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Kegler's Connection

   March 12, 1999

Table of Contents
~ Welcome
~ Introducing the Helpful Hint
~ ABC 96th Annual Championships
~ WIBC Nationals
~ Bowling Chat
~ Getting Help
~ PBA Senior Tour Telecast
~ YABA Dues Increase
~ Coca Cola Tournament Qualifiers
~ And Finally

***** Welcome *****
On behalf of the Bowling Forum, welcome to the tournament tune-up edition of Kegler's Connection. With the PBA and PWBA national tours off for a few weeks, we're focusing our attention on city, state, and national tournaments, and how to get your game ready for peak performance.

***** Introducing the Helpful Hint *****
Each week, expect to see a new bowling tip brought to you by different folks--coaches, touring pros, or other regular bowlers with some words of wisdom. These hints aren't meant to be all inclusive--they won't turn a 150 bowler into a 220 overnight, but we hope they can help your game!

This week's tip:

Always try to learn from every bad shot, but, don't dwell on it or before you know it, you'll have a handful of open frames and an even poorer outlook. While you're on the approach, visualize a good shot, and analyze the bad ones once you've left the approach. And remember no matter what, no one has ever died from a bad night of bowling.

**** ABC 96th Annual Championships *****
If you've got plans to bowl in Syracuse, the official ABC 96th Championship Tournament web site can be found at The site offers a scores database, so you type in a name and see how well a bowler did. Lane graphs, tournament updates, and the top 100 in each category are also available.

If you're bowling the ABCs, here's something to consider: many bowlers are finding the approaches abnormally sticky--especially for synthetic lanes--so plan on adjusting your shoes or your slide. On a positive note, wheeled bags ARE being allowed down the tournament walkway this year. The Masters competition begins May 4th, with the live, PBA telecast airing Saturday, May 8th from 3-4 PM.

Feel free to stop by the ABC/WIBC Tournament (Available to AOL Members Only) message board and share your experience or ask questions from those who've already been.

***** WIBC Nationals *****
Information online for the WIBC national tournament in Indianapolis is sparse at this point, but the site has information for convention delegates. Convention runs from April 30 through May 5th. The Queens tournament, runs May 17th through May 21. The telecast will be broadcast at a yet-to-be-announced date.

**** Bowling Chat *****
OK, you've already gone to nationals. When you're ready to brag about that big set, or need a shoulder to cry on, your friendly neighborhood GSTDs will be there for you six nights a week during Bowling Chat. For a list of hosts and times, check out the Bowling Chat Schedule (Available to AOL Members Only).

***** Getting Help *****
Did the tournament weaken your confidence? Need a little boost to your game? Ask for advice in the Ask The Pro Shop Guys (Available to AOL Members Only) message board. The adage of "buyer beware" certainly applies, but the price is right--it's FREE!

If that's not enough, you could try lessons from a certified coach. You can find one near you by using this site: PBA Tour IBPSIA. Coaching prices vary widely, from a pro shop who will give you a little help for free, or a coach that is paid by the house in a group-lesson format, all the way to private lessons for $50 an hour or more.

If you want to do major reconstructive surgery on your game, make plans to hit one of the bigger bowling clinics this spring/summer:

The Kegel Training Center in Sebring, FL offers everything from private lessons to one-day group clinics to three-day clinics and five-day camps in a privately owned eight-lane center. Tom Lehmkuhl, co-creator of the CATS system, and John Davis, arguably the world's expert on lane conditioning along with PBA member John Forst work with students privately or in groups. Prices range from $100 to $750 for the five-day camps.

Dick Ritger Bowling Camp is a $395, five-day clinic. The program is a "structured, systematic, progressive teaching process." The Ritger drills are a "carefully designed set of skill drills" that improve the bowler's game. The headquarters for Ritger's is Ithaca, New York, with nine five-day camps per summer. Satellite camps are held across the country run by Bob Rea. Housing and meals are available for an additional $185 to $375.

PBI, Inc. offers a variety of camps and clinics in many locations including Maryland, Reno, and Las Vegas. Class size is strictly limited. Classes range from half a day to three days, and focus on the physical game or for advanced students, lane conditions. Instruction includes coaching by PWBA members Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Kim Adler, Michelle Mullen and PBA member Don Moyer. Three-day schools run $349. One-day clinics are $89.

Super School Hosted by Bob Summerville of Bowling This Month magazine, this $695, 6-day camp covers many facets of bowling. Unlike other schools that present one method, Super School provides many theories, matching the bowler with the best method. Previously held in Reno, this year's school will be held at Showboat in Las Vegas, Nevada. Coaches include Fred Borden, Jeri Edwards, Palmer Fallgren, John Jowdy, and Bill Spigner.

PBA Tour University is a new joint venture between the PBA and Fred Borden. PBA members serve as teachers and will make guest appearances at the Akron, Ohio camps. The clinics feature classroom learning, video and CATS analysis, on-lane instruction and personalized equipment consultation. Camps will be held for adults as well as youth bowlers, and plans are in the works to add a PBA players fantasy camp not unlike in other sports.

Bowlers Educational Clinic is run by Dr. Jeff Briggs. Briggs is known for his work on physical conditioning to enhance bowling performance, and he writes the "Physically Speaking" column for Bowling This Month. The one-day clinics cover a variety of topics, and are held throughout the country.

***** PBA Senior Tour Telecast *****
Bowlers were still competing at press time, but the Villages Senior World Championship from Lady Lake, FL will air Sunday, March 14, from 12:30 to 2 PM ET on ESPN.

***** YABA Dues Increase *****
For the first time in 6 years, YABA will be increasing its sanctioning fee to youth bowlers. The annual fee goes to $12 per member for all new leagues sanctioning after March 15, 1999. The increase will go to fund new programs including free training of coaches, scholarship opportunities, and a new member magazine. For more information on YABA benefits, check out

***** Coca Cola Qualifiers *****
Also on the YABA front, this month begins the Coca Cola Tournament State/Regional and Zone qualifiers, share your experience in the Youth Tournaments (Available to AOL Members Only) folder.

***** And Finally *****
Thanks for subscribing to Kegler's Connection--the free online newsletter to bowlers, by bowlers. If you have questions, comments, or topics you think we should be covering, drop us an e-mail at [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected].

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