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Kegler's Connection

   May 9, 1999

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Bowling Community Center
     ~ The Right Approach
     ~ Tip of the Week (In Lieu of Rick's Report this week)
     ~ TKO Doubles
     ~ PBA at ABC Masters
     ~ CBS Needs to Know "We Want Bowling!"
     ~ PBA Fan Club
     ~ Florida Legislature Adjourns Without Bowling Village Vote
     ~ Detroit Team Sets Record
     ~ ABC/WIBC Nationals Results
     ~ Queens Entries Still Available
  * Miscellaneous News
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Bowling Community Center *****
Want to know what other bowling fans/Internet fans are doing with their "spare" time? By posting league sheets and paying homage to their favorite pros, bowlers are making some incredible web sites devoted to bowling. The AOL Hometown: Bowling Community Center salutes their efforts by highlighting some of the best each week. Since this is a web site community, even folks outside AOL can view these sites.

***** The Right Approach *****
Did you know that the Bowling Forum has a weekly bowling column? The Right Approach (Available to AOL Members Only) appears every Monday in the Members Newsstand.

***** Tip of the Week *****
(Note: Rick Benoit had a LONG week in Syracuse with the ABC Masters Tournament. Rick's Report/Top 10 Balls will return to Kegler's Connection hopefully next week.) For this week, our thanks go to George Freeman, PBA member in the Southern Region for this week's tip:

When you are having trouble carrying the dreaded corners--don't lose your cool. If you get agitated, it will increase your chances of making even more errant shots. Or worse, you'll start missing those spares. Each spare you miss during a game will cost you at least 11 pins per frame. Keep focused, stay calm. The mental aspect covers more than 90% of the sport.

When you leave a soft 10 (when the 6 pin lays in the channel), you aren't getting enough entry angle, so move back on the approach about 2 inches, allowing the ball more time to react more in the backend.

When the 6 pin wraps around the 10, you are getting too much angle, so either move up on the approach or move a half a board left.

If you're left handed, just reverse the suggestions.

*** PWBA/PBA ***
***** Track KO Doubles *****
(Note: Because the Track KO Punch Doubles doesn't air until Tuesday afternoon, we'll ask you to go to PWBA Track KO for the results. Otherwise watch or set your VCR to ESPN2 on Tuesday, May 11, at 4 PM ET and be surprised.) Making the telecast are:

Lynda Norry/Kim Canady
Allyson Allmang/Tammy Turner
Marianne DiRupo/Kelly Kulick
Brenda Norman/Carolyn Dorin-Ballard

***** PBA at ABC Masters *****
It started with nearly 500 bowlers. First, they cut to 125 bowlers after ten games, and at fifteen games the field was cut again to 64. Then in double-elimination format, the bowlers bowled, over and over again, until there was only one undefeated bowler. Parker Bohn went into the ABC Masters telecast as top seed. In an event that features both the country's best amateurs and PBA members, only one amateur survived. Brian Boghosian faced tour veterans Tom Baker and Ricky Ward. Ward and Baker struggled early, and Boghosian found a more direct shot to his liking. Boghosian finished with 245 to face Parker Bohn III.

In the title match, Boghosian started slower before stringing strikes. In the tenth, Bohn needed only 2 strikes to beat Boghosian, but left the "bucket" and settled for second place 247-231. Boghosian becomes just the sixth amateur to win the ABC Masters since the inception of the Pro Bowler's Tour.

The entire story can be found at PBA Tour.

The PBA Tour next rolls into Akron, OH for the Bayer/Brunswick Touring Players Championship starting Tuesday, with the telecast on Saturday on CBS.

***** CBS Needs to Know "We Want Bowling" *****
It's come to the attention of the Bowling Forum that some local CBS affiliates are not airing the PBA Tour as scheduled, instead opting for old movies or infomercials. If your local CBS affiliate is showing the PBA Tour, we're asking you write a simple "thank you" e-mail by going to and typing in your zip code. Then look for a "Feedback" or "E-mail" section. If the local affiliate isn't airing bowling, write an e-mail to them asking for coverage, and then let us know, so we can follow up in those markets.

On a similar note, during the PBA Tour telecasts, CBS advertises Sportsline several times each show. If you've been to that site you'll find no bowling to speak of. Write them at [email protected] and recommend they cover bowling.

In both cases, remember the old adage that you can draw more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. That is, be positive and upbeat in your e-mail. Tell them you'd like to see the PBA Tour each and every week. Then have your friends do the same. The affiliates want to make their audience happy, so if they find an audience for it, it WILL air.

***** PBA Fan Club *****
Want to show your support of the PBA Tour? The PBA Fan Club offers a quarterly newsletter, discounts with PBA-affiliated companies, and more. Information on the PBA fan club can be found at PBA Tour.

*** ABC/WIBC ***
***** Florida Legislature Adjourns Without Bowling Village Vote *****
The 1999 Florida State legislative session ended April 30 without the House of Representatives bringing to a vote the proposed legislation that would provide $2 million annually in funding for the creation of the World Bowling Village by Bowling, Inc.

House Majority Leader Jerry Maygarden indicated that due to budgetary constraints, House leadership would not be able to give consideration to the bowling bill this year. As a result, the House of Representatives did not hear the draft legislation and no vote was taken before the legislature adjourned.

The rest of the article can be found at Bowl BOWLDOTCOM.

****** Detroit Team Sets Record *****
If a bowler shoots 774 in a tournament, it's a good showing. If an entire team averages 774 each for the tournament, it's a new record. On May 1, a Detroit team made history while competing in Toledo, Ohio by shooting 3,870. Read all about it at Bowl BOWLDOTCOM.

***** ABC/WIBC National Results *****
They've been bowling for months, and as the 96th Annual Championship rolls into its last month, American Bowling Congress is the site for up-to-the-minute results. Find out if you or friends are still "in the money."

On the WIBC side of Nationals, results are posted at Bowl BOWLDOTCOM also with about a month to go in the tournament.

***** WIBC Queens Entries Still Available *****
The Queens tournament begins in just over a week, but entries are still available by visiting Bowl WIBC. The site offers all of the tournament rules and regulations, as well as how the finals will be contested.

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 6 7/16
Brunswick (BC) 23 9/16

***And Finally***
The Bowling Forum thanks you for reading this far, and if there's anything we can do to make Kegler's Connection a better read, let us know by e-mailing the Bowling GSTDs.

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