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Kegler's Connection

   April 9, 1999

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Chat with Steve Jaros Friday Night
     ~ Tip of the Week
     ~ Chat Schedule Expands!
  * TV Schedule
     ~ PBA Returns to CBS
     ~ ESPN to Broadcast WIBC Queens
     ~ WTC Event to Return to TV
  * PBA News
     ~ PBA Tour Starts Spring Swing
     ~ Regional Tour Program
  * Miscellaneous
     ~ In a Rut? Go Ducks!
     ~ Stock Update
     ~ WIBC Championship Tournament Debut
     ~ ABC National Tournament
     ~ YABA Tournaments
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Chat with Steve Jaros Friday Night *****
You may have needed a VCR to see the Chattanooga Open and experience the thirteenth televised PBA 300 game, but Steve Jaros is coming to the Bowling Forum during prime time! Steve will be the special guest during Chat with the Pros TONIGHT (Friday, April 9th) at 10 PM ET. Stop by the special chat room by following this link: Live Chat with Steve Jaros (Available to AOL Members Only) to talk about the Chattanooga Open, life on the PBA Tour, and the spring swing.

If by chance you miss it, the chat will be placed in the Bowling Library (Available to AOL Members Only) within a couple of days.

***** Tip of the Week *****
This week's tip comes from Team USA member, Tennelle Grijalva:

Remember to BREATHE. When you're feeling nervous or tense on the approach, take a deep breath in, and let it out slowly, then go. Your muscles need the oxygen to relax.

***** Chat Schedule Expands *****
The GSTDs have been busy bulking up. OK, they haven't been working out in the gym, but they have been giving their fingers a workout. Check the Bowling Chat Schedule (Available to AOL Members Only) for the newly expanded schedule, and look for more new chats soon!

*** TV Schedule ***
***** PBA Returns to CBS *****
Starting Saturday, April 17th, at 2 PM ET on CBS, the PBA Tour returns to television. And while the PBA website carries game-by-game updates on the final games of matchplay, join GSTDHammer Friday nights from 9 to 11 PM ET for PBA Preview (Available to AOL Members Only). Root for your favorite players to make the show, and expect special guests to drop in.

***** ESPN to Broadcast WIBC Queens *****
Now you can double your pleasure, double your bowling viewing fun. The WIBC Queens telecast will air twice:
Sunday, May 23, at 5 PM ET on ESPN
Tuesday, May 25, at 4 PM ET on ESPN2.

Both PWBA members and the world's best amateur bowlers are expected to compete.

***** WTC to Return to TV *****
The 1999 Brunswick World Tournament of Champions will have its championship round televised live by ESPN on Friday night, November 19 at the lead in to SportsCenter.

*** PBA News ***
***** PBA Tour Starts Spring Swing *****
PBA players across the country are packing their motorhomes and booking airline flights with plans to converge in New York the week of April 13 through April 17. The Empire State Open, the first tournament of the spring tour will be contested at Bowlers Club in Latham, NY, with a TV final on Saturday, April 17 on ESPN.

***** PBA Regional Program *****
While the PBA national tour is visiting the New York, check out the regional programs. The regional PBA Tour could be coming to a town near you sooner than you'd suspect. For folks interested bowling "with the big boys," the regional program is an excellent place to get your feet wet....although in bowling that might not be the best analogy. Suffice it to say that many of today's top pros took their turn on the regional circuit before going out on the national tour.

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** In a Rut? Go Ducks! *****
If you're off already for the season, or you need a break from the monotony, here's an idea. No matter how bad your game is looking, one game of duckpins and you will suddenly have perspective. Duckpins is not available in all areas, concentrated mostly in the East, but there are two centers near the WIBC Championship Tournament. For those that don't know, the pins are significantly smaller, and the ball is the size of a softball. It's possible to take the head pin and the five pin from a full rack! Take a group of ten pin bowlers duckpinning for a good laugh. For more information, visit: The Unofficial Duckpin Home Page

***** Stock Update *****
Closing Friday, April 9, 1999
Brunswick (BC) 3 and 7/8
AMF (PIN) 18 and 15/16

*** ABC/WIBC/YABA News ***
****** WIBC Championship Tournament Debut *****
April 8th marked the kickoff of the WIBC Championship Tournament in Indianapolis, Indiana. The tournament runs through June 18th. Your three WIBC-cardholding, friendly neighborhood GSTDs will be competing June 6 and 7th, so look for more details soon. For some really interesting stats on this year's tournament participants, check out: Bowl WIBC and Bowl WIBC.

In the meantime, if you need a sub, or want to talk about hotels, other tournaments or what to do after bowling, be sure to post something in the ABC/WIBC Tournament (Available to AOL Members Only) folder.

***** ABC National Tournament *****
Bowling in Syracuse is still going strong, and will continue through June. The tournament database will show you how any bowler did. Type in a name and their scores however good or bad will appear magically. If you're a current ABC member, with a 190 average the past two seasons, there are still entries available to this year's Masters Tournament. Just click the link for more details from the American Bowling Congress, 96th Annual Championship.

***** YABA News *****
Keep up to date on the tournaments in your area by reading the Youth Tournaments (Available to AOL Members Only) message area. And if you know of any others, make sure to post them. Just follow the Message Board Guidelines (Available to AOL Members Only).

*** And Finally ***
This is your newsletter, so keep the comments and suggestions coming. TheBowling Forum (Available to AOL Members Only) is growing to meet your demands, so look for new features every week.

If you like this newsletter, please tell your friends to subscribe by sending them this link: Bowling Forum Newsletter Subscription (Available to AOL Members Only). If you can think of things we can do to improve, let US know by clicking here: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]

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