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   November 13, 1999

* Grandstand News
    ~ Bowling Forum--Live from Reno!
    ~ Rick's Report
    ~ East Coast Bowling Center Convention
    ~ Scrambler Winners
    ~ Indianapolis Open
    ~ Reichert Cup
    ~ Tournament of Champions First Place Increased
    ~ Sams Town Invitational
    ~ WIBC to Study Feasibility of Forming Single Membership Organization
    ~ Proposal on the table for WIBC National Dues Increase
* Team USA/World Team Challenge News
    ~ Tentative WTC Schedule
* Miscellaneous
    ~ Stock Watch
* And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Grandstand Bowling--Live from Reno! *****
Welcome to an abbreviated version of Kegler's Connection. While the GSTDs are on location, we wish you all a great week! Keep checking the Forum Announcements (Available to AOL Members Only) folder for updates on their progress at the Festival of Bowling.

***** Rick's Report *****
Here's the last of three parts. For more of Rick's analysis of the PBA, read his Insider's Report at

Forget Fair! I could take it further. John Hricsina led the T of C in qualifying for the show by hooking the ball like very few seniors can. Ron Winger used some angle through the heads to get to the show and so did Gene Stus. As you might know, the show was outside on a pair of lanes that were set up on Town Square. This provided a very exciting environment, but nobody knew what to expect. The lane crew did an exceptional job with the conditions. Remember that this is Florida and humidity is expected. Imagine the difficulties a bowler can have with the approach, the grip, and the heat of the sun on the lanes and how it effects the lane transitions. Forget Fair! It was obvious that hooking the ball was not going to be an advantage on this show on either side. The ball was actually going airborne on the left lane as it crossed a seam down-lane. Is that fair? There is always a reason to think things are unfair.

There are so many variables in today's game that providing a fair condition for all is not possible. If a bowler does not have the ability to adapt to a variety of conditions he will find himself complaining about fairness all the time. Today's game is all about versatility, and I want to express to you that it is a necessity if you want to be considered with the best bowlers around. Try and create a list of versatile players in your area and then do the same with the guys on tour. Hopefully, you will be able to understand that, for the most part, the best can do it all. I am not talking about just changing speed; I am talking about the ability to do the extremes and many things in between. The more tools you have, the better the chance. There are lots of bowlers who are good at their game, but let's give the respect and credit to those that can do whatever is necessary. I have yet to see the bowler who can do it all, but here is a good list of bowlers on the PBA Tour that have the ability to do it all:

Walter Ray Williams, Jr.
Norm Duke
Brian Voss
Rick Steelsmith
Doug Kent
Ricky Ward
Chris Barnes
Danny Wiseman
Bob Learn
Wayne Webb
David Ozio
Pete Weber
Kurt Pilon

I am sure that I left a few guys out but this is a good list to start with. For these guys, most of the time the tournament is about making the right choices. There are tournaments and there are swings that will not go their way but it is usually because they make the wrong choices. I am curious as to how you all feel about the list I created.

I hope you all enjoyed my rambling and I wish I had more time to perfect the article, but it is for your enjoyment and not intended to be the gospel.

Forget fair, remember Versatility!!! The Perfect Bowler would be able to do it all from either sides so until then, I am sure you have room to improve.


***** East Coast Bowling Center Convention *****
East Coast Bowling Center Convention
By Steve Mermelstein

Atlantic City is known for gambling, its boardwalk, and Las Vegas style shows and acts. However, every November it becomes something else: the home of one of the biggest conventions for the bowling industry. The East Coast Bowling Center Convention attracts bowling center proprietors and managers, pro shop owners, and various vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers from as far south as Florida, as far north as Quebec, Canada and as far west as Ohio. Anyone who is dedicated to his or her bowling business attends, mostly to learn new ideas, make new friends or contacts, and see the new products and services being offered to the industry.

As with each prior convention there has been at least one item of interest that stood out. This year it was Dick Weber's "Wake up call to our business." As the Keynote speaker, Dick addressed a full auditorium and described the entire state of the industry with his first sentence, "The bowling industry has had a glorious past…and a cloudy future if things don't change." Dick went on to describe bowling as "an industry divided by itself" and that bowling's marketing and management has "dropped the ball." He called for a summit meeting of all the bowling groups to discuss the problems seriously and devise a real solution. He suggested properly supporting the pro tours and using them to attract interest and participation in the sport of bowling. He also called for proprietors to bring in 5 million people: 2 new bowlers, per center, per day.

While these goals make sense they require a unified approach, with every proprietor and group acting together as a team. The industry seems to be saying it wants to be unified, but it continually has failed to do so. Without blame, it's time for everyone to rise to the occasion.

***** Scrambler Winners *****
1st Place: Mvpbowler - 188 points
2nd Place: KR822 - 141 points
3rd Place: PokemonBowler - 137 points

Join GSTDSteveM on the second and fourth Mondays each month for Scrambler Chat. The next Scrambler is scheduled for November 22 in Bowling Chat (Available to AOL Members Only).

*** PBA/PWBA News ***
***** Indianapolis Open *****
Randy Pedersen won his 12th career title and first since 1995 Wednesday evening in the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tour's Indianapolis Open at Woodland Bowl. Pedersen defeated Eric Forkel, 236-206, to earn the $15,000 first-place check.

For more information read:

***** US Reichert Cup *****
The US Team won three of four double matches and leads the Reichert Cup competition, part of the Professional Bowlers Association tour's Brunswick World Tournament of Champions at Incred-A-Bowl. The US team of Bryan Goebel and Tim Criss posted the highest pinfall total of 944. Amleto Monacelli and Takashi Ohyauchi felled 921 pins for the only international victory.

For more information visit:

***** Tournament of Champions First Place Check Increased *****
The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tour and Brunswick have announced first place in the Brunswick World Tournament of Champions has been increased from $60,000 to a tournament and PBA Tour record $100,000. "The winner of the Tournament of Champions will have proven himself to be the best of the best, and we feel that's deserving of the top payday in pro bowling," said Fred Florjancic, Brunswick President. "We wanted to end this century with a message for the next: Bowling can and must remain a viable competitive sport, and its top players must be given the respect and attention they so richly deserve."

For more information read:

****** Sams Town Invitational ******
Top seeded Wendy Macpherson threw two clutch strikes in the tenth frame and held off Marianne DiRupo 209 to 195 to win the Sam's Town Invitational. DiRupo started her path to the finals by defeating reigning PWBA Rookie of the Year Jodie Ellis and Kim Canady in the shootout round, 216 - 195 - 168. In the semi-final match against Cheryl Daniels, DiRupo again showed she has what it takes and topped Daniels by a score 226 to 213. DiRupo then moved on to the title match against Macpherson. In the eightth frame, on a lane that had proven a puzzle throughout the finals, DiRupo struck on a well executed shot. She then stepped up in the tenth frame needing to solve her tough lane one more time, but her first shot drifted high onto the head pin and Macpherson claimed her second PWBA title of the year.

*** ABC/WIBC/YABA News ***
***** WIBC to Study Feasibility of Forming Single Membership Organization *****
Big news came from the WIBC Board of Directors meeting in Milwaukee this week. The Women's International Bowling Congress (WIBC) has announced it will form a task force to look at the feasibility of creating a single membership organization for women, men and youth bowlers.

WIBC President Joyce Deitch stated, "Creating a single membership organization is an issue within the industry and WIBC wants to take a pro-active stance to ensure that the best interests of our present and future members are met....Our industry is changing and WIBC is taking a strategic approach to a very important issue. I want to stress very strongly that no decision has been made, nor will anything be decided soon. This is a significant and emotional issue for our membership, and it is critical to understand that any recommendation we make to our delegates will be based on facts and research and what we think will best serve women bowlers."

According to Deitch the task force should be named within a few weeks and the WIBC is welcoming input from the American Bowling Congress and the Young American Bowling Alliance.

For more information visit:

***** Proposal on the table for WIBC National Dues Increase *****
The Women's International Bowling Congress is considering a substantial dues increase to take effect with the 2000-2001 bowling season. Delegates to the WIBC Annual Meeting in Reno, Nevada in May will discuss and act on proposed legislation that would increase the dues on the national, state/provincial and local levels.

The proposal submitted by the WIBC Funding Task Force calls for increasing national dues from $6 to $11 per season. A separate amendment from the Tulsa (Okla.) Women's Bowling Association would increase the annual national dues to $15.

For more information read:

*** Team USA/WTC News ***
***** Tentative WTC Schedule *****
Thanks to the folks at Bowling, Inc., the World Team 1999-2000 Schedule follows. There are still openings for the November 13-14 event.

1. November 13-14Nutmeg BowlFairfield, CT
2. December 4-5Clover LanesRochester, NY
3. January 8-9Showboat LanesLas Vegas, NV
4. January 22-23Seminole LanesSeminole, FL
5. February 19-20Woodland BowlIndianapolis, IN
6. March 4-5Fiesta BowlRichland, WA
7. March 25-26Bradley BowlWindsor Locks, CT
8. April 8-9Carter's All StarLake Worth, FL
9. April 15-16Forum BowlGrand Prairie, TX
10. May 6-7Royal Scot LanesLansing, MI
11. May 20-21Peachtree LanesNorcross, GA
12. June 3-4Country LanesStaten Island, NY
13. June 24-25Stardust BowlAddison, IL
14. July 15-16 Plaza LanesPittsburgh, PA
15. July 22-23 Bruns. Carolier LanesN.Brunswick, NJ
16. August 5-6Bruns. Star LanesSpartanburg. SC
17. February 19-20Southern Bowl Indianapolis, IN (Women)

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN): 3 1/2
Brunswick (BC): 23 3/8

*** And Finally ***
In the busy world of bowling, there are many places to get different aspects of the news that involves this sport. Thanks for letting Kegler's Connection be the source that brings together all the news to your e-mail box every weekend. Contact the Bowling GSTDs with your information, story ideas, and press releases, and we'll use every one we can.

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