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Kegler's Connection

   July 11, 1999

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Bowling Community Center Redesign
     ~ E-bay: It's Not The Bargain, It's The HUNT! :)
  * PBA News
     ~ Eagle Wins Again
     ~ Delutz Named BWAA Bowler of the Month
     ~ PBA Notes
  * ABC/WIBC News
     ~ Milwaukee Centers to Host WIBC 2002 Announced
     ~ ABC National Tournament Info for Albuquerque
  * YABA News
     ~ Top Stars Announced
     ~ Junior Olympic Gold Explained
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
     ~ Contests Galore
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Bowling Community Center Redesign *****
The Grandstand/Hometown Bowling Community Center received a major makeover, and with it, the site highlights several new member pages. So whether you want to see the women of GSTD bowling at the Hoinke, or you want to visit the site by a Sacred Heart University bowler, check out what's new in the community.

***** E-bay: It's Not The Bargain, It's The HUNT! *****
by Lisa Henkel, aka GSTDRage

There's something inherently wonderful about having a new computer with a fast modem: an entire world wide web that allows you to find just about anything you're looking for. If it's bowling equipment you're after, and you like the idea of surprises, then is just for you.

Mind you, it's fun finding those undrilled balls new in the box, but the truly unique items out there are what make E-bay so cool. There's an absolute flood of bowling equipment available (154 items available as of this writing). The most exciting find I saw recently were two undrilled Yellow Dot Bleeders (both of which were 16 pounds), and they were snapped up quickly. I believe the final bids were in the $50 dollar range.

The whole idea behind E-bay is that it's an auction site. You register with E-bay (that's free), and get a member ID and password. Once you visit the site, just type in the item you're searching for, and instantly a list appears right before your eyes. When it comes to bowling-related items, it's best to be as specific as possible, since just typing in the word 'bowling' will sometimes net you over 800 items listed.

When you find an item that you want, you place your bid, and once you receive e-mail notification that you're the high bidder, the hard part comes - WAITING. Usually most items are up for auction for a period of 6 days. The real fun starts when you get in a bidding war with someone -- upping the ante usually by 25 or 50 cents at a time. When you're notified that you've won the 'war,' you have three business days to contact the seller of your item and then you make arrangements for payment and delivery (some sellers contact YOU first).

The only downside I've seen is the fact that some bidders get caught up in a bidding war, paying much more than they might pay at a pro shop. If you have any questions on what the going rate is for a used ball, ask your pro shop. And set a spending limit ahead of time, and stick to it. If the item goes over your limit, don't worry, something else will come along.

Most sellers prefer the use of money orders, although there are a few that will take checks. The best part about money orders is that when the seller receives it, they ship the item in 24 hours, notifying you by e-mail. Checks take longer as they wait for them to clear the bank.

I've bought several non-bowling related items and all of the items have arrived on time and in good condition. When you receive your item, you have the option of visiting the site and leaving feedback (good or bad) about the seller and the item you've received. So far, I've left nothing but good feedback for the folks I've purchased from, and they've been kind enough to say nothing but nice things about me, too. It seems somewhat strange to send money to a total stranger and really not expecting anything back from them until the box shows up on your porch courtesy of the U.S. Postal Service.

When it comes to bowling stuff, I have yet to purchase a bowling ball through E-bay. I prefer hunting down bowling mechanical pencils and recently lost a bidding war on a miniature Manhattan Rubber ball (the ball was okay, but the box it came in was really cool). I seem to fall under that ball-weight-restriction thing since I throw 14 lb. equipment. Fourteen pounders seem to be few and far between. However, if by chance a 14 pound Ebonite Grey Wolf becomes available on there, look out -- I will be bidding and waiting.

*** PBA News ***
***** Eagle Wins Again *****
Dale Eagle earned his record-tying fourth title this year in Brentwood, California Thursday night, winning four matches and defeating Gary Mage, Bob Glass, Ron Winger, and Mike Durbin. Eagle shattered a Senior Tour record with a four-game series of 279, 279, 276, 258 for 1,092, previously held by Teata Semiz. Eagle competes as both a player in the Senior and National tour stops. For more information, visit PBA Tour.

***** Delutz Named BWAA Bowler of the Month *****
The BPAA bestowed yet another honor on ACDelco All-Star Classic winner Tommy Delutz, Jr., by naming him Bowler of the Month, outscoring in the balloting second-place finisher, Dale Eagle. Read about it at Bowl BOWLDOTCOM.

***** PBA Notes *****
Congrats to Dick Baker for setting 9-, 18-, and 42-game records in the PBA Senior stop in Boise. A total of nine perfectos were tossed in Boise last week, including two by Dick Baker. The PBA National Sales Director of the last 14 months has stepped down to take a position with the Charlotte Hornets. John Mazza and Tommy Delutz, Jr., visited ACDelco headquarters and signed autographs for employees. Get the whole story at PBA Tour.

*** ABC/WIBC News ***
***** Milwaukee Centers to Host WIBC 2002 Announced *****
While the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, NV hosts the WIBC National Tournament, and Ft. Lauderdale prepares for WIBC in 2001, WIBC has reached agreement with centers for 2002 in Milwaukee, WI, it was reported this week. AMF South Park Lanes in South Milwaukee and AMF Bowlero Lanes in Milwaukee will host over 50,000 bowlers over the span of the tournament. Those bowlers are expected to infuse $45-50 million into the Wisconsin economy. For details, read Bowl WIBC.

***** ABC National Tournament Info for Albuquerque *****
Visit American Bowling Congress, 96th Annual Championů, and use the links midpage to find remaining dates for Albuquerque 2000, to print a reservation form, and find the dates for the tournaments through the year 2003.

*** YABA News ***
***** Junior Olympic Gold Explained *****
For a few weeks, the Youth Tournaments (Available to AOL Members Only) message boards were filled with information on JOG. And we thought we had the healthiest junior bowlers in the nation. It took a little digging, but it turns out, they weren't looking for running partners, rather the YABA bowlers are on a quest to make Jr. Team USA by participating in Junior Olympic Gold. To the juniors who are in Florida right now, the Bowling Forum wish you the best! For all the ins and outs of JOG, visit: Bowl YABA.

***** Top Stars Announced *****
Congrats go out to the YABA bowlers with honor scores shot from April through June. Visit Bowl YABA and celebrate youth bowling at its best.

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 8 1/16
Brunswick (BC) 29 5/8

*** And Finally ***
The Bowling Forum thanks you for your subscription to Kegler's Connection. If there's a story idea you have, or a suggestion you'd like to make, take the time to write us at Bowling GSTDs.

Kegler's Connection (Available to AOL Members Only) is available to AOL members by subscription, just click on the link. To subscribe outside of AOL, e-mail HOSTGSTDSteveM. Have a great week, and we'll see you next week via e-mail.

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