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Kegler's Connection

   October 3, 1999

Table of Contents
  * Grandstand News
    ~ Bowling Forum Chats Offer Advice and Humor
    ~ Tip of the Week
  * PBA/PWBA News
    ~ Johnny Petraglia Wins Naples Senior Open
    ~ Visionary Classic to Air Monday
    ~ Aleta Sill First Lady Pro Millionaire
    ~ PWBA Merchandise Available
  * ABC/WIBC News
    ~ 900 shot in Southern California
    ~ Judge Finds in Favor of WIBC in Hyatt Case
    ~ WIBC Nominations Due October 15
  * Team USA
    ~ AMF World Cup
  * WTC
    ~ World Champions
  * Miscellaneous News
    ~ Stock Watch
  * And Finally

*** Grandstand News ***
***** Bowling Forum Chats Offer Advice with Humor *****
The "Cheers" theme song talked about being where everyone knows your name, and the Bowling Forum would like to take that one further. Visit the GSTDs during Bowling Chat (Available to AOL Members Only) each night, so everyone can hear about your game. Get tips and advice with a bit of humor. Talk about your triumphs and tragedies on the lanes, or talk about the state of the sport. And look for details soon about the GSTDs hosting chat once again from the National Bowling Stadium during the Festival of Bowling.

***** Tip of the Week *****
This week's tip comes from Jeff Piroozshad, University of Miami bowling coach, Ritger's Camp instructor, and all around great guy.

As much as many of us would like to, we just don't have the time or money to practice 20+ games a week. So how can we stay sharp and help fix problems without actually picking up a ball? Mental imaging. This is where that great imagination you developed as a kid comes in handy. Having problems with the ten pin? Imagine yourself shooting the ten pin and making the spare. Now do it again. And again. And again. Over and over. If you take a little time here and there, before you go to sleep, in the car pool in the morning, on the train or bus to work (don't miss your stop), you can actually help to train your muscle memory to execute shots better. Ever notice how you bowl better after watching the Pros on TV? This is part of the same theory. If you watch something positive repeatedly enough times, it actually becomes part of you. A pleasant side effect: making all those ten pins in your mind helps the confidence a great deal, especially with so many people having more negative thoughts than positive ones.

*** PBA/PWBA News ***
***** Johnny Petraglia Wins Naples Senior Open *****
Johnny Petraglia, the PBA Senior Tour's Rookie of the Year, proved he has no worry about a sophomore jinx, earning his third senior title and a $9,000 first prize by winning the Naples Senior Open at Woodside Lanes. Petraglia defeated Chuck Pierce 279-179 from the top seed. Pierce earned $5,500 for second after defeating Dave Soutar, Gary Dickenson and Roger Workman during a four-man shoot out round. Complete details can be found by visiting PBA Tour.

***** Visionary Classic to Air Monday *****
Facing off on the telecast from Tiki Lanes in Lancaster, Ohio will be:
Carolyn Dorin-Ballard
Marianne DiRupo
Kim Canady
Jennifer Swanson
Tammy Turner

The Tournament airs Monday, October 4 at 8 PM ET on ESPN2. If you can't wait to know the winner, results are available here: Page Title.

The complete bowling telecast schedule can be found at PBA/PWBA Telecast Schedule (Available to AOL Members Only)

***** Aleta Sill First Lady Pro Millionaire *****
Another reason to make sure to set your VCRs for this week's telecast: The show begins with a special award ceremony for Aleta Sill, Dearborn, Mich., who became the first professional woman bowler to exceed one million dollars in career earnings. Find out more by visiting Press Room.

***** PWBA Merchandise Available *****
The PWBA now offers merchandise with the PWBA logo at Souvenir. Items being sold include a baseball cap, bowling towels, a clock, and an accessory bag.

*** ABC/WIBC News ***
***** 900 shot in Southern California *****
Vince Wood, a 20-year-old student at Cal State Fullerton shot 900 on Wednesday night. Bowling with his parents in a mixed "Vegas" league at Cadillac Bowl in Moreno Valley, Vince fired off 36 perfect shots to become only the third person to throw a sanctioned 900 series. For all the details, read Bowl BOWLDOTCOM.

***** Judge Finds in Favor of WIBC in Hyatt Case *****
A lawsuit filed by the Hyatt hotel chain against WIBC has been dismissed by a judge in New York. Hyatt claimed that during the 1996 WIBC Convention in Buffalo, that WIBC broke a contract to book nearly 5,000 room nights. WIBC named the Hyatt Regency Buffalo as Headquarters Hotel for the tournament, but WIBC claimed bowlers were under no obligation to stay at a hotel that was over 10 miles away from the bowling centers used for team, doubles, and singles events. For more information, read Bowl WIBC: News.

***** WIBC Awards Nominations Due Oct. 15 *****
WIBC is seeking nominations for several awards it offers annually. If you know someone who goes that extra mile in your association, read about the awards and the qualifications at Bowl WIBC.

*** Team USA News ***
***** AMF World Cup *****
Michael Mullin and Debbie Kuhn, the reigning U.S. National Amateur Champions, will represent the U.S. in the 35th AMF World Cup to be contested in Sam's Town, Las Vegas between October 4th through 9th. Over 75 countries will send their best bowlers to compete in the event. More information can be found at Bowl USA.

*** WTC News ***
The ABC/Brunswick World Team Challenge Grand Championships begin Sunday, October 3rd in Virginia Beach, VA. The list of teams (found at Bowl ABC) reads like a who's who of bowling, including PBA members, Team USA bowlers, and other notable bowlers.

For a schedule of events, please visit Bowl ABC .

The telecast will air on ESPN2 November 4th.

*** Miscellaneous News ***
***** Stock Watch *****
AMF (PIN) 4.0
Brunswick (BC) 24 1/2

*** And Finally ***
In the busy world of bowling, there are many places to get different aspects of the news that involves this sport. Thanks for letting Kegler's Connection be the source that brings together all the news to your e-mail box every weekend. Contact the Bowling GSTDs with your information, story ideas, and press releases, and we'll use every one we can.

Keep Striking!

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