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   November 7, 1999

Table of Contents
* Grandstand News
    ~ Special Chat Postponed
    ~ Bowling Forum Reno Bound
    ~ Tip of the Week
    ~ Rick's Report
    ~ Couch Wins in Bay City
    ~ Sam's Town Telecast for PWBA
    ~ BPAA Bowler of the Month
    ~ YABA Salutes Honor Scores
* Team USA/World Team Challenge
* Miscellaneous News
    ~ Stock Watch
* And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Special Chat Postponed *****
Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Chat with the PWBA Rookie of the Year nominees has been postponed. As soon as it's rescheduled, we will report it here.

***** Bowling Forum Reno Bound *****
With a majority of the Bowling Forum chat hosts Reno bound, some of the scheduled chats this week will be on hiatus. However, feel free to use the chat room, and make sure to check the Forum Announcements (Available to AOL Members Only) or for updates on their progress. The upside is that we will again host a special chat LIVE from the NBS.

***** Tip of the Week *****
As the GSTDs of Bowling get "ready to Reno" George Freeman offers this tip for keeping an even keel:

When bowling in a league, tournament, or just practice, keep yourself in a positive frame of mind. Your mind controls your body and responses, so the more positive your brain is, the more positive your movements will be. If something doesn't go your way, be it a bad shot, missed spare, or a solid tap, don't get down on yourself. Negative thoughts translates into frustration, anger, and can lead to mistakes. The more frustrated and angry you get, the more likely you are to throw a shot that is less then 100% of your capability. So, keep an even keel, you'll come out ahead in the end.

***** Rick's Report ****
This week Rick shares part two of three.

Fairness in our sport seems to be directly related to results and the numbers that go along with those results. I have a problem with that. I will give an example. After the first block of the tournament was completed in Naples, the top 7 players were left handed. I heard the grumbling that it was unfair, the left side was going to dominate again. I say again because the previous swing on the Left Coast (West) was dominated by left handers. I was not out for the West Coast swing, but I was able to watch the website to keep and eye on the results.

For several tournaments I saw a lot of left handers doing well, and it was obvious that as a whole the right side had a bigger challenge. As I talk to them, I find it impossible to disagree. As a matter of fact, I have to say they are absolutely right. That was totally unfair. If this was to continue, I am sure that we would have a lot more left handers on tour and a lot fewer right handers. I feel the problem is how we look at it and when we evaluate it. When you are in the middle of a tournament you see what is in front of you, after the tournament you evaluate the results by looking at the results and form an opinion. At the end of a swing we evaluate the swing and at the end of the year we evaluate the year. As the numbers increase we try and relate the results to a level of fairness. I have a question for all, is that fair? In my opinion, not at all.

The numbers are not a good way to evaluate fairness. This takes us back to Naples after the first round of qualifying, the grumbling continued. As the week went along, it seemed as if the morning looked like it was going to be dominated by the lefties, and then the right side would catch up as the lanes opened up on the right. By the end of the week, only one left hander made the show. Does that make it fair? In some peoples minds, it might. The tournament was won by a left hander, does that make it unfair? If you look at the accumulation of the previous tournaments before, you might think so. The next week we went to The Villages, where The Senior Invitational and the Tournament of Champions were held in the same house with the same maintenance crew. The lanes were maintained in such a manner as to provide the Tournament of Champions a fresh condition every time they bowled. For those of you that do not know the T of C offered one of the biggest prizes ever offered in Professional bowling history, a house.

Keep in mind that there were two tournaments going on in the same house on the same pattern. Both sides of the lane looked playable. Those that played further out on either side found hang when they missed right, and there was no obvious hold. You could attempt to play further out as long as you were square with the lane. It was all right on both sides. Having an idea of the scoring pace is important in determining strategy. Knowing that the right would get better as the day went along was obvious so you figured the scoring pace was going to be high. Even though both sides looked fair at the beginning, I knew the right was going to develop into a scorefest and the left was going to have more of a challenge from lane to lane because they were going to be forced to play out. They could play in if they wanted, but there was not enough left handers to open up that part of the lane. The right handers could have played out, and they would have found a similar reaction to that on the left.

Most chose to move away from the gutter to avoid the occasional hang. By doing so they created a hook spot and when you have a hook spot you can find hold by using angle and tilt to match. These players may not be spring chickens but they are very good bowlers, all week long I tried to figure out a way for the left to keep up with the right. I could not figure a way to do that considering the level of the talent on the right side. Some might say two lefties made the show in the non-champions tournament so that shows some level of fairness. The fact is if you look at the numbers the higher lefties on the non-champions side averaged about the same as the higher lefties on the champions side of the tournament, while the higher righties in the champions side out-averaged the righties on the non-champions side by a substantial amount. Nothing against the non-champions but the champions are pretty darn good. It was obvious that the right had an advantage in scoreability not because of what was applied by the lane crew, but how the field broke them down. That is nothing new it happens quite often especially on the Senior Tour. Remember the question is fairness. Lets look at the numbers, a left hander won in the non-champions tournament and a righty won in the T of C. Sounds fair! Even if the right did have an advantage, the left had won the week before and had won their share on the west coast, sounds fair. I can tell you that there was no left hander in the champions tournament that thought they had a chance.

Next week the final installment. For more of Rick's analysis of the PBA, read his Insider's Report on the PBA site. Rick is also giving away prizes to folks who watch the telecast and read the reports to answer a related question. You can find Rick's Insider's Report at

*** PBA/PWBA News ***
***** Couch Wins in Bay City *****

For Jason Couch, the ninth time in 1999 was the charm as he brought home the victory in the Bay City Classic against top seeded Tim Criss. Couch, making his ninth TV appearance of the year, started strong in the title game with three strikes and cruised home for the win, 205 - 159, as Criss struggled to find a line to the pocket. Tour veteran Amletto Monacelli squared off with first-time finalist Richard Wolfe in the first game with Wolfe winning a close match in the tenth, 235 - 226. In the second match, left-hander Ricky Ward was steady through the match, overcoming an open frame late in the game to defeat Wolfe, 213 - 192. In the semifinal, Jason Couch edged Ricky Ward in a tightly contested match before moving on to win the sixth title of his career.

The complete story is found at

***** Sam's Town Telecast for PWBA *****
The Sam's Town Invitational will air three times this week, concluding the PWBA swing and all the conjecture on bowler of the decade honors. Watch for the telecast Monday, November 8, at 8 PM ET; Thursday, November 11, 2 PM ET, or again at midnight ET, all on ESPN2.

Appearing on the telecast will be
5. Jody Ellis
4. Marianne DiRupo
3. Kim Canady
2. Cheryl Daniels
1. Wendy MacPherson

If you can't wait to know who the winner is, visit

***** BPAA Bowler of the Month *****
Cara Honeychurch was voted Bowling Writers Association of America Bowler of the Month for October by a select panel of the organization, BWAA President Tina M. Gohr announced today.

In her first event as a professional, Honeychurch, a left-hander from Melbourne, Australia, not only reached the championship round and placed second at the AMF Gold Cup in Richmond, Va., but she also recorded just the second 300 game by a woman on television to earn a $50,000 bonus.

Two weeks later at the Brunswick Women's World Open in Lake Zurich, Ill., Honeychurch scored another perfect game (in the second qualifying round) and made another televised championship round appearance. As top seed, Honeychurch defeated Tiffany Stanbrough, Oklahoma City, Okla., 237-204 to capture her first Professional Women's Bowling Association championship.

Honeychurch was not the only Australian woman bowler to garner votes from the BWAA panel: Amanda Bradley of Newcastle won the women's division of the AMF World Cup in Las Vegas, an event that featured amateur bowlers from approximately 80 countries.

Meanwhile, Parker Bohn III, Jackson, NJ, who won the Track/Dexter Open in Canandaigua, NY, and finished second at the Brunswick ProSource Open in Wichita, Kans., was runner-up in the balloting for the second consecutive month.

(BWAA's website is

*** ABC/WIBC/YABA News ***
***** YABA Salutes Honor Scores *****
YABA is once again saluting youth bowlers who have successfully rolled for rings. The page is updated every two weeks, so stop by and see how juniors from your area are bowling. Our congrats to 17-year-old Adam Sorrell for his 863 effort. For some of us, that's even a dream with four games.

The entire list can be found at

*** Team USA/World Team Challenge ***
The first BWTC event for the 1999-2000 season will be held November 13 that Nutmeg Bowl in Fairfield, CT. There is room for a maximum of 56 teams and as of Friday, there were still 15 spots available. The entry fee is $600 per team and all teams will bowl two 3-game blocks on Saturday at 9:30AM and 2:00PM.

The top 10 teams will return Sunday morning for 20 games of Baker Match Play. The three team stepladder finals will be at approximately 1:30PM. All other teams can bowl in the Second Chance tournament Sunday morning by paying a $20/team lineage fee. For more information, email [email protected]

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 4 1/8
BC (BC) 23 7/8

*** And Finally ***
As the GSTDs pack up and hit the road to Reno, we bid you adieu. Check for updates in the Forum Announcements folder. And look for our special chat coming live from the NBS. Please send your comments, questions, and suggestions to Bowling GSTDs. Have a great week!

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