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Kegler's Connection

   November 21, 1999

Table of Contents
* Grandstand News
    ~ Bowling Forum Takes Reno By Storm
    ~ Scrambler Chat
    ~ Tip of the Week
    ~ PWBA Bowler of the Decade Debate
    ~ Couch Wins T o C
    ~ PBA Telecast Equipment Used
    ~ Cal Bowl PBA Stop Canceled
    ~ PWBA Bowler of the Decade Debate
    ~ ABC Proposes Dues Increase
    ~ WIBC Votes to Drop Tiered Membership
    ~ WIBC Extends National Championship
* Team USA News
    ~ Fourteenth FIQ World Tenpin Bowling Championships
* World Team Challenge News
    ~ New Bowl Rite Lanes Wins First WTC
* Miscellaneous
    ~ Stock Watch
    ~ BPAA Seeks New CEO
* And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Bowling Forum Takes Reno By Storm *****
They came, they saw, they conquered. Or at least one of the Bowling GSTDs did. GSTDs Rage and Hammer led a group of 20-some brave bowlers to the first-ever Festival of Bowling tournament. This event replaced the ABC/WIBC Mixed Doubles. Most of the bowlers were chat regulars, yet others came along just to see what the big deal was about. Bowlers participated in events ranging from the 300 Club six-gamer for bowlers with an honor game, to the Baker four-person team, where bowlers alternated being the closer in the tenth frame (Regular Baker utilizes five bowlers bowling fixed frames). Most of the bowlers participated in the mixed team, doubles, and singles events, and even those not on teams found the opportunity to sub at the National Bowling Stadium.

The shot was the most difficult many of the bowlers had ever seen. The lanes were oiled 42 feet, and things that usually hook just didn't. Scoring-wise, GSTDMaul destroyed the racks even without his trusty two-bladed light saber. Maul, also known as PBA Southern Regional Player George Freeman left Reno leading nine-game all events with 2070, and the marathon scratch all events score of 4331. Special thanks to John Davis and the Foundation ( for shirt sponsoring George's team.

The only downside was that due to the time difference, hosting chat from the Stadium couldn't be scheduled. Five teams have already committed for next year, so the "Reno Raiders" shall return.

***** Tip of the Week *****
George Freeman, our tip-writing machine, has this to say about shoes:

Bowling shoes may be the most important piece of equipment you have in your bag, because if you don't feel comfortable in your approach, it won't matter if you have the right ball in your hand, or if you are playing the correct line. Shoes are the foundation to a solid game.

Whether you like to slide a lot or plant and throw, there are shoes made to fit your individual needs. However, be aware that no two center's approaches are exactly alike, and even in the same center, things can change--humidity for one. Each center has its own characteristics, so you should be prepared.

Many pros have more than one pair of shoes in their bag. That way if they encounter approaches that are a little slippery, they would have shoes that don't slide as much, therefore getting back into their "comfort zone." If the approaches are a little tacky, they can go to a shoe that has more slide to it.

If you can't afford or have no desire to buy a second pair of shoes, remember to take a wire brush or scuff pad with you. That way you can adjust the texture of your soles to meet your needs on the lanes.

On the other hand, While even a recreational bowler would do well with better shoes, there is a limit on how much to spend. A once a week, one-center bowler doesn't have the need for the bells and whistles that come with top of the line shoes. The "Cadillacs" of bowling shoes come with interchangeable soles and heels, or disks that adjust the amount of slide.

Talk to your pro shop, and find a quality pair of shoes without going overboard. Just remember, your shoes provide the foundation that will make everything else fall into place. Take good care of them.

***** Scrambler Chat This Monday *****
Join GSTDSteveM for Scrambler Chat this Monday, November 22nd, at 10 PM ET. Winners will be announced in next week's Kegler's Connection. For Scrambler and more, read the chat schedule at Bowling Chat (Available to AOL Members Only).

***** PWBA Bowler of the Decade Debate *****
Curious how the contenders for Bowler of the Decade match up? Thanks to John Takacs of the PWBA, the Bowling Forum is holding its own vote for the Bowler of the Decade. Visit the following web site to review the stats, and vote for the pro you think best represents the 1990s. The results will be announced mid-December, but until then you can discuss your opinions in the Topic of the Week (Available to AOL Members Only).

For the stats, visit

*** PBA/PWBA News ***
***** Couch Wins T o C *****
Jason Couch is $100,000 richer this week after winning the Brunswick Tournament of Champions Wednesday evening. It took a double in the tenth to defeat the tournament leader, reigning Rookie of the Year Chris Barnes, 197-193. Barnes settled for $32,000 second place.

Other finishes on the telecast:
3. Bowker, $23,000
4. Himmler, $16,000
5. Ozio, $12,000.

The PBA site now features live clips of the event. For more information, visit

***** PBA Telecast Equipment used *****
Himmler--Storm Staff--La Nina
Ozio--Brunswick Staff--Command Zone
Bowker--Track Shirt Staff--Champ
Couch--Ebonite Staff--Matrix, Tri-Max
Barnes--HPD Tour Edition 2, Speed Zone TE2 on spares.

***** PBA Tour Stop Canceled *****
In a brief article that appears in both the Pacific Bowler and the Western Bowling News, it was announced Thursday morning that the PBA Tour Stop at Cal Bowl in Lakewood, CA, formerly sponsored by ACDelco has been canceled. ACDelco pulled out sponsorship of the event some time ago, and efforts to find another sponsor failed.

General Manager Tom Moeller states, "With the withdrawal of the ACDelco as sponsor, we are unable to host the event on our own. We regret that we leave a hole in the schedule of the Professional Bowlers Association Tour, but we have no other choice."

No mention of this cancellation is mentioned on the PBA Tour website, however, the tournament schedule now reads TBD. If a replacement tournament is not found, the Tour schedule will go from the NBS in Reno the week of January 11-15 with a break until January 25th when the tour resumes at Don Carter Lanes in Dallas.

This stop has been one of the richest prize funds on the tour, and definitely the closest for much of the Southwest. It will be a loss to bowling fans and Western regional bowlers alike.

*** ABC/WIBC/YABA News ***
***** ABC Proposes Dues Increase *****
ABC delegates to the Albuquerque Convention will face the prospect of raising member dues $2 both at the national and local level starting with the 2000-01 season. If approved, maximum dues a member pays would rise from the present $12 to $16. Further, an additional rise of $2 in dues at each level would occur if ABC national membership drops below 1998-99 numbers. It is the first increase in four years. For more information, please visit

***** WIBC Votes to Drop Tiered Membership *****
The WIBC Board of Directors have voted to discontinue the membership benefits test (tiered membership) effective July 31, 2000. For more on the story, read

***** WIBC Extends Championship Tournament *****
With 13,100 teams entered, the WIBC National Tournament in Reno is filling up time slots quickly. In order to accommodate more teams, the tournament has been extended another week. Instead of closing on June 30, the tournament will run through July 7. The date could be extended again if interest warrants. Entries close Jan. 14. For more information, visit

*** Team USA***
***** Fourteenth FIQ World Tenpin Bowling Championships *****
Members of Team USA and teams representing countries around the world are competing in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates during the Fourteenth FIQ World Tenpin Bowling Championships. Check their results here:

*** WTC News ***
***** New Bowl Rite Lanes Wins First WTC *****
The team New Bowl Rite Lanes won the first WTC of the new season at Nutmeg Bowl in Fairfield, CT. The team of Tony Rosamilia, James Mack, John Gualtieri, Sean Ricciardi and Frank Dickinson combined for a two-game total of 437 for a 47-pin lead over Brunswick of Pittsburgh. For the rest of the results, read

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 3 7/16
Brunswick (BC) 22 7/16

***** BPAA Seeks New CEO *****
The Bowling Proprietor's Association of America is interviewing for a new CEO. If you're interested in what experience and skills the top position in bowling center management requires, see

*** And Finally ***
Thanks for sharing your week with the Bowling Forum. Have a great week, and Happy Thanksgiving! If you have story ideas, criticism, or better yet, praise (we love to hear what we are doing right) let us know by emailing the Bowling GSTDs. Remember, we won't spam you, so you gotta subscribe. Bowling Forum Newsletter Subscription (Available to AOL Members Only) or email HOSTGSTDSteveM for more info.

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