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Kegler's Connection

   February 6, 1999

Table of Contents:
~ E-terview with Chris Barnes
~ PBA Telecast Top 5
~ Chat Room Name Change
~ Reno Hotels Named WIBC Queens Sponsor
~ Attention USA Bowling Volunteers
~ PBA Players Race to a Different Finish Line
~ PWBA Rolls Out to Atlanta
~ International Fans to See PBA
~ And Finally

***** E-terview with Chris Barnes *****
Recently, the Bowling Forum had the opportunity to ask 1998 PBA Rookie of the Year, Chris Barnes, a few questions regarding his first PBA telecast and his bowling in general. We thank Chris for taking the time to speak with us!

Q. How did you make the transition going from Wichita State to Team USA, both team focused, to the PBA where you're going it alone each week?
Chris Barnes: The transition from team-oriented to individual bowling probably wasn't as tough for me as one might think. While I pride myself in the advancement I made as a team player, I always made my living as an individual. As a whole, I enjoy team bowling accomplishments with friends like Bob Goike and John Gaines more than individual awards. However, I do still have a ball-rep in Rick Benoit and Art Mckee that give me options similar to coaches I have had in the past.

Q. Even though you knew there would be a transition period, were you surprised or discouraged that it took you until the second season on tour to make a show?
Chris: I was definitely discouraged I was unable to make a show last year. Even though the competition is so stiff, I felt like I should have been able to break into the top 5. It is nice to have finally gotten that goal accomplished so that I can work on accomplishing the next ones.

Q. You've said (in a PBA interview) you made a bad ball choice in your loss to Brian Himmler Saturday. What would you have done differently in retrospect?
Chris: In retrospect, I might have made a bad ball choice, but after watching it myself, I found a few other things that contributed. I was uncomfortable with my reaction and to combat that I got too "grabby" at the release. After watching my first 2 frames, I knew I had no chance. By grabbing it at the bottom to attempt to make it hook more, I constantly shot it through the break point. This combined with adrenaline left most of the fault with the bowler -- not the ball.

Q. So many people talk about the decline of the PBA, yet last week, nearly half the top 24 were newer faces. What can you say to the people who say the tour won't survive another 5-10 years?
Barnes: There will always be a professional bowling tour. There are too many companies that profit in the business of bowling. These companies will not let their primary arena for showcasing their respective products just die. It may not always be the PBA, but it will still exist in some form.

Q. Is there anything you'd like to see the PBA doing that they're not already?
Chris: I like the things the PBA is trying to do. They are aware of the mistakes that have been made in the past and they -- with the help of the Marquee Group -- are taking steps to make the ascent. The only thing I would like to see is a seeded match play tournament. A best 4 out of 7 with either a single or double elimination. I think it might be more entertaining to watch and a nice change of pace for the players as well.

Q. You've had an incredible year, both personally and professionally. Did you really propose to your fiancee during your bowling league?
Chris: It has been a great year in many aspects. I did propose to my fiancee' Lynda Norry at her women's scratch league. As she got up to bowl the 10th frame of her last game, I had "the question" put on the overhead monitor. She saw it flash out of the corner of her eye and turned around as I got down on one knee and asked her in "my own words." As a relatively private person, proposing in public was the one way I could come up with to surprise her. (I'm sure glad she said yes!)

Q. Is there ANYTHING you want to answer, perhaps something no one asks, but you want to say?
Chris: I don't really have anything else other than a tidbit involving my sister that I am proud of. My sister Laura (Sullivan) and I both shot 300 on the same day about 20 minutes and 130 miles apart.

***** PBA Telecast Top Five *****
ESPN will air the Columbia 300 open LIVE from Austin, TX, Sunday 12 noon ET. The top 5 bowlers bowling the standard step ladder finals are:
1. Pete Weber
2. Patrick Healey Jr.
3. Parker Bohn III
4. Bob Learn Jr
5. Jason Couch
The top 5 shoe up for a LIVE telecast that airs Sunday, February 7th, at 12 Noon ET.

***** Chat Room Name Change *****
Had trouble finding the old stomping grounds? The Bowling Forum now has a *real* conference room for chat. And unlike the old name, Grandstand Chat Four, the room now has a bowling-related name. The new room can hold 50 people, and will allow for fewer disruptions. Check out Bowling Forum Chats (Available to AOL Members Only) and see our new name.

***** Reno Hotels Named WIBC Queens Sponsor *****
For the next 3 years, WIBC Queens participants should think Reno. And thank Reno. The Reno Tri-Properties, better known as Circus Circus, El Dorado, and Silver Legacy have committed $75,000 annually for the next three years. While bowlers are still eagerly awaiting the 1999 tournament in Indianapolis, information for hotels for next year in Reno will soon be available. For more information on this year's Queens Tournament, please go to Bowling Headquarters.

***** Attention USA Bowling Volunteers ****
USA Bowling is seeking volunteer speakers to promote USA Bowling. Past and present Team USA members and USA Bowling Coaches can get more information by contacting USA Bowling Special Projects Manager Rachel Fruchtman (414/423-3236, e-mail [email protected]) or Joyce Jocham (414/423-3223, e-mail [email protected]).

***** PBA Players Racing to a Different Finish Line *****
This week 20 PBA Players were racing through Kyle, TX on their way to the Columbia 300 Open, and not a single one was ticketed. It seems the players were at Thunderhill Raceway, driving a Super Truck just like the PBA-sponsored Craftsman Truck Series Chevy on the NASCAR circuit.

Imagine Guppy Troup trying to outpace Marshall Holman. Or Parker Bohn III edging out Walter Ray Williams, Jr. Hopefully, Sunday's telecast will show highlights, but until then, read about it at PBA Tour.

***** PWBA Rolls into Atlanta *****
The PWBA begins its four-week Winter Tour Sunday, February 7, in Atlanta. Special congratulations go out to Rookie of the Year, Jody Ellis. Keep up on the action at

***** International Fans to See PBA *****
International fans of the PBA will have another venue to see their heroes as the PBA has announced agreements with two international outlets to air the 1999 National and Senior events. For more information, check out PBA Tour.

***** And Finally *****
This is your newsletter. Let us know what you'd like to see in it. Contact [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected].

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