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Kegler's Connection

   November 12, 2000

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
     ~ Welcome Notes
     ~ Tip of the Week
  * PBA/PWBA News
     ~ Sam's Town Invitational Airs Monday
     ~ Grijalva Wins Hammer Players Championship
     ~ Telecasts This Week
     ~ Kent Dominates in Indy
     ~ Couch Repeats ToC Win, Makes History
     ~ BallBeat
     ~ New Orleans Woman Highest 800 Bowler in 1999-2000
     ~ ABC Attempting to Break Tournament Team Record
     ~ YABA Top Stars
     ~ Chris Jones Wins Youth Masters and $25,000 Scholarship
     ~ Festival of Bowling Update
  * Miscellaneous News
     ~ Stock Watch
     ~ Tournament Sites
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Welcome Notes*****
This week, we're sending you a double issue of Kegler's Connection (No, you didn't miss one). We're just back from the Festival of Bowling in Reno, Nevada. We're a bit tired, but we had a few folks who did very well on the lanes. We're back to provide you with everything from the PBA, PWBA, ABC, WIBC and just about any other acronym of bowling.

***** Tip of the Week *****
This week, George reminds us to have fun.

As I write this, my esteemed colleagues and I will be leaving for Reno, Nevada for the 2000 Festival of Bowling, better known as the National Mixed Team Tournament. We are all going to be bowling the best we can out there, but we will also be having a blast. That's not a bad tip either, have fun.

We all started bowling because we enjoyed it. Even though it can be exasperatingly troublesome at times, we all love to do it. Whatever happens in the game, remember that--it's just a game. Don't forget to have fun. Even if you have the worst night in bowling in your life, the sun still comes up the next morning. I'm as guilty as anyone for getting irritated at times when things aren't going well, but walking around swearing and kicking anything that moves isn't going to make it better, and makes you look silly.

So just let it slide, and do your best, but most important, have FUN.

Till next time,

George Freeman :)

*** PBA/PWBA News ***
***** Sam's Town Invitational Airs Monday *****
Dede Davidson will attempt to complete the Triple Crown at Sam's Town, with the telecast to air Monday evening. Appearing on the telecast will be

1 Dede Davidson
2 Aleta Sill
3 Tiffany Stanbrough
4 Cara Honeychurch
5 Tish Johnson

***** Grijalva Wins Hammer Players Championship *****
Tennelle Grijalva certainly knows how to win the big tournaments. After winning the U.S. Open earlier this year, Grijalva "nailed down" the Hammer Players Championship and the $16,000 first place prize. Grijalva, former Team USA standout, is in her first full year on the PWBA tour.

Read the entire story at:

***** Telecasts This Week *****
The Sam's Town Invitational (PWBA) airs Monday, November 13, 9-10:00 pm ET (Note new time) on ESPN2 and reairs Thursday, November 2nd at 1 pm ET on ESPN2.

The Columbia 300 Open will air live Tuesday, November 14th, 8-9:30 pm ET on ESPN.

***** Kent Dominates in Indy *****
After qualifying seventh, Doug Kent put on an incredible display of striking prowess Halloween night to climb the ladder, winning the Indianapolis Open.

Kent threw 35 of a possible 48 strikes on his way to the title.

Read more about it at:

***** Couch Repeats ToC, Makes History *****
Jason Couch did what no other bowler has done in PBA history Tuesday night by successfully defending his Tournament of Champions title, and earning $60,000 in the process.

Find the full article at:

***** BallBeat *****
So you want to be a "Rock Star" like Dave Husted, or want to ring up "Monster" scores like Walter Ray Williams? Read about the balls and drillings of each of the bowlers who made the telecast directly from the ball
reps at:

*** ABC/WIBC/YABA News ***
***** New Orleans Woman Highest 800 Bowler in 1999-2000 *****
Shannon Duplantis of New Orleans won the prestigious WIBC/AMF Bev Ortner Award for the highest 800 series of the 1999-2000 season, thanks to the second-best three-game set in WIBC history.

Read more about it at:

***** ABC Attempting to Break Tournament Team Record *****
It appears Reno and the National Bowling Stadium continue to be a great attraction for ABC bowlers as entry totals for the 2001 American Bowling Congress Championships Tournament have thus far proven to be strong. With 13,769 team entries to date, ABC anticipates the tournament will attract more bowlers than in 1998, the last year the Tournament landed in Reno.

Read all the facts and figures at:

***** YABA Top Stars *****
Keep up to date with the latest honor scores from YABA bowlers across the country. Visit:

***** Chris Jones Wins Youth Masters and $25,000 Scholarship *****
Chris Jones, an 18-year-old Indiana University freshman from Marion, Ind., became the 2000 Youth Masters champion by defeating high school senior Erik Vermilyea, 17, of Maplewood, Minn., at Brunswick Zone-Deer Park lanes in Lake Zurich, Ill., to earn the first prize of $25,000 in college scholarship funds.

Vermilyea was awarded $12,500 in college scholarship funds for his runner-up position, while Joe Bailey, 18, of Doylestown, Ohio, and John Scholl, Jr., 18, of Buffalo, N.Y., each earned $5,000 in college scholarship funds for their top-four finishes.

Highlights of the matches were shown during the Tournament of Champions PBA telecast.

For more information on Youth Masters, visit:

***** Festival of Bowling Update *****
The volunteers of AOL's Grandstand Bowling Forum descended on Reno for a weekend of bowling and mischief. We have our highlights, our lowlights, and definitely our share of fun. George Freeman returned to defend his All Events title, and while he may not go home with the title this year, he and his doubles partner are currently sitting in 18th place in mixed doubles.

While next year's venue has not been decided, David Biber, Tournament Manager, did say three bids were put in for 2001's event--Reno, Las Vegas, and Memphis. So the GSTDs will be waiting with baited breath to see if we will be able to return next year.

We'd like to thank the tournament staff for their time and attention, and the city of Reno for hosting the event. Check for all the tournament results and information on next year's tournament at:

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) .21875 at 16:00 EST on 11/10/00.
Brunswick Corp. (BC) 18.625 at 16:00 EST on 11/10/00.

***** Tournament Sites *****
As we roll into November, some folks start looking for information on various megabuck tournaments. This week, we give you the links to the High Roller, the Super Hoinke, and the Mini-Eliminator.

The High Roller hosts events from the Thanksgiving Senior High Roller to the Super Bowl and Fourth of July High Roller events. The tournaments are contested at the Castaways (formerly the Showboat) in Las Vegas. You can reach the site at:

The Super Hoinke attracts bowlers from across the country during the Thanksgiving Day Weekend to the Cincinnati area. Find out information by visiting:

The Eliminator will host its 2001 event the week of January 11th through the 18th at Sam's Town in Las Vegas. Find out more at:

*** And Finally ***
That brings us to the close of another edition of Kegler's Connection. As always, send us your news and story ideas at [email protected]

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