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Kegler's Connection

   July 28, 1999

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ FAQ Debuts
     ~ Special Thanks
     ~ Scrambler Chat Winners
     ~ Rick's Report
  * PBA/PWBA News
     ~ ACDelco All-Star Classic
     ~ ACDelco Format Note
     ~ PBA Northwest Senior Classic
     ~ Leanne Barrette Named AMF Bowler of the Month
  * ABC/WIBC News***
     ~ Oldest Man to Roll 300 Game
  * YABA News
     ~ Future Champions Scholarships
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** FAQ Debuts *****
Ever had a question about bowling and didn't know where to find the answer? The Bowling Forum (Available to AOL Members Only) is here to help. The GSTDs have created a list of Frequently Asked Questions (Available to AOL Members Only) from the e-mail they receive. The FAQ contains answers to questions ranging from the best place to find bowling definitions to where to find out more information on becoming a professional bowler, and many others.

***** Special Thanks *****
GSTDHammer and the Bowling Forum would like to thank the PBA Tour press room folks for helping us host chat live from the ACDelco Classic. Special thanks to GSTDBigBee for his computer expertise, as well. Also, special thanks to Steve Jaros who joined chat Wednesday night after his record-breaking, 32-game performance to answer questions from fans. He dedicated his two 300 games in the fourth block to his twins, Hannah and Evan, born last month. Congratulations, Steve!

***** Scrambler Winners *****
This week's Scrambler Chat winners were:

1st DEBOLOBO - 223
2nd Xfiles3000 - 189
3rd FLEMBWL2 - 79
4th Nosoup911 - 64
5th KR822 - 51

Please join the fun with GSTDSteveM, every Monday Night from 10 to 11 PM in Bowling Chat (Available to AOL Members Only)!

***** Rick's Report *****
Rick's Report will return next week.

*** PBA News ***
***** ACDelco All-Star Classic *****
Congratulations to Tommy Delutz, Jr., on his first title win at the ACDelco All-Star Classic in Lakewood, CA Saturday. Delutz defeated rookie Tony Reyes for the $31,000 payday.

The eight-player telecast included three shootout rounds. Rookie Tony Reyes defeated David Ozio and Steve Jaros after a 259 tie with Jaros in a one-ball roll off to go on to face Chris Barnes and Norm Duke. Reyes again won, facing Walter Ray Williams, Jr., and Steve Hoskins. Hoskins' open in the tenth frame allowed Reyes to advance to bowl Delutz. During the commercial break, Reyes sent a practice shot a bit wide, landing in the channel, a shot that would foreshadow his first frame of the championship match. Delutz started with the first four strikes, and a sizable lead. Despite missing a 10 pin, the match never got closer than a couple marks.

For more on Saturday's telecast, visit the PBA Tour.

***** ACDelco Format Note *****
The fast-paced format featured bowlers alternating on each lane bowling with fewer replays and more live action. This allowed for eight players to be seeded throughout the three shootout rounds and a traditional championship round in a 90-minute telecast. Based off the response from bowlers on the message boards, the format seems to be a hit with fans. When the tour returns to ESPN later in the year, the telecasts will be 90 minutes. If you would like to share your comments on Saturday's format with the PBA, write to [email protected].

Also, since ACDelco is sponsoring two tournaments this year (the next will be the Virginia Beach Open this fall), consider sharing your thanks with them at ACDelco - Let's Talk.

***** PBA Northwest Senior Classic *****
Congratulations go out to Steve Neff, winner of the Beaverton, Oregon Northwest Senior Classic Thursday night. Neff defeated Pete Couture 264-258 for the $8,500 first place prize money.

This tournament was Butch Soper's first as a PBA Senior, as he became eligible upon turning the requisite 50 years old earlier this month. Butch finished fifth. For more information on the tournament, visit PBA Tour.

***** Leanne Barrette Named AMF Bowler of the Month *****
After 13 years of being a leading pro, Leanne Barrette claimed her first major title, the WIBC Queens. That title along with making three of four PWBA telecasts last swing earned her the honor of AMF Bowler of the Month for May. Barrette, with 21 titles to her credit, is among several bowlers in contention for Bowler of the Decade. For more information, read Releases.

*** ABC/WIBC News ***
***** Oldest Man to Roll 300 Game *****
In Columbus, Ohio, there is a very happy bowler. Like so many bowlers, he dreamed of shooting the perfect game, and he recently shot his first 300. But what sets Joe Dean apart from your average bowler is that he is 87 years old. This honor makes him the oldest man to roll a 300, surpassing legendary Joe Norris who was a mere 84 at the time of his perfecto. The entire story can be found at Bowl BOWLDOTCOM.

*** YABA News ***
***** Future Champions Scholarship Seeks Nominees *****
Bowling This Month magazine awards a monthly scholarship to one boy and one girl each month as part of its "Future Champions" series. Each of the readers of this newsletter must know one deserving boy and girl, grades 7-12, that should be nominated for the honor. Please e-mail Paul Horvick for nomination details. Do this today!

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 6 5/16
Brunswick (BC) 26 15/16

*** And Finally ***
That wraps it up for another exciting week in the world of bowling. As the PBA Tour winds down for the summer, we'll still be going strong with the Kegler's Connection. Make sure to send us your bowling news, story ideas, and anything you'd like to see in the newsletter to Bowling GSTDs.

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