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Kegler's Connection

   March 20, 1999

Table of Contents
~ Chat with the Pros with Chris Barnes
~ Debuts
~ American Scholarship Tour Adds Florida Venue
~ ABC Tournament Reverses Decision on Blue Jeans
~ Tip of the Week
~ PBA Is Not Alone
~ Kegler's Connection Wants Your Stories
~ Sam's Town to Host 1999 AMF Bowling World Cup
~ Chat Schedule Available
~ Correction
~ And Finally

***** Chat with the Pros with Chris Barnes *****
PBA fans, mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 23rd at 9 PM ET. PBA Rookie of the Year Chris Barnes will be the special guest for Chat with the Pros. Submit Your Questions (Available to AOL Members Only) and settle back for an informative hour with one of the tour's most interesting players. Before Chris joined the PBA in 1998, his amateur accomplishments included bowling accolades during his time at Wichita State University and Team USA.

Look for a special edition of Kegler's Connection later this weekend with more information and links, or check the Bowling Forum (Available to AOL Members Only) Tuesday for links to the special enhanced conference room.

***** Debuts *****
The most comprehensive bowling site to hit the web has debuted at News, games, information, and advice are just a few of the things to be found. has sections on ABC, WIBC, YABA, Collegiate bowling, and Team USA and many others. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the site, because in the couple of hours we've tried it, we're only beginning to find our way around.

The two online games are bowling-themed takeoffs of the '80s arcade games Frogger and Mine Catcher. In order to be fully utilized, the site requires use of Shockwave Flash, a program that is available from the site. For folks with older computers with less available memory, a less intense is also available with a click of the mouse.

***** American Scholarship Tour Adds Florida Venue *****
Guarantees $50,000 in Education Awards

Batesville, Virginia, March 18, 1999 - Based on the success of the 1998 event, the American Scholarship Tournament is being expanded this year to include two venues, giving even more youngsters an opportunity to share in guaranteed scholarship prizes valued at $50,000.
Serving as a host for the first time in 1999 will be Brunswick Wekiva Lanes in Apopka, Florida. It joins Stonehedge Family Fun Center in Akron, Ohio as a venue where young bowlers from tiny tots through 19 years of age will compete in 12 average divisions and four age divisions.
"We were extremely pleased with the response to the 1998 tournament," said Gary Beck, president of Killer 'B' Promotions, the company that organizes and conducts the event. "Our goal is to help as many young people as we can with their post-high school education, while rewarding bowling skill and promoting competitive bowling. Eventually, we'd like to be awarding more than a million dollars per year in scholarships."
Brunswick, the PBA and Dexter Bowling share that same vision, and have signed to co-sponsor the 1999 tournament. Serving as national spokesperson for the event will be PBA star Parker Bohn III.
Separate scholarship prize lists will be featured in Akron and Apopka, with awards increasing in value as youngsters' skill levels (averages) increase. The 12 skill divisions, and the first-place scholarship values, are as follows:
Division I, averages of 100 and under, $1,000; II, averages of 101-110, $1,100; III, averages of 111-120, $1,200; IV, averages of 121-130, $1,300; V, averages of 131-140, $1,400; VI, averages of 141-150, $1,500; VII, averages of 151-160, $1,600; VIII, averages of 161-170, $1,700; IX, averages of 171-180, $1,800; X, averages of 181-190, $1,900; Girls Open, $2,000; and Boys Open, $2,000.
Competition at each center will commence May 29 and continue through August 1, with squads scheduled at 12 noon and 3 p.m. each Saturday and Sunday. In Akron, squads will be blacked out on July 31, but added July 26-28. In Apopka, additional squads will be offered on July 8, 9 and 12-16. Killer 'B' Promotions reserves the right to add more squads at either venue prior to August 1, should entries warrant.
In addition to competing for scholarship prizes in skill divisions, youngsters also will be shooting for berths in the new Spares, Strikes & ScoreTM event in four age divisions: 8 and under, 9-11, 12-14 and 15-19. Spares, Strikes & Score-similar to youth football's Punt, Pass & Kick competition-will place a premium on accuracy and be contested in conjunction with the 1999 Brunswick World Tournament of Champions in Overland Park, Kansas.
The entry fee for the American Scholarship Tournament, a five-game total pins competition, is $40, and each youngster is limited to two entries per venue.
"With the great turnout we had last year in Akron, and the addition of a new venue near the family entertainment destination of Orlando, we're expecting big things for the 1999 tournament," added Beck. "And the addition of Spares, Strikes & Score qualifying should make it even more exciting for the youngsters who take part and their families."
Youngsters may enter on-line at or may obtain an entry form by calling the tournament's toll-free number: 888-BOWL-AST (269-5278).

***** ABC Tournament Reverses Decision on Blue Jeans *****
Taken directly from the ABC National Tournament site,

"After careful and lengthy discussion about the rule regarding 'Blue Jeans' at the ABC Tournament, the decision was made to rescind this rule effective immediately.

Any jeans may be worn if they are neat, clean and in good condition. 'Good condition' will be determined by the Tournament staff. Final decision, if necessary, will be with the Tournament Director."

So if you have yet to leave for Syracuse, feel free to pack your Levi's. If you've already been, share your experiences and the high (or low) lights in the ABC/WIBC Tournament (Available to AOL Members Only) message boards.

***** Tip of the Week *****
This week's tip comes from Mark Curran, founder of Team Internet:

I'd say that a big mistake most amateurs make is not adjusting quickly enough. If you think you ought to move a little bit or if it's time for a ball change go for it!! Lots of times you'll hear a good player at the end of the night say something like: "I knew I needed to make an adjustment, but I was afraid to move"!! If you know it's time to move do it!!!

***** PBA Is Not Alone *****
The NFL owners voted 28-3 this week to resume the use of instant replay after a season marked with several high-profile officiating blunders. Earlier this year, the PBA instituted instant replay in making a call regarding an apparent foul during a telecast that was not called by the line judge, but was seen by the TV announcers. This of course shows that the PBA is now setting the trends in sports broadcasting.

***** Kegler's Connection Wants Your Stories *****
Do you have information that bowlers across the country should hear about? Do you have suggestions for columns, features, or events we should be covering, but aren't? Hey, despite rumors to the contrary, we're only human. The only way we know about stories is through the grapevine, and one thing we've learned is that our best sources are our readers. We'll gladly take e-mail, press releases, or any other format you use. So if we miss something, let us know. If you want help connect bowlers everywhere, drop us a line at [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected].

***** Sam's Town to Host 1999 AMF Bowling World Cup *****
Pack your bags for black jack and bowling this October. Not to be outdone by outdoor lanes with the pyramids as a backdrop, AMF Bowling World Cup will return to the U.S. in the only city with pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, volcanoes, and pirate ships.

Las Vegas, Nevada, will host the 35th edition of bowling's classic individual event, and Sam's Town Hotel, Gambling Hall and Bowling Center will be the site of the competition, set for October 3-9. The 56-lane center was renovated last year, and players will compete on state-of-the-art AMF Bowling equipment that includes its famous high-performance HPL lanes, the world's fastest pinspotters (8800 Gold series), and computerized scoring (BOSS NT system). Sam's Town Hotel will serve as official tournament headquarters. Several PWBA records for 300s and total pinfall were broken last year at the Sam's Town venue.

AMF officials feel that this year's Games at Sam's Town will top the record of 83 countries that participated in the 1997 Bowling World Cup in Cairo, Egypt. It is the world's largest annual sports competition in terms of number of participating nations. Last year's tournament in Kobe, Japan, attracted bowlers from 68 nations. Defending champions are Cheng-Ming Yang of Chinese Taipei and Maxine Nable of Australia.

***** Chat Schedule Available *****
It's between swings on the PBA and PWBA Tours, and you're going through withdrawals. Or you've seen folks throwing some of the latest equipment and you want to get some opinions before you plunk down your hard-earned cash. Or you're down to the final few weeks of league and you are closing in on the roll offs. The Bowling Chat Schedule (Available to AOL Members Only) will provide you with the dates and times of your favorite GSTDs' chats, so you can drop on in and talk about what's going on.

***** Correction *****
Bowling This Month's SuperSchool runs 7 days, not the 6 days previously reported. The Bowling Forum apologizes for any confusion this may have caused.

***** And Finally *****
Kegler's Connection is the exclusive newsletter of Grandstand's Bowling Forum. It's published every weekend as a free service to our readers. The Bowling Forum wants to hear how to make this forum a better place, so e-mail [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] with your suggestions today!

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