by the YABA.
3. BLS allows the user to design their own standing sheets, including use of graphics, watermarks and logos. Fonts and font colors can be selected too.
4. Errors are easy to fix. All changes are made on the same screen and when scores are changed BLS automatically recomputes everything. No need to patch anything, or have to remember to push a recalculation button.
5. BLS has full Internet support features built-in:
- Need tech support? You can e-mail CDE from within the program!
- Check to see if your version is current and if it isn't, retrieve it from CDE's website automatically.
- Easily send your league's results to a website from within BLS.
6. Full Internet support--24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can post messages on their Message Boards or join a live chat with their tech support staff. No other software company offers this.
7. Automatically tracks ABC/WIBC/YABA awards applications. Print filled out award forms and applications--ready to turn into the association.
8. Built-in disk maintenance. Protect your league's data by using the built-in utility to back your league to floppy drives, zip drives, or writeable CD-ROM's.
9. One cost for an unlimited number of leagues. The number of leagues or league names don't need to be reported to CDE, so if you need to make changes to the name midseason or add additional leagues you don't need to contact the company to change it.

~Treasure Software/Perfect Secretary
1. With Perfect Secretary you can have the option to manually assign bowlers and teams to up to 8 different divisions. It can also process Cushion Handicap Method and Best Scores Rule.
2. Perfect Secretary gives the user more control over the way the reports look. Images can be placed anywhere on the reports using drag and drop to move and dragging on the corner of the image to size the image.
3. The national ABC, WIBC, and YABA awards are built into the program so that it is an easy and quick job for the league secretary to submit awards.
4. WinLABS is the new program created by Bowling, Inc. for use by association secretaries. Treasure Software has been working with Bowling, Inc., so that Perfect Secretary 2000 can create a file containing all the necessary league and bowler information required by the new WinLABS program. This file can be either be saved to disk or even e-mailed to the local association secretary.
5. The new Perfect Secretary 2000 contains very powerful Internet features. The Perfect Secretary allows the user to save reports in true HTML format and also as graphic images for posting on website. Perfect Secretary uses the PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format rather than the GIF format standard.
6. Perfect Secretary 2000 lets the user send email and attachments directly to bowlers from within the program.
7. As with all software, some bugs can slip through the cracks, therefore companies make maintenance updates available on their website to fix any problems. It is not necessary with the Perfect Secretary to download updates on a weekly basis.

~Bowl101 at
1. Bowl101 has been around longer than any other bowling software package out there--written in 1980 and updated regularly.
2. Awards forms are currently being added to the program so you can print them out.
3. Updates are available from the web for free for 6 months from the time you
4. Bowl101 is easy to use, with two teams on one screen, showing all wins and
losses. Odd situations are handled by Bowl101--such as a bowler bowling one game and sub bowling the next two games. The handicaps for the team will be correct for games bowled by the sub and the ones bowled by the regular bowler. All you have to do is to place the sub on the roster with the roster with the bowler and enter the scores. Bowl101 will do the rest.
5. Tech support is the best that you can get, all support is answered by the author of Bowl101. Our hours are 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM PT, 7 days a week. If by chance we are out of the office, we will return your call as soon as we return.
6. We also have one of the lowest prices on bowling software, for $49.95 and a sale price of $39.95 until the end of August 1999 with $5.00 shipping and handling.
7. Bowl101 is Y2K compliant as we have always used a 4-digit date format.
8. You can have unlimited number of leagues with Bowl101.
9. Updates are available about every 6 months, but are optional; you may skip updates and update at any time after the 6-month free update period and still only pay $20.00 for the update plus shipping. There are no hidden charges for starting new leagues and you get free tech support even if you have not registered yet.

***** Online Rule Book Now Available *****
If you're a secretary or a team captain, you've probably come to refer to your ABC/WIBC Rulebook as a type of bowling bible. But once you loan yours out, it's gone. Or what if you never got one to begin with? The powers that be at ABC and WIBC wouldn't leave you stranded. You can see the rulebook in its entirety online. To refer to the online version of the ABC/WIBC/YABA rule book, visit Bowl ABC.

***** PBA Tour Challenge Leagues Starting Across the Country *****
If you're ready for the challenge of PBA lane conditions, gold Pro Pins, and some of the best league competition available, you might want to look up a PBA Tour Challenge starting in your area, or start one of your own. The PBA Tour Challenge information can be reached at PBA Tour.

*** PWBA/PBA ***
***** Storm Challenge *****
by GSTDMaul
The stage is set for Kim Adler to win her third straight title in the Storm Challenge at Holiday Bowl-Brainerd Chattanooga, TN. Among those who will be trying to stop her is Lisa Wagner, 31-time titlest and PWBA Hall of Famer and Rookie of the Year, Jody Ellis. The finals, already completed, will be aired on ESPN2 on August 17th at 4:30pm, but for those who can't wait for the show, visit PWBA.

Top 5 PWBA Storm Challenge in Chattanooga, TN:
1. Kim Adler
2. Carolyn Dorin-Ballard
3. Jody Ellis
4. Jennifer Swanson
5. Lisa Wagner

***** PBA Ready for Japan *****
by GSTDMaul
The top 16 of the PBA will meet the JPBA (Japan Pro Bowlers Association) top 16 in the 15th annual Oranamin-C Japan Cup at Tokyo Bowl in Tokyo, Japan Sept. 16-19th. The 16 PBA members heading to Japan to compete in this prestigious event are (in no particular order):

Walter Ray Williams Jr.
Norm Duke
Tim Criss
Doug Kent
Danny Wisemann
Amletto Monacelli
Jason Couch
Steve Hoskins
Ryan Shafer
Pete Weber
Chris Barnes
Brian Himmler
Parker Bohn III
Eric Forkel
Bob Learn Jr.
Dave Wodka
The complete schedule of events from Japan can be found at PBA Tour.

*** Team USA ***
***** Lee Evans Tournament of the Americas *****
Results from the Lee Evans Tournament of the Americas are in. Team USA once again represented U.S. bowlers proudly. Find the results for singles, doubles, and mixed doubles here: Bowl USA: News

*** WIBC/ABC ***
***** WIBC Reno 2000 National Entries Accepted *****
Ladies, it's finally your turn! Since 1997, after waiting patiently for the men to finish, and this year, the Festival of Bowling's turn, WIBC is heading back to the National Bowling Stadium in Reno. Get your team together now, because WIBC is accepting reservations for Reno 2000. WIBC members who are ready for Reno can get the information about reserving a spot for the Year 2000 WIBC National Tournament here: Bowl WIBC.

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 4 7/16
BC (BC) 27 3/8

*** And Finally ***
Kegler's Connection has just celebrated its first anniversary. We'd like to thank our subscribers for giving us reason to do this each week. If you have questions or comments about this or future issues, e-mail us at Bowling GSTDs. If you have suggestions for future articles, let us know as well.

We're at 3,000 subscribers, and in the next year, we'd love to hit 5,000. So tell your teammates and friends to Subscribe to the Newsletter (Available to AOL Members Only). Kegler's Connection is free, weekly, and it comes right to your e-mailbox. What's not to love? Til next week, keep striking!

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