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Kegler's Connection

   April 17, 1999

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand Bowling Upcoming Special Events
     ~ Chat with the PBA Ball Reps
     ~ Chat with Parker Bohn
     ~ Empire State Open Winner
     ~ PBA Senior Tour Results from Windsor Locks
     ~ Rick's Report: Top Ten Ball Report
     ~ PWBA to Show Finals Scores Live Online
     ~ ABC Posts Estimated Low to Cash
     ~ WIBC Tournament Info
  * Miscellaneous News
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand Bowling Special Events ***
***** Chat with the Ball Reps *****
Grandstand Bowling proudly presents BallRepalooza, a chat with the PBA Tour Ball Reps on April 27, 1999. PBA players often consider the ball reps a second set of eyes when they take the lanes. The knowledge and advice from the ball rep can make the difference in making the cut, or between making the cut and making the show. Want to know what new stuff is coming out later this summer? Want to know which pros prefer certain ball reactions? Now is your chance. Bring your questions about Brunswick, Track, Columbia, Faball, Ebonite, and Storm to a fun-filled evening of chat. Look for more information in Bowling Forum (Available to AOL Members Only) or The Pro Tours (Available to AOL Members Only) message board.

***** Chat with Parker Bohn *****
Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 29 at 10 PM ET. Nineteen-time PBA Champ Parker Bohn will be our special guest, taking questions fans' questions and talking about the PBA Tour, his career, and his new fan club, the Bohn Zone. Parker had a great winter swing, and fresh off his Empire State Open win. Look for details about the chat in the Bowling Forum next week or in the The Pro Tours (Available to AOL Members Only) message board. For more information on the fan club, check out Parker Bohn III (Available to AOL Members Only).

*** PBA ***
***** Empire State Open *****
Parker Bohn won title number nineteen in Latham, N.Y. in the Empire State Open. Bohn made a charge with back-to-back 258 games Friday night in matchplay to leapfrog into the telecast and kept charging Saturday afternoon. Finishing the shoot out match with the last five strikes, Bohn continued his winning ways in the title match over Rick Steelsmith. Scores were not high, and the lanes seemed to be a challenge to all the bowlers. See the feature, "Rick's Report," for a first hand account of the lane conditions.

Amleto Monacelli, Parker Bohn III, and Harry Sullins faced off with the winner, Bohn, facing Steelsmith for the championship. Next week the Johnny Petraglia Open will air live on CBS from 2-3 PM ET.

***** PBA Senior Tour Results from Windsor Locks *****
Good things come to those who wait--and Roger Workman got tired of waiting. After seven years on the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Senior Tour Workman finally won his first title capturing the Greater Hartford PBA Senior Classic Thursday night at Bradley Bowl. Workman, Kenova, W. Va., defeated 10-time titleist and top-seed Gene Stus, 235-208, taking his first trip to the winners circle and pocketing a check for $8,000.

Unfortunately the Senior Tour is not being aired this swing, but more information can be read at PBA Tour.

***** Rick's Report: Top Ten Ball Report *****
Starting this week, The Kegler's Connection introduces a new feature. Rick Benoit, Brunswick ball rep on the PBA Tour will be providing information on which balls were used during the week by the top ten finishers. So without delay, here's Rick's Report:

This week we definitely saw a different condition than we have been competing on all year. The shape of the pattern was not all that different. There still was not an obvious oil line to use as "hold," so you were better off trying to create hold with projection and controlling your speed and tilt to get the backend reaction you desired. Because the lane surface and the volume of oil provided friction in the front part of the lane, it was not beneficial to hit up on the ball. You will notice that the ones that made the show have games that get their ball through the front part of the lane cleaner, but still have tilt and revs that will release energy on the back portion of the lane.

Rick Steelsmith--Rick used the Ti Boss II for the most part. The other ball that he used occasionally was the Chaos.

Amleto Monacelli--Amleto used a Triton Heat for the most part and occasionally a Pearl Elite.

Parker Bohn III--Parker used two balls a Combat Zone Tracer TE1 and a Control Zone.

Harry Sullins--Harry used a Track TKO Punch for the most part.

Dave Husted--Dave used a Columbia Ti Boss II and a Messenger for the most part. He tried a Chaos for a while.

Eric Forkel--Eric used a Thunder Road early and a Blue Hot Flame later (His 300 was with the Blue Hot Flame).

Walter Ray Williams Jr.--Walter used a Control Zone.

Jason Couch--Jason used several balls. For the most part he used a plastic ball and a Sea Wolf.

Bryon Smith--Bryon used a Storm Thunder Road for the most part and an Imperial Quantum and an El Nino.

Patrick Healy--Patrick used several balls: Columbia Messenger, Chaos, Ti Boss II and Red Pulse.

***** PWBA to Show Finals Scores Live Online *****
Due to the delay between the event taping and the airing of their telecasts a few days later, the PWBA has found a way to provide live frame-by-frame results during the finals from their website at Fans can log on to their website and see the scores as they happen.

Frame-by-frame finals will debut at the Track KO Punch Doubles from Sam's Town Hotel, Gambling Hall and Bowling Center in Las Vegas, Nev., on Wednesday, May 5, 1999, at 4:00 PM ET. The actual telecast will air May 11, 4 PM ET on ESPN2.

*** ABC/WIBC ***
***** ABC Posts Estimated Low to Cash *****
The ABC Tournament site in Syracuse, New York has posted the estimated low to cash.

Regular Team 2773
Classified Team 2563
Regular Doubles 1136
Classified Doubles 1028
Regular Singles 584
Classified Singles 529
Regular All Events 1774
Classified All Events 1580

Check ABC 96th Annual Championship for any changes.

***** WIBC Tournament Info ***** is your WIBC Championship Tournament source for the latest results and news from the event. Check here for daily standings updates as well as reports on what is happening in Indianapolis.

***Miscellaneous News***
Stock prices are posted as a service to our readers. If you know of any other bowling-related stock, let us know, and we'll follow them weekly as well.

Brunswick (BC) 21 1/16
AMF (PIN) 4 1/8

Both are up this week.

***And Finally***
We want to make Kegler's Connection your first choice for bowling news, coming weekly to an e-mail box near you. If you have any comments, questions, or story ideas, write to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]. Subscriptions are free, so please share the wealth with your friends by sending them to Bowling Forum Newsletter Subscription (Available to AOL Members Only)
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