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   November 20, 2000

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Welcome Notes
     ~ Tip of the Week
     ~ GSTDs Give Thanks
  * PBA/PWBA News
     ~ Storm PWBA Shootout
     ~ Wiseman Wins in Austin
     ~ BallBeat
     ~ Queens and Senior Queens Entries Available Online
  * Team USA/FIQ News
     ~ FIQ International Senior Event Held at NBS
     ~ Team USA Members Shine at FIQ World Youth Championships
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
     ~ AMF Stock Trading Suspended by the NYSE
     ~ Return of Elf Bowling--the Sequel
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Welcome Notes*****
The family of AOL's Grandstand Bowling Forum,, and Kegler's Connection wish you and yours a happy Thanksgiving Day. And may all your turkey leftovers come during games when you need to punch out in the tenth frame. In this week's edition, you'll get a tip on arsenal building, telecast times for the week, and news on the NYSE halting AMF stock trading.

***** Tip of the Week *****
This week, Jeff Piroozshad offers us this advice on building an arsenal.

Since I am in the process of doing this for the two tournaments I'm bowling in the next two weeks (PBA regional and US Amateurs), I decided that now would be a good time for a tip to use :)

Contemplating an arsenal

Okay. You've reached the point in your game where you know you want to carry around more than one or two balls with you. You've always used either the "hooking" ball or the "not-hooking" ball. You think you've reached the point in your game where you know enough about adjusting and lane changes that you feel ready to add another ball or two. But where do you start?

When looking at adding some new stuff, the first thing to do is think about what equipment you already have and how it reacts. Add to the equation the two factors you need to think about when choosing a new ball. The first factor you probably already know: how much does the ball hook? The second factor is sometimes not as obvious: WHEN does the ball hook? Sometimes a ball that hooks more will also do so later down the lane, which means it will cover more boards in a shorter period of time and could give a greater angle of entry into the pocket. This could come in handy when you find yourself leaving too many 10-pins because the ball is not hooking enough in the back of the lane. On the flipside, a ball that hooks earlier will give you a better chance of covering a couple of boards when there is a good amount of oil on the lane.

There is a third factor, but it is only a combination of the previous two. Based on a ball, you can magnify its intended characteristics by changing its surface and using a specific drilling pattern to change what and how much the ball does, and when the ball does it. A good pro shop operator can help you find a good combination of all three to match your game.

More advanced arsenals of 6 or 8 balls or more are nothing more than combinations of these same factors. The bowler is just looking for a ball to do something more specific for a certain lane condition that he or she expects to see on a given occasion and is willing to dedicate a spot in the arsenal to hit only that condition. Carrying more ball allows a player to use a ball that is more specifically designed for that particular condition, however, the bowler needs to have the skill and knowledge to recognize the condition. The bowler also needs to have a better idea of which ball does what because the more bowling balls you have, the greater chance there is of picking the wrong one on any given day.

Good luck -
Jeff Piroozshad

*****GSTDs Give Thanks *****
Instead of the usual links story, this week, the GSTDs of AOL's Bowling Forum wish to share their thanks with the readers.

HOST GSTD Bundy (the legendary Jeff P.) offers well I'm thankful that I've been given the opportunity to teach people the sport that has given me so much enjoyment over the last 20 years

LDRS GSTD Spurs writes "Three things that I'm thankful for...........
All the great people I've met through the bowling group,
Marc's hand-me-down bowling equipment,
and being LEFT-HANDED." :-)

HOST GSTD Pizza offers "I am thankful for being able to enter and compete in tournaments.
All of the other entries say thanks when I enter.
I am thankful that I can still carry 4 balls into the bowling center.
My driller is thankful that there are saps like me around.
I am thankful for all the people who bowled doubles with me this year.
They are all thankful that that experience is over.
Finally, I am thankful for all the great friends that I have made through the AOL Bowling Forum.
And there is no flip side to that!
Happy Thanksgiving!"

HOST GSTD Diva writes "I'm thankful for finally hitting the bowling equivalent of the lottery--actually cashing/winning a few of the tournaments I entered this year. I bowl for the fun and friendship, but a little recognition is really nice, too."

HOST GSTD Rage writes "I'm thankful for: Waking up every day and seeing my husband and children's smiling faces, bowling with my friends on "Mom's Weekly Night Out," and of course, acting like an 8 year old on every trip to the ABC I go on :) When's Reno?!"

HOST GSTD Maul writes "I'm thankful for a lot of things....
I'm thankful for my freedom, and those who have died to ensure me that freedom.
I'm thankful for living in a country where I can express my views without fear of persecution.
I'm thankful for not being in the line of fire when Steemer300 had coffee go up and out of her nose.
I'm thankful for not hearing that train every morning outside our hotel in Reno (I can sleep anywhere).
I'm thankful for the American Bowling Congress... I would be at a severe lack of comedic material without them.
But most of all, I'm thankful for what I have, because there are places in the world that people live in fear, real fear, of being killed, even in their own homes. It makes the little difficulties we all face every day a bit easier to take."

HOST GSTD Maroon offers "I'm thankful for my wonderful husband....we love and respect each other and that makes for a good husband's family whom I love dearly and are always there for me. There is nothing I wouldn't do for them.
You might think this funny, but I am very thankful to AOL....if it not for them, I wouldn't have met some of the nicest people in the world. Many have become more than just good friends....we are more like family that are always there for each other with support, caring and whatever is needed.
Last but not least...I am thankful that I am here and able to write this :)"

Share your thanks with the AOL Bowling Forum at:

Topic of the Week...Giving Thanks (AOL only).

*** PBA/PWBA News ***
***** Storm PWBA Shoot Out *****
Eight contenders will compete in the skins format Storm Shootout: 1970's Bowler of the Decade, Betty Morris; 1980's Bowler of the Decade, Lisa Wagner; 1990's Bowler of the Decade, Wendy Macpherson; and the top five players in competition points for 2000.  They included; Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Michelle Feldman, Cara Honeychurch, Kim Adler, and Carol Gianotti-Block.  Gianotti-Block was ranked sixth but was included in the Shoot-Out due to Macpherson being the 90's Bower of the Decade and also ranking first.

Between holiday courses, watch the telecast on ESPN2, Thursday, November 23rd at 1:00 pm ET with a reair on Monday, November 27th at 8:00 pm ET, or if you absolutely, positively must know the results beforehand, visit

***** Wiseman Wins in Austin *****
Danny Wiseman ended a 10-telecast title-less drought by throwing the front eight strikes, and winning the Columbia 300 Open in Austin last week, defeating Chris Barnes 252-232.

The entire story is found at:

***** Telecasts This Week *****
The Storm Shootout (PWBA) airs Thursday, November 23rd at 1 pm ET on ESPN2 and reairs Monday, November 27th at 8 pm ET on ESPN2.

The Lone Star Open will air as a tape delay on ESPN Saturday, November 25th, 4-5:30 pm ET.

***** BallBeat *****
Read about the balls and drillings of each of the bowlers who make the telecasts each week directly from the ball reps at:

Manufacturers -- Thanks for the help we've been receiving, but if your staffers are not being shown, its because we did not receive anything from your company. Please submit your info to: [email protected]

*** ABC/WIBC/YABA News ***
***** WIBC Creates Official Tournament Site
Information is pouring out of the Wisconsin headquarters of bowling. WIBC has created as the first official web site of the WIBC National Tournament. Sub lists, discussion boards, and dates available for the Ft. Lauderdale 2001 tournament will be available as well as prize lists and payouts from prior years.

For more information, visit:

***** Queens and Senior Queens *****
The Queens and Senior Queens applications are available online by visiting:

*** Team USA/FIQ News *****
***** FIQ International Senior Event Held at NBS *****
The first Federation Internationale des Quilleurs International Senior Open will be held Jan. 7-14 at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nev.

Competition is open to any bowler age 50 and over who is a member in good standing with his or her FIQ federation. American Bowling Congress and Women's International Bowling Congress members in good standing qualify under USA Bowling Federation membership. ABC and WIBC members who are citizens of Puerto Rico also must be members in good standing of the Federacion des Bolos de Puerto Rico to be eligible to compete. Current Professional Bowlers Association and Professional Women's Bowling Association members classified as touring I or II members will not be eligible.

For more information, visit:

*****Team USA Members Shine at FIQ World Youth Championships *****
Derek Sapp and Diandra Hyman were the standouts in the Dominican Republic-contested Federation Internationale de Quilleurs World Youth Bowling Championships earlier this month.

For pictures and more stats, visit:

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) .21875 (please see related story).
Brunswick Corp. (BC) 18.3125 at 16:01 EST on 11/17/00.

***** AMF Stock Trading Halted on NYSE *****
By Steve Mermelstein
The New York Stock Exchange said Thursday that it suspended trading on AMF Bowling Inc.'s securities after they announced a financial restructuring and failed to meet the exchange's minimum stock price.

The suspending included trading of AMF's common stock, 10-7/8 percent notes due March 2006, and the 12-1/4 percent notes due March 2006. The NYSE will suspend securities if it believes that dealings in the security on the exchange are not advisable.

The press release can be found at:

***** Elf Bowling ******
The folks who brought the Internet last years most downloaded game have returned with a sequel--Elf Bowling 2--Elves in Paradise. While it may not be appropriate for all ages, folks interested in downloading the game or reading more about it can visit:

*** And Finally ***
Happy Thanksgiving from Kegler's Connection. As always, send us your news and story ideas at [email protected].

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