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Kegler's Connection

   July 26, 1999

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Chat with the Pros Featuring Mike Miller
     ~ TV Schedule Update
     ~ A Salute to Duckpins and Candlepins
     ~ Scrambler Winners
  * PWBA/PBA News
     ~ PBA Joins Bowling, Inc.
     ~ U.S. Open
  * YABA News
     ~ Youth Masters
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
     ~ Fun and Games Online
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Chat with the Pros Featuring Mike Miller *****
The Bowling Forum proudly announces the return of the Chat with the Pros series, with guest Mike Miller. Mike's style of bowling without his thumb in the ball has made him very unique on the PBA Tour. This spring, Mike shot only the fourteenth PBA Tour televised 300 during the shootout match from Reno. Join us at 10 PM ET on Friday, July 30 for a very special chat. Look for the link later this week in The Pro Tours (Available to AOL Members Only) folder.

***** A Salute to Duckpins and Candlepins *****
By popular demand, a Duckpin/Candlepin Bowling (Available to AOL Members Only) folder has been introduced to our message boards. Talk about your best game, or find out why so many bowlers have an attraction to the cousins of ten pins. Ten pin bowlers think, "Oh you get three tries, this will be easy." And, of course, veterans of either game will watch and laugh as the newbie proceeds to pick a pin or two from the middle of the rack on each shot.

Both are predominantly regional games, with duckpins flourishing in the area near Baltimore, with some houses in several eastern houses. The lane dimensions are the same, only the pins are shrunken down and the ball is roughly the size of a softball. Sometimes the lane machines set the pins with a pinsetter just like ten pins, but some pins are set with strings attached to the top of the pins, as well. If you get curious about the duckpins, DUCKPINS.COM is the place to go.

Candlepin bowling, found in the New England area, is even more difficult as the pins look exactly like long candlesticks. The only "bonus" is that dead wood isn't cleared from each frame, so that bowlers can utilize the fallen pins to help convert the spare or get the full count on their third delivery. For more information, check out: Candlepin Bowling.

***** TV Schedule Update *****
Beginning with the U.S. Open next Sunday *live* on ESPN next Sunday afternoon, August 1st, professional bowling returns to television. Keep track of the days and times by visiting the updated PBA/PWBA Telecast Schedule (Available to AOL Members Only).

***** Scrambler Winners *****
1ST Bowlman23 - 313
2ND Babyboy300 - 266
3RD SHUBwlr815 -256
5TH Halo bb - 106

*** PWBA/PBA News ***
***** PBA Joins Bowling, Inc *****
In a move that may finally bring unity to the acronyms of bowling, the PBA this month joined Bowling, Inc. as an associate member. The PBA joins the PWBA, USA Bowling, YABA, ABC, and WIBC among others. Now if there was truly a one-stop shopping website, but for now, we can just dream. For more information, read Bowl ABC.

***** U.S. Open *****
Professionals and amateurs alike will be competing in Milford, CT for the U.S. Open. Afterwards, the PBA and the Senior Tour remain on hiatus while the PWBA hits the Heartland with stops in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, and Illinois. Keep up to date with them by visiting PWBA Home.

*** YABA News ***
***** Youth Masters *****
While adult amateurs and pros alike are converging on Connecticut for the Open, juniors from across the country will be meeting in Akron at Stonehedge Family Center to take part in the Youth Master's Tournament July 28 through 31. This is the first tournament of it's kind with wall-to-wall Brunswick Pro Pins. Juniors can test their mettle against the country's best juniors on a demanding condition and the heavier pins as used on the PBA Tour. At this writing, spots are still available. For information, go to Youth Master's Tournament.

And just a reminder that there is a week left in the American Scholarship Tournament also being contested at Stonehedge. Information is available at Killer 'B' Promotions, American Scholarship.

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 5 1/8
Brunswick (BC) 28 1/4

***** Fun and Games Online *****
If you're getting the itch to start bowling, but you're leagues don't begin for another month, maybe some bowling games will hold you until it's time for the real thing. Here's a comprehensive list of game sites, ranging from ones from Brunswick and AMF all the way to Lifesavers. And there's word puzzles and other bowling-themed amusements as well. Visit: Bowling Search Engine: On-Line_Bowl….

***** And Finally *****
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