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Kegler's Connection

   March 26, 1999

Table of Contents
  * Telecast Updates
     ~ PBA Chattanooga Telecast to Finally Air
     ~ International Eliminator
  * Grandstand Bowling News
     ~ Many Thanks to Chris Barnes
     ~ Chat Schedule Changes
     ~ Tip of the Week
     ~ PBA to return to Showboat
~ PWBA Seeks Media Director
     ~ ABC Delegates Approve FL move
     ~ Festival of Bowling
     ~ WIBC Dates to Remember
  * And Finally

*** Telecast Updates ***
***** PBA Chattanooga Telecast to Finally Air *****
Good things come to those who wait. And wait. Back in February, when Steve Jaros shot 300 during the Chattanooga Open finals, the airing of the telecast was probably the furthest thing from his mind. But due to technical difficulties, the tape was not suitable for broadcast. Questions regarding the incentive money and the award for the "televised 300" abounded, and have all been answered (Brunswick paid their players the incentive money, and as long as there was a possibility of the show airing, the PBA stood behind Jaros's 300 being the 13th televised perfecto).

In the meantime, the PBA, working with a television broadcast crew, has finally created a copy of the show that is broadcast quality. The PBA has arranged with ESPN to air the "missing 300" telecast in the wee morning hours--Wednesday, April 7, at 3:30 AM ET (Note: this is a different date than the originally announced day and time on the PBA website).

While it's not the most ideal time, let's face it, they *are* finally airing it. Not only does Jaros throw perfection, the telecast marks Lonnie Waliczek's first PBA telecast. Set your VCRs and make a copy of the telecast that will be the source of trivia questions for years to come.

***** International Eliminator *****
The television finals of January's International Eliminator from in Sam's Town in Las Vegas will be televised this Sunday at 9:30 PM EST by ESPN2, and then again on Monday, March 29 at 1:00 PM EST by ESPN.

*** Grandstand Bowling News ***
***** Many Thanks to Chris Barnes *****
The Grandstand Bowling Forum would like to thank PBA Rookie of the Year Chris Barnes for sharing his insight for 90 minutes with PBA fans from around the world.
If you missed this chat, or would like to have a copy for yourself, visit the Bowling Library (Available to AOL Members Only) and download it today!

***** Chat Schedule Changes *****
Your friendly neighborhood GSTD chat hosts are listening. You wanted longer scheduled chats, and we said OK. Starting Monday, March 29, GSTDSteveM, rolls out a brand new bowling chat. Talk about tournaments, get helpful hints, and find out what's going on in the bowling world. So join GSTDSteveM, from 11 PM to 1 AM ET Mondays.

On Friday, April 2, GSTDHammer debuts the Friday Night PBA Preview. During the PBA Tour spring swing, Hammer will host a 2-hour PBA week in review from 9 to 11 PM ET. As the final games of matchplay are being contested, chatters can root for their favorite pros to make the show. Expect special guests and news and information from the PBA Tour.

The "Ten in the Pit" conference room can be reached by clicking here: Bowling Chat (Available to AOL Members Only).

***** Tip of the Week *****
This week's tip is brought to you by, George Freeman, PBA member, Southern Region:

Keeping your head steady during your release will help your accuracy by allowing you to keep your eyes on your target when the ball comes off your hand. If your head is jerking side to side while you release, there is no way you can keep your eyes on the target, thus lowering your accuracy, and leading to shots that are off target.

If your shot is off-target you'll have a hard time knowing when and IF to adjust to lane conditions. Keep your shoulders aligned with your target, and your head will follow since it is attached to your shoulders.

*** PBA/PWBA ***
***** PBA to Return to Showboat *****
Both the national and senior PBA tours will return to Las Vegas' Showboat Hotel, Casino and Bowling Center in 1999, marking the 40th consecutive year of the event. The longest running stop on the national tour will be contested this year beginning Sunday, May 30 with the CBS telecast airing 2-3 PM ET on Saturday, June 5. The seniors will return to the 'Boat from July 11 to July 17. Both tournaments are the longer 56-game formats preferred by many of the players. More information is available at PBA Tour.

***** PWBA Seeks Media Director *****
The PWBA is seeking a Media Director to gain national exposure for the PWBA and its athletes. Information on the position is available at PWBA Media.

*** ABC/WIBC ***
***** ABC Delegates Approve Florida Move *****
The ABC delegates have approved the proposal to build a bowling stadium in Osceola County, Florida. Several conditions still remain, including a similar vote by the WIBC delegates at their convention in May in Indianapolis.

The wording of the proposal follows:
"The ABC Championship Tournament may be hosted in Osceola County, Florida and conducted in the World Bowling Village Stadium every third year for an eighteen-year period, to be specific by contract. The Executive Director may, upon negotiation of an advantageous agreement for ABC, contract with the Osceola County Commission and the State of Florida for such purpose."

More information can be found at Bowl BOWLDOTCOM.

***** Festival of Bowling Debuts in Reno *****
The Mixed Doubles Tournament has been transformed into the Festival of Bowling. The tournament, held in the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, NV, runs from mid- October through the end of November features more events than just the team, doubles, and singles events of years past. Bowlers can enter as many categories as often as they choose. There are additional incentives and events for squad leaders who organize teams and/or book the accommodations for their group. Bowlers needing more information can check out Bowl ABC for more details. If you'd like to hook up some teams, post a message in the ABC/WIBC Tournament (Available to AOL Members Only) folder of the message boards.

***** WIBC National Dates to Remember *****
April 8-June 18 - WIBC Championship Tournament, Indianapolis
April 8-9 - ABC/WIBC Senior Championships, Syracuse
May 3-5 - WIBC Annual Meeting, Indianapolis
May 17-21 - WIBC Queens Tournament presented by Tri-Properties, Indianapolis

*** And Finally ***
That concludes another edition of Kegler's Connection. If you have any news you'd like us to include, or if you have comments or suggestions, e-mail the Grandstand Bowling Forum folks at [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]

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