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   June 12, 1999

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ The GSTDs hit the Hoinke and WIBC
     ~ AOL Hometown--Your Home Away from the Bowling Forum
     ~ Scrambler Results!
  * PBA/PWBA News
     ~ Rick's Report from Showboat in Las Vegas
     ~ Top Four Balls from Showboat
     ~ PBA Tucson Open
     ~ PWBA Regionals
     ~ Bowler Breaks Endurance Record in Name of Charity
     ~ Honor Roll
     ~ Festival of Bowling
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
     ~ PBA Tour Challenge Leagues Offer Challenge
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** GSTDs Hit the Hoinke and WIBC ****
by Angel Zobel-Rodriguez
First off, my apologies for the short newsletter last week. Your friendly neighborhood GSTDs, Rage, Hammer, and Maroon took off for the Midwest to bowl WIBC Nationals, and since we were in driving distance, we decided to stop by the Hoinke in Cincinnati.

Talk about a great tournament. At this writing, the site was down, but you can get information at The tournament is handicapped, but there were quite a few serious, high-average teams on the pairs around us. But the tournament also boasts some of the most unusual awards and sidepots around. Someone in our group earned a very cool towel for leaving just the headpin. Leaving the Greek Church would net a bowler $10, picking it up was worth much more. Leaving the sour apple/lily was worth $100--too bad *this* GSTD left it a day late in Indy instead. We were on a schedule, so our group left without bowling singles, but several of the group who are within a day's drive are going back to try it again.

After bowling team and doubles, we were off to Indianapolis to bowl Nationals. This year's tournament is being held at a single house, Woodland Bowl in the suburbs north of Indianapolis. You can find standings of the individual events here at the Bowler's Web, 1999 WIBC National Tournament, but you will see no GSTD names. While I was able to collect my first 200 pin in WIBC Nationals, the lanes dried out quickly and most of us struggled to remain near average. The site also lists directions, and descriptions of the lanes, so anyone who hasn't visited Indy yet can pick up some valuable tips before making the trip.

Perhaps the biggest highlight for the bowling history buffs in the group was our trip to downtown Indy for duckpins. The owner has amassed an incredible collection of bowling history, including trophies from the 1800s, bowling attire, and our personal favorite, the amended 1928 ABC rule book, which fit on a single page. There are actually two duckpin houses in this building, one in the basement done in a 50's theme, and one on the fourth floor that stores the memorabilia from eras earlier than that. To visit the duckpin houses, Click here: Fountain Square Entrance

GSTDHammer was the first to get a spare, and GSTDRage got the only strike in nearly 10 lines bowled. GSTDMaroon adapted to a two-hand delivery. After bowling duckpins, our scores from Indy looked pretty good!

***** AOL Hometown--Your Home Away from the Bowling Forum *****
by Angel Zobel-Rodriguez
The AOL Hometown: Bowling Community Center continues to shock and amaze everyone, as it is about to hit the millennium mark. So while people keep thinking that sports like baseball and basketball have more fans, more bowlers seek out information on our sport than any other sport in the community. Check back often for new featured sites and new information, and if you want to have your site featured, follow the directions on the page or e-mail GSTDHammer for details.

***** Scrambler Results! *****
This Monday's Bowling Scrambler winners were:

1st: SHUBwlr815 - 177
2nd: TBrachfeld - 48
3rd: Akane17 - 11
4th: Jluvinit - 3

Seven people were DQed this week. Please, remember you need to be present at the end of the game for your scores to count. :)

Join GSTDSteveM, every Monday from 10 to 11 PM Eastern to play the game! You can join the Scrambler game in our normal chatroom at Keyword: GSBowling.

*** PBA/PWBA News ***
***** Rick's Report from Las Vegas at the Showboat *****
by Rick Benoit
This will be short since I have lots to do to get caught up for the last couple of weeks I have been away. It seems somebody told Kegel that they want variety and they listened. I appreciate the challenge, and think it is good for the sport. The days of thinking that bowling is only about execution are over--at the professional level anyway. There are many bowlers that can execute; the difference now is those that can adapt to the environment they are bowling in, and follow the transition. It is kind of like Major League Baseball, you better have more than one pitch if you expect to sit on the porch with the big dogs.

I was not in Portland so I did not get to experience the conditions there. Here in Vegas we saw much more friction on the gutter than we have seen since the beginning of 1998. Even more surprising was the fact that it held up as long as it did. What the graph shows is that they have dramatically shortened the pattern on the gutter and use only buff to carry it to the midlane. There is still plenty of oil in the midlane and hold is not applied but can be created by matching tilt, revs, and angle.

The change was exciting to see for a couple of reasons, the mental challenge for one, and the opportunity for other styles of bowlers to see what they like and give them an opportunity to compete. I still think that the best bowlers in the world are the ones that can compete on all conditions, but given the present structure of the PBA, we can appreciate different names and styles when a big enough change in the conditions are provided. This week provided the change and you still see the better bowlers making the Top 24, and you can also appreciate a couple names we haven't seen in a while.

The area of the lane that most bowlers attacked this week was outside of five at their break point. The difference was the angle they used through the front part of the lane. Getting to the pocket was very simple this week, carry was another subject. The Showboat has a reputation of carry being the secret to success. Typically speaking, I have experienced that the bowlers who look for the so-called "desirable" ball reaction do not carry very well at the 'Boat. Desirable meaning a ball reaction that stores up energy through the front and middle and releases or accelerates through the back 15 feet and the pins. Using this type of reaction was a guaranteed 10-pin or 4-pin reaction this last week. The common denominator this week was having your reaction rev up early (mid lane) and arc. The more revs and tilt you used the more angle you needed through the front part of the lane. The softer hands could stay further right and that looked like the ticket early in the week.

As the week went along, you would see the ball push through the front part of the lane much easier, and many bowlers lost their carry because their breakpoint was too far down the lane. This confused many bowlers and trapped many of them in the between zone that allowed them to get to the pocket only to be dissatisfied with their carry. As the week went along the lane did not give midlane reaction unless you matched up your angle through the front with the type of hand you used. The high-rev players who tried to move right and play where the soft-handed players were, had to use firm ball speed and that brought the early hook to the right in play and the hang down lane in play. They could play there, but they had to bowl better to compete because their carry was 20% worse. The right thing for the high-rev player to do was to move further left than they thought they need to and try to throw it at the gutter early. We saw more gutter balls this week than we have seen in the last year because of this. The softer-handed players did not have to use as much angle through the front and could attack the dry from a safer angle and still get their ball to rev up in the right part of the lane. They could also use stronger layouts than the high-rev player, this helped their ball read the midlane as well.

The left was very similar to the right but went through less transition.

Matching up your speed, tilt, revs, and angle was the secret this week because there was no doubt were your breakpoint needed to be. It was kind of like double downing when you are holding 11 and the dealer is showing 10. You know have a chance if you can only get the hit you need.

This week we are in Tucson, and by the way I am typing this from the Omni Tucson National Golf Resort and Spa.

Wish you were here,

***** Top Four Balls *****
by Rick Benoit
These are the top 4 bowlers and the balls they used. I would have put the top 10 but did not want to give wrong information. There was a lot of ball changing going on trying to find the carry secret.

1, Parker Bohn III, Jackson, N.J., 15-9, %13990 Navy Quantum (Proactive)
2, Amleto Monacelli, Venezuela, 17-5-2, %13872 TKO Punch Pro (Proactive)
3, Randy Pedersen, Hollywood, Fla., 15-9, %13770 Navy Quantum (Proactive) and Parker Bohn ball (reactive) and Jade Quantum (Proactive)
4, Danny Wiseman, Baltimore, 15-9, %13585 Revolution IZE (Proactive)

***** PBA Tucson Open *****
by Angel Zobel-Rodriguez
Marking his first show in '99, and his first CBS telecast ever, Walter Ray Williams, Jr., will be the top seed on Saturday's show, airing at 5:00 PM ET (some pages on the PBA site list 2-3 PM, but the schedule lists 5 PM). Appearing in the shootout round will be Ryan Shafer, David Ozio, and Jason Couch. For more details, check out PBA Tour.

***** PWBA Regional Schedule *****
by Angel Zobel-Rodriguez
The PWBA has ended its national swing, and in the meantime, the bowlers will be hitting the regional circuit. To find out where the best women pros will be bowling near you, visit Regional.

*** ABC/WIBC/YABA News ***
***** Bowler Breaks Endurance Record in Name of Charity *****
by Angel Zobel-Rodriguez
Most bowlers realize bowling is a workout, even under normal conditions. But Tom Becker of Littleton, CO put his mind and body to the ultimate test, breaking a Guinness World Book record by bowling 25 hours 15 minutes straight, and completing 255 1/2 games. Becker's purpose in breaking the record was to raise awareness of Spinal Muscular Atrophy and raise money for a cure for the disease. Read more about Becker's feat at Bowl ABC.

***** Honor Roll *****
by Angel Zobel-Rodriguez
Want to see what fellow bowlers have been achieving? Do you know of an achievement by a bowler you'd like to see recognized? offers a page that celebrates the best in bowling. Visit them at Bowl BOWLDOTCOM.

***** Festival of Bowling *****
by Angel Zobel-Rodriguez
If you like Reno, mark your calendars for this fall. The Festival of Bowling will debut October 15 and run through November 28th. Your friendly neighborhood GSTDs will be there bowling and reporting back from the National Bowling Stadium. Among the special events advertised are events including one for bowlers boasting a 300, a starter event for new bowlers, and an event strictly for league officers and association board members. The family member doubles sounds great for folks with grown children or bowlers who wish to bowl with siblings. The event is ABC/WIBC sanctioned, and many of the events have outside sponsors adding to the prize fund.

The Festival of Bowling is offering special incentives for squad organizers, so if you are a born leader, check out Bowl BOWLDOTCOM for more information, including registration forms.

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
Brunswick (BC) 23 13/16
AMF (PIN) 5 3/4

***** PBA Tour Challenge Leagues Offer Challenge *****
by Angel Zobel-Rodriguez
Ever wonder how you'd stand up against PBA Tour lane conditions and the heavier Brunswick Gold Pins? Now's your chance. Starting this fall, the PBA Tour Challenge League will be creating short-season leagues at bowling centers across the country to show bowlers what a PBA shot is really like. The format will include three regular games, and one Baker-style game with four-bowler teams. And the Kegel Company-provided oil pattern will change every four weeks. Members must abide by conduct and dress code regulations, similar to the PBA Tour itself. For more information on the Challenge Leagues, visit PBA Tour.

***** And Finally *****
That'll do it for another week. The Bowling Forum thanks you for subscribing to Kegler's Connection. If you have news you want to share, let us know. If you have suggestions or comments, let us know how to make your newsletter better. Contact us at Bowling GSTDs. As we like to say, if you don't like what you see, tell us, but if you like what you see, tell your friends to subscribe! Have a great week, and we'll see you back here next week!

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