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Kegler's Connection

   January 31, 1999

**** Table of Contents ****
~ E-terview with Michael Haugen, Jr.
~ High Roller Updates
~ New GSTD debut
~ PWBA Winter Telecast Schedule
~ PBA Expanded Telecast Schedule
~ ABC Tournament Webcam is Up
~ The Right Approach
~ And, Finally

**** E-terview with Michael Haugen, Jr. ****

GSTDHammer recently spoke with last week's TV finalist, Michael Haugen, Jr. The "E-terview" follows.

Q. Many people have commented on the fact that you wear sneakers while bowling, rather than bowling shoes. Can you tell us what that does for your approach, and why you prefer that over conventional bowling shoes or shoes with the adjustable bottoms?

Michael Haugen: I use the Vans (brand tennis shoes) because I don't like to slide. The tennis shoes allow me to grip the lane and not slip.

Q. You were throwing the new Raspberry Buzzsaw/C2, but what was your spare ball?

Michael: It was a plastic ball. I don't want to go on record as to what it was yet. Let's just say it was a gift from a friend.

Q. How does being sponsored by one ball company, like Lane #1, help your game on tour? Are there any limitations to sponsorship?

Michael: There are always limitations to being on one staff, but the benefits are knowing the equipment line and knowing how one ball will react next to another in the lineup.

Q. Your game plan worked very well in the first match against Tommy, but in the second game, you started to lose lane 24. What happened, and what would you do differently if you had the opportunity?

Michael: The right lane was breaking down........losing the oil in the front part of the lane. I should have changed to a shiny ball and moved closer to the gutter.

Q. This was your highest finish on tour yet. Did having family and friends help keep you from being so nervous?

Michael: Believe it or not, I wasn't nervous the first time I made TV. I like being on the show, and all the noise actually pumps me to make a great shot.

Q. You wore the mic, and you did a lot of talking to yourself in the first match. How did you continue to motivate yourself as the shot changed?

Michael: I figured that I got to the show, so I should be able to figure something out. I just did it a little late. The fact that Voss shot 266 didn't help my chances (laugh out loud).

**** High Roller Updates ****

If it's Super Bowl time, it's also High Roller time. Want to see how friends are doing this week in Las Vegas? Keep up on the action at the High Roller Web Site.

**** New GSTD Debut ****

The Bowling Forum would like to welcome our newest GSTD, Maroon to our area. Maroon will be helping in many areas of the Bowling Forum including the newsletter. If you see her, welcome her!

**** PWBA Winter Telecast Schedule ****

The PWBA web site has finally been updated to include the TV schedule. The first airing of each telecast appears on ESPN2, and then some of the shows repeat on ESPN. Mark your calendars and set your VCRs.

Feb. 7 through 11
Greater Atlanta Open
Airs: Tues. Feb. 16, ESPN2, 4 PM ET
Repeats: Sun. Feb. 21 (or early Monday morning, depending how you look at it), ESPN, Midnight ET

Feb. 14 through 18
Choo Choo Classic
Airs: Tues. Feb. 23, ESPN2, 4 PM ET

Feb. 21 through 25
Greater Jacksonville Classic
Airs: Tues. Mar. 2, ESPN2, 4 PM ET

Feb. 28 through Mar. 4
Greater Orlando Classic
Airs: Tues. Mar. 9, ESPN2, 4 PM ET
Repeats: Wed. Mar. 10, ESPN, 12:30 AM ET

****PBA Expanded Telecast Schedule****

The PBA has announced the tournaments now through June. The telecasts run on ESPN through mid-February, with coverage resuming in April on CBS.

Don Carter PBA Classic
Dallas, TX
Airs: Jan. 31, ESPN, 2:30 PM ET

Columbia 300 Open
Austin, TX
Airs: Feb. 7, ESPN, 12 Noon ET

Chattanooga Open
Chattanooga, TN
Airs: Feb. 14, ESPN, 4 PM ET

Flagship Open
Erie, PA
Airs: Feb. 20, ESPN, 2 PM ET

PBA National Championship
Toledo, OH
Airs: Feb. 27, ESPN, 4 PM ET

~The Tour moves to CBS~
Tournament to be announced
Airs: Apr. 17, CBS, 2:00 PM ET

Brunswick Johnny Petraglia Open
North Brunswick, NJ
Airs: Apr. 24, CBS, 3 PM ET

Brunswick Long Island Open
Coram, NY
Airs: May 1, CBS, 3 PM ET

ABC Masters
Syracuse, NY
Airs: May 8, CBS, 3 PM ET

Bayer/Brunswick Touring Players Championship
Akron, OH
Airs: May 15, CBS, 3 PM ET

PBA Oregon Open
Portland, OR
Airs: May 29, CBS, 3 PM ET

Las Vegas Invitational
Las Vegas, NV
Airs: June 5, CBS, 2 PM ET

Tucson Open
Tucson, AZ
Airs: June 12, CBS, 5 PM ET

National Bowling Stadium Open
Reno, NV
Airs: June 20, CBS, 3 PM ET

ACDelco Classic
Lakewood, CA
Airs: June 26, CBS, 2:30 PM ET

BPAA U.S. Open
Milford, CT
Airs: To Be Announced

**** ABC Tournament Webcam is Up ****

The ABC National Tournament Webcam is up and running, so you can watch a bowling center being installed before your eyes. Also you may have your dates for Syracuse, but do you have your rooms? Want to know what the weather will be like? If you think you need a sub or you might like to be a sub, there's a posting board as well. Check out American Bowling Congress, 96th Annual Champion.

**** The Right Approach ****

Make sure to catch BOWLN DIVA's latest column appearing each week in the Grandstand Member's Newsstand, or go directly to The Right Approach (Available to AOL Members Only).

**** And, Finally ****
Look for Kegler's Connection in your e-mail for updates from the Grandstand Bowling Area. And finally, if you have any questions to ask or ideas for the Bowling Area, feel free to e-mail: [email protected], [email protected], and GSTDHammer.

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